Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3566, Caught You


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The battle was one-sided from the beginning. Yin Si stood in the sky, not moving a muscle. On the other hand, Yang Kai dashed around her like a butterfly flitting through a flower field. He would launch a fierce bombardment of attacks at her every time he got close, but she easily nullified them. This scene looked as though an adult was teasing a small child.


The Demon Kings who were watching the battle began to feel more reassured. At the same time, they began wondering where this strange person popped out from. His strength was clearly not up to par, so why was he asking to be humiliated?


“Yang Kai, you are not my opponent. Why don’t you just stop?” Yin Si’s beautiful eyes were frosty as she had lost her temper. Even though Yang Kai couldn’t hurt her, being challenged by a mere High-Rank Demon King undermined her authority. Besides, this was nothing but a farce to her. It was only natural that she wanted it to end as soon as possible.


“This King hasn’t even exerted his full strength! How do you know I am not your opponent!?” Yang Kai shouted furiously as the Demon Qi in his body surged and he lunged at her with an even more ferocious posture than before.


“Enough!” Yin Si yelled. She uncharacteristically faced his attack without any intention of backing down. Instead, she simply stared at him with an icy glare and coldly mocked, “You say you haven’t exerted your full strength… Are you implying that I’ve gone all out!?”


The moment the words left her mouth, her Divine Sense began to surge. Her eyes turned into bottomless pools that had a peculiar lustre flowing through them.


Yang Kai’s figure suddenly froze in front of her. He was completely immobilized. His eyes that were brimming with murderous intent also became hollow while the fist he had thrown was frozen just a palm’s length in front of her well-rounded peaks. The gust of wind from the force of his punch sent her hair flying wildly.


Their gazes met, and she calmly questioned, “Didn’t you know what a Charm Demon excels most at? Did you really think I wouldn’t dare to kill you just because you have the protection of Holy Venerable?”


While she spoke, her slender jade finger touched his chest and an internal struggle flashed through her eyes. The person standing in front of her wasn’t just a simple High-Rank Demon King, he was also a huge opportunity. If she killed him here, that opportunity would be transferred to her and open up a road to reach the Heavens.


As a Half-Saint, she was only one step away from becoming a Demon Saint, an existence that stood at the top of the Demon Realm. She had to admit that the temptation was extremely great. After the battle on Eternal Sky Continent, she had lost all hope of obtaining this opportunity and instead only hoped that Yu Ru Meng would not cause trouble for her afterwards. Who could have known that this opportunity would throw itself at her while she was staying at home and having some fun?


It was just that if she actually killed him here, it would be tantamount to rebelling against Yu Ru Meng completely. She would have to leave Flying Clouds Continent immediately and seek refuge with another Demon Saint. Furthermore, she didn’t know what she would experience after fleeing to the territory of another Demon Saint. If she fell prey for another person’s schemes, she would lose more than she gained.


Therefore, she was hesitating… Should she make her move here?


Before she could consider it more carefully though, she suddenly felt something tightening around her wrist. She looked down in surprise only to see that Yang Kai was grabbing her arm firmly, and the terrifying strength he used to grip her hurt her to the bone.


Yang Kai’s originally empty eyes had returned to their former lustre at this moment and he grinned maniacally, “Caught you!”


“You…” Yin Si’s beautiful face paled, and without hesitation, she raised her other palm and slammed it into his chest viciously.


Yang Kai didn’t bother to evade, he simply pushed his Demon Qi to protect himself while at the same time, his free fist that was frozen in front of her chest suddenly burst out with a violent force that exploded outward.


A resplendent shockwave spread out to the surroundings, centred around the place where the two of them stood. A few of the weaker ones among the Demon Kings gathered around were knocked flying and nearly fell out of the sky.


Two parties coughed up blood in mid-air. One coughed up Golden Blood, the other coughed up crimson blood. Both Yang Kai and Yin Si felt the vitality in their body churning from the mutual attack and they both became short of breath.


The blood they both coughed up splattered on the other person’s face, making their respective expressions hideous all of a sudden. However, Yin Si felt as though the plumpness of her bosom had almost been smashed to pulp by Yang Kai and the intense pain nearly caused her to convulse.


Her beautiful eyes trembled violently. [I can’t believe he broke free of my Soul Charm! He is just a High-Rank Demon King! Even if he cultivates some sort of profound Soul Secret Technique, how is he completely unaffected by my own!? I am a Half-Saint! What’s more, I’m a Charm Demon!]


At this point, how could she not realize that she had been tricked? The other party’s reckless and brutal attacks before were only to lull her into a false sense of superiority and entice her into using her Soul Secret Technique on him so that she would feel as though she was in control of the overall situation. Only then would he go all out with his attacks when she was least expecting it.


Her arm had been captured and she was unable to break free from the great shackling force that was transmitted through that grip. The man standing no more than an arm’s length in front of her was exuding the fierce aura of an ancient giant beast, as though he was going to devour her whole, leaving her feeling absolutely terrified.


[What is going on!? How did he break free from my Soul Charm!?]


“Dragon Transformation!” A shout rang out, accompanied by a deafening Dragon Roar. Following that, a huge Golden Dragon Head suddenly appeared behind Yang Kai and gazed down at the world below, seemingly looking down on all living beings.


