Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3571, Soaring Snow Ice Guard


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Previously, Yang Kai could only bring great pain and agony to Bei Li Mo even if he pushed the Soul Imprint to its limit, but now, it felt as though he could kill her with a single thought.


Needless to say, this might be nothing more than his imagination; even so, it would definitely cause indelible trauma to Bei Li Mo if he pushed the Soul Imprint to its current maximum. It would not be like how it was earlier, where all he could do was inflict a short period of pain on her.


Bei Li Mo looked at him steadily for a moment before doubling over in laughter. She laughed so hard that she rocked back and forth. She even had tears coming out the corners of her eyes.


Watching her laugh, his expression turned icy instead and he asked in a dangerous voice, “What’s so funny?”


She clutched at her stomach and it took her quite a while to finally stop laughing before she looked at him with interest, “Did you and Yu Ru Meng… do it?”


[She can even guess this much?] Yang Kai felt a slight shock in his heart. [I guess a woman who can become a Demon Saint will certainly have some extraordinary observation skills. To be able to infer such information just from the changes in my Spiritual Energy alone… She really isn’t somebody I can underestimate.]


“That’s enough to make you laugh? Isn’t your sense of humour a little too childish?” He snorted coldly.


“You’re serious!?” Her eyes widened.


To which Yang Kai proudly replied, “Ru Meng and I are in love with one another, what’s so surprising about two people who are deeply in love with one another making love to each other?”


“It’s nothing. It’s nothing.” She waved her hand dismissively. Even so, the amusement was still evident on her face, “It’s just that my mood became a lot better all of a sudden.”


Tilting her head to the side, she glanced at him with an incredulous expression, “I can’t believe that that woman is willing to put such a large investment in you.”


He glared at her provocatively, “If you want, I can accept you as my wife too. That way, you can be Sisters with Ru Meng in the future.


“Go to Hell!”




Yang Kai boldly lay down on the soft bed that used to belong to Bei Li Mo under a transparent dome inside Soaring Snow Ice Palace. He was surrounded by a group of beauties, each of them sporting a different charm and style.


A gorgeous female Demon King, who was peeling some fruits, suddenly brought a piece to his mouth for him to eat. Another brought a glass of fragrant wine to his lips while yet another was giving him a massage… The most beautiful women, the finest wine, and the best food. The best way to describe his current situation was ‘lording it and abusing his authority’!


Meanwhile, Bei Li Mo was sitting nearby and glaring at him coldly.


The female Demon Kings serving Yang Kai seemed rather shocked. Nobody had ever dared to act so presumptuously in front of Bei Li Mo before. Likewise, they had never seen their Mistress being so tolerant towards anybody before either. 


Ever since returning to Soaring Snow Ice Palace, Bei Li Mo’s good mood had been completely destroyed. Yang Kai’s various misdeeds had had a great impact on her prestige, yet she could do nothing against him.


The door opened and a female Demon King walked in. She was inadvertently taken aback for a moment when she saw the scene in front of her. Sensing that Bei Li Mo’s mood had fallen below the freezing point, she cautiously walked over, leaned down, and spoke a few words into her ear.


Bei Li Mo nodded lightly in response and waved her hand to indicate for the female Demon King to withdraw.


“Is it ready?” Yang Kai lifted his gaze to look at her.


To which she gritted her teeth and snarled, “It’s just a trivial army of five hundred thousand. How long did you think it would take to prepare!?”


“En,” he responded non-committally before getting up from the bed and straightening out his clothes, “Many thanks for your hospitality, Holy Venerable. Let us meet again in the future.”


Her brow twitched at those words, and her crimson lips moved silently. Even though no sound came out of her mouth, their shape indicated that she was cursing at him.


He added, “By the way, Holy Venerable, please don’t miss me too much. I’ll come to visit you soon.” After saying that, he winked at her.


