Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3569, Taking Precautions


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As expected, fighting with one’s life on the line was the fastest way for a cultivator to grow. The eruption of insights that one experienced on the verge of death would be imprinted both on the body and deep within the soul, never to be forgotten.


Thinking back on the battle eight days ago, Yang Kai felt somewhat fortunate. He was grateful that the explosive growth of his Spiritual Energy had caused Yin Si’s Soul Secret Technique to be ineffective against him and even allowed him to become immune to her Charm Techniques. He was grateful that she had not recovered from her previous injuries and he was even more grateful that she had been overly complacent, which gave him the chance to take advantage of her weakness. If not for all those factors, he could never have killed a Half-Saint in their own territory.


As the Master of Flying Clouds Continent, Yin Si could have escaped at any time if he were not holding onto her firmly. He would not have been able to restrain her otherwise even if he was proficient in the Dao of Space.


Naturally, he was not so hot-headed that he had to fight her alone. In a fight with his life on the line, he had decided beforehand that he would release Zhui Feng if things took a turn for the worse. That would turn the situation into a two-against-one battle, so she would not have been able to do anything to him either.


He had gained a lot from this battle. The most intuitive manifestation of his benefit was that he now had a deep understanding of his current combat power. He could not compare with a Half-Saint in strength, but he was no longer as powerless against a Half-Saint as he had been in the Second-Order Emperor Realm. If he played all his cards, he had the feeling that he now stood a fighting chance even if he were to fight a Half-Saint all on his own.


He reminisced about the time when he first encountered Cang Mo outside Heavenly Wolf Valley in the Star Boundary. Despite joining hands with the Embodiment to face Cang Mo at the time, he was still beaten up very badly; thus, he couldn’t help feeling amazed. [Times have changed. I will definitely be able to finish off Cang Mo with the Embodiment’s help if I encounter him again!]


There were no hidden dangers in his body. In the face of his powerful regeneration abilities, those injuries that had not fully healed would only need a little more time for recuperation before they were as good as new, so he felt relieved.


With a flip of his hand, he took out a Space Ring. This Space Ring had a gorgeous design. It was the one Yin Si had been wearing on her finger. After he killed her within the Mountains and Rivers Bell the other day, Yang Kai had not forgotten to retrieve his spoils of war.


With his current cultivation, most Demon King’s Space Rings would not be able to entice him; however, a Half-Saint’s Space Ring should still have some good stuff within.


A brief check later, Yang Kai smiled broadly. Yin Si’s Space Ring did contain quite some good stuff after all, but what interested him the most was none other than the Myriad Demon Pills. There were only about 1,000 or so of them. It wasn’t much compared to what he looted from Bei Li Mo before, but that was only to be expected.


There were several billion Demon Crystals, some Demon Artifacts, and some Secret Techniques cultivated by the Demon Race. The rest were her personal belongings. What left him feeling rather speechless was that the contents of her Space Ring and Bei Li Mo’s were rather similar. There were countless clothes of various different styles. Moreover, most of them used very little material and were very revealing.


[It looks like a woman will always be a woman. Be they Demon Saint or Half-Saint, there doesn’t seem to be any difference when it comes to the pursuit of beauty. I wonder if Yu Ru Meng’s Space Ring also contains similar items…]


Having seen the wealth in Bei Li Mo’s Space Ring, the contents of Yin Si’s Space Ring were somewhat lacking in comparison. Although Yang Kai was quite happy to obtain some useful things, he wasn’t too excited either. He took out all the items that were useful to him, leaving the clothes and other items inside. It took him a while of busy work before he finished organizing it.


Immediately afterwards, Yang Kai took out some healing Spirit Pills and consumed them. While refining the medicinal efficacies of the Spirit Pills, he took out some Space Spirit Jades, pushed his power, and refined them into Space Beacons.


Being chased by Demon Saints previously had given him an urgent sense of danger. He might stand a fighting chance against a Half-Saint with his current strength, but he would be utterly crushed if he encountered a Demon Saint. Yu Ru Meng had reached a new agreement with the other Demon Saints, so they would not attack him again. Even so, he would not have lived until today if he simply relied on such agreements to keep him safe. Any agreement could be torn apart if the benefits were large enough after all. He had to consider his safety, especially since he was stuck in the middle of the enemy’s camp.


At this moment, the only thing he could rely on was his Space Divine Abilities. Instantaneous Movement could be regarded as a means of escape, but compared to using Space Beacons, the distance covered by Instantaneous Movement was undoubtedly significantly shorter; moreover, Instantaneous Movement could be easily disrupted by a Demon Saint.


Meanwhile, the Space Beacon attached to the Space Spirit Jade was faster and more convenient to a certain extent compared to performing Instantaneous Movement. In addition, the distance he could teleport was significantly greater.


Mu Zhu and Mu Lu both sat quietly by the side and watched Yang Kai working with curious expressions. One by one, he formed new Space Beacons in his hands. 


Time slowly passed by.


During this period, Yang Kai took the initiative to chat with the two Wood Spirits when he noticed that they had nothing to do. The main reason was that he was afraid they might be bored after being locked in the Small Sealed World for so long; after all, these two little ones had been living in the Sealed World Bead from the moment they were brought over by the Matriarch of the Wood Spirit Clan and had not left it since. They usually only had Yang Kai or the Embodiment to talk to.


