Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3575, Solution


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“Senior, there are no flowers growing on my body. Why are you looking at me like that?” Inside the hall, Yang Kai rubbed his nose and glanced at Chang Tian, who had been staring at him since he came in.


Chang Tian smiled slightly and nodded, “Good. Good. I certainly picked the right person. With that opportunity in you, your chances of becoming a Demon Saint in the future will be greatly increased. This King is certain Hundred Spirits Continent will have a successor in a hundred years.”


The battle on Eternal Sky Continent had shaken up the entire world. Even Hundred Spirits Continent had heard the news despite being sealed off and isolated. Since his life was soon coming to an end, Chang Tian had wanted to train Yang Kai as his successor. He wanted Yang Kai to take over Hundred Spirits Continent in the future and protect all the Divine Spirits on this continent. Regardless of his intentions at the time, he also knew that the peak of the Martial Dao was not something that could be reached so easily. Fortunately, everything was alright now. Yang Kai had managed to snatch the Great Emperor’s Opportunity, so as long as Yang Kai progressed steadily, Chang Tian might actually be able to witness Yang Kai standing at the pinnacle of the Demon Realm before he passed away. If that were really to happen, he would have nothing to worry about anymore. In addition, the many Divine Spirits on this continent would have somebody to rely on.


“Since you have this opportunity, you shouldn’t carelessly reveal yourself outside anymore. Just stay on Hundred Spirits Continent. I have long since discussed with Yu Ru Meng, so I’m sure she won’t object too strongly to it.”


Yang Kai smiled ruefully at those words. He could discern the meaning behind Chang Tian’s words. Chang Tian wanted him to remain on Hundred Spirits Continent from now on to cultivate in peace to become a Demon Saint in the future. Although he could appreciate the care and protection Chang Tian was showing him, time waited for no one. How could he afford the time to cultivate here quietly? The goal of becoming a Demon Saint was a little too far off right now and the Two Worlds Great War was raging on. Meanwhile, his family, wives, and friends were all in the Star Boundary. How could he hide away in this paradise with peace of mind? The Star Boundary would be gone by the time he became a Demon Saint and left this place again.


Yang Kai mulled it over for a moment before he replied, “I appreciate your kindness, Senior, but has Senior never thought about leading Hundred Spirits Continent out of this rut? Hundred Spirits Continent might be large, but isn’t it a little too small for you, Senior?”


Chang Tian’s eyes flashed when he heard those words and the corners of his mouth curved upward, revealing the hint of a smile, “What do you want to say?”


Yang Kai stared at Chang Tian with a piercing gaze, “What I want to say is… With your power, you shouldn’t be confined to the Hundred Spirits Continent, Senior. Just thinking about it, each of the Twelve Demon Saints control dozens of continents, while your strength is no weaker than theirs, so why do you only settle for occupying something as insignificant as Hundred Spirits Continent? You are part of the Dragon Clan, and the Dragon Clan is Head of the Myriad Divine Spirits. You should be free to roam these lands as you see fit, not trapped in these shallow waters!”


Chang Tian’s gaze lowered slightly, “Originally, Hundred Spirits Continent did not exist in the Demon Realm. This is what this King spent half his life building. It is true that the Demon Realm is vast and there are hundreds, if not over a thousand continents, but alas! This King is only one, and such grand ambitions are not something that can be accomplished alone.”


“But, you have me now, Senior!”


“You?” He raised his eyebrows and looked at Yang Kai. Then, he burst out laughing all of a sudden, “Your appetite is truly enormous! Unfortunately, you need to have the corresponding strength to support it.”


Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “Senior, you have misunderstood my words. I am not inciting you to seize the other Demon Saints’ territories. The Demon Realm is already falling apart, so what’s the point of taking over another person’s territory? Perhaps, in a century, or a millennium, that territory you seized would collapse. That would just be meaningless effort. Forget everything else, let’s take Hundred Spirits Continent as an example. Who knows when Hundred Spirits Continent will break away from the Demon Realm and follow in the footsteps of the other lost continents? Where will you go if that happens, Senior? Where will the millions of living creatures on Hundred Spirits Continent go?”


Yang Kai paused for a moment before continuing, “Plus, you might be safe for now… But the war between the two worlds will sweep through the entire Demon Realm sooner or later. Can you and Hundred Spirits Continent still remain in a disengaged position when that time comes?”


Chang Tian’s expression darkened the moment he heard those words.


Yang Kai added, “It’s something that even a Junior like me noticed, so I’m certain Senior has already foreseen this.”


Although the war between the two worlds was raging fiercely, it had yet to reach the most critical point. That was why Hundred Spirits Continent could still afford to stay out of the matter; however, if the war reached a certain step… The Demon Saints in the Demon Realm would never allow Hundred Spirits Continent to remain watching idly by the sides. They were bound to work together to exert pressure on Hundred Spirits Continent so that it participated in the war.


Chang Tian would have no choice but to agree under such intense pressure; otherwise, Hundred Spirits Continent would become the Demon Realm’s enemy. That would only bring the worst possible fate to Hundred Spirits Continent. If the Demon Saints were determined enough to join forces, then Hundred Spirits Continent would be completely wiped off the map.


“Do you have a solution to this?” Chang Tian lifted his eyes and looked at Yang Kai suspiciously.


Yang Kai had brought this matter up so abruptly that it was clear that he had a specific aim in mind; thus, Chang Tian couldn’t help speculating.


