Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3577, Gone Mad


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The heavy doors of the main hall opened by a crack, and Yang Kai stepped out from within. Three gazes immediately turned towards him in unison. They belonged to none other than the three people who had been waiting outside, Hei Lian, Bai Lian, and Bai Ya.


Bai Ya couldn’t help letting out a breath of relief at the sight of Yang Kai. Being watched by the twin sisters, who were Half-Saints just like himself, in this hostile place had been… extremely stressful.


Yang Kai nodded lightly at Hei Lian and Bai Lian, “Many thanks for your hard work. We will be leaving now.”


Hei Lian stepped forward and asked, “Did Sir issue any other orders?”


Yang Kai smiled, “Senior intends to cultivate in retreat. He did not give any orders.”


Hei Lian made a non-committal sound in response and said no more. She simply watched as Yang Kai and Bai Ya left.


Upon leaving Hundred Spirits Continent, Yang Kai gathered the five hundred thousand Soaring Snow Ice Guards waiting outside and summoned Zhui Feng. Then, he swung himself up onto Zhui Feng and called out to Bai Ya, “Brother Bai Ya, you and I will be leaving first. The Soaring Snow Ice Guard can return on their own.”


Bai Ya nodded. After speaking to the five Division Commanders of the Soaring Snow Ice Guard, he left as swiftly as the wind with Yang Kai, rushing to the nearby Territory Gate.


Along their journey, Yang Kai asked, “Brother Bai Ya, are there any continents within Holy Venerable Bei Li Mo’s territory that don’t have a Half-Saint overseeing them?”


Bai Ya did not understand Yang Kai’s intentions in asking him this, but this information wasn’t a secret, so he simply pondered over it for a moment before casually reporting a list of names. Bei Li Mo was in charge of several dozen continents, but not all of these continents had Continent Lords. She only had a dozen or so Half-Saints under her command, less than twenty in total. Although each Half-Saint was in charge of a continent, most of the continents were managed by High-Rank Demon Kings. The situation was similar to how it used to be on Cloud Shadow Continent.


“Then… Let’s head to Heavenly Martial Continent.” Yang Kai chose one randomly.


Despite being clueless as to what Yang Kai planned to do at Heavenly Martial Continent, Bai Ya couldn’t help feeling uneasy. He had the feeling that nothing good would come from Yang Kai’s trip to Heavenly Martial Continent.


At the same time, Chang Tian stood on top of a mountain inside the Small Sealed World. He stood there with his hands behind his back, looking out into the distance. A Low-Rank Demon King stood tremblingly behind Chang Tian. He would glance up at Chang Tian’s back from time to time, a sheen of sweat dampening his forehead. This Low-Rank Demon King was none other than the one and only resident in this newly expanded territory, Huo Lun.


Originally, Huo Lun had been quite happy to see a fellow Demon in this accursed place; however, he suddenly felt as though he was covered in a thin layer of ice when he learned the identity of the person in front of him. The Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent, an existence comparable to that of the Demon Saints, Chang Tian, a Master famous throughout the Demon Realm. 


[Why is he here?] Huo Lun felt dizzy. A humble and insignificant person like himself had suddenly come face-to-face with one of the highest existences in the Demon Realm. Nobody could have remained calm in those circumstances. What made Huo Lun most uncomfortable was the fact that this person had only been standing there motionlessly ever since appearing. The situation was such that he didn’t even dare to breathe because of that.


While Huo Lun was wallowing in anxiety, Chang Tian suddenly asked, “How long have you been here?”


The sudden question startled Huo Lun, and when he finally recovered from his shock, he immediately replied, “Reporting to Senior, it has been more than a year since this lowly one came here.”


“What did this place look like when you first arrived here?” Chang Tian asked again.


Huo Lun immediately answered, “It was not that different from what Senior sees now; however, the World Energy and World Principles in this place were inferior to what they are now. In addition, the territory has expanded many times during the past year.”


“How did those changes come about?”


“This lowly one does not know.” He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, “This lowly one was captured and locked up in this place. After two months of imprisonment here, a huge crack suddenly opened in the sky one day. Many continent fragments then rushed in from that crack and melted away before they fell to the ground. It felt as though they were being digested by the world…”


“Digested?” Chang Tian raised his eyebrows at those words.


“Yes. It’s like how a Demon would eat and digest food. It’s just that the digestion speed is extremely fast. The world gradually experienced changes following the digestion of these continent fragments.” Huo Lun glanced at Chang Tian’s back cautiously. He was hesitant to talk about the gains he obtained, for he had picked up a lot of good stuff when the world changed for the first time, including the Space Ring of a Half-Saint. He did not know if Chang Tian’s presence here had something to do with any of those things, but… What if Chang Tian decided to retrieve those items after he brought that matter up? That was wealth Huo Lun would never obtain even if he worked hard for several hundred lifetimes…


Just as he was trying to calculate his gains and losses, he heard Chang Tian speaking again, “What does the crack in the sky look like? What about the continent fragments? Tell me about them in more detail…”


Huo Lun swallowed nervously and quickly recounted everything he had seen during this past year in great detail. Chang Tian did not show any reaction to what he was saying and simply listened quietly. It made Huo Lun feel extremely anxious, afraid that he might say the wrong thing and end up killed by this person in front of him as a result. Even so, what made him feel slightly more relieved was that Chang Tian never even mentioned the personal effects of the Half-Saints…




Heavenly Martial Continent was quite far from Hundred Spirits Continent, but the speed that Yang Kai and Bai Ya could travel once they left the Soaring Snow Ice Guards behind was not slow by any means. As such, it didn’t take more than a few days before the two arrived at Heavenly Martial Continent.


