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Martial Peak – Chapter 3573, World Creation

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After confirming the direction, Huo Lun hurriedly flew over to look for the item. A burst of even happier laughter rang out a short while later. This time, he had picked up a Space Ring; moreover, there were countless treasures and wealth stored inside. He even found nearly a thousand Myriad Demon Pills!


These were Myriad Demon Pills! Treasures he would never even come across under normal circumstances. And yet, he had obtained nearly a thousand of them in one go. He almost thought that it was a dream. [With so many Myriad Demon Pills in hand, I only need to focus on meditating and cultivating for a time before I become a High-Rank Demon King. At this rate, even becoming a Half-Saint might not be a dream!]


So many Myriad Demon Pills were definitely not something a mere Demon King could own. As far as he knew, only the top Masters of the Demon Realm were qualified to have so many Myriad Demon Pills, such as the Half-Saints. Thinking back to the spear he had just picked up, he suddenly understood something. [I picked up the personal items of a Half-Saint who had died!]


Huo Lun jumped in fear the moment that thought came to him. For a Low-Rank Demon King like him, a Half-Saint was an extremely superior existence. Just who could kill a Half-Saint?


The shocking discoveries were far from over though. Over the next few days, Huo Lun kept seeing things falling from the sky. These were things that this world could not digest, and most of them were Demon Artifacts. Moreover, a lot of the Demon Artifacts had lost a great deal of spirituality. Their owners seemed to have experienced an extremely terrifying battle before returning to Great Demon God’s embrace. These Demon Artifacts were the weapons left behind by those who were slain in battle.


Huo Lun also picked up many Space Rings and gained quite a fortune; however, the only Half-Saint’s Space Ring he picked up was the first one. Although there was much good stuff in the rest of the Space Rings and a few Myriad Demon Pills could occasionally be found in some of them, none of them could compare with the wealth contained in the first Space Ring he picked up.


This situation continued on for seven or eight days before the crack in the sky gradually closed under his anxious gaze and nothing was swallowed into this world again. Huo Lun waited for a long time, and after making sure that there was nothing else he could benefit from, he finally turned around and headed back to his log house with a look of excitement on his face.


At this time, he was no longer complaining about being a bird trapped in a cage. Which person trapped in a cage could obtain such terrifying opportunities? The wealth he gained over the past few days was more than what he could have gotten even if he lived a hundred lifetimes.


He flew towards the mountain in a rush, but just as he was about to return to his residence, he suddenly paused in mid-air. He lowered his head and looked down. A moment later, his eyes narrowed. The mountain on which he had built his log house had gotten much higher! It definitely was not his imagination. Even if he had never measured the height of this mountain, his perception as a Demon King could not be wrong.


The mountain had gotten taller, the soil underneath had become thicker, the World Principles had become more perfect, and the World Energy was obviously more abundant than before. At some point in time, subtle changes had taken place throughout this world.




Outside the Small Sealed World, the place where Eternal Sky Continent was once located had become a Void. The entire continent had been devoured by Gun-Gun. An unimaginably humongous Gun-Gun swam over to Yang Kai from the middle of the Void and transformed back into the Sealed World Bead, which Yang Kai then retrieved.


Afterward, Yang Kai turned around, passed through the Territory Gate, and sealed the Territory Gate behind him. He then called out to Bai Ya who was waiting outside, “Let’s go.”


He had not expected so much good stuff to be left behind after the battle on Eternal Sky Continent. Bright Moon had killed more than ten Half-Saints back then and the personal items of these Half-Saints had of course become ownerless at the time. Most of them had been found and retrieved after the incident; however, one Space Ring had been unaccounted for. That Space Ring had now benefited Huo Lun, whom he had locked up inside the Small Sealed World.


After leaving Eternal Sky Continent, Yang Kai led Bai Ya and the army across various continents in the Demon Realm. His nominal reason was to repair and maintain the Territory Gates, the task he failed to finish doing last time.


Half a year ago, he had been working on this task when he was ambushed by the three Half-Saints of Hundred Spirits Continent. Later, the incident on Eternal Sky Continent broke out; therefore, this matter had been delayed until now. Nobody would suspect anything if he chose to continue with his task at this time; however, repairing and maintaining the Territory Gates was a facade. His true objective was to look for opportunities to devour more lost continents.


He had not given much thought to it when he allowed Gun-Gun to devour those continents previously, only feeling it was a bit wasteful to leave the fragments to be devoured by the Void. In any case, Gun-Gun had a precedent of devouring, and it was never a bad thing to expand the domain of the Sealed World Bead. But now, it would seem that it had been a smart move of great foresight on his part.


All of the broken continents contained a part of the World Principles of the Demon Realm. Although the World Principles were as shattered as the continent themselves, Gun-Gun was never one to reject anything that came its way. As the saying went, ‘many grains of sand can build a tower’. When the quantity causes a qualitative change, the Sealed World Bead might undergo an amazing evolution in the future. If this idea was feasible, then he might be able to lead the battle between the two worlds to another conclusion.


As a veteran Half-Saint of the Demon Realm, Bai Ya knew the whole Demon Realm’s situation like the back of his hand; therefore, having him as an adviser made things much easier to handle.


