Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3563, Bastard


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Bai Zhuo laughed, “Holy Venerable Huang Wu Ji has spoken. The other Holy Venerables will have some scruples, so they won’t cause further trouble for you. However, that does not necessarily apply to the Half-Saints.”


Yang Kai was surprised, “Even the Holy Venerables have some scruples. How can it be that the Half-Saints don’t have any?”


Bai Zhuo slowly shook his head and sighed softly, “Brother Yang, you must know that the opportunity in your possession was originally prepared for all the Half-Saints in the Demon Realm. It’s just that it happened to fall into your possession in the end. It would have been one thing were you really a member of the Demon Race. Unfortunately, Brother Yang, you know what kind of situation you’re currently in too. Somebody will inevitably make a fuss about your background and cause a dispute over it.”


“I understand what you mean, Brother Bai Zhuo. In the Demon Realm, the Demon Saints are concerned about their status and pride, so they won’t do anything to me, but those Half-Saints don’t have the same concerns, am I right?”


Bai Zhuo said, “Since ancient times, wealth blinds while opportunities breed greed. What’s more, this opportunity is a direct path to the Heavens to all Half-Saints. If not for the fact that I’ve known you for a long time now and that we work together under the same Holy Venerable, I would honestly have been tempted too.”


Yang Kai nodded gently in response.


Bai Zhuo then lowered his voice and continued, “These are the results of the negotiations between Holy Venerable and the other Holy Venerables. There is no fault in the Holy Venerables’ reasoning either. Simply put, if you don’t have the power to protect the opportunity in your possession, then you might as well hand it over as soon as possible.”


Bai Zhuo paused for a moment before adding, “Holy Venerable asked me to inform you that since you have received the opportunity, it is best if you remain in the Holy City to cultivate peacefully. Once you have reached the peak of your current Realm, nobody will be able to do anything to you anymore.”


Yang Kai looked at Bai Zhuo and asked, “Is that what Holy Venerable said?”


Bai Zhuo replied solemnly, “Not one word more, nor one word less.”


Immediately after that, he asked with a strange expression, “Brother Yang, this may be an inappropriate question, but have you done something to upset Holy Venerable?”


He couldn’t shake the feeling that the Holy Venerable’s attitude towards Yang Kai had become a little complicated. Despite her clear concern, it felt like she wanted to be indirect about it… saying one thing but meaning something else! Bai Zhuo would never forget witnessing such behaviour. He had served under Yu Ru Meng for so many centuries, but he had never seen her with such an expression before. It was the look a young maiden would show when she was experiencing her first love. He had been quite taken aback when he first saw it in fact.


It would not have been a big deal if it had been anybody else; however, Yu Ru Meng was no ordinary person. She was one of the Twelve Demon Saints, an existence that stood at the pinnacle of the Demon Realm. He couldn’t believe that there would be a time when she could show such a look too.


Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, asking another question instead of answering the previous one, “Since Holy Venerable asked you to inform me about this, does that mean she doesn’t want to see me?”


Bai Zhuo lightly coughed and vaguely replied, “I don’t know about that. All I know is that Holy Venerable truly values you, Brother Yang.”


“I understand,” Yang Kai nodded lightly.


“Brother Yang, do you mean…” Bai Zhuo looked at Yang Kai inquisitively.


Yang Kai grabbed the cup of wine in front of him and poured the contents into his mouth. After a moment, he slammed the cup down on the table heavily, wiped his mouth with his hand, and declared, “Time will not wait for me. I won’t be staying long in the Holy City!”


Bai Zhuo sighed again and smacked his lips, “Holy Venerable mentioned that if you want to leave, you can leave at any time. There is no need to see her first.”


Yang Kai nodded at those words, “Fine! Women are troublesome, so it will only be more hassle if we meet.”


Bai Zhuo looked down at his shoes, pretending to have heard nothing…


“By the way, Brother Bai Zhuo,” Yang Kai suddenly stared at Bai Zhuo with a scorching gaze, “Can I ask you a question? If any Half-Saint came looking for trouble with me, can I kill them?”


Bai Zhuo was startled when he heard those words. Lifting his head, he saw that Yang Kai’s eyes were brimming with murderous intentions and he couldn’t help asking, “Who are you planning to kill, Brother Yang?”


“I will kill anybody who comes picking a fight with me!”


If an ordinary High-Rank Demon King had spoken such bold words, Bai Zhuo would have burst out laughing, believing that person didn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth. There was a vast gap between a Demon King and a Half-Saint, as big as the difference between an elephant and an ant. How was it not amusing for an ant to even dream of biting an elephant to death?