Under the gaze of those Dragon Eyes, the horrifying feeling that she had no control over her life or death filled Yin Si’s heart.


The Dragon Head vanished in a flash, plunging into Yang Kai’s body, and disappearing out of sight. Immediately afterwards, his appearance changed drastically. Short Dragon Horns appeared on his forehead, his exposed skin was covered in Dragon Scales, his hands turned into sharp Dragon Claws, and a Dragon Tail appeared behind him… Only his body shape did not change at all!


With the growth of his Dragon Vein and the increase in his prowess in the Dragon Transformation Secret Art, Yang Kai was now capable of controlling the size of his body during his Dragon Transformation.


A stronger shackling force appeared at that moment as Yin Si immediately felt Yang Kai’s grip tightening around her waist, as though she was bound by a long whip. Looking down, she was shocked to realize that it wasn’t a whip that was restraining her but his Dragon Tail that had appeared after his transformation. The Dragon Tail curled and tightened around her slim waist, and the terrifying power almost seemed like it would cut her in two…


Yin Si knew she would have to go all out, for if she couldn’t break free from her opponent’s hold quickly, it would be difficult for her to escape with her life today. Her beautiful eyes became frosty in an instant and, lifting a jade-white hand, she palmed hard at his chest.


Yang Kai grinned seeing this and his Dragon Claw formed into a fist as he punched out mercilessly.


What used to be a farce suddenly turned into a lethal close-combat battle. The change was so rapid that the Demon Kings watching could barely accept what they were seeing…


*Hong hong hong…*


In several tense breaths, both sides had let out a barrage of attacks. The sound of bones breaking rang out as frequently as the crackling of beans being fried.


Yang Kai spat out another mouthful of blood and the Demon Qi covering the surface of his body trembled and swayed as though it could collapse at any moment. His physical fitness had always been incredibly strong, now even more so with the activation of the Dragon Transformation Secret Technique. With the Dragon Scales covering his entire body for protection, it stood to reason that there was practically no risk of him being injured.


However, Yin Si was still a Half-Saint when it came down to it. She was much stronger than him in the first place. Not to mention, this was Flying Clouds Continent! As the Lord of Flying Clouds Continent, she could communicate with the Source of this continent and use its power to enhance her own strength.


Hence, every blow to his chest was more than twice as powerful as the actual strength Yin Si could exert under normal conditions. Even he couldn’t withstand such a fierce barrage of attacks. Unfortunately, he had no choice but to do so. The moment he released his grip on her, she would put some distance between them and regain the advantage. It was very difficult to kill a Half-Saint in their own territory unless the one attacking was a Demon Saint. Otherwise, it was simply more difficult than ascending to the Heavens.


Capturing Yin Si and exchanging blows with her at point-blank range was the only possible way for him to win. That was why he had pretended to be weak from the beginning. He had planned to fight her in close combat since the very start.


Yang Kai was no doubt in a miserable condition, but Yin Si was not much better off. Although this was her territory and although she was a Half-Saint, she could not compare with Yang Kai when it came to raw physical strength. Being a Charm Demon at this point was no advantage. On the other hand, Yang Kai’s power as a High-Rank Demon King combined with the savage strength of his body under the Dragon Transformation exploded out of him. Every blow he landed caused her to suffer grievous internal injuries and the amount of blood she coughed up was even more than what he had.


Another explosion rang out…


Yin Si’s tender body shuddered once as she felt as though something inside her had shattered. Looking down at her figure, a huge sense of panic engulfed her. Her ample bosom had been beaten by him so badly that it had blown apart. Blood was gushing out uncontrollably, covering her entire body in a damp heat.


Her beautiful eyes trembled violently as she could not accept what she was seeing. Every single Charm Demon was a natural beauty, full of confidence in their figures and looks. As a woman, how could she accept that one of her most prized weapons had been blown apart?


It wasn’t as though an injury of this extent was irreparable, it was just that this ugly sight had been imprinted in her eyes, causing her to fall into hysteria. Raising her eyes again, a violent burst of Spiritual Energy poured out of her forehead and transformed into a sharp stake which rushed directly into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, all while she gritted her teeth and screamed, “Die!”


The stake formed from the condensed Spiritual Energy was actually visible to the naked eye, so it could be seen just how terrifyingly powerful her attack was. At this point in the battle, she no longer held any scruples. Even the opportunity in him could no longer cause ripples in her heart. She only wanted to kill this bastard in front of her as soon as possible. Everything else… could wait until after she killed him.


The Soul Stake stabbed into Yang Kai’s mind, and then… all she received in response was an even fiercer bout of attacks from him. The heavy blows landed on her wounds again and again, causing her even more unbearable pain.


Yin Si was completely dumbfounded and for the first time showed a frightened expression. She could understand to some extent why her previous Charm Techniques had not worked on him as he might be wearing some sort of treasure to counteract their effects; however, she had exhausted all her Spiritual Energy and turned it into a single piercing attack just now, so why hadn’t it worked on him either? Not only did it fail to work, but it didn’t even cause any ripples whatsoever!




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