Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3576, Verbal Statements Aren’t Guarantees


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It wasn’t that strange upon further consideration. It was a battle between a Great Emperor and the Demon Saints after all. There was a high likelihood that it would change the future direction of the two worlds. It was reasonable for Chang Tian to be concerned over something like that.


“Then, it’ll be easy to explain.” Yang Kai nodded lightly, “I’m sure Senior saw the condition Eternal Sky Continent was in after that huge battle.”


“The whole continent had shattered to pieces and the World Principles had collapsed. The might of the Demon Saints and a Great Emperor’s attacks was not something a mere continent could withstand.” Chang Tian’s expression was solemn.


“Will you believe me if I tell you that, in the beginning, this world was in worse condition than the broken Eternal Sky Continent?”


Chang Tian turned his head in Yang Kai’s direction, his pupils shrinking slightly in response.


Yang Kai met Chang Tian’s gaze with a calm expression and a pure gaze.


A long while later, Chang Tian slowly shook his head, “It’s not that this King doesn’t want to believe you. It’s just that it’s too difficult to believe.”


Yang Kai smiled and said, “Senior, I’m sure you know that many continents have disappeared from the Demon Realm over the past few thousand years. One by one, those lost continents were severed from the Demon Realm’s territory because the Territory Gates collapsed. Nobody could enter them, and nobody knows what happened to those lost continents after so many years.”


Chang Tian furrowed his eyebrows, “Do you know what happened to them?”


Yang Kai nodded, “I found a way to enter the lost continents, but the state of those continents is not quite like what most people imagine. They have not been preserved intact; rather, they disintegrated a long time ago. Moreover, they were in worse condition than Eternal Sky Continent after the most recent war. The world you see now is the result of the amalgamation of those lost continents and Eternal Sky Continent. Senior, can’t you sense that the World Principles and World Energy here are somewhat similar to the Demon Realm?”


How could Chang Tian fail to sense that? He had felt it the moment he entered this place. The feeling this world gave him was a weakened version of the Demon Realm. He had not understood why before, but the realization dawned on him after listening to Yang Kai’s explanation.


Although the World Principles between Great Worlds were similar, it was absolutely impossible for them to be identical. Take the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm for example. Their different Principles allowed them to give birth to distinct power systems. In contrast, this place called the Small Sealed World simply had too many similarities with the Demon Realm.


Even though Yang Kai’s explanation seemed reasonable, Change Tian was still finding it rather hard to believe, so he asked incredulously, “How did you reintegrate the lost continents together?”


The fact that Yang Kai could enter the continents that had long since disappeared seemed less shocking in comparison; after all, he was proficient in the Dao of Space. Yang Kai was capable of repairing, maintaining, and even sealing Territory Gates, so reopening lost Territory Gates did not seem far-fetched.


“Senior, have you ever heard of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law?” Yang Kai asked with a smile.


Chang Tian shook his head, “I’ve never heard of it.”


Unlike many of the Demon Saints, he knew nothing about the Star Boundary. If it were any other Demon Saint standing here, they might have been familiar with the Heaven Devouring Battle Law; after all, they must have put in a lot of effort to gather intelligence on the Star Boundary before and after they launched the current war.


“The Heaven Devouring Battle Law is a remarkable masterpiece created by a Senior of the Star Boundary. It has the ability to devour everything, including the Heavens and the Earth themselves. That Senior’s name is Wu Kuang, and he was a Great Emperor several tens of thousands of years ago. It can even be said that he was the strongest Great Emperor in history. The greatest characteristic of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law is that it can devour anything and everything in the world, then turn that into something for its own use. Unfortunately, that Senior relied on his incredible strength and supposed invincibility to perform many dreadful acts. As the saying goes, ‘Upset the Heavenly Way, suffer the karmic consequences’. He finally roused too great a public outrage and all the other Great Emperors joined together to kill him. In that battle, however, he alone managed to kill four Great Emperors before succumbing.”


