Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3565, Are You Going to Show Me Due Respect


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“Are you looking for Zhui Feng?” Yang Kai looked at Yin Si coldly, “I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. Zhui Feng is not on this continent.”


In a sense, he was not lying. Zhui Feng was certainly not on Flying Clouds Continent as he was currently inside the Small Sealed World. Therefore, Yang Kai was not the slightest bit lying when he said those words.


Yin Si’s expression relaxed upon hearing that. Even though she was injured, she still had her foundation as a Half-Saint. She neither noticed Zhui Feng’s aura nor any other Half-Saints’ aura, so her nervous mood quickly eased. Although Yang Kai’s performance just now was rather good, she didn’t take him seriously. There was nothing she had to fear as long as that beast from Hundred Spirits Continent was not here.


“You broke through?” She frowned slightly. Even while she was asking her questions, she looked stunning. It was as though she was not the one who had been engaged in so much debauchery on the big pink bed before. That was the horrifying aspect of a Charm Demon. Every action she took, every mannerism she had, and every smile she made was capable of seducing others. It was so natural that there was not the slightest trace of deliberateness.


“Indeed!” Yang Kai admitted frankly. When he had launched his attack just now, the fluctuations in his aura were so obvious that there was no point in denying something like this.


Yin Si smiled mockingly, as a Demon King’s breakthrough was nothing to her. What difference did a Mid-Rank Demon King or a High-Rank Demon King make? The only thing she needed to worry about was the reason behind his arrival on Flying Clouds Continent. Was there any other deeper meaning to his actions? Pondering in silence for a moment, she asked, “Did Holy Venerable send you here?”


She had cooperated with Yue Sang to set up a trap to deal with Yang Kai on Eternal Sky Continent. At the time, she had not thought much about it and she only agreed because she owed Yue Sang a favour. She could not turn his request down once he brought it up. Besides, Di Li had also been involved in that matter. Three of the Half-Saints under Yu Ru Meng had joined forces, so even if Yu Ru Meng learned about it later, there was no way for her to punish them for their actions.


However, the plan had been a complete failure. Yin Si only learned afterwards just how important this Human was to Yu Ru Meng and consequently experienced a slight trace of fear. Fortunately, Yu Ru Meng had not come looking for her, so she thought that the incident on Eternal Sky Continent was done and over with.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai’s sudden and bold arrival on Flying Clouds Continent at this time, in addition to his unscrupulous attack on her, had made her wonder whether he was acting on Yu Ru Meng’s orders. She would be doomed if that were the case.


“This has nothing to do with the Holy Venerable!” Yang Kai snorted coldly, “This King simply came here for his revenge!”


He had been caught in a trap set up by three Half-Saints working under Yu Ru Meng on Eternal Sky Continent. Yue Sang had been killed by Bright Moon, but Yin Si and Di Li were still alive and well.


If he were not stuck in his current predicament, he would not have bothered to create trouble for Yin Si as he had more important things to deal with at the moment and did not want to waste time here. It was just that Yu Ru Meng had reached a new agreement with the other Demon Saints, and Yang Kai did not know how many Half-Saints across the entire Demon Realm were secretly eyeing him from the shadows. If he didn’t display enough strength now, he would be facing all sorts of trouble in the future.


Flying Clouds Continent was going to be the stage on which he displayed his might, and Yin Si was going to be the object of his practice. At the same time, he could also use this chance to settle some of the grievances that he had suffered on Eternal Sky Continent.


[How dare a mere High-Rank Demon King be so shamelessly arrogant!?] Yin Si was furious beyond belief. Under normal circumstances, she would have already made her move to give Yang Kai a terrible lesson by now so that he knew what he could say and what he could not say.


Unfortunately, the man standing in front of her was a special case. Even without the fact that he was highly valued by Yu Ru Meng, he currently contained the Great Emperor’s Opportunity in him. In time, he might end up becoming the thirteenth Demon Saint of the Demon Realm; thus, she did not have the courage to harm him. Yin Si mulled in silence for a moment before breaking out into a faint smile, “Great King Yang, I think there might be a bit of misunderstanding between us…”


“A misunderstanding?” The corners of his mouth lifted. Her reaction was a little beyond his expectation. He thought that there would be a tough battle to be fought here today, but who could have known that the other party would retreat before the battle had even started? She seemed to have the intention of exchanging weapons of war for gifts of jade and silk; thus, he responded in a manner that neither confirmed nor denied her words, “Sister Yin Si, is the matter between us just a simple case of misunderstanding?”


“Of course!” She nodded, “A few days ago, this Queen was compelled by Yue Sang to act. I don’t know what possessed me at the time to agree with him, but this Queen truly did not act directly against you at the time, I only helped Yue Sang distract Zhui Feng and lure him away. Besides, you were safe and sound in the end while Yue Sang died at the hands of that Great Emperor instead. In fact, you suffered no losses whatsoever. What’s more, you and I are now serving under the same Holy Venerable. If we were really to start fighting in this place, it would be bad for us if Holy Venerable heard about it. It would only draw ridicule for Holy Venerable from the other Demon Saints for being incompetent. What do you think?”


Yang Kai rubbed his chin, “There is some truth to your words.”


Yin Si giggled lightly, her voice extremely pleasant. Moreover, the bulge of her ample bosom beneath that thin layer of gauze fuelled one’s imagination. Any man who saw such scenery would be struck with the idea of clambering over to liberate them from their constraints. It wasn’t the effects of a Charm Technique or something of that sort, it was just the effects of her inherent charm. Still laughing, she added, “Since it is just a misunderstanding, why don’t we talk this through instead of engaging in a pointless battle?”