Bei Li Mo’s expression was as cold as ice as she knew that the ‘visit’ he mentioned was fake. His true intention was to check on the Soul Imprint for any signs of damage.


Amidst loud ringing laughter, Yang Kai strode outside imperiously with his head held high.


An army of five hundred thousand stood quietly in the large square outside Soaring Snow Ice Palace. They were divided into 5 divisions of a hundred thousand soldiers each. Strangely, there was not a single sound to be heard even though so many people gathered in one place. There was a heavy and solemn atmosphere covering the entire venue, with each division led by eight to ten Demon Kings, among which High-Rank Demon Kings abounded.


A single person stood proudly at the forefront of the entire army, and upon seeing Yang Kai appear, he immediately came forward, cupped his fists, and greeted, “Brother Yang!”


Yang Kai responded with a smile, “Brother Bai Ya.”


Bai Ya sternly replied, “In the name of the Holy Venerable, Bai Ya has assembled five hundred thousand Soaring Snow Ice Guard to serve under your command, Brother Yang.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Very good.”


Then, his gaze swept over the five hundred thousand Soaring Snow Ice Guards with a solemn expression on his face.


The Soaring Snow Ice Guard was the most elite force on Soaring Snow Continent. They were both Bei Li Mo’s exclusive imperial bodyguards and her trump card consisting of the most elite troops under her. An army like this was a rare existence even across the entire Demon Realm. Each Soaring Snow Ice Guard was selected through rigorous layers of tests and the lowest cultivation eligible to enter the Soaring Snow Ice Guard was that of Demon General. Bei Li Mo herself only had an army of five million under her command, so if Yang Kai had not demanded it, she would never have allowed as many as five hundred thousand to be deployed all at once.


Yang Kai had led an army before of course. Whether it be back in the Star Boundary or more recent times in the Demon Realm, he had commanded armies of two hundred thousand at most. However, those armies were completely incomparable to the Soaring Snow Ice Guard standing in front of him. Regardless of the overall quality or individual strength, the Soaring Snow Ice Guard made the previous armies he commanded look almost like a rag-tag bandit crew.


In contrast, the five hundred thousand people in front of him were truly a powerful army that could charge into battle on the frontlines and emerge victorious. If they met in battle, they could surely wipe out the allied forces of both Cloud Shadow Continent and Blue Plains Continent in all their entirety.


From now on, these five hundred thousand Soaring Snow Ice Guards belonged to him, setting off a raging feeling in his heart. Although Bei Li Mo had not said that she was going to give them to him, these five hundred thousand Soaring Snow Ice Guards were in his hands now. [There’s no way I can return them so easily. Even Bai Ya… Heh, heh, heh…]


Bai Ya seemed to detect the evil intentions in Yang Kai’s gaze and couldn’t help shivering in response as he asked, “Brother Yang, are you really going to go to the territories of each Demon Saint to continue repairing and maintaining the Territory Gates? You are very well-known right now, Brother Yang. You should be keeping a low profile for a while before making plans. It’s really not appropriate to show your face at this time.”


Yang Kai held the Great Emperor’s Opportunity in him. Across the entire Demon Realm, only the lower members of the Demon Race might not understand it very well. On the contrary, all those in the Demon King Realm and above had heard the rumours, especially those Half-Saints, so who among them did not have their eye on him at the moment?


Bai Ya simply could not understand why Yang Kai wanted to reveal his whereabouts and invite trouble for himself at a time like this. Bai Ya’s friendship with Yang Kai was nothing special, so he did not say those words out of kindness. The main reason was that he had to serve and obey Yang Kai by the orders of the Holy Venerable; thus, he wanted to find a way to protect himself. The gains would not be worth the loss if he were dragged into Yang Kai’s mess.


Yang Kai waved his hand dismissively, “One should always see through to the end the tasks they have begun. Although there were some misunderstandings between the Half-Saints and this King on Eternal Sky Continent, I still have to complete my assignment since it is something I have promised to do.”


