Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3568, Little Bastard


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[I have to say, Great King Yang is truly amazing indeed. Rumour has it that he is only a High-Rank Demon King. To think he managed to kill a Half-Saint! It certainly is inconceivable.] When this Demon King first heard the news, he had barely been able to believe it. He even took a trip to Flying Clouds Continent himself to inquire about the matter carefully before returning to report the news after receiving confirmation.


Killing a Half-Saint with the strength of a High-Rank Demon King was absolutely unprecedented. Nobody in the Demon Realm had ever achieved such a feat before, though that wasn’t to say it might not happen again in the future. Even so, it was a feat that not even the Demon Saints had been able to achieve back then. He truly admired Yang Kai’s courage and strength.


Just as he was fretting over it, he suddenly heard Yu Ru Meng cursing through gritted teeth from behind the desk, “Little bastard!”


[Little bastard?] The Demon King couldn’t help feeling a bit strange when he heard those words. [Why does her tone sound so… off? It feels like Holy Venerable isn’t as furious as I expected. It seems that the rumours I’ve heard… are not groundless after all. The relationship between Holy Venerable and Great King Yang seems to be quite unusual…]


“Elaborate more on how he managed to kill Yin Si.”


Upon hearing this, the Demon King immediately told her all the intrinsic details of everything he knew about the battle that had taken place three days ago. He had gone to Flying Clouds Continent himself and located several survivors from that day to learn more about the incident; therefore, he had a thoroughly detailed understanding of what had happened. In this way, it was almost as if he had witnessed the entire incident with his own eyes and he reported the entire incident perfectly down to the finest detail.


A short while later, Yu Ru Meng’s voice came from behind the desk again, a hint of surprise in her tone, “Are you saying that he fought Yin Si alone, from start to finish? No one else intervened?”


“As far as my investigation shows, that is the truth. It’s just that Great King Yang seemed as spent as an arrow at the end of its flight after he killed Senior Yin Si. In the end, he summoned Zhui Feng to protect him when the Demon Kings of Flying Clouds Continent tried to attack him.”


“I can’t believe he managed to achieve so much…” Yu Ru Meng’s expression became rather complicated; however, Yin Si’s death was not surprising upon further consideration. As a Charm Demon, she probably had great confidence in her Soul Secret Techniques, but unfortunately for her, after Yang Kai had taken Yu Ru Meng’s innocence, his Soul cultivation had soared to the point where even Half-Saints could not do anything against him. Furthermore, it was impossible for the Charm Techniques of the Charm Demon Clan to have any effect on him. It was most likely for this reason that Yin Si was placed in such a disadvantageous position against him.


Additionally, Yin Si had been severely injured in the battle on Eternal Sky Continent, and although more than a month had passed, she had yet to fully recover. Even if she was the Master of Flying Clouds Continent, it was hard to say how much power she could exert in such a state. That was how Yang Kai managed to accomplish this feat. He could never have pulled that off with his power alone if he had been facing a Half-Saint in peak condition on their home turf.


[It’s just… that damn man went straight to challenge Yin Si the moment he left Enchantment Continent! That was completely beyond my expectations. Moreover, he even managed to kill Yin Si! If word gets out about this, I will definitely become the laughing stock among the other Demon Saints! I can even imagine the despicable expression on Bei Li Mo’s face the next time we meet! Hateful!]


Yu Ru Meng was deep in her thoughts when the Demon King below her tentatively spoke up, “How should we deal with this matter? Holy Venerable, please give your command.”


The loss of a Half-Saint was no trivial matter, and if it was not handled well, it might cause anxiety among the other Half-Saints. Furthermore, Yin Si had been working under Yu Ru Meng for many centuries now, so an explanation of some sort was necessary, especially since Yin Si had been killed in her own territory for no reason.


“Where is that little bastard right now?” Yu Ru Meng asked with a sombre expression.


“His whereabouts are unknown. No one has seen Great King Yang ever since he escaped on Zhui Feng three days ago.”


“Find him! I want him found! He must be seriously injured right now, so bring him to the Holy City the moment he is located. I’m going to teach him a lesson myself!”


Although her words were spat out through gritted teeth and her expression seemed like she couldn’t wait to tear Yang Kai apart, the Demon King heard a different kind of meaning behind her words. [Holy Venerable sure does love Great King Yang; otherwise, why would she order him to be brought back to the Holy City alive? She could have just sent several Half-Saints there to finish him off on the spot. I’m afraid Senior Yin Si has died in vain this time.]


“Also, spread the news that Yin Si was colluding with the traitor Yue Sang. She committed various traitorous acts last month, and she only has herself to blame for her death.”


[Sure enough…] The Demon King made a respectful response. Then, he hesitated for a moment before asking, “Um… What about Senior Di Li? Should I send somebody to warn him?”


He clearly knew about the incident on Eternal Sky Continent, and since Yang Kai went to the trouble of hunting Yin Si down, even going so far as killing her, he would surely not let Di Li walk free either. Just thinking about it was frightening. [Great King Yang was able to single-handedly kill Yin Si, so I’m sure he will also be able to put up a fight against Senior Di Li. What’s more, he has Zhui Feng with him. If he really went after Di Li, it would definitely lead to chaos.]


“Di Li has gone to the Two Worlds’ Battlefield. There’s no need to inform him about this!” Yu Ru Meng replied decisively.


