Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3564, Yin Si


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Even though it wasn’t time to select those who would enter the palace yet, Flying Clouds Continent was bustling once again. Moreover, the demand from Flying Clouds Palace this time around was higher than in previous years. The whole continent was operating in full swing and a continuous stream of qualified male Demons were sent to the capital. More than a thousand men had been sent into Flying Clouds Palace over the past month, and it showed no signs of slowing down yet.


Most ordinary Demons did not know the real reason for this. They simply thought that Yin Si was doing this for her own pleasure; thus, they secretly admired and envied her at the same time for her vigour. Despite knowing that the men who were sent into Flying Clouds Palace would not live long, being able to sleep with a Half-Saint was something countless men could only dream about, much less a Half-Saint of the Charm Demon Clan. For that reason, many male Demons from Flying Clouds Continent would voluntarily sign themselves up to enter the palace whenever it issued a summons for more people in the previous years.


Only very few Demon Kings knew the inside story.


Yin Si governed Flying Clouds Continent. Although she had always done this, it had never been as ridiculous as this time. More importantly, it wasn’t for her pleasure. The truth was she was suffering from injuries and desperately needed the young men to heal herself!


During the battle on Eternal Sky Continent, more than ten Half-Saints had been killed while many more were wounded. Bai Zhuo was one of the wounded, as was Yin Si. Compared to Bai Zhuo though, her injuries were much more severe. She had nearly been killed on the spot by Bright Moon Great Emperor and if she had not avoided the blow in the nick of time, Flying Clouds Continent would be without a leader now.


Flying Clouds Palace was located where the Demon Qi was densest on Flying Clouds Continent. The entire palace had been built to a magnificent and grand scale with countless halls inside, demonstrating the flair of the Continent Lord.


A group of male Demons stood in a long line outside the main hall, each of them in thin, practically see-through robes as they waited patiently. These male Demons were the people selected from various places throughout the continent and all of them were strong and sturdy. Some were as burly as an iron tower, some were as handsome as phoenixes, and some bore the scars of profound vicissitudes. Every one of them was good-looking and had different characteristics.


A female Demon King with extraordinary cultivation was stationed at the front of the line, inspecting them one by one. She was dressed in very revealing clothes. Perhaps it was because she had been serving under Yin Si for such a long time that her actions and mannerisms were similarly bold and unrestrained. While performing her checks on the men, she would stretch out her hand from time to time to grope at their broad chests. What’s more; she even grabbed at their nether regions to get a feel for the size of their packages. If it was to her taste, she would smile charmingly, and if it was not, they would be driven away on the spot. Hence, some of the male Demons would occasionally be dragged out of the queue by the guards and thrown out of Flying Clouds Palace.


The male Demons who passed the inspection were soon divided into groups of ten and welcomed into the great hall by another female Demon King. The door of the hall opened and closed constantly, as though it was an invisible beast devouring various delicacies. Interestingly, the male Demons who entered the main hall never came back out again. Nobody knew where they went.


Once in a while, soft moans could be heard from inside when the doors to the main hall were opened. When these moans entered the ears of the male Demons waiting outside, it caused their blood to boil and their breathing to quicken.


Shortly after that, the female Demon King who was in charge of the inspection came to stand in front of a certain male Demon. Her brow automatically furrowed at the sight of him. She did not know why, but this person seemed a little off; even so, she could not find anything wrong with him even upon closer inspection. On the contrary, the strong and broad chest that was partly hidden underneath the thin robes made her eyes light up. Licking her lips, she acted as usual and slid a jade-white hand into his robe to grope him lightly. His chest felt as tough as iron and her breath caught in her throat as she swallowed nervously, “Which clan are you from?”


The male Demons grinned, “Strength Demon Clan!”


“No wonder…” The female Demon King exhaled an orchid scent, her tone soft as she whispered while stroking his chest, “It gives off such an imposing feeling.”


While speaking, her small hand slowly slid downward, but just as she was about to touch his crucial spot, a large hand suddenly caught her jade-white hand. A domineering force came from that large hand, causing her to feel the faintest trace of pain; however, his actions did not upset her, they only made her more interested in this Strength Demon who was standing in front of her. Her beautiful lashes fluttered elegantly as her complexion was slightly flushed, “What’s wrong? Can’t I touch a little?”


The Strength Demon leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Madame, please take this lowly one away with you if you really want a taste. You can touch as much as you want then…”


His hot breath blew against her earlobe, causing them to turn red in an instant. Her entire body became hot and uncomfortable. Biting her red lips, she chuckled, “How dare you tease this Queen like this?”