Yang Kai only talked with Bai Ya for a few days, but it was enough for him to plan an efficient route in his heart.


As they passed through continent after continent, Yang Kai would stop every so often, instruct the Soaring Snow Ice Guard to seal off a certain area and disappear for a few days on his own.


Bai Ya gradually noticed how strange Yang Kai was acting, because he had not repaired nor maintained any of the Territory Gates throughout their journey at all. Instead, he seemed to be leading the army of five hundred thousand on a scenic tour throughout the various continents of the Demon Realm. Moreover, he seemed to have some sort of particular reason for stopping at certain places. It suggested that there was some sort of special pattern behind his actions.


It wasn’t until two months later that Bai Ya finally figured out what the pattern was. The places where the Soaring Snow Ice Guard raised a blockade were places where a Territory Gate once existed. In addition, those Territory Gates were once connected to a lost continent when it still existed.


After discovering this, Bai Ya couldn’t help feeling shocked. As a Half-Saint, it was only natural that he was quick-witted and an incredulous thought surged in his heart. Following his secret observations, he finally confirmed the conjecture he had formed in his heart.


[Yang Kai is capable of reopening the Territory Gates to the continents that were lost and entering those continents!] Those thoughts instantly set off a stormy wave of emotions in his heart.


There were two reasons why it was necessary for the Demon Race to start a war with the Star Boundary regardless of the costs. The first reason was the Demon Race themselves were blood-thirsty and hot-blooded, but the second and more important reason was that the Demon Race needed to find a new place to establish themselves.


The entire Demon Realm used to be whole many, many years ago. Nobody knew why it later split into countless continents of all shapes and sizes. It would have been nothing if that was all. Even if the continents were divided, they were still able to connect with each other so not much changed in the lives of the Demon Race. However, the key point was that these continents were gradually disappearing; moreover, the Territory Gates that existed everywhere also slowly began to experience some problems.


If the Demon Race did not find a new place to live, the entire Demon Realm would fall apart once all the Territory Gates disappeared and the connection between the continents were lost completely. At that time, even the Demon Saints were incapable of predicting what might happen. It might signal the end of the Demon Realm.


However, Yang Kai had found those lost continents and could even enter them! Combined with his ability to repair and maintain the Territory Gates, it was enough to maintain the safety of the Demon Realm during his lifetime. The Demon Realm would be able to avoid its fate of destruction. If that was the case, then what was the point of the battle between the two worlds? What was the point of countless Demon Race warriors, Demon Kings, Half-Saints spilling their blood in the foreign Star Boundary?


No wonder he asked Bei Li Mo for the escort of five hundred thousand Soaring Snow Ice Guards. He certainly needed some manpower to help him. Without the Soaring Snow Ice Guard to seal off the surrounding region, news about this would spread instantly if anybody were to learn about what Yang Kai was doing, shaking the very foundation of the Demon Realm.


Ever since discovering Yang Kai’s secret, Bai Ya had been slightly out of it. The expression on his face when he looked at Yang Kai was as though he was looking at a monster.


Bai Ya did not reveal the truth and Yang Kai did not explain himself.


When Yang Kai brought Bai Ya along with him, he never expected his secret to remain a secret for long. In any case, this matter would be exposed to the public one day in the future, and this would simply allow him to gauge Bei Li Mo’s attitude. Especially with the possibility of Bai Ya leaking this information to her in advance.




Inside the Small Sealed World, the mountain where Huo Lun had built his log house was getting taller and taller. Ever since he first witnessed that mysterious scene the other day, similar scenes would occur again every once in a while.


When the huge crack opened in the sky for the second time, Huo Lun had excitedly rushed over when the fragments of the continent were devoured into this place again. He wanted to gain more benefits from the shocking phenomenon. Unfortunately, the results this time had left him disappointed. Even when the crack closed again, nothing special had fallen out of the sky. The same went for the third time… And, the fourth time…


At present, he no longer held any expectations. When the crack in the sky opened again, he simply opened his eyes and took a look with an indifferent attitude. No matter how shocking something was, it would become nothing special after witnessing it repeatedly. Besides, there was nothing he could gain from it anymore and the crack would close on its own after a few days.


The only reason he had gone out again recently was to verify a guess he had formed in his heart, and reality proved that his conjecture was correct. The world was expanding. Not only was the mountain he was living on getting taller, but the entire world had also gotten much broader. As the crack in the sky opened again and again, as the fragments of continents were devoured and digested, the World Principles and World Energy of the entire world gradually became stronger.


[World Creation!] Realization dawned on Huo Lun. [Such tremendous changes to this world are practically equivalent to creating a new world! Just who can perform such a feat!? Is it that man who caught me and locked me in this place?]


Yang Kai’s figure surfaced unbidden in his mind. Back then, Huo Lun had told that strange man that not only was his cultivation unable to progress if he lived in this place for long, but he also faced the risk of his cultivation regressing instead. But that risk no longer existed. Perhaps it would have been difficult for his cultivation to advance without cultivation resources, but his cultivation no longer faced the risk of regression. That was because the World Energy and World Principles in this world had both undergone great changes.



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