“Yes.” The Demon King’s expression was respectful, but he secretly thought to himself. [It seems Holy Venerable was already prepared for this. Since Senior Di Li has gone to the Two Worlds’ Battlefield, Great King Yang most likely does not have the means to cause trouble there, so this matter will end here.]


“You’re dismissed.” Yu Ru Meng waved her hand lightly before slowly closing her eyes and relaxing her entire body into the soft chair behind her. What Yang Kai mentioned to her the other day echoed in her mind, ‘Even if the Demon Realm wins this war and successfully conquers the Star Boundary, how many of the Demon Race will survive? How many Demon Saints will survive?’




Inside the medicine garden, Yang Kai opened his eyes, his entire body itching all over as though there were millions of ants crawling under his skin. The strange itch coming from his flesh, bones, and meridians reminded him of the feeling of having an itch that he could not scratch. It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling.


“Master, you’re awake!” Mu Lu’s cry of surprise came from his feet.


He lowered his head and looked down only to see the little Wood Spirit looking at him with a pleasantly surprised expression. Both her eyes were red and there were tear stains on her small cheeks. She looked like she had been crying.


At this moment, she was floating by his feet, casting Secret Techniques with both hands. The surface of her body was glowing with an emerald light. Mu Zhu was maintaining the same posture on top of his head. The green aura the two Wood Spirits released wrapped around him like the warm water of a bath, immersing his entire being in the energy that was brimming with vitality and life.


“How long have I been asleep?” He asked in a hoarse voice. The moment he began speaking, his throat felt like it was on fire, causing him to cough lightly.


“Eight days,” Mu Zhu’s voice sounded from above his head.


“That long…” Yang Kai was shocked. He knew his body the best, and that usually, most injuries didn’t even require his attention. Even if his tendons ripped or he broke a bone or two, he would only need a brief period of rest to recover; therefore, it could be seen just how severe his wounds were that he fell unconscious for eight whole days. It could even be said that he had never been injured so badly before. Even now, his internal injuries were not fully healed despite regaining consciousness.


“Master, you are pushing yourself far too hard! Mu Lu was nearly worried to death!” Mu Zhu reprimanded him with a stern expression, “If you didn’t wake up soon, she would have cried herself blind!”


“Wha…” Mu Lu flushed, staring hard at Mu Zhu as if blaming the latter for talking nonsense. When she saw Yang Kai looking at her with a smile though, her complexion turned even redder than before and she lowered her head and spoke in a voice no louder than a mosquito’s buzzing, “I didn’t cry that much…”


Seeing her innocent and cute appearance warmed Yang Kai’s heart and he gently waved his hand at them and advised, “The two of you should get some rest, I’m fine now.”


While speaking, he pressed both hands against the ground to push himself up into a sitting position.


Mu Zhu immediately flew behind him when she saw what he was doing and supported him with all her might. Similarly, Mu Lu rushed over too. She grabbed hold of one of his fingers and pulled him up with the strength of a baby suckling at milk, her face flushing red from the enormous effort.


The moment the two Wood Spirits left their positions, the emerald aura filled with vitality and life disappeared without a trace.


Yang Kai sat up straight and smiled. Lifting a finger, he stroked Mu Lu’s small head and said, “Thank you, it must have been hard on you two.”


Mu Lu immediately closed her eyes slightly with an expression of enjoyment. When Mu Zhu came from behind his back to stand in front of him, she pursed her lips and smiled at the scene that greeted her, “It’s all thanks to your body’s toughness; otherwise, there would have been nothing we could have done either. Ordinary people would have died from such wounds. Even ten lives would not have been enough to save you!”


After saying that, she made a stern expression, “You cannot fight in such a reckless manner again in the future, Master.”


The sight of a fist-sized little person acting all stern and strict made him feel like laughing, but the concern and worry these two little Wood Spirits showed him was full of sincerity and care; thus, he quickly nodded, “I won’t do it again.”


Mu Zhu let out a long sigh at those words as she knew that he was simply offering platitudes without actually meaning what he said. The world outside was extremely dangerous, and there would always be times when one needed to risk their life in a fight. Even if one didn’t seek trouble, that didn’t mean others wouldn’t. Hence, she did not bother saying more and changed the subject instead, “Master, you should examine the condition of your body. Don’t let any hidden dangers go unnoticed.”


“En!” He nodded and sat down crossed-legged, using his Divine Sense to examine himself.


The Immortal Tree was right next to him, but unfortunately, the tree was completely bare now. He had picked the last three remaining leaves on the tree and given them to Bright Moon Great Emperor back then. Still, Mu Zhu and Mu Lu flew to a branch of the Immortal Tree and sat side-by-side.


Mu Lu was swinging her two little feet with an extremely happy expression. Seeming to plan something, she turned to look and saw Mu Zhu looking at her with a smiling yet teasing expression. Her face immediately turned crimson. Lowering her head in response, she felt as though even the top of her head was steaming from embarrassment…


Yang Kai’s injuries this time were extremely severe, so even with his powerful regenerative abilities and the two Wood Spirits’ help non-stop for eight days straight, he was still not fully healed. But to his surprise, his examination left him feeling reassured. His injuries were indeed very severe, but there were no hidden dangers. On the contrary, fighting Yin Si with his life on the line had brought him some unexpected benefits. At the very least, his cultivation as a High-Rank Demon King had been completely consolidated.




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