However, he had no choice but to take those words seriously since Yang Kai was the one who said them; after all, the person in front of him was no ordinary High-Rank Demon King. He briefly considered it for a moment before answering, “Nobody is willing to stick out their neck and allow another to cut off their head. You can retaliate if anybody tries to harm you. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. That is your right, Brother Yang.”


“Good!” Yang Kai stood up and cupped his fists, “Many thanks for the hospitality, Brother Bai Zhuo. Let us meet again in the future,” After saying that, he strode out of the restaurant.


Upon exiting, Yang Kai looked back in the direction of the palace, vaguely aware of a gaze that seemed to be looking at him, though he could not tell where it was coming from. Grinning widely, he lifted a hand and vigorously waved in that direction before shooting up into the sky and disappearing into the distance.


An incense stick later, Bai Zhuo stood inside the palace and truthfully reported the events of his meeting with Yang Kai.


Yu Ru Meng calmly listened to the end before raising her brow and asking, “Did he just leave like that? He didn’t leave any kind of message at all?”


Bai Zhuo lowered his gaze and shook his head slowly, “He did not leave behind a single word.” Afterwards, he seemed to hear the sound of somebody grinding their teeth and couldn’t help shivering from the chill that ran down his back…


After considering it for a moment, he continued, “Although Brother Yang currently carries the Great Emperor’s Opportunity in him, he cannot be considered powerful. His hasty departure is no different from a child running through a bustling city with a pocketful of money; he will only attract countless covetous gazes to him. Should I chase after him and bring him back?”


“Why would you want to chase him!?” Yu Ru Meng’s complexion paled with anger. She gritted her teeth and flicked her sleeves irritably, “Just let him die outside!”


Bai Zhuo lowered his head even further, scolding Yang Kai furiously in his heart. [That guy just upped and left, leaving me to weather through the Holy Venerable’s stormy temper, it’s just too unfair!]


Instinctively realizing that he would be miserable if he continued to stay in the Holy City, Bai Zhuo ignored the fact that he was still injured and cupped his fists, “Holy Venerable, it’s been a while since I returned and the Two Worlds’ Battlefield remains without a leader. Please allow me to return to the frontlines and preside over the overall situation.”


Yu Ru Meng’s expression clouded over slightly at those words and she asked in concern, “How are your injuries?”


To which Bai Zhuo replied, “It is nothing serious. I only need to recuperate for a few more days to recover fully. Many thanks for your concern, Holy Venerable.”


Thus she nodded, “If that’s what you want, this Saint will allow it. Take this; it will aid your recovery.” While speaking, a jade box smoothly and steadily flew over to him.


Knowing that it must be a treasure for healing purposes, Bai Zhuo hurriedly thanked her for her graciousness. Then, she suddenly spoke up just before he left, “This time, focus more on defence when you stand on the Two Worlds’ Battlefield. Don’t start battles lightly.”


He was stunned to hear those words and did not know why she issued such an order. The army under the Twelve Demon Saints was currently divided into twelve equal parts, each performing their own respective duties. The territory conquered by their respective armies would in turn become their own. It was equivalent to a competition between the Twelve Demon Saints to snatch up land in the Star Boundary in advance. Once the Star Boundary was occupied in the future, the amount of land conquered by each Demon Saint during the war would determine the size of the territory they would control.


Despite that, Yu Ru Meng’s orders were equivalent to giving up her advantage in this competition. At this rate, she would not occupy much territory if they really took over the Star Boundary in the future. It was impossible for her to resettle all the people living on the continents under her without enough land. If she failed to resettle those people, there would definitely be riots and rebellion from the masses…


He was extremely puzzled, and under normal circumstances, he would have questioned her motives carefully. Unfortunately, Yu Ru Meng was clearly in a terrible mood, so he did not dare to speak carelessly. Thus, he could only docilely accept her orders and leave.


After Bai Zhuo took his leave, a strong force burst out of Yu Ru Meng’s tender body that swept across the entire palace, causing all the furnishings in the palace to explode into dust from the impact. Gritting her teeth, she roared, “Bastard!”


The guards and the maids in the palace trembled with fright, crouching on the ground with their hands over their heads.




The scenery on Flying Clouds Continent was beautiful. There were undulating mountains and countless rivers. Moreover, the World Energy was extremely abundant in this place. It was one of the territories under Yu Ru Meng that was being managed by a Half-Saint. The overall strength of the entire continent was not weak. Be that as it may, there was an obvious difference between the customs on this continent compared to most other continents. Here, women were superior to men.