Her tone of voice was very soft, causing her to feel sick in her stomach. If it wasn’t out of respect for Yu Ru Meng, she would not have acted with such grace toward a mere High-Rank Demon King. As a Half-Saint herself, Yin Si had her own pride, and a High-Rank Demon King was nothing more than a tool for her pleasure in her eyes.


She originally thought that Yang Kai’s attitude would soften, and he would back down out of respect for her, but how could she have known that he would break into a grin instead? “There were countless casualties from Cloud Shadow Continent that day. Sister Yin Si, you couldn’t possibly expect me to back down with just a few words, right? Won’t that come off as a little too insincere?”


[Cloud Shadow Continent suffered casualties? Are you saying Flying Clouds Continent didn’t suffer any? Both Cloud Shadow Continent and Flying Clouds Continent suffered many deaths in that battle!] Yin Si had not thought much about that; after all, those that died were nothing more than some inferior good-for-nothings in her opinion, so she had not taken those deaths to heart. However, the situation changed since he was bringing them up in this conversation.


Despite how furious she was that he could not appreciate her kindness, Yin Si continued smiling elegantly on the surface, “What do you want this Queen to do to show you her sincerity?”


While speaking, she gazed at him with a suggestive look.


Gulping hard, Yang Kai waved his large hand and said, “Simple. As long as you bring out a thousand Myriad Demon Pills, this King can forget about what happened back then. As you mentioned, we both serve the same Holy Venerable after all, so a confrontation would not benefit anyone. As such, this King is willing to do this out of respect for you.”


“A thousand…” The corner of her eyes twitched, “Great King, you must be joking.”


It wasn’t that she couldn’t bring out that amount of Myriad Demon Pills, it was just that it would empty her entire fortune if she really were to do so. Besides, those Myriad Demon Pills were of great use to her too. How could she willingly bring out so many? It would have been negotiable if it had been about a hundred or so, but a thousand?


Yang Kai’s expression darkened, “So… you are saying that I’m willing to show you some respect, but you aren’t willing to do the same for me? Is that right, Sister Yin Si? If you refuse to show me due respect, I might just get angry.”


Yin Si frowned, “A thousand… is simply too many. Why don’t we discuss this matter further?”


“There’s nothing to discuss!” Yang Kai gave a domineering wave of his hand, “Either bring out a thousand Myriad Demon Pills or I will tear Flying Clouds Continent apart!”


“Great King, must you be so aggressive!?” Similarly, her expression had darkened immensely. In her opinion, she had shown him more than enough respect. If it had been any other High-Rank Demon King, they would not even have the right to make so much noise in front of her.


[Does he think that being crowned ‘Great King’ by Holy Venerable allows him to do whatever he wants!?] As a Half-Saint, her patience was wearing thin.


“You don’t seem to want to show any sincerity at all!” He glared at her malevolently and with a surge of his Demon Qi, his figure became surrounded by a black aura as he shouted, “Since that’s the case, there’s nothing more to be said. This King will kill you first!”


Saying so, he blasted a punch that ignored the barriers of space at her. The tumultuous Demon Qi converged the moment he threw the punch, transforming into a long, pitch-black Dragon that roared furiously, opening its mouth to bite at Yin Si.


[Kill me?] She was so furious that she laughed instead, [I seriously have no idea where he gets his confidence from!]


Casually lifting a bare hand, she met his punch with her palm.


There was a loud explosion and the entire palace was torn apart by the explosion.


Meanwhile, Yin Si took a step back and flew into the sky, a strange look flashing across her eyes. [He’s strong. That was not something an average High-Rank Demon King can resist. Even though I have yet to recover from my injuries, there shouldn’t be any Demon King who can push me back so easily…]


On the other side, Yang Kai was forced backwards by a distance of several tens of metres, tumbling and rolling into the sky. Shaking his head, he muttered, “Little girl, you’re quite strong.” Before he even finished his sentence though, he lunged at Yin Si again.


Such a large commotion naturally shocked all the Demons outside, and when they looked up, they saw their Half-Saint fighting against a Demon King, causing their mouths to fall wide-open with looks of shock on their faces.


The female Demon King who was in charge of inspecting the male Demons outside was even more shocked than the others. That was because she recognized that the person fighting Yin Si at this moment was none other than the ‘Strength Demon’ that had aroused her interest earlier. Looking at him again though, he didn’t look like a Strength Demon… She did not know what was going on; after all, she had believed what he had told her earlier.


*Shua shua shua…*


Figures began to fly up into the sky, all of them Demon Kings who were throwing themselves at Yang Kai with malevolent expressions.


“Go away!” Yin Si yelled, “No one is allowed to interfere without my explicit order!”


While speaking, she exchanged blows with Yang Kai again, her body swaying slightly while he was sent flying several tens of metres.


As a Half-Saint, she had to uphold the dignity of a Half-Saint. Thus, she was extremely irritated by Yang Kai’s unscrupulous provocations. It would have been one thing if the other party had been nothing more than an ordinary Demon King. Unfortunately, Yang Kai’s status was special. Her actions were restricted, and she didn’t dare to allow those Demon Kings under her to approach. If one of them accidentally killed him, she would not know how she was going to explain things to Yu Ru Meng.


Following Yin Si’s orders, the Demon Kings who had been rushing to join the battle stopped in their tracks and scattered in all directions, surrounding the battlefield so tightly that not even a drop of water could pass through.


Under the gazes of the crowd of Demons, Yang Kai and Yin Si, both wearing practically see-through outfits, battled fiercely. Although their bodies were giving off extremely enticing auras, they were currently having a vigorous battle in the sky of a much more brutal nature. It was truly an amusing sight to see.




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