Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3574, Devouring Continents


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Leading the Soaring Snow Ice Guard, Yang Kai wandered the continents of the Demon Realm for a full year. During that time, he passed through all the territories owned by every single Demon Saint to devour all the known lost continents.


On a certain day one year later, Bai Ya stood in front of a Void Corridor above the skies of a vast sea. He was staring blankly at the black corridor radiating with a dangerous aura, and there was a complicated expression on his face. He knew that this Void Corridor connected to a continent that had disappeared from the Demon Realm three thousand years ago.


After such a long time, Yang Kai no longer bothered to conceal anything from Bai Ya anymore. He knew that the latter had long since found out about his secret anyway. A secret that had been found out could no longer be considered a secret; therefore, approximately half a year ago, he had allowed Bai Ya to follow him into one of these lost continents and openly showed Gun-Gun in front of him, devouring the continent.


When Bai Ya saw the broken continent, many expressions appeared on his face and all of them were filled with disbelief.


Over the past countless years, at least a hundred continents had disappeared from the Demon Realm. All the Demon Race subconsciously believed that these lost continents had simply been disconnected from the Demon Realm and nothing would happen to the continents themselves. As long as they could find a way to restore that connection, those lost continents would come back one day.


It wasn’t until he witnessed the outcome of these lost continents for himself that he realized his mindset had been too assumptive.


Even if the Demon Realm had been broken into pieces, it was still a whole; however, a continent losing its connection to the Demon Realm was equivalent to chopping off a person’s limbs. Those continents would then gradually experience decay and eventually fall apart due to a lack of nutrients…


Bai Ya suddenly felt a sense of panic and existential crisis. After witnessing the fate of those lost continents, he couldn’t help but wonder whether the surviving continents in the Demon Realm would one day end up in the same state, shattered and lifeless…


If that happened, even the Demon Saints would not be spared, let alone a Half-Saint like himself.


A weak aura fluctuation came from the Void Corridor in front of Bai Ya and immediately afterwards, Yang Kai clambered out of the Void Corridor.


Meeting each other’s gaze, Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Many thanks, Brother Bai Ya.”


Bai Ya smiled bitterly and shook his head, “I was just watching the scenery and enjoying the breeze outside. What’s so hard about my task compared to what Brother Yang did inside?”


“Did anything happen out here?” Yang Kai looked around.


“There was an aura snooping around, but it didn’t come close,” Bai Ya replied. As a Half-Saint, a snooping aura that could catch his interest could only mean that it was another Half-Saint.


It had not been a smooth journey over the course of the year. Yu Ru Meng had reached a new agreement with the other Demon Saints a year ago, so the Demon Saints did not attack Yang Kai anymore; however, many Half-Saints had immediately taken action upon learning about the situation.


Yang Kai was like an injured fish flapping about in the ocean, attracting the greed of the sharks known as Half-Saints with the smell of his blood. Just this year alone, there had been no fewer than ten conflicts with the Half-Saints! It was just that he was being escorted by Zhui Feng, not to mention five hundred thousand Soaring Snow Ice Guards and Bai Ya. One or two Half-Saints were completely incapable of causing any harm to him. The most dangerous situation he encountered was when five Half-Saints had joined forces to attack him.


In that battle, Bai Ya and Zhui Feng had both been held up by a Half-Saint each and were unable to extricate themselves from their respective battles. Meanwhile, the remaining three Half-Saints had chased Yang Kai vigorously for a while. It was to the point where they thought they were about to succeed in their endeavour.


Unfortunately for them, Yang Kai had concealed at least one Space Beacon on each continent every time he arrived. Coupled with his ingenious and unparalleled Space Techniques, he had no trouble escaping even if he could not win the fight.


That battle had lasted for half a month, but in the end, the three Half-Saints pursuing him were left eating his dust for that entire duration. They couldn’t even grasp a single hair on his head. On the contrary, they suffered greatly at the hands of his mysterious methods.


Since then, there had not been any direct battles between Yang Kai and a Half-Saint again. All the Half-Saints in the Demon Realm were aware that there was nothing they could do to a person proficient in the Dao of Space, not unless more than ten Half-Saints worked together against him or they found some method to restrict his movements to prevent him from escaping.


But, it was an extremely difficult task to get ten Half-Saints to work together. The Demon Realm did not lack Half-Saints; in fact, there had been more than a hundred participating in the battle to encircle and suppress Bright Moon Great Emperor back then, but they only joined forces at the time because the Demon Saints had ordered them to do so. Otherwise, trying to get ten Half-Saints to join forces against a single enemy on the premise that there was only one prize that could not be split in the hands of that enemy was something that was practically impossible to achieve.


For this reason, Yang Kai shocked the world with this battle. He had gotten famous in the Demon Realm because he obtained the Great Emperor’s Opportunity. It wasn’t until now that both the Half-Saints who were familiar and unfamiliar with him discovered that his strength could not be underestimated. It was no wonder he even managed to escape from the pursuit of the Demon Saints back then.


“Are there no other continents left?” Yang Kai asked.


Bai Ya shook his head, “Demon Blood Continent was the last of the lost continents.”


Yang Kai frowned at those words. Immersing himself in the Small Sealed World, he felt around for a bit and sighed, [It isn’t enough!]