“I’m still figuring one out, and I dare not say it will succeed, but it’s a direction at least. If this succeeds, not only can it extinguish the flames of war between the two worlds, but it can also provide a better living environment for Hundred Spirits Continent and even the rest of the Demon Race.”


“Extinguish the flames of war between the two worlds…” Even though Chang Tian was incredibly knowledgeable, he couldn’t help being a little dumbfounded at this moment.


Yang Kai’s words had simply been too incredulous! The Two Worlds Great War was not a run-of-the-mill brawl, it was a battle for survival where it was kill-or-be-killed. It was impossible to stop this war unless one party thoroughly lost or was completely annihilated. In comparison, it made the part about providing a better living environment for Hundred Spirits Continent and the rest of the Demon Race sound less shocking.


If it had been anybody else who spoke these words, Chang Tian would have thrown that person out a long time ago rather than waste his time on such nonsense; however, he held great expectations for Yang Kai and still hoped that Yang Kai would protect Hundred Spirits Continent in the future. Even if he couldn’t bring himself to believe what Yang Kai was saying, he had no other option but to ask about it, “Tell me more. What exactly are you planning?”


Yang Kai hesitated for a long time, but seeming to reach a decision about something important, he raised his gaze, stared straight into Chang Tian’s eyes, and stated, “I think you should see it for yourself, Senior.”


“See for myself?” Chang Tian frowned.


Yang Kai stretched out his hand to Chang Tian, “Senior, if you believe in me, then please relax and don’t resist.”


Chang Tian frowned in response. He did not know what snake oil Yang Kai was trying to sell; nevertheless, he reached out his hand and placed it in the palm of Yang Kai’s hand. As powerful as he was, he was extremely confident in his own strength, so he was not worried about any sinister trick or devious lies Yang Kai might try to pull.


In the next moment, he saw Yang Kai grinning at him and his vision blurred for a moment before he suddenly found himself in a strange world. Stunned, Chang Tian looked around only to see that this place was no longer his dark and cold palace hall. It could even be said that this place was not any place found on Hundred Spirits Continent.


This world made him feel a little uncomfortable as he felt an invisible shackle wrapping around him the moment he entered. It was the omnipresent World Force applying pressure on him to prevent him from using too much power. Although he had cultivation on par with that of a Demon Saint, it was worthless here since he could not exert that strength in this place.


This situation inadvertently made his expression change slightly. He was wondering if he had misjudged Yang Kai and accidentally fell into some sort of malicious trap. Even so, he quickly tossed this idea aside. That was because Yang Kai was standing beside him defenceless. If Yang Kai had wanted to harm Chang Tian in any way, then he would not be assuming such a carefree posture. Moreover, he was staring ahead with a relaxed expression. Stretching out a hand, Yang Kai pointed and said, “Senior, what do you think about this place?”


“Where is this place?” Chang Tian frowned. He had clearly felt the traces of teleportation just now, it was just that he had not had the time to get a closer look before he was transported here from the hall. While they were speaking, he spread his Divine Sense out, but could not perceive the boundaries of this world.


“This is a world. I call it the Small Sealed World.”


“The Small Sealed World?” Chang Tian’s frown deepened, but immediately after, his eyes gleamed with a shocking light, “A Great World!? Is this a Great World!?”


“It can marginally be considered one.”


“I can’t believe you actually found another Great World!” Chang Tian was thoroughly shocked.


The Star Boundary, which existed outside of the Demon Realm, had shown Chang Tian and the others that there was more than just one Great World out there. It was possible that there were thousands of Great Worlds out there in the vast universe. Up until now, no living Demon had seen another world other than the Demon Realm and the Star Boundary, and nobody knew where the other Great Worlds were located nor how to actually get there. Be that as it may, Yang Kai actually found a Great World and even figured out a way to enter it. How could Chang Tian not be shocked?


All of a sudden, Chang Tian understood what Yang Kai had meant just now. If Yang Kai could travel freely in and out of this Great World, then he could indeed extricate Hundred Spirits Continent from its current death spiral. There would be no need to worry about being pressured by the Demon Saints when the war between the two worlds intensified in the future. Likewise, there was no need to worry about Hundred Spirits Continent falling apart one day in the future, leaving hundreds of millions without a home.


Even so, Chang Tian only entertained the thought for a moment before the flames in his heart died down and he slowly shook his head, “This world is not suitable for the survival of stronger living creatures. It’s not perfect yet.”


With his insight, it was only natural that he could sense the shortcomings of the newly expanded territory of the Small Sealed World. If not for these shortcomings, the World Force would not have placed these invisible shackles on him. It was unfortunate, but this world was undoubtedly much inferior compared to the Demon Realm. A Great World like this was only for show. It might look impressive, but it lacked substance.


Yang Kai smiled slightly, “Senior, you have sharp eyes indeed. But, do you know what this world was like in the beginning?”


Chang Tian laughed, “How would I know?”


Pausing in shock for a moment, he turned to look at Yang Kai, “Do you know?”


Yang Kai replied in a carefree manner, “Of course, I know. That’s because… I created this world.”


“You… created it?” Chang Tian’s eyes widened at those words and he even wondered whether there was something wrong with his hearing.


“Senior, did you visit Eternal Sky Continent after the battle there?” Yang Kai suddenly asked a seemingly irrelevant question.


“Cough…” Chang Tian coughed lightly into his fist, “I was on Eternal Sky Continent at the time.”


This time around, it was Yang Kai’s turn to be stunned. He instinctively felt that Chang Tian would definitely investigate something as important as the battle on Eternal Sky Continent after the incident, but who could have known that Chang Tian had been there the whole time?




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