Then, Yang Kai grinned and looked toward Bai Ya, “Besides, the Holy Venerables have come to a new agreement. They will not take any action against me personally. If it’s only those Half-Saints… Don’t I have you beside me, Brother Bai Ya?”


Bai Ya smiled bitterly but said nothing after glancing at Zhui Feng, whom Yang Kai was riding.


Zhui Feng might not have a high level of sentience, but his strength was obvious to see. Adding him into the mix would essentially mean that Yang Kai had two Half-Saints protecting him. If anybody were to try and harm Yang Kai, the opposing party would need at least three Half-Saints for their plan to even have a chance of success. Unfortunately, there was only one opportunity to be had. If three Half-Saints were to join forces, how were they going to split the prize afterward? Nobody would be willing to help others without appropriate compensation, so it was unlikely for such a situation to occur. What’s more, Yang Kai himself was proficient in the Dao of Space and it was rumoured that he recently killed one of the Half-Saints by the name of Yin Si, who was serving under Demon Saint Yu Ru Meng. Thus, Yang Kai’s personal strength was not to be underestimated either.


After a brief consideration, Bai Ya felt slightly relieved.


“By the way, what did the Holy Venerable tell you?” Yang Kai suddenly asked in a low voice.


Bai Ya replied, “Holy Venerable ordered that we obey all your commands.”


“What if I asked you to kill a Demon Saint?” Yang Kai looked at Bai Ya with a smile.


Bai Ya’s expression was sombre, “If you issue a command like that, Brother Yang, the Soaring Snow Ice Guard will die carrying out your orders!”


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up and he nodded at those words, “Very good.”


With a large wave of his hand, he ordered, “Let’s set off!”


After saying that, he turned around and led the way, with Bai Ya quickly relaying the command and the army of five hundred thousand moving out in an orderly manner, their speed not slow at all.


Along the journey, Yang Kai asked Bai Ya to explain the Soaring Snow Ice Guard’s organizational system and learned that the Soaring Snow Ice Guard had seven levels. From top to bottom, they were Division, Brigade, Regiment, Battalion, Company, Platoon, and Squad. A Division had 500,000 soldiers, a Brigade 10,000, a Regiment 3,000, a Company 300, a Platoon 100, and a Squad 10. The hierarchy was well-defined and the structure was rigorous.


In summary, the entire Soaring Snow Ice Guard consisted of ten Divisions and Bei Li Mo had transferred the command over one to Yang Kai. The Division Commander was none other than Bai Ya. Accordingly, the positions of Vice-Division Commander directly below Bai Ya were held by the five strongest High-Rank Demon Kings. Similarly, the Regiments and Battalions were headed by Mid-Rank Demon Kings and Low-Rank Demon Kings respectively while the Companies were led by Demon Great Generals.


There was none below the realm of a Demon General among the Soaring Snow Ice Guard, so one could only imagine what unimaginable destructive power such a well-structured and disciplined army could exert on the battlefield.


This truly got Yang Kai fired up. The Star Boundary simply could not compare with the Demon Realm when it came to warfare. Even if the Two Worlds Great War had not occurred in the Demon Realm, wars among different continents and Demon Saints were common occurrences. The skirmishes between continents would often involve large-scale battles involving millions of Demons. Therefore, the Demon Race was not unfamiliar with the art of war. On the contrary, the Star Boundary had experienced peace for a very long time. Although there were disputes among individual cultivators and occasional conflicts between Sects, a battle on the scale of millions had not occurred in tens of thousands of years.


For that reason, the Star Boundary was far inferior to the Demon Realm when it came to experience in dealing with such warfare. That was also one of the reasons why the Star Boundary had been forced into a constant retreat since the Two Worlds Great War began. Large-scale wars were often not something that could be won with one or two extremely powerful Masters. Rather, what they had to rely on was the full weight of both sides participating in the war.




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