Chang Tian couldn’t help gasping at those words, “He killed four Great Emperors?”


Those who had not reached Chang Tian’s height could hardly imagine how difficult such a feat was. Chang Tian was also as strong as any Great Emperor, and he was not afraid of any of the other Twelve Demon Saints in the Demon Realm. He had even fought with the First Demon Saint, Huang Wu Ji, before. Even so, it was still impossible for him to kill four Demon Saints with his power alone. Forget four; even if he challenged Huang Wu Ji alone, he would be outmatched if a single other Demon Saint intervened in the battle.


They stood at the pinnacle with their level of strength and cultivation; thus, there was not much difference between them, that was also why Chang Tian, who stood at the peak, could better understand the horrors of Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, Wu Kuang.


“That’s right.” Yang Kai looked solemn, “That battle was known in Star Boundary as the Great Emperor War and the battlefield where it all took place was a place now known as the Shattered Star Sea.”


Chang Tian looked fascinated as he murmured, “Wu Kuang, the Heaven Devouring Great Emperor. What an extraordinary genius! If I could exchange blows with somebody like that in my lifetime, then my life would be worthwhile. What a pity… What a pity…”


Yang Kai smiled slightly and did not tell Chang Tian that Wu Kuang had been resurrected from the dead. At present, Wu Kuang and Bustling World Great Emperor had formed a mysterious balance between them wherein they shared one body with two souls. 


Setting such matters aside, Yang Kai continued, “Following that battle, the name of Heaven Devouring Great Emperor has become one that all knew across the Star Boundary. Even now, his fame has not diminished in any way. Moreover, he is publicly recognized as the strongest Great Emperor in the Star Boundary’s history. The Heaven Devouring Battle Law he created is both the evilest and most powerful Secret Art known.”


Chang Tian’s expression changed upon hearing those words, “And that Secret Art… Has it fallen into your hands?”


They had been talking about creating a new Great World when Yang Kai suddenly switched the topic to Heaven Devouring Great Emperor. With Chang Tian’s keen insight, he immediately realized the connection.


Yang Kai nodded, “Yes. When this Junior first entered the Star Boundary, I crossed paths with Wu Kuang’s descendant and obtained the Heaven Devouring Battle Law by chance. At the time, my cultivation was progressing smoothly and I also did not have any intention of cultivating another Secret Art; hence, it was left to gather dust. I only learned much later that the Heaven Devouring Battle Law is not something just anybody could cultivate. This Secret Art might be powerful, but it also comes with severe drawbacks. Now, it would seem that I was very fortunate instead.”


If he had cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law back then, his character might have become twisted and distorted. His physical toughness and ability to process impurities might be higher than average, but it was still much inferior to the Embodiment’s innate abilities.


Chang Tian gently nodded, “The more powerful a Secret Art, the more demanding its requirements. The Heavenly Way is fair in all things. That is reasonable.”


Yang Kai continued, “I have another item in my possession, however, called the Sealed World Bead, and inside it houses an independent world of its own.” He pointed forward, “It was the original prototype of this world. Whether it was the Heaven Devouring Battle Law or the Sealed World Bead, they were both special in their own right; however, when I combined the two together… Something amazing happened.”


“What happened?” Chang Tian couldn’t help asking even though he had a conjecture in his heart.


“The Small Sealed World became capable of devouring other spaces to strengthen itself. That is what led to the situation you see today, Senior.”


Chang Tian turned his head and looked around with a sigh of amazement, “No wonder this world is uninhabited even though it is so vast.”


Since it was a new world formed by devouring the lost continents, it was only natural that there were no living creatures here. After considering it for a bit, Chang Tian asked, “But, didn’t you say you didn’t cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law? How did you manage to combine it with the… Sealed World Bead?”


Yang Kai smiled, “I didn’t cultivate it, but that does not prevent me from using the Sealed World Bead to circulate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.”


