Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3570, I Am Me


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At the same time Yang Kai felt the connection, a beam of light suddenly shot out of Soaring Snow Ice Palace and swiftly fled in the opposite direction. It was moving at an extremely high speed. At first, he didn’t realize what was happening, and it wasn’t until he felt the connection getting further and further away from him, quickly exceeding his range of detection in the blink of an eye, that he suddenly became livid, “Damn it! That bitch is trying to escape!”


That beam of light had been none other than Demon Saint Bei Li Mo! She probably detected his aura at the same moment he sensed the connection between them. That was why she was in such a hurry to leave. She was probably so reluctant to meet him because she was on the verge of breaking free of his control; otherwise, she wouldn’t have made such a dangerous move.


How could Yang Kai allow something like that to happen? He immediately manipulated Space Principles, performed an Instantaneous Movement, and materialized a thousand kilometres away with Zhui Feng. The connection that had broken off just now reappeared again.


He was just about to give Bei Li Mo a taste of his fury when she abruptly put on a burst of speed and accelerated. He did not know what kind of Secret Technique she was using for her to put so much distance between them in such a short moment, but she soon exceeded his range of detection again.


Yang Kai was livid. She might really regain her freedom again if he let her escape!


Thus, he spurred his Space Principles repeatedly and performed consecutive Instantaneous Movements before the connection between them finally reappeared once more. The moment he felt the connection between them, his thoughts flashed without any hesitation.


In the distance, the escaping beam of light paused suddenly, swayed slightly in mid-air, and nearly fell out of the sky; however, it resolutely continued flying a moment later.


Seeing this, Yang Kai grinned savagely, [As if I’ll let you get away!]


He continuously controlled the Soul Imprint to exert unbearable torture upon Bei Li Mo while urging Zhui Feng to go even faster.


Although Zhui Feng’s speed was not slow in the first place, he became even faster with Yang Kai’s urging. Ten thousand kilometres flashed beneath their feet as the chase continued.


The distance between the two parties was closing bit by bit. It wasn’t because Bei Li Mo’s flying speed was not as fast as Zhui Feng’s. On the contrary, Zhui Feng might not have been able to keep up with a Demon Saint’s speed if she was moving at full speed. Moreover, she was currently running for her life, so it was only natural that she was fleeing with all her might.


The main reason was that Bei Li Mo could not exert her full strength due to the torturous pain inflicted by the Soul Imprint. The pain coming from her Soul was not something even a Demon Saint could withstand, and she could not reach her maximum speed under this affliction.


As the distance between them continued to reduce, Yang Kai could gradually make out Bei Li Mo’s figure. An incense stick later, they were only a few dozen metres away from her. With such a short distance it would only take a moment for them to catch up with her.


“You had better hurry up and stop now; otherwise, you’re dead!” Yang Kai shouted viciously, his voice resounding in the surroundings. Many Demons heard his voice from below and looked up into the sky, and when they saw two flashes of light speeding by at breakneck speed, they all revealed shocked expressions. However, they did not know who was involved in the high-speed chase. Just what would they think if they knew that their Holy Venerable was the fleeing party?


Needless to say, Bei Li Mo ignored Yang Kai’s threats. It would be weirder if she suddenly began obeying him out of nowhere.


Yang Kai was so furious that he laughed instead and nodded repeatedly, “Good, good, good! It looks like you won’t give up unless you get a taste of true torture! In that case, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”


While he was speaking, he spurred the Soul Imprint even more fiercely than before.


Bei Li Mo was fleeing ahead when she suddenly let out a muffled groan. Sweat dripped from her body in mid-air and her speed slowed down considerably. Nonetheless, she gritted her teeth and endured the pain.


In that moment, Yang Kai immediately caught up with her. Riding on Zhui Feng as he kept pace beside her, he tilted his head to the side and gave her a sideways glance, his expression incredibly overbearing and arrogant.


Although she didn’t even bother to look at him, her gaze was blazing with flames. It was obvious that she was feeling extremely vexed. Without warning, she suddenly raised her hand and struck out at him. Her Demon Qi surged violently. Then, her slender jade hand rapidly enlarged in front of his eyes and obscured the light from his vision.


Startled, Yang Kai didn’t even think about it and sharply increased the pressure he was exerting on her.


Bei Li Mo had been gritting her teeth all this while to bear the pain, but in that instant, she suddenly let out a loud scream. Her voice was filled with agony as her entire body trembled so hard that she couldn’t maintain her flight and fell out of the sky. Following the unstable fluctuations in her Demon Qi, the palm that was striking him vanished without a trace.


Yang Kai was quite rattled. Cursing out loud, he prepared to chase after her only to see her stabilizing herself several thousand metres below and continue fleeing.


[How persistent!] Yang Kai lifted his gaze and looked forward. The light of a Territory Gate twinkled in the distance, and he immediately understood what she was aiming for. He stopped trying to chase her and rode Zhui Feng towards the Territory Gate while continuing to put pressure on her.


He was the first to arrive at the Territory Gate a short while later, and reaching out his hand, he pushed his Space Principles once more. Ripples swept across the huge Territory Gate before it abruptly disappeared.


