Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3567, Yin Si Falls


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yin Si’s beautiful eyes shook violently. Her heart was chilled to the core, and the palm strike she shot out at Yang Kai weakened considerably due to her fright. On the other hand, Yang Kai was like a beast on a rampage. The force behind his punch coming at her became increasingly powerful. The impact was so strong that it caused all her internal organs to jerk and shred as bits of them were coughed up along with her next mouthful of blood.


[I’m going to die if this continues!] Yin Si had never imagined that a Half-Saint like herself would one day be threatened by a High-Rank Demon King to the point where her life was at stake. In front of this man, her strongest trump card became her biggest flaw. Her Soul Secret Techniques had failed twice, causing her to fall into an endless abyss of despair. Combined with the injuries she received back on Eternal Sky Continent not having healed yet, she was currently at a complete disadvantage. 


“Hurry up and kill him!” Yi Si screamed, spitting blood. 


Upon hearing her scream, the Demon Kings surrounding her finally came back to their senses and their expressions turned solemn as their Demon Qi soared to the skies as they lunged towards Yang Kai. 


“Nobody can save you today!” Yang Kai’s expression was savage and with a flash of his thoughts, the Mountains and Rivers Bell smoothly appeared and covered both himself and Yin Si. The two of them were completely enveloped by the Mountains and Rivers Bell and vanished from sight before those Demon Kings could approach. The various patterns of mountains, rivers, flowers, birds, fish, and animals on the bell seemed to come to life. Following that, an overwhelmingly ancient aura spread outward. 


Countless fierce attacks landed on the Mountains and Rivers Bell; however, it remained as sturdy as a rock. Those attacks only caused ripples to appear on its surface. Many of the Demon Kings paled in shock and began attacking with increasing fervour. For a time, the sky itself paled in colour and the world trembled from the impact.


Fierce tremors kept coming from inside the Mountains and Rivers Bell, mixed with the occasional high-pitched Dragon Roar and a woman’s tragic screams, performing the last elegy of life.


Nobody knew how long passed, but when the sounds from within the Mountains and Rivers Bell gradually stopped, the group of Demon Kings also ceased their attacks, each of them pale-faced as they looked around at each other nervously. 


With a loud whooshing sound, the Mountains and Rivers Bell flew up, transformed into a flash of light, and buried itself in the chest of a man on the ground, revealing two figures. 


Yin Si and Yang Kai remained in their original positions like a pair of lovers who had committed suicide together. Both of them were pressed tightly against each other, motionless. Yin Si was lying on top of Yang Kai’s chest so quietly that it seemed like she was asleep. It was just that both of them were covered in blood. Moreover, there was not a single uninjured spot on their bodies.


[Who won!? Did Senior Yin Si win!?] Many of the Demon Kings swallowed nervously and hesitantly released their Divine Sense to check the situation. In the next moment, the expressions of all the Demon Kings changed drastically. That was because Yin Si, who was lying on Yang Kai’s chest, did not have any vitality. On the other hand, Yang Kai was still alive. Although his breathing was heavy, he survived.


A colourful light suddenly shot out from Yin Si’s body and soared straight into the sky before bursting apart. The entire sky of Flying Clouds Continent was dyed in this multi-coloured light, becoming extremely beautiful all of a sudden. However, behind that splendid and colourful light was a sadness that enveloped the entire continent.


At that moment, realization dawned on all the Demons living on Flying Clouds Continent. The Continent Lord was dead! Yin Si was the Lord of Flying Clouds Continent, so it was only natural that she had refined the Source of Flying Clouds Continent. Now that she was dead, the Source she had refined was released from its shackles and regained its freedom; hence, it was displaying such an anomaly across the entire continent. The sun was shining brightly in the sky, but a torrent of rain poured down at the same time…


Yang Kai, who was pressed under Yin Si, slowly opened his eyes. The rain hit against his face, washing away the blood, turning it into a golden and red stream.


He lifted a hand and pushed the corpse on top of him to the side; then, he stood up trembling, swaying unsteadily a few times, barely managing to not fall. Pressing his hand to his chest, he spat out a mouthful of blood. There was a hoarse sound akin to the sound of broken bellows being pumped whenever he took a breath.


He turned to look around his surroundings only to see countless pairs of frightened eyes fixed on him. All the Demon Kings gathered around were at a loss for what to do. Yin Si had been killed in the skies above Flying Clouds Continent; moreover, she was killed by a High-Rank Demon King. If they had not witnessed the entire incident with their own eyes, they would not have believed it to be possible.


[What should we do now?] Many of the Demon Kings looked lost and confused…


“Kill him! We should avenge Senior Yin Si!” A coquettish shout rang out. It was the female Demon King who was in charge of doing inspections outside the hall. She was probably a close subordinate of Yin Si’s; otherwise, she would not have thought of avenging Yin Si at this time, “He is an arrow at the end of its flight! He doesn’t have much strength left!”


After saying that, she was the first to lunge at Yang Kai, her beautiful eyes filled with a bitter murderous intent. She probably had quite a lot of prestige on Flying Clouds Continent, and for that reason, many of the Demon Kings followed suit when she took action, all of them were overflowing with murderous intent.


She had hit the mark about Yang Kai being an arrow at the end of its flight. He had killed a Half-Saint despite only having the cultivation of a High-Rank Demon King, and even if Yin Si had been badly injured before the battle began, Yang Kai still had to pay a high price for engaging in a close-combat battle with her. At this moment, he couldn’t even exert half of his usual strength, so any random Demon King could kill him with ease.


However, he was not alone… 


Glaring coldly at the Demon Kings rushing toward him, Yang Kai’s eyes were filled with mockery even though he could barely open them.


