Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3562, Refining Myriad Demon Pills


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Huo Lun was wallowing in despair when he heard Yang Kai speak again, “Let me ask you this. How does this place feel different to you compared to the Demon Realm?”


It stood to reason that he did not dare to refuse answering any one of Yang Kai’s questions, so composing himself, Huo Lun replied, “The World Energy is not as abundant and the Principles are on the weaker side. If I stay here for too long, I’m afraid my cultivation will be at risk of regressing.”


The World Energy and Principles of the Small Sealed World’s original territory were abundant and perfect; however, this piece of newly devoured and integrated territory was much poorer in comparison. It was formed from the fragments of the Demon Realm continents that had disappeared after all, so it was an unexpected miracle in itself that these fragments could reintegrate. How much more could one ask?


Huo Lun hesitated for a moment after saying that; then, he asked cautiously, “Sir, is this place not the Demon Realm?”


When it came down to it, he was still a Low-Rank Demon King, so it was only natural that he was somewhat aware that he had suddenly arrived in another world.


“Of course this isn’t the Demon Realm.” Yang Kai nodded, the corners of his mouth lifting, “But, it may become another Demon Realm in the future.”


“W-What do you mean?” Huo Lun looked confused.


“It’s none of your business what I mean. I have an extremely important task for you. If you do this well, then I might give you back your freedom one day.”


Huo Lun was pleasantly surprised and affirmed, “Sir, please do tell. This lowly one will do his best!”


“I want you to live here with peace of mind. This world might experience some unexpected changes in the near future. All you have to do is record the changes that occur in this place and report them all to me… Perhaps, you will be reluctant to leave this place one day.”


[Who would want to live in this damned place!?] He retorted rudely in his heart; even so, Huo Lun quickly accepted the task on the surface. He couldn’t help wondering to himself, [What kind of mission is this? More importantly, what kind of changes will occur in this world?]


While he was still caught up in his doubts, Yang Kai had already vanished from sight. Shocked, Huo Lun hurriedly shouted at the top of his lungs a few times, but there was no response whatsoever, so he couldn’t help feeling depressed. Thinking back on the instructions that Yang Kai had given him, he could only pray that Yang Kai would do as promised and he would be allowed to go free one day.


A short while later, a log house appeared on the top of the mountain. He needed a place to stay if he was going to be living here, and it was a simple task for a Low-Rank Demon King to build himself a simple hut.



Inside his room, Yang Kai composed his emotions, sat down cross-legged, and calmed his mind. Bright Moon was gone, and there was no way to bring the dead back to life. All he could do now was to fulfil the task Bright Moon had entrusted to him and protect the opportunity in his possession. To do that, he needed more strength.


Since breaking through by a Minor Realm the other day, Yang Kai had not had the time to sit and understand his current condition. It was only natural for him to be excited to see the differences within himself before and after the breakthrough since he finally had some free time on his hands. Naturally, his main reason was to check if there were any hidden dangers.


The power in his body had suddenly undergone such extreme changes that even he felt nervous, especially since the seal on the Ancient Demon’s Demon Qi in his dantian had been fully released. He was very worried that he might suffer from some sort of drawback as a result.


A powerful wave of Divine Sense surged and swept across his body, little by little, as he examined himself extremely thoroughly.


A full day later, Yang Kai exhaled deeply. His inspection had confirmed that there was nothing wrong with his breakthrough. The power in his body had been completely converted, his body and meridians had not been damaged, and the rich Demon Qi flowed through him without any hindrances.


Even though there was nothing wrong with his body, Yang Kai had an extremely sorrowful expression on his face. His current condition was a perfect example of a standard High-Rank Demon King and he just couldn’t get used to the idea. He honestly did not know whether he would be hunted down as part of the Demon Race if he returned to the Star Boundary now.


Nevertheless, there was no point in thinking about such things at the moment. He decided to set aside these thoughts and try to circulate his Secret Art instead. The Demon Qi in the world surged towards him, pouring into his pores and flowing through his meridians before sinking into his dantian.


He could really cultivate in the Demon Realm without any scruples now. Yang Kai had been in the Demon Realm for such a long time, but he practically never cultivated during that period. The main reason was that the conditions did not allow for it. The world was filled with Demon Qi, which was completely different from the pure World Energy found in the Star Boundary. It could have caused unpredictable consequences if he had rashly absorbed it into his body. Unlike the Embodiment, Yang Kai had not cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, so it was only natural that he did not dare to try cultivating here lightly. But the environment in the Demon Realm was no longer a constraint to him now that he had completely undergone demonification.


[I can absorb the Demon Qi in the world, but what about Demon Crystals?] Without hesitation, Yang Kai took out a large number of Demon Crystals from his Space Ring and shattered them. The room was instantly flooded with abundant Demon Qi, and as he breathed, the Demon Qi poured into his body without causing him any discomfort whatsoever.


Immediately after that, he flipped his hand and took out a Myriad Demon Pill, only hesitating for a moment before placing it into his mouth and swallowing it.


The Myriad Demon Pill was not a Spirit Pill. Rather, it was a special existence formed in the Myriad Demon Caves on the various continents in the Demon Realm. Those Myriad Demon Caves absorbed the vitality and Spiritual Essence of the Demon Race living on each continent at all times, which in turn resulted in the formation of Myriad Demon Pills like fruits inside each Myriad Demon Caves.


Yang Kai wasn’t sure why the Myriad Demon Caves had such peculiar abilities, he only knew that they suddenly appeared after the Demon Realm shattered into many independent continents.


The Myriad Demon Caves gave him a very strange feeling. They felt like they were living things, but even so, that did not prevent the Myriad Demon Pills from having powerful effects on the Demon Race. The Myriad Demon Pills formed in the Myriad Demon Caves were equivalent to the crystallization of the Demon Race’s vitality and Spiritual Essence on each continent. Hence, they contained huge and terrifying energy.


The Embodiment had advanced to become a Half-Saint in a very short time all thanks to his consumption of Myriad Demon Pills.


Yang Kai didn’t feel anything when the Myriad Demon Pill first entered his abdomen; however, he soon felt his stomach becoming boiling hot. It felt as though what he swallowed was not a Myriad Demon Pill but a burning-hot soldering chunk of iron. The huge energy exploded in his lower abdomen and flooded every corner of his body, causing his flesh to squirm and his meridians to swell.


He was secretly surprised. He had long known that the energy contained in the Myriad Demon Pills was unimaginable, but it wasn’t until he actually consumed one that he realized just how huge the energy reserves were. No wonder only the members of the Demon Race in the Demon King realm and above were eligible to enjoy the benefits of the Myriad Demon Pills. If any member of the Demon Race below the Demon King realm were to consume such a treasure, even a High-Rank Demon Great General would explode and die immediately.


At present, Yang Kai was a High-Rank Demon King; moreover, his true strength far surpassed that of an ordinary High-Rank Demon King. Therefore, a single Myriad Demon Pill could not harm him. He guided the energy in his abdomen to flow into his limbs and skeletal structure, then refined that energy into his body, bit by bit. He could clearly feel his strength increasing little by little.


He couldn’t help feeling somewhat amazed. The Myriad Demon Pill was more powerful than any of the other treasures or Emperor Spirit Pills he had taken before. It was no wonder that the Demon Race held a large advantage over the Star Boundary in terms of top Masters. It wasn’t just because the Demon Race had a larger population compared to the Star Boundary, it was also because they possessed Myriad Demon Pills.


The power difference between the two worlds was unbalanced from the beginning, and now that Bright Moon was dead, one of the peak level powerhouses had been lost and the imbalance became even more obvious. If the dispute between the two worlds were to continue, the Star Boundary was bound to face a catastrophic end. It wouldn’t even take ten years for the Star Boundary to fall, not unless they could figure out a way to reduce the number of Demon Saints. Unfortunately, a Demon Saint was not that easy to kill.


On the contrary, it would give the Star Boundary a chance to survive if there was another way to end the dispute between the two worlds.


Yang Kai knew that he needed to pick up the pace. He had to figure out another solution before the Demon Realm went all out in their invasion and the Demon Saints entered the battlefields themselves.


A single Myriad Demon Pill took Yang Kai a full ten days to completely absorb. He could not compare to the Embodiment’s speed at all. Due to the Embodiment’s constitution and cultivation technique, he was much faster at consuming the Myriad Demon Pills compared to Yang Kai. Furthermore, the Embodiment’s speed was sure to increase now that he was a Half-Saint.


[Luckily, I stole nearly ten thousand Myriad Demon Pills from Bei Li Mo…] Yang Kai opened his room door and called upon the maids. After making some inquiries, he learnt that Yu Ru Meng had not come looking for him nor passed any messages to him at all during this period. Thus, he continued cultivating. He swallowed another Myriad Demon Pill and began refining it.


It wasn’t until he finished refining three Myriad Demon Pills that he received news from Yu Ru Meng. The person who came bearing the message was none other than an old acquaintance of his, Bai Zhuo.


Bai Zhuo had also participated in the scramble for the opportunity back on Eternal Sky Continent. Unfortunately, his luck was rather poor. He had been injured by Bright Moon and was recuperating in the Holy City recently as a result. If not for that, he would have already rushed back to the Two Worlds’ Battlefield.


When Yang Kai saw him, he was still rather pale-faced and would also cough from time to time.


The two of them left the palace together, found a restaurant in the Holy City, and sat down to talk over some drinks. After a few rounds, Bai Zhuo smiled slightly and said, “Brother Yang, you really are a person with big opportunities. More than a hundred Half-Saints returned empty-handed after that battle on Eternal Sky Continent. In fact, more than ten Half-Saints lost their lives there. And yet, only you managed to grab the opportunity, Brother Yang. It really makes me envious.”


Yang Kai finished the wine in his cup in one gulp and smiled slightly in response, “It is said that fortune is a mysterious and fickle thing. Who can tell clearly where fate lies? I never meant to snatch the opportunity that day, I was only there to watch the fun.”


Bai Zhuo replied with a look of envy, “That’s why I said your luck is amazing, Brother Yang.”


So many Half-Saints had gone all out while eyeing that opportunity covetously, but in the end, it had been taken by a person who was only there to enjoy the show. It was enough to make one spit three litres of blood from the frustration.


Pausing for a moment, he continued, “Holy Venerable has asked me to inform you that your affairs have been settled. All of the Holy Venerables have come to an agreement that they will not attack you again directly.”


That outcome was within Yang Kai’s expectations. Since Huang Wu Ji himself had uttered those words, he could not slap himself in the face by taking them back. In addition, the rest of the Demon Saints would act out of respect for him. In any case, from the Demon Race’s point of view, Yang Kai had thoroughly undergone demonification and could now be regarded as one of them; therefore, it didn’t make much of a difference whether the opportunity was in his possession or one of the Half-Saints. It was also for this reason that Xue Li had no choice but to retreat the other day.


Upon hearing those words, Yang Kai asked, “That is to say, I will be safe in the Demon Realm from now on, right?”


Bai Zhuo smiled meaningfully, “Relatively speaking, it should be much safer,”


“Relatively speaking…” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, quickly reading between the lines.




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