Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3561, Seeking Refuge


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Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “Perhaps, there exists another ending.”


Yu Ru Meng looked at him with a strange expression, “You can’t be thinking that the inhabitants of both worlds can coexist peacefully, right?”


Yang Kai burst out laughing and shook his head, “That might have been possible before blood was shed, but both the Demon Realm and Star Boundary have lost too many, too much, how can they coexist peacefully with this blood feud between them?”


“Then, what is this other ending you mentioned?”


His gaze was scorching hot as he eagerly explained, “When it comes down to it, the dispute between the Demon Realm and Star Boundary can be summarized into one simple word, survival! What the Demon Realm desires is another world for them to live in. On the other hand, what the Star Boundary desires is to protect their home. Isn’t the reason why both the Great Emperors and the Demon Saints dare not take action so easily? They are afraid of destroying the world! Even if the Demon Realm obtained victory in the end, how many people will survive if the dispute between both worlds continues in this manner? Forget those weaker members of the Demon Race, I’m afraid even most of the Demon Saints will probably meet their end.”


She stared at him in astonishment, “You’ve actually thought that far ahead?”


He smiled, “Well, I have stayed in the Demon Realm for such a long time. If I can’t even understand this much, then my trip here would have been all in vain.”


“Even if everything you’ve said is correct, what can you do about it? All living creatures will search for ways to survive as long as they are sentient. The dispute between the two worlds will not end until a victor emerges.”


Looking at her, he asked, “What if there is another place that can accommodate the Demon Race?”


Yu Ru Meng furrowed her eyebrows at those words and replied in a pensive manner, “Do you mean… another Great World?”


“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded, his gaze turning deep and profound, “The land area in that world is no smaller than the Demon Realm of today. The World Principles there are no worse than the Demon Realm either. Be it the lowest of the Demon Race or the Demon Saints themselves, all of you can safely live in that place. That world can be said to be another, brand new Demon Realm!”


“Do you know where such a world is?” She raised her eyebrows at him.


Yang Kai fell silent for a moment before shaking his head slowly, “I don’t know yet. But perhaps I will in the future.”


Yu Ru Meng looked at him for a short while before she smilingly asked, “Just what are you trying to say?”


He replied with a serious expression, “If there is such a place… Will you help me, Ru Meng?”


“How can I help you?”


“Convince all the other Demon Saints to move the entire Demon Race there.”


“That’s impossible!” She laughed scornfully, “While it’s true that the Demon Realm started this war for the sake of survival, at this point, it’s hard to say how many are truly acting on their original intentions. Don’t forget, the Demon Race is full of bloodthirsty battle junkies.”


Yang Kai furrowed his brow at those words. If he thought about it, this was a major factor too. Thus, he went for the next best thing instead, “Alright, let’s not talk about the others for the time being. I will only ask you, how will you choose if given the choice?”


She was taken aback for a moment before replying lightly, “If there really is such a place…” She abruptly gave a flick of her sleeves, “We’ll talk about it then.”


Without giving him a chance to respond, she continued on her own, “I’m returning to the Holy City. You will come with me. It’s not safe for you to remain here so long as Senior Brother Huang has not said anything. Pack up whatever you need quickly. I will wait for you outside.”


Finished with what she wanted to say, she began walking outside; however, she frowned with a touch of pain in her expression before she could take more than a few steps. Reaching down to clutch at her abdomen, she threw a vicious glare at him.


Yang Kai stood beside the bed without a single piece of cloth covering his body, his hands on his waist, admiring her enchanting back and slightly strange gait with a mischievous grin.


Although Yu Ru Meng had not made her stance on the matter clear in the end, he had seen that she was swayed by his proposal. That had greatly encouraged him. It gave him a stronger certainty that the sudden idea that had popped into his head might be possible to realize. Moreover, she had not done anything to him even after realizing the various intentions in his head. On the contrary, she was bringing him back to the Holy City with her to seek refuge. That showed that she still cared about him. It might have been because of the Heart Seal Secret Technique or perhaps the effects of sharing a bed with him, but regardless of the reason, it was a good start.


Yang Kai suddenly felt his entire body relaxing. The fact that he no longer needed to put up a pretence in front of Yu Ru Meng reduced a lot of the pressure on him.


A short while later, Yang Kai got dressed and left to look for Lao Ke. After leaving his instructions with the Demon King, he took off into the air with Yu Ru Meng. He did not bring the Embodiment with him and instead left him behind to protect Cloud Shadow Continent, in case of unexpected accidents.


Yu Ru Meng ignored Yang Kai throughout the journey, as if they had not shared many intimate moments over the past few days with him. She was probably still feeling angry and sullen. Not willing to upset her further, Yang Kai decided to close his eyes and rest instead. Unfortunately, that only irritated her even more and she was tempted to throw him out on several occasions.


A Demon Saint’s flight speed was extremely fast; therefore, it took them less than half a day to arrive on Enchantment Continent. Upon entering the palace in the Holy City, Yu Ru Meng tossed Yang Kai into the courtyard where he stayed before and disappeared without a word. She didn’t even give him a chance to speak.


The maids in the courtyard were the same ones as last time. None of them had changed aside from Xiao Wu, whom he had brought with him to Cloud Shadow Continent. Needless to say, they recognized him and served him wholeheartedly.


He entered the room and ordered them not to disturb him without reason. Only then did he sit down cross-legged. Sighing softly, he entered the Small Sealed World.


In the next moment, he appeared in the medicine garden of the Small Sealed World. The two Wood Spirits, Mu Zhu and Mu Na, immediately became aware of his presence and flew over from somewhere. After seeing Yang Kai, they shouted in unison, “Master!”


Yang Kai looked around and asked, “Where is the person I sent here the other day?”


The two Wood Spirits exchanged a look with each other before Mu Zhu said, “Master, please come with me.”


While speaking, she turned around and led the way. Navigating through the various exotic plants and flowers, Yang Kai soon arrived in front of a certain spirit plant with gigantic leaves under the guidance of the two Wood Spirits. There were three long leaves on the spirit plant that stretched out like three big beds. Two of the leaves were stretched out fully while the last one was furled up tightly as though wrapped around something.


He immediately understood what it was and looked at that spirit leaf with a sorrowful gaze.


Mu Zhu stretched out her hand to touch the spirit leaf, causing it to unfurl itself, presenting the body of a person. That person had a peaceful expression as though he was in a deep sleep. It was Bright Moon Great Emperor!


The blood stains on the Great Emperor’s body had been cleaned, and the two Wood Spirits even changed his clothes for him to cover up the huge gaping wound in the middle of his chest. His face was extremely pale and he was completely devoid of vitality.


“Did you try to restore his vitality?” He asked. The Wood Spirit Clan was not only proficient in cultivating Spirit Flowers and exotic herbs, but also very adept at Healing Techniques. He had sent Bright Moon here that day in hopes that the two Wood Spirits could do something to bring the dead back to life and preserve one of the pillars of the Star Boundary.


“Master, he was already gone by the time you sent him here. All that remained was an empty shell. There was nothing Na Na and I could do,” Mu Zhu replied softly.


He did not respond.


“Master, this man is…” She asked softly from the side. When he sent Bright Moon’s body here the other day, she and Mu Na had discovered him immediately. They also realized that this person must be an extremely important person; after all, it was the first time Yang Kai had ever sent a corpse to the medicine garden. He would not have sent anybody here unless they held very special meaning to him.


“One of the Ten Great Emperors, Bright Moon Great Emperor!” While speaking, he pulled up his robes and knelt respectfully in front of Bright Moon’s corpse. He took a shallow breath and quickly continued, “Senior, Junior Yang Kai swears to you that I won’t let you down. I will put my life on the line to prevent the Star Boundary’s Will from being stolen and to protect the Star Boundary from danger. I hope you will give me your protection and blessings from the Heavens.”


After he finished speaking, he bowed three times, deeply and respectfully. The two Wood Spirits behind him imitated his actions. Although they had never met, a Great Emperor was worthy of their respect.


A short while later, he instructed the two Wood Spirits to take good care of Bright Moon’s body. Then, his figure flickered, and he disappeared from that spot, soon appearing on top of a tall mountain.


A figure stood alone on the top of that mountain. Nobody knew how long that person had been standing there, but he gave off an indescribably sad and desolate air. Seeming to notice something, he suddenly yelled, “Who is it!?”


When he turned around to look, his eyes suddenly widened. A look of pleasant surprise burst forth from his gaze, almost as though he found a glimmer of hope in the midst of his despair. He practically scrambled and crawled over to Yang Kai in a rush and wept, “Sir, I finally meet you again! Sir, I’m begging you. Please let me go!”


Yang Kai looked down at the Low-Rank Demon King sprawled on the ground in front of him. Pondering for a moment, he asked, “I recall your name is Huo Lun, yes?”


Huo Lun nodded quickly, “Yes! This lowly one is indeed called Huo Lun!”


This person was none other than the Low-Rank Demon King that Yang Kai had coerced during his return journey from Eternal Sky Continent to Cloud Shadow Continent. He had borrowed this person’s body to pass through several strictly blockaded Territory Gates to safely return to the Cloud Shadow Continent. It was just that this person had learned about the existence of the Sealed World Bead, so Yang Kai had thrown him inside just in case.


On the one hand, Yang Kai had not wanted the secret of the Sealed World Bead to be exposed. On the other hand, he had wanted to run an experiment.


Huo Lun continued, “Sir, please let me know if you have any instructions for me! This lowly one will do everything you ask of without complaining! I just beg that you don’t lock me up in here anymore, Sir!”


This damned place was extremely vast, and he had been searching for a way out since he arrived; however, he had not been able to find anything. What frightened him even more was that there was not a single living thing here. It was as though he was the only one left in the entire whole world. Therefore, he had been under tremendous psychological pressure in this desolate and unfamiliar environment. If not for his Demon King cultivation and strong mental fortitude, he would likely have suffered a nervous breakdown a long time ago. For that reason, seeing Yang Kai again at this time was like meeting his saviour.


“What’s wrong? Are you having trouble getting used to living here?” Yang Kai asked with a smile.


Huo Lun wept with a melancholic expression, “Sir, this is but a desolate wasteland! There’s nobody here! How can I get used to it!?” He replied to the question honestly. After saying that, his expression became incredibly sincere, “Sir, this lowly one will obey you wholeheartedly from now on if you just let me out!”


Yang Kai smiled, “What would I need from a Low-Rank Demon King like you?”


Huo Lun’s complexion paled. Thinking back on the power Yang Kai had displayed previously, he realized that a Low-Rank Demon King was really useless to Yang Kai and instantly died inside at the realization.




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