When the Demon Kings were less than thirty metres away from him, he suddenly waved his hand. 


There was a loud neighing sound and a figure with four hooves burning with golden flames, an unusually dignified appearance, and a Half-Saint’s aura emanating from his body appeared. 


Zhui Feng!


Ever since Yang Kai’s escape from Eternal Sky Continent, Zhui Feng had been inside the Small Sealed World. He did not bring Zhui Feng out even when he was fighting Yin Si in a life-or-death battle, mainly because Yin Si would have fled the moment she saw Zhui Feng, so Yang Kai could not release him at the start. Afterwards, he simply did not have the time to bring Zhui Feng out during the battle.


Therefore, this was the best time for Zhui Feng to show up.


The Demon Kings rushing towards Yang Kai never expected such a change, but it was too late to retreat by the time they saw Zhui Feng. The female Demon King, who had acted the fastest, was also the first to be killed.


Zhui Feng simply pushed his head forward and butted it against her body, causing all her bones to instantly shatter into dust. She was thrown backwards, tumbling mid-air while spitting out blood and pieces of her organs. Her aura was gone before her body even hit the ground.


Immediately afterwards, Zhui Feng ran wildly in a circle around where Yang Kai stood, kicking and bucking the whole time, causing the Demon Kings lunging at Yang Kai to be thrown backwards at a speed that was even faster than they had charged. Consequently, those Demon Kings were all either severely injured or dead.


In the blink of an eye, the area around Yang Kai was completely emptied.


Zhui Feng was caught up in the excitement of his killing spree; thus, he took the initiative to attack. His speed was unimaginably fast, so all the onlookers could see was a streak of golden light high up in the sky, darting from one place to another.


Many of the Demon Kings screamed and died on the spot, while those who were fortunately further away turned and fled when they saw that the situation was dire.


It only took a few dozen breaths for Zhui Feng to slaughter everybody left inside the palace grounds, but he probably realized that Yang Kai was currently in terrible condition, so he did not give further pursuit. He simply drove everyone out before turning back. Pushing his large head in Yang Kai’s face, he opened his mouth wide and snorted loudly as if to say, ‘Look at what a good job I did! Hurry up and praise me!’


The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched. He wanted to smile but was unable to raise his lips. In the end, he could only just manage to lift his hand and pat Zhui Feng on the head.


Seeing this, Zhui Feng immediately lowered his body, used his head to lift Yang Kai up, and placed him on his back. After that, he broke into a gallop and ran in a certain direction.


An hour later, Zhui Feng stopped under Yang Kai’s order and slowly landed. They were now atop a barren hill far from the palace.


Yang Kai got off Zhui Feng, breathing heavily. He gave a flip of his wrist and summoned the Sealed World Bead. Lifting it to Zhui Feng’s eye level so that he could get a good look at it, he said in a hoarse voice, “Keep it safe!”


After saying that, he forcefully pushed his Divine Sense and entered the Small Sealed World.


Meanwhile, the Sealed World Bead landed on the ground. 


Zhui Feng widened his eyes and stared at the bead, his gaze filled with shock and curiosity. After examining it for a while, he could not find anything strange about this bead though and only then did he muster up his courage to approach it. He sniffed it lightly and licked it with his long tongue…


There was nothing unusual about the bead. Walking around the Sealed World Bead a few more times, Zhui Feng neighed loudly and stepped forward so that he was standing right on top of the Sealed World Bead. He subsequently bent his legs and sat down on it, protecting it like a hen protecting her eggs.


Inside the Sealed World Bead, Yang Kai appeared in the medicine garden, his entire body was covered in blood. Swaying unsteadily, he took a few staggering steps before his vision darkened and the world spun dizzily. He collapsed to the ground and lost consciousness. The shocked exclamations and horrified screams of the two little Wood Spirits, Mu Zhu and Mu Na, seemed to ring in his ears.




Three days later, Yu Ru Meng sat behind a desk made of white jade in the study of her palace on Enchantment Continent, quietly listening to the report of a Demon King in front of her.


“According to the investigation, Great King Yang snuck into Flying Clouds Continent after he left Enchantment Continent. He made use of the fact that Senior Yin Si had summoned many people to her palace and infiltrated her bedroom where he then attacked her. Great King Yang ultimately killed Senior Yi Si on the spot in close combat. More than eight hundred clansmen from various Clans and twenty-three Demon Kings were either injured or killed during that battle. Flying Clouds Continent is currently in a huge mess.”


“He killed Yin Si?” Her eyes widened at the news, “Is this true? Have you checked?”


“Yes, it has been confirmed. An anomaly had taken place throughout the entire Flying Clouds Continent when Senior Yin Si died. All of the clansmen living on Flying Clouds Continent felt it.” The Demon King replied, lowering his head.


“Damn it!” Yu Ru Meng slapped her palm against the white jade table in front of her, causing cracks to appear on its sturdy frame as she gnashed her teeth furiously, “How dare he!? How dare he kill one of my Half-Saints!?”


The Demon King was so frightened that he fell to his knees with a thud. His entire body shook in terror. It was never a good thing if a Demon Saint lost their temper. In the worst case, it would lead to rivers of blood. At this moment, he couldn’t help paying a silent tribute to Yang Kai in his heart as he had the feeling that the latter was now in deep trouble. As a subordinate of Yu Ru Meng, Yang Kai had caused internal strife and even went so far as to kill one of his colleagues. It was a given that he would face terrible consequences for his actions.




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  2. “He subsequently bent his legs and sat down on it, protecting it like a hen protecting her eggs.” . In the manhua, he swallowed the small sealed world bead.

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