The Small Sealed World had undergone earth-shaking changes after devouring all those broken continents and its territory had also become unbelievably vast as a result. Unfortunately, it was still not enough. It was not about the size of the land. The size of the Small Sealed World today was equivalent to the sum of nearly a hundred continents in the Demon Realm. Housing trillions of Demons there would not be a problem whatsoever. Rather, the problem lay in the World Principles and World Energy. The World Principles in the expanded territory of the Small Sealed World were only similar to that of a lower Star Field. In other words, the highest Masters that could be produced under such World Principles were Origin Kings.


Huo Lun was the best experiment. He had the cultivation of a Low-Rank Demon King, and during this period, he seemed to have used a number of Myriad Demon Pills to improve his cultivation. Even though he was already at the peak of a Low-Rank Demon King Realm, he could not break through his bottleneck. The reason was that the World Principles in the Small Sealed World were unable to fulfil the requirements needed for his breakthrough. If the newly expanded territory of the Small Sealed World did not evolve further, then Huo Lun would never achieve another breakthrough.


That was simply the limits of the world. Just like back then, the Origin King Realm Masters in the Star Field had to find their way into the Star Boundary. No matter how great a person’s aptitude, it was impossible to progress when the world itself limited you.


[It looks like I have no choice but to try something dangerous!] Yang Kai only considered it briefly before his eyes flashed with a resolute light. [I hope Bei Li Mo will not turn against me…]


“Let’s go!” He called out to Bai Ya, who immediately relayed the command to the Soaring Snow Ice Guard who had been guarding the surroundings, for all five hundred thousand of them to gather. Once assembled, the army gallantly set off.


Half a month later, Bai Ya stopped outside a Territory Gate, the corners of his mouth twitching as he asked, “Brother Yang, if I am not mistaken, this Territory Gate leads to Hundred Spirits Continent. Is this our destination?”


“That’s right.” Yang Kai looked at Bai Ya with a smile, not allowing for objections as he grabbed the latter by the arm and strode forward without any further ado.


Bai Ya was shocked; however, the two of them had plunged into the Territory Gate and arrived at a splendid and colourful world before he could say anything, causing him to smile bitterly…


Hundred Spirits Continent held a special position in the Demon Realm. Who would dare to barge into this place so casually, aside from unscrupulous and profit-driven mavericks? That especially held true for the Half-Saints serving under the various Demon Saints. They had been warned by the Demon Saints never to enter Hundred Spirits Continent or they could only blame themselves for their deaths.


Although Bai Ya knew that Yang Kai had a good relationship with Hundred Spirits Continent, he couldn’t help feeling as though he had been dragged into the lion’s den. Nevertheless, he was already here, so what else could he say? He could only pray that the Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent would spare him.


“Who dares trespass on Hundred Spirits Continent!?” The moment the two of them steadied themselves, a stern shout came from somewhere. It was clear that somebody had noticed the anomaly in this place. While that person was speaking, a ray of light sped towards them.


A figure was revealed in that ray of light as it got closer. It turned out to be a middle-aged man, but the aura radiating from his body was that of a Half-Saint. Upon seeing Yang Kai though, that person couldn’t help being taken aback for a moment before immediately cupping his fists, “So it is Senior Yang!”


[Senior…] Bai Ya couldn’t help frowning at that title. He was not familiar with the middle-aged man in front of him as the Half-Saints on Hundred Spirits Continent rarely involved themselves with the outside world. Be that as it may, almost all of the Half-Saints here were Divine Spirits who were famed for their arrogance, so why was this person addressing Yang Kai as ‘Senior’?


Only then did Bai Ya realize that he had greatly underestimated Yang Kai’s position on Hundred Spirits Continent, as well as how highly the Master of Hundred Spirits Continent valued Yang Kai! [No wonder even Zhui Feng has been following Yang Kai around! This guy is famous for being the mount that galloped across the world back then after all.]


“How should I address you?” Yang Kai looked at the middle-aged man with a smile.


The middle-aged man bowed with his hand on his chest, “Sir, please call me Du Yu.”


Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Is Senior Chang Tian here? I want to meet Senior in person.”


“Sir, please come with me.” Du Yu stretched out his hand to lead the way. While speaking, he subtly glanced at Bai Ya and a fierce light flashed through his eyes. The fiendish aura made all the hair on Bai Ya’s body stand.


Yang Kai said, “This is Brother Bai Ya. He is my companion.”


Upon hearing this, the fierce light in Du Yu’s eyes gradually diminished. He nodded lightly and led the way without saying another word.


Inside that dim and gloomy hall that felt as though one would never see the sun again, Yang Kai met Chang Tian again. It was impossible for a person like Chang Tian to change much in such a short time; thus, the two of them sat on the floor inside the hall just like before.


Meanwhile, Bai Ya stood quietly outside the hall with a meticulous expression. Du Yu, who had led the way, was gone now; however, there was a pair of twin sisters standing in front of him and staring at him unblinkingly. These twin sisters had beautiful appearances and graceful figures, one dressed in black and the other in white. The auras between them seemed to resonate with each other and were clearly closely connected.


Under normal circumstances, any man would have loved to have a second glance at such eye-catching beauties. Unfortunately, Bai Ya didn’t even dare to look sideways at this moment. The reserved smile on his face was practically frozen stiff as he cursed at Yang Kai fiercely in his heart. [I don’t care if you want to come to Hundred Spirits Continent, you could have done it alone! Why did you have to drag me here with you!?] 


Despite being a Half-Saint, Bai Ya felt as though he was a lamb inside a tiger’s den, making him feel extremely uncomfortable.


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