While speaking, she struggled with an internal conflict for a moment before she sighed softly and withdrew her hand, “Someone will be coming to lead you into the hall later. Take good care of Madame when you go inside,”


The Strength Demon shrugged with an indifferent expression on his face. On the other hand, the female Demon King brushed past him with a look of regret. Even though she really wanted to bring such a superb specimen like him back with her, she did not have the guts to steal something from her superior and could only lament a little…


In the meantime, the door to the main hall opened and closed with ten people entering the great hall at hourly intervals. The long line kept moving forward… Approximately six hours later, it was finally the turn of the group that the Strength Demon from before belonged to. They followed another female Demon King into the hall, and when the door closed again, a strange slapping sound and a low roar entered their ears. The sounds were coming from the deepest part of the hall, but it was much clearer now compared to the occasional cry heard from outside the door. Soon, the entire group of male Demons began breathing heavily.


They followed the female Demon King as she proceeded deeper inside, and a short while later, a rose-coloured world came into view. They were standing inside a room where a large bed and a mess of naked bodies were entangled like a snake pit while the air was filled with an ambiguous scent. There was only one woman among that tangle of bodies, her figure incredibly graceful. Meanwhile, the rest were men who surrounded her like the stars around the moon, servicing her as best as they could.


From time to time, the eyes of one of the male Demons on the bed would roll to the back of his head. He would then collapse, completely devoid of aura. Afterwards, the fallen male Demon would quickly be dragged out of the room by a team of maids. Even so, the rest of the men seemed oblivious to what was happening. They continued to gather around the female Demon with an intoxicated expression on their faces and dedicate their vitality to her. Even the Demons that had just entered the room didn’t seem to notice anything. They were highly aroused, staring hungrily at the perfect and tender body of the lone female Demon.


A sneer lifted the corners of the mouth of the Strength Demon who was standing among the crowd, his eyes filled with derisive scorn.


Seeming to sense something, the female Demon who was rocking her body back and forth on the bed with a head full of dishevelled hair suddenly frowned. She lifted her head and looked over in his direction, coincidentally meeting the eyes of that ‘Strength Demon’. Her expression changed drastically in the next moment as she gritted her teeth and roared, “Yang Kai!”


“Yin Si!” Yang Kai, who had disguised himself as a Strength Demon to infiltrate this place, replied with an extremely cold glare. He let out a roar while simultaneously throwing himself at Yin Si and attacking her with a palm strike.


Even though Yin Si was in the middle of copulating and was currently heavily injured, the quick reaction speed of a Half-Saint was nothing if not quick. In that tense moment, she grabbed a male Demon, who was kneeling by the bed like a dog in heat, and used him to shield herself. Following that, she abruptly backed away without even changing her posture.


The male Demon she had caught and used as a literal meat shield was still desperately groping at her, bewitched by her Charm Technique and completely unaware of the crisis approaching him. A faint enraptured smile remained on his face even when Yang Kai’s attack turned him into a mist of blood.


Another male Demon kneeling behind Yin Si suffered the same fate, but his death was unrelated to Yang Kai. When Yin Si retreated abruptly, he had not moved out of her way. Thus, she collided into him and turned him into a mist of blood as a result. He didn’t even have bones left. The boiling-hot blood splashed against Yin Si’s body, staining her snow-white skin a bloody red. Only then did a terrifying wave of Demon Qi burst outward. The pink-coloured bed collapsed, and the male Demons still left were killed on the spot.


“Impudence!” Several of the female Demon Kings inside the room, who had been serving Yin Si all this time, finally reacted, their expressions changing drastically. None of them had ever expected somebody would dare to attack Yin Si in Flying Clouds Palace.


The strength of these female Demon Kings was not weak. One was a High-Rank Demon King, three were Mid-Rank, and two were Low-Rank. They immediately pushed their Demon Qi and lunged toward Yang Kai without any hesitation.


“Die!” Yang Kai swung both arms outward and pitch-black Moon Blades slashed at those female Demon Kings.


There was a rumbling explosion and the female Demon Kings rushing at him instantly reacted as though they had been struck by lightning. Their eyes widened in unison as their advancing figures were thrown backwards as though a powerful force had ripped through them.


Ever since he began cultivating, Yang Kai had always excelled at fighting beyond his Realm. He had already killed High-Rank Demon Kings and Third-Order Emperors when he was just a Second-Order Emperor himself, so now that he was a Third-Order Emperor, the only ones in the entire Demon Realm who could put up a fight against him were Half-Saints and those above them.


Those female Demon Kings might not have been weak, but they couldn’t even approach him. They were completely wiped out in an instant. They probably did not expect him to be so powerful. They felt safe with Yin Si around, so they had let their guard down and suffered terrible misfortune as a result.


On the other hand, Yin Si, who had left his range of attack and pulled on a piece of gauze to cover her body, narrowed her eyes at him. She finally realized that his strength was much greater compared to the last time she had seen him. Even so, her subordinates’ deaths had kindled her ire and she immediately yelled through gritted teeth, “You court death!”


Having said that, she didn’t immediately rush at him. She might be a Half-Saint with the ability to crush him, but she couldn’t shake off the inexplicable sense of unease; after all, he had another powerful helper beside him when she last saw him on Eternal Sky Continent. Therefore, she spread her Divine Sense out while shouting, as if searching for something.




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