After rushing through the Territory Gate, Yang Kai suddenly paused in his tracks.


Bai Ya turned to look at Yang Kai, “Brother Yang, why did you want to come to Heavenly Martial Continent? Did you have any acquaintances here?”


“Nope.” Yang Kai shook his head, “I only need this continent.”


“Need this continent?” Bai Ya frowned.


“Brother Bai Ya, please stay calm. Also… Don’t be too surprised by what you see later.” Yang Kai smiled at Bai Ya slightly.


“What do you mean?” Bai Ya was taken aback by those words.


Yang Kai did not answer and simply flipped his hand over casually, summoning a bead into his palm. Immediately after that, he tossed the bead into the air, formed a set of hand seals, and then pointed at the bead. A mysterious light shot out of his finger and struck the bead squarely.


In the next instant, the light in the sky was suddenly obscured by something as an enormous shadow enveloped the earth.


Bai Ya looked up, and his jaw fell open in shock.


A strange creature with a round body and a wide tail that made it look like a fat tadpole had appeared in the sky. This thing was several thousand kilometres wide, and the shadow stretched over ten thousand kilometres of land below it. As soon as that thing appeared, numerous Void Cracks appeared in the surroundings.


At the same time, Bai Ya clearly felt the space of this continent becoming turbulent. There was a clear and distinct spatial fluctuation spreading out into the surroundings, with that creature as its centre. Wherever the invisible waves passed, countless small cracks appeared. He did not know why, but he suddenly had the feeling that the entire Heavenly Martial Continent was being pressured.


It was Gun-Gun! It was not Bai Ya’s first time seeing Gun-Gun as he had been following Yang Kai around for the past year. He had also been brought to the lost continents by Yang Kai and personally witnessed Gun-Gun devouring those continent fragments. Even so, those were the lost continents, broken beyond repair and devoid of all life. As such, Bai Ya had not given much thought to the matter despite his shock and simply felt that Yang Kai was making use of waste.


Be that as it may, this was Heavenly Martial Continent! This continent was still in perfect condition! Moreover, there were hundreds of millions of Demons living on it! [Yang Kai, are you planning to devour this continent!? Have you gone mad!?]


“Brother Yang, what are you doing!?” Bai Ya turned and gave Yang Kai a stern look, murderous intent radiating from his body.


Yang Kai seemed oblivious to this though and simply remained atop Zhui Feng’s back with a smile, “Have you reported to Holy Venerable about our arrival on Heavenly Martial Continent, Brother Bai Ya?”


During their journey here, Bai Ya had failed to conceal his little tricks from Yang Kai. In fact, Bai Ya and Bei Li Mo had remained in constant contact throughout the entire past half year, it was just that Yang Kai had pretended not to know. In any case, in his original plan, Bei Li Mo would have been the second person after Chang Tian to learn about his intentions anyway. If Bai Ya reported some things to Bei Li Mo in advance, it would save him the trouble of explaining to her later.


Bai Ya said coldly, “Holy Venerable is on the way here. Brother Yang, please do not overstep your authority!”


Yang Kai said, “Very good! It so happens that I have something to discuss with her.”


Bai Ya was stunned. He never imagined that Yang Kai would be so fearless towards Bei Li Mo. Unfortunately, this was a moment of crisis. Heavenly Martial Continent was bound to disappear completely in a few days if Yang Kai carried out his intentions here. The only person who could stand up to Yang Kai at this moment was Bai Ya; therefore, he spoke with a cold expression despite knowing that Zhui Feng was not to be taken lightly, “Brother Yang, please stop. Otherwise, don’t blame me for disregarding our friendship.”


Yang Kai slowly shook his head and said, “I’ve already made my move. There’s no way to stop now. Brother Bai Ya, you might as well try consulting with the Holy Venerable again to see what her stance on this matter is.”


Bai Ya’s expression became solemn. He glanced at Zhui Feng, who was carrying Yang Kai, and a trace of fear emerged on his face before he hurriedly took out an item to contact Bei Li Mo and inform her about this situation.


While Bai Ya was communicating with Bei Li Mo, Gun-Gun cracked open a mouth that was large enough to devour the entire world and then plunged headfirst towards the ground. Silently, everywhere that Gun-Gun passed turned to nothing. Bai Ya watched as a city not far away was devoured by Gun-Gun and vanished without a trace. None of the millions of Demons living in the city managed to escape their fates.


Bai Ya’s expression suddenly became extremely hideous, but just as he was about to attack, Bei Li Mo replied to his message. When Bai Ya saw her response, he was dumbfounded once more. After that, he clenched his fist and angrily snarled, “Holy Venerable is rushing here. I hope you will remain as calm and at ease as you are now when she arrives, Brother Yang.”


Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.


At the same time, Huo Lun gave a cry of surprise on top of the mountain inside the Small Sealed World, “Senior! That’s it… That’s the crack! Every time that crack appears in the sky, continent fragments will be digested by this world!”


Even without Huo Lun’s reminder, Chang Tian had naturally noticed this. He squinted his eyes and stared intently at that huge crack with a look of expectation in his eyes.


After some time, he confirmed it was just as Huo Lun had described, continent fragments were being devoured through the crack. Huo Lun shouted excitedly as if to verify that what he had said was true, “Look, Senior! I wasn’t lying, right!? These continent fragments are immediately digested after being devoured, with nothing left behind!”




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