Of course, Yang Kai could not have done this to this extent if not for the Embodiment. It was precisely because the Embodiment had cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law and gained a very deep understanding of this marvellous masterpiece that Yang Kai could successfully use it through the Sealed World Bead.


“Astonishing! Simply astonishing!” Chang Tian clicked his tongue in amazement, “If it is as you have said, and this land is formed from those lost continents… Then, if you allowed that Sealed World Bead of yours to devour a complete continent…”


“Senior, what you are thinking is exactly what I am aiming for.” Yang Kai nodded seriously, “The Demon Realm is falling apart. The continents don’t have much time left. It’s only a matter of time before they, too, disappear from the Demon Realm’s territory. Compared to letting them disappear, you might as well let me devour them to build a new Great World. If I can successfully complete this grand project, then all the living creatures in the Demon Realm can settle into this new world. It will end the war between the two worlds. In fact, even you, Senior, and the denizens of Hundred Spirits Continent can find a place where you belong in the new world. You won’t need to hide away and be oppressed by the other Demon Saints again!”


As soon as those words left Yang Kai’s mouth, Chang Tian’s eyes lit up with a hungry light. It was almost as though he could see a new world beneath his feet. Nevertheless, at his realm, he would not be so easily persuaded by a few sweet words even if he valued Yang Kai highly. After a while, he calmly asked, “So, is the Sealed World Bead one of your trump cards? Aren’t you afraid of revealing it in front of me?


Something that could hopefully evolve into a Great World was a Supreme Treasure in anybody’s eyes. Even Demon Saints would be envious of it.


Yang Kai smiled upon hearing those words and replied, “The Sealed World Bead is indeed one of my trump cards, but its existence will be revealed to the world sooner or later ever since this idea came to me. In the past, I used to hide the existence of the Sealed World Bead because I was not strong enough to hold on to such a treasure. But now, I am a High-Rank Demon King and have some means of protecting myself, so why would it matter if it is revealed to the world? Furthermore, the Sealed World Bead might be valuable, but it is a dead object and requires the cooperation of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law to devour space. Aside from Wu Kuang, I am the only one who has mastered the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.”


Chang Tian chuckled softly, “Why are you telling me all this? Is it because you want my help?”


Yang Kai solemnly replied, “Creating a new world is not something I can accomplish alone. And, you are the only one I can trust in the entire Demon Realm. I hope you can help me, Senior.”


He did not know whether Chang Tian was trustworthy as they had not been acquainted for long after all, so he did not understand the latter’s character in full. Even so, it was a fact that Chang Tian’s remaining lifespan was short, and Hundred Spirits Continent had nothing else to rely on in the future; therefore, Yang Kai was certain Chang Tian would make the right choice when a new, better option was placed before him.


Chang Tian did not answer immediately. Instead, he thought about it carefully with a stern expression. It wasn’t until a long while had passed that he slowly said, “It’s not that this King is unwilling to believe you. It’s just that you are speaking without proof. If this world can really evolve as you say and eventually turn into an existence similar to the Demon Realm, then it wouldn’t hurt to help you…”


“Senior, how do you want me to prove it?” Yang Kai asked.


Chang Tian smiled slightly, “Verbal statements are not guarantees, only seeing is believing.”




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  1. Imagine their surprise when they discover that, much more than any star master, YK is literally a godlike presence when met within this world.

    The things he omits from his explanations…….

    1. I doubt the demon saints would want to live in this world if they found out Yang Kai was the god of it. They are the leaders of the demon realm, they are at the very top unless the demon god exists. (Back when he first came to the demon realm I thought he would encounter the demon god, but I’m starting to doubt it. I do still think it’s possible the demon god exists, but whatever). If they agree to live in the sealed world bead, that would be the same as submitting to Yang Kai, because he could then do whatever he wanted to them. Hiding the fact that he is the god of this world is for the best at the moment.

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