The two were very curious about the Demon Realm, so most of the topics were centred on the Demon Race. Hearing about the unique geographical environment of the Demon Realm and the fragmented continents, the two Wood Spirits both showed a surprised look. Then, they showed extremely worried expressions when they heard about the Twelve Demon Saints of the Demon Realm, each of whom was extremely powerful.


A few days later, Yang Kai had refined several hundred Space Beacons. He only stopped when he felt that his injuries were for all intents and purposes healed. After giving some instructions to the two Wood Spirits, he left the Small Sealed World.


It was still the same barren mountain, with Zhui Feng lying on the ground with his hoofs folded under him. His large eyes watched his surroundings vigilantly, like a gatekeeper guarding a treasure. Anybody who dared to approach him would have to suffer his fury.


Yang Kai appeared directly beside Zhui Feng.


Zhui Feng turned to look at Yang Kai and immediately stood up with a grin. He butted his big head against Yang Kai affectionately before gesturing to the Sealed World Bead on the ground to indicate that he had been guarding this place all this time.


“Did anybody come here recently?” Yang Kai asked.


Zhui Feng snorted…


“En, good job,” Yang Kai patted Zhui Feng’s head and put the Sealed World Bead away. His Divine Sense surged, and then he soon found a deserted cave on the barren mountain. Instructing Zhui Feng to wait a moment, Yang Kai vanished out of sight with a slight flicker of his body and reappeared again a moment later. In that short moment, he had hidden a Space Beacon in a remote corner inside that deserted cave.


He planned to connect the continents of the Demon Realm with his Space Beacons, especially the areas close to the Territory Gate; this way, it would be much more convenient for him to travel around in the future. Even if he was hunted by the Demon Saints again, he would be able to escape in time. If not for this plan, he would not have made so many Space Beacons in one go.


Swinging himself up onto Zhui Feng’s back, Yang Kai took out his map to check his position and the direction of the Territory Gate before he pointed Zhui Feng in the direction. Zhui Feng immediately dashed away with golden flames surrounding his hooves.


Yang Kai had no plans to cause trouble for Di Li. So much time had passed since he killed Yin Si that news had probably spread across the entire Demon Realm by now; therefore, even if he attacked Di Li, the other party would be prepared for it. In the worst case, he might fall into their trap instead.


His original purpose had been achieved. Yu Ru Meng had reached an agreement with the other Demon Saints, and in addition, many Half-Saints would probably be scared by the news of how he single-handedly killed Yin Si. Yang Kai had managed to suppress their eagerness to attack him, so it didn’t matter whether he went after Di Li or not.


Besides, Di Li was not Yin Si. As a Charm Demon, Yin Si’s abilities had been greatly restricted once he caught her. If his opponent had been Di Li the other day, the outcome of the battle would be unknown.


Unbeknownst to Yang Kai, Di Li had already been sent to the Two Worlds’ Battlefield and was not in the Demon Realm. 


The journey forward was arduously slow, the main reason being that Yang Kai would stop from time to time to hide Space Beacons in suitable locations. As they passed through various continents, Yang Kai left at least three Space Beacons on each. He would definitely leave one near at least one Territory Gate while the rest were hidden in various suitable places.


These Space Beacons might be discovered and taken away, but finding and destroying all of them was practically impossible. Any one of these Space Beacons would work when he was in a critical situation; therefore, setting this up today was not a waste of effort.


It was not until half a month later that he finally arrived at his destination. It was a biting-cold place covered in perpetual snow. Soaring Snow Continent!


Needless to say, he did not come to Soaring Snow Continent at this time with kind intentions. He had borrowed Xuan Bing’s help that day to transfer a Soul Imprint to Bei Li Mo, and although he had taken Bei Li Mo’s Soul Brand as a double insurance afterwards, it was not impossible for a Demon Saint to break free from those shackles.


Regardless of how readily she had given him her word at the time, Yang Kai was certain that Bei Li Mo had been doing her best to purge the Soul Imprint he had planted on her.


The gap in cultivation between them was not small, especially in terms of Soul cultivation, so Yang Kai was not sure how long his Soul Imprint could last under her various efforts to break free. For that reason, he had rushed over in a hurry to reinforce his Soul Imprint on her and prevent her from breaking free of his control.


Controlling a Demon Saint would be of great help to his future plans. It could even be said to be the key to their success or failure. How could he allow Bei Li Mo to regain her freedom?


[I’m certain that the reinforcement of my Soul Imprint on her this time around will be a huge shock to her. I just hope she won’t be too surprised.] A sly smile appeared at the corners of his lips. He first found a place near the Territory Gate to hide a Space Beacon, leaving himself a way out in case of accidents. Only then did he ride Zhui Feng gallantly towards Soaring Snow Ice Palace.


Half a day later, he saw the huge and hazy outline of Soaring Snow Ice Palace from a distance. At that moment, he suddenly felt a connection with something that was inside the palace and laughed, knowing that he was not too late. Bei Li Mo had not managed to get rid of his Soul Imprint yet; otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to experience this feeling. This intimate connection was his link to his Soul Imprint. It could not be anything else aside from that.




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