Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3578, An Enraged Bei Li Mo


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The moment Huo Lun’s voice rang out, the continent fragments that had been swallowed into this place began melting away rapidly as though they were really being digested by the world. In the blink of an eye, the huge fragments shrank significantly, their volume decreasing at a speed visible to the naked eye as they fell from the sky.


However, Huo Lun’s mouth opened wide enough for a fist to fit inside just a short while later. That was because the continent fragments had not melted away completely. There was still a part left. Moreover, no matter how he looked at it, that part looked like… a city!


[A city!?] He could barely believe what he was looking at. Over the past year or so, he had gotten accustomed to seeing the scene before him. Aside from the first time where he gained various benefits and picked up a lot of good things, the other times had always been the same. It was the first time a city had appeared in this place. Just when he was wondering if he had seen wrongly, a dense bunch of small black dots suddenly began flying out of the city. He stared intently at those black dots and discovered that those were powerful members of the Demon Race!


These Demons had obviously been living in the city and were probably uneasy after experiencing such a sudden change so they flew out of the city to investigate the situation. The moment they saw that the city they had been living in was floating in mid-air and slowly falling to the ground, they began yelling. They were too far away for him to make out what they were saying exactly, but Huo Lun could clearly hear the panic in their voices while he could see some even gesturing wildly.


In the meantime, more and more black dots were flying out of the city and gathering together in a dense cloud. They looked like a pack of locusts in the sky. As for the weaker members of the Demon Race, they had no choice but to remain inside the city, though they were running about in a panic as though doomsday was upon them, enveloped in a sense of fear and trepidation.


“What is going on?” Huo Lun muttered to himself, his complexion turning pale. The size of a city like this could not be considered small in the Demon Realm, so why did it get devoured? Moreover, where did this city come from?


On the other hand, Chang Tian remained standing there motionlessly, his expression as tranquil as an ancient well but his eyes were overflowing with excitement and anticipation.


Sometime later, the city slowly landed on the ground as though an invisible hand was supporting it from underneath and gently lowering it. Except for some minor tremors which caused the collapse of a few less stable buildings, there was not much damage to the city in general.


From today onward, there was going to be a city filled with members of the Demon Race on that distant plain…


Another crack appeared in the sky, and another continent fragment slowly appeared. Then, another crack appeared…


After less than an hour, countless cracks had appeared in the sky and rained down continent fragments continuously, only for them to be swallowed into this world and thoroughly digested. Occasionally, other large cities would also fall out of the sky.


Meanwhile, changes had taken place all over the world without anyone noticing.




Bai Ya stood mid-air outside the Small Sealed World, staring forward with a pale complexion, a chill covering his entire body. Not everybody could stomach watching a perfectly intact continent being gradually eaten away. The space that had been devoured was filled with nothingness as it returned to chaos, and Void Turbulence stirred up a storm in those chaotic regions. Despite being a Half-Saint, Bai Ya could sense the dangers hidden within those areas and knew that if he was dragged into them, he would lose his way completely and never find his way back again.


[Madman! This guy is an absolute madman!] He turned around and stared at Yang Kai, his face twitching visibly. [I never took Yang Kai to be a lunatic who could reduce a perfectly good continent into such a miserable mess in such a short period of time!]


Heavenly Martial Continent was utterly destroyed. Even if Gun-Gun stopped devouring the continent now, this continent could never return to the way it had been in the past. A land of nihility had formed in the place where Gun-Gun had devoured those parts of the continent. It could even be said that Heavenly Martial Continent would fall apart, sooner or later, because of the effects.


Bai Ya constantly supplied a stream of updates on the situation here to Bei Li Mo, who was rushing over as fast as she could. There was no response from her, but he could still feel her fury. [This guy is dead! Holy Venerable is sure to chop Yang Kai up into ten thousand pieces for encroaching on her territory! There’s no room for discussion whatsoever!]


The moment that thought crossed his mind, he glanced at Yang Kai with some pity; however, his pity was also laced with the burning rage in his heart. [If Holy Venerable truly intends to kill Yang Kai in a fit of rage, wouldn’t it be better for me to do it myself? I can take the opportunity to snatch the Great Emperor’s Opportunity that is in his possession! Becoming a Demon Saint will be right at my fingertips!]


One day later, approximately a fifth of Heavenly Martial Continent had been devoured. The continent now looked like a cookie out of which somebody had taken a big bite. It wasn’t until this moment that a fluctuation came from the Territory Gate behind Yang Kai and Bai Ya. Immediately afterwards, Bei Li Mo appeared not too far away. She had finally arrived after hurrying over with all haste.


Her phoenix eyes swept over the scene in front of