Concurrently, Bei Li Mo finally approached at a high speed only to watch helplessly as the Territory Gate disappeared without a trace. Her originally pale face paled even further until not a trace of colour could be seen on it.


“Run! Go on, run!” Yang Kai rode on Zhui Feng, looking down condescendingly on Bei Li Mo from above as he snarled, “You bitch! How dare you attack me!?”


Bei Li Mo bit her pale lips, her clothes drenched in sweat, revealing her shapely figure. Her gaze was fixed on the spot where the Territory Gate had disappeared with a despairing look on her face. She had the feeling that she was probably the most aggrieved Demon Saint in all the Demon Realm’s history. All the problems she currently faced were caused by Xuan Bing; hence, she wished for nothing more than to revive her Honoured Master and kill her several hundred times over …


“I’m talking to you. Have you gone deaf?” Yang Kai shouted angrily. 


Bei Li Mo took a deep breath, causing her ample peaks to heave violently in a breath-taking arc. She turned her head and looked away, an extremely unconvinced expression on her voice as she shouted, “The winner is the King while the loser is the villain. What else do you want this Saint to say!?”


“Who gave you the courage to raise your hand against me?” Yang Kai glared at her with a vicious expression on his face.


She retorted, “Who told you to get so close to me?”


“Astonishing! You even dare to talk back now!” Yang Kai was furious. His thoughts surged and she began howling in pain once again. Her entire body curled up into a ball, and the fine beads of sweat on her forehead suddenly gushed out. If Yang Kai had not held her up with his Demon Qi at that moment, she would have even fallen out of the sky.


Yang Kai tortured her severely, and it wasn’t until her voice became hoarse that he let up. The anger in his heart had subsided considerably now and he stared at her coldly as she convulsed and trembled, giving a cold snort, “This is the first and last time. If this happens again…”


Bei Li Mo immediately glared at him…


Yang Kai blinked and suddenly realized that there was nothing more that he could say. The main reason was that he could torture her through the Soul Imprint, but he could neither control her nor kill her. It was really quite tragic. Scratching his chin, he continued, “If this happens again, I will strip you naked and parade you around the entire Soaring Snow Continent!”


Bei Li Mo’s expression changed drastically as she shrieked, “You dare!?”


He grinned, “Go ahead and try me. We’ll see if I dare!”


They both glared at each other furiously. Intense sparks flying in the air. A long while passed before Bei Li Mo turned her head to the side and loudly snorted.


Yang Kai didn’t bother wasting his breath on her and immediately shouted, “Open your Knowledge Sea. I must strengthen the Soul Imprint!”


Bei Li Mo looked extremely resentful, but even so, having been severely tortured by Yang Kai just now, she knew that it was useless to resist, not unless she could kill him somehow. After receiving a scare just now though, Yang Kai had wisely kept a fair distance from her so that he would have sufficient time to react. He would definitely take action the moment she tried to attack him.


Feeling extremely reluctant, Bei Li Mo lowered the defences of her Knowledge Sea and felt Yang Kai’s Divine Sense flooding into her head in the next instant.


A short while later, he withdrew his Divine Sense from her Knowledge Sea, “It’s done.”


Yang Kai was rejoicing as he spoke. While reinforcing his Soul Imprint just now, he discovered that Bei Li Mo had worn down more than half of its strength. She would have completely broken free of his control in another ten to fifteen days. If that had happened, he would not have been able to do anything to her anymore, even if he had her Soul Brand in his control; after all, she even had her Soul Manifestation destroyed by Bright Moon, so what would sacrificing her Soul Brand count for?


[This bitch, she probably started trying to break the Soul Imprint the moment she returned to Soaring Snow Continent; otherwise, she could not have made such progress in such a short period of time. It’s fortunate that I was worried about it and immediately rushed over after settling matters on Flying Clouds Continent. If not, she might have gotten her freedom back.]


On the other hand, Bei Li Mo’s expression changed drastically after checking her Knowledge Sea and she stared at Yang Kai in shock, “How is it possible for your Soul to strengthen so much in such a short time!?”


Although he had only reinforced it, the strength of the current Soul Imprint in her Knowledge Sea was simply incomparable to before. It would only have taken her a month or two if she really wanted to break free of the previous Soul Imprint, but now it would take her at least a few years!


The longer it took for her to break free, the harder it would be for her to escape his control. If it could be said that she still had a glimmer of hope before, then that glimmer of hope had now been utterly extinguished. Yang Kai would only need to reinforce his Soul Imprint on her every couple of years, and she would never regain her freedom again.


[How can a person’s Soul become so powerful in the short span of a single month!?] Bei Li Mo was shocked to the core.


Yang Kai threw back his head and laughed heartily in response, “You noticed?”


“That’s impossible!” She looked like she was refusing to accept reality. Biting her lip, she exclaimed, “Just who are you!?”


To which he lowered his body slightly and glanced at her teasingly, “I am me. Who else can I be?” After saying that, he swept his gaze over her and smilingly continued, “Why does it feel like I have complete control over you now? Do you want to test it out?”




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