Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3560, You Tricked Me


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Inside the room was an ambiguous aura, and a strange smell permeated the air. After their vigorous lovemaking, Yu Ru Meng’s unblemished body was covered in faint red marks. She lay on Yang Kai’s broad chest like a kitten, her hair dishevelled as she quietly murmured, “Smelly man. Are you satisfied now?”


Yang Kai stroked her round bottom and grinned widely, “If I can do this every single day, then it will really be satisfying.”


She raised her head abruptly, glared at him furiously, and hammered his chest with her fists, “In your dreams! This time is a special case! Don’t even think about touching me again!


“What?” His eyes widened at those words and the movement of his hands froze. He looked at her beautiful eyes miserably, “What does that mean?”


“It means what it means.” She lay back down again, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth, “It’s not like you can’t have me. I’ll give you everything you want once you become the thirteenth Demon Saint of the Demon Realm.”


Yang Kai gasped, taking in a breath of cold air, “Only the Heavens know when that will be!?” 


After the transformation of the power in his body, he was still only a High-Rank Demon King. There was still the Half-Saint Realm before becoming a Demon Saint… Although it was only two Realms, these two Realms were the two most difficult to break through. It was even more difficult than all his efforts combined throughout his journey to becoming a High-Rank Demon King!


Yu Ru Meng just snickered and said, “Well, that would depend on your efforts…”


“Don’t be like this!” Yang Kai boldly reached his hands out to cup her face and asked seriously, “You’re joking with me, right?”


On the other hand, her expression was as stern as could be and she said in a serious tone, “I am not joking. We hadn’t reached this point before, so I didn’t mind the little things you did. You were free to do whatever you wanted, but you are my man now. You need to have the qualifications to match up to me. I am a Demon Saint. Naturally, only another Demon Saint can stand beside me!”


Yang Kai fell silent. Although these words sounded very unpleasant to his ear, it was also the truth. As the man of a Demon Saint, it was disgraceful that his cultivation was too low.


“Was killing Bright Moon a huge shock to you?” Yu Ru Meng asked, looking at him.


“He was a Great Emperor!” He furrowed his eyebrows, “And, I came from Star Boundary after all.”


Yu Ru Meng continued, “If you didn’t kill him, somebody else would have done it. From the moment he fell into the Demon Realm, it became impossible for him to escape this place. He was fated to die here. It is just like how the Demon Saints do not dare to enter the Star Boundary easily. If we were besieged by those Great Emperors there, I’m afraid we, too, would suffer!”


“Of course, I know that,” He nodded lightly.


“By the way, why did you suddenly undergo a complete demonification?” She asked curiously. Yang Kai had experienced a dissonance in his cultivation once before and gained Demon Essence back in Star Boundary, but his situation had not been that serious and the power in his body continued to be Emperor Qi. However, he had revealed extremely pure Demon Qi when he called upon his power a few days ago. It was as though he was a real member of the Demon Race.


“Speaking of this, I wanted to ask you something too.” Yang Kai frowned deeply, “Back when I was on the run after obtaining the Great Emperor’s Opportunity, my Qi began fluctuating. I had no choice but to return to Cloud Shadow Continent for my breakthrough, but when I was in the process…”


He briefly recounted everything strange that he experienced before, and after listening to his story, Yu Ru Meng’s expression changed greatly, “Are you saying a strange shadow infiltrated your Knowledge Sea at the time of your breakthrough?”


“That’s right. That black shadow was very strange. There was practically no way to destroy it. I don’t even know when it began lurking nearby. It sneaked into my Knowledge Sea in a moment of inattention. After I killed the black shadow, my entire Knowledge Sea was contaminated by Demon Essence and I became able to absorb Demon Qi after that. Accordingly, the power in my body also underwent earth-shaking changes.”


Yu Ru Meng exclaimed in wonder, “If it was impossible to destroy, then how did you kill it?”


He replied, “I have raised some Soul Devouring Insects, so I relied on them to slowly grind it to death.”


“Soul Devouring Insects!?” Yu Ru Meng exclaimed, shocked to learn that he was raising such dangerous insects.


“Just what was that black shadow?” Yang Kai asked.


“I can’t say for sure,” Yu Ru Meng slowly shook her head, “Although I have a guess, I can’t say for certain without actually seeing it for myself.”


“You have a guess?”


She poked him in the chest and said, “Don’t ask so many questions. You will slowly come to understand in the future.” 


Before he could ask anything else, she gave him an annoyed look and changed the subject, “Your luck really is Heaven defying. You obtained the Great Emperor’s Opportunity and broke through your bottleneck. Now, even your Soul cultivation has skyrocketed, right?”


He grinned, “Did you expect that to happen?”


She scoffed, “Why did you think I’ve always stopped you in the past? I was afraid you might be unable to bear the pressure that the sudden explosive growth of your Spiritual Energy would bring. If not for how pitiful you looked, your dreams would have remained unfulfilled!”


[Pitiful!? How can you say that!?] Yang Kai felt a little speechless at those words. Still, the benefits he received from her were unmistakable; thus, he didn’t bother to argue and instead pensively said, “I can sense that not only has my Soul grown a lot, but that it seems to have something else added to it.”


Yu Ru Meng gently nodded, “I am proficient in Charm Techniques, the Innate Divine Abilities of my Charm Demon Clan; therefore, you will have greater resistance towards similar Soul Techniques in the future. Let me put it in this way; even if another Demon Saint or Great Emperor tried to use Charm-type Soul Secret Techniques on you, they would have a hard time succeeding.”


Yang Kai’s eyes brightened at those words, “It’s that great!?” [Isn’t that equivalent to receiving natural immunity!? Even Demon Saints or Great Emperors will have a hard time succeeding, so those Half-Saints aren’t even worth mentioning anymore!] 


As soon as that thought crossed his mind, a glimmer of cold light flashed through his eyes. It was time to settle some old debts he was owed. 


She added, “But, it is only limited to Charm-type Soul Secret Techniques.”


“It’s better than nothing,” He grinned.


“Are you going to avenge Bright Moon?” The question came out of nowhere, causing both his body and smile to stiffen instantly. Just as he was about to speak, a delicate finger sealed his lips and Yu Ru Meng continued, “I didn’t mean to deliberately spy on your memories. It’s just that… our Divine Senses blended together when you accepted my Primordial Yin and I gained some insight into your thoughts and emotions. I learned that you were not sincere when you came to the Demon Realm with me. You probably came for Bright Moon’s sake. Am I right?”


Hearing all this, his stiff body gradually relaxed. Since there was no point in him denying it anymore, he could only nod in response, “That’s right. I came to the Demon Realm to save Senior Bright Moon.”


Yu Ru Meng immediately gritted her teeth and scolded, “You tricked me!”


While speaking, a slender jade finger pressed against his chest. Demon Qi fluctuated at the tip of the said finger and a dangerous aura spread out in an instant.


Yang Kai smiled bitterly, “Are you going to kill me?”


To which Yu Ru Meng spat equally bitterly, “Did you think I couldn’t bring myself to kill you!?”


He sighed and slowly shook his head, “Go ahead and do it then.”


After saying that, he closed his eyes as though waiting for the executioner’s axe to fall.


Yu Ru Meng gnashed her teeth so hard that the sound was audible. The Demon Qi at the tip of her finger extended out, little by little, turning into a sharp blade that pierced his skin and flesh, heading straight towards his heart, causing golden blood to flow out.


However, she suddenly stopped when it was only a finger’s width from his heart. 


Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked at her triumphantly before rolling over and pressing her body under his, ignoring the blood flowing out of his chest as he laughed out loud, “I knew you couldn’t do it.”


Yu Ru Meng might be a Demon Saint, but she was also a woman. She would certainly hold some special feelings towards the first man to possess her. Not to mention, they were shackled by the Heart Seal Secret Technique, so how could she really bear to kill him?


While Yang Kai was speaking, he lowered his head and kissed Yu Ru Meng on her plump lips, but soon, he raised his head again with a look of pain. His mouth was filled with the taste of blood. She had bit his tongue so hard that it was bleeding.


“Was lying to me fun?” She looked at him coldly, turning hostile from passionate as fast as one could turn the pages of a book, causing him to be quite at a loss for what to do.


He covered his mouth and mumbled, “Still, you didn’t have to bite!”


“You asked for it!” She snorted coldly, “I told you. Don’t even think about touching me again in the future.”


“You were being serious!?” He was flabbergasted.


“Did you think I was joking around with you?” She lifted a leg and kicked him aside. Her clothes flew towards her body the moment she rolled over and stood up, and by the time he recovered from his shock, she was almost fully dressed.


Her well-rounded chest was rising and falling violently, making it obvious that she was still feeling aggrieved. Glancing sideways at him, she asked, “Let me ask you this, does your loyalty lie with the Demon Realm or the Star Boundary?”


This question was too pointed, so Yang Kai fell silent for some time before asking, “What will you do if my loyalty lies with the Demon Realm? And, what will you do if my loyalty lies with the Star Boundary?”


“If your loyalty lies with the Demon Realm, then everything will remain as before. I will do my best to help you become the thirteenth Demon Saint, but if your loyalty lies with the Star Boundary… then I will have nothing to do with you from now onward.”


He gave a bitter laugh, “Will you believe me if I tell you that my loyalty lies with the Demon Realm?”


If she had not seen into his thoughts and memories, his word would not have been an issue; however, it was impossible for her to believe him after the merging of their Divine Senses, so she scowled deeply and stated, “You have completely undergone demonification, and the power in your body has also been converted into Demon Qi. Even if you do return to the Star Boundary, will you still be accepted there? Why do you have to be so stubborn?”


To which Yang Kai slowly shook his head and replied solemnly, “The power in my body does not define me. Cultivators only care for what lies in our hearts. As long as my conscience is clear, there’s no need for me to fear the Heavens.”


Yu Ru Meng was dumbfounded by his words.


Seeing her dumbstruck, Yang Kai quickly struck while the iron was hot and continued, “Ru Meng, why don’t you help me instead? I’m sure I’ll be even more powerful with your help. You don’t need me to tell you about the situation in the Demon Realm as I’m sure you’re already well aware of it. This world is dying, the continents are slowly disappearing, and in addition, the Territory Gates are all becoming unstable. The Demon Realm will collapse one day so the Demon Race can only completely occupy the Star Boundary as their current solution to this problem. But, the Star Boundary won’t fall so easily. The battle will only end up destroying both sides. Both Great Worlds will experience heavy casualties and devastation in the end.”


Yu Ru Meng closed her eyes and shook her head, “That is an unavoidable outcome. The ending was determined from the moment the Two Worlds’ Passage opened. Between the Demon Realm and the Star Boundary, only one side will survive.”




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