The status of the male Demons was lower than that of the female Demons unless their cultivation had reached a certain realm. This disparity was more strongly portrayed among the weaker members of the Demon Race. The female Demons held all the important positions in various villages, towns, and even cities. In contrast, the male Demons with the same cultivation were generally slightly more disadvantaged than their female counterparts.


The main reason for this was the Half-Saint who ruled this continent. She was a female member of the Demon Race. Moreover, she was from the same clan as Yu Ru Meng, the Charm Demon Clan!


Among the hundreds of clans in the Demon Realm, each one had their own specialties and characteristics. The speciality of the Charm Demon Clan was that their Soul cultivation was superior to all others in the same realm. They also specialized in seduction. Every single Charm Demon was a natural beauty. In the Demon Realm, which member of the Demon Race with a little bit of strength and status did not have a few Charm Demons around for their pleasure? The Charm Demons were well-known for their seduction skills and bedroom techniques.


In this regard, Yang Kai had enjoyed an unforgettable experience with Yu Ru Meng. Even though it was her first time, her performance in bed had left him wanting. She was almost comparable to Shan Qing Luo, and this was just the beginning. Given a little more time, even Shan Qing Luo would be outdone by her.


The Half-Saint Yin Si, who was the governor of Flying Clouds Continent, might have been born a Charm Demon, but nobody had the right to make her feign obedience and cater to their pleasure due to her cultivation and status. On the contrary, she kept more than 3,000 male concubines in Flying Clouds Palace, with the number increasing every year. As new male concubines were brought in, older male concubines were naturally sent out. However, regardless of the race or cultivation of these male concubines, those that stayed in Flying Clouds Palace for more than three years generally did not live long after being let go.


The Charm Demon Clan’s techniques in the bedroom were exquisite, and their innate ability to gather Yang to supplement Yin was one of their specialties. What male Demon could bear the burden of being a Half-Saint Charm Demon’s supplement? Therefore, things would be hectic on Flying Clouds Continent for a while at a certain time every year. The Demon Kings overseeing their respective areas had to try their best to select outstanding and strong male Demons from their territories to send to Flying Clouds Palace for Yin Si’s pleasure.




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    1. Maybe she lived secluded until she was at least a half saint? Or perhaps she was just lucky to never run into someone really strong until she was properly powerful

      1. The reason it doesn’t make sense is that Charm Demons would get stronger by draining others, which is more or less described here. It never made sense that a Demon Saint Charm Demon would be a virgin, but be it for plot reasons or the authors deflowering fetish he made her one anyway.

        At least with the Red Demon it is acknowlegded in universe that it is a miracle that doesn’t make sense.

        1. I agree it makes little sense but you can always force an explanation like “she just cultivated Pure Demonic Soul Secret Art” or something.
          After all, with Yu Ru Meng it is always stressed how powerful her soul is, not how seductive her charms are.

          I doubt Momo thought things this deep, but it would make sense that Demons might need to resist their reflexes to use certain innate abilities to reach high realms. Just as the Red Demon Saint has never blown himself up to death, unlike his clansmen.
          However, nothing like that was mentioned, so Ru Meng’s virginity sounds fake.

          1. Yeah, of course you could find some explanation somehow. But in regards to her soul power, it is also always mentioned that the reason she has the strongest soul among the saints is because she is a charm demon. But yeah, sure she could have gotten stronger without using her best advantage, it’s just not very likely given what we know about the Demon Race.

            In the end its probably just one of the many inconsistencies the author didn’t really care much about. In the Demon Realm the Monster Race now has Half-Saints/Pseudo-Great Emperors too, in the Star Boundry that is not the case. There they go from Monster King to Divine Spirit directly, and for the Dragons they also only have Third Order Emperor equivalents or Grand Elder level.

          2. @MAXPOWER it seems you didn’t notice that little inconsistency previously. Initially, Momo compared the Divine Spirits of the Ancient Wild Lands as comparable to Great Emperors. However, some time down the line, he changed their power level to be the same as Pseudo Emperors. Just like Qiong Qi. Initially, he said Luan Feng and then did not need to fear the Great Emperors but later, he changed their power level. Crazy 6 stuff, man

  1. @MAXPOWER it seems you didn’t notice that little inconsistency previously. Initially, Momo compared the Divine Spirits of the Ancient Wild Lands as comparable to Great Emperors. However, some time down the line, he changed their power level to be the same as Pseudo Emperors. Just like Qiong Qi. Initially, he said Luan Feng and then did not need to fear the Great Emperors but later, he changed their power level. Crazy 6 stuff, man

  2. The phrase “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” has been erroneously interpreted from the actally sentence from the Bible. Look for it and you will understand what I mean. And the true meaning according to the Bible is the opposite of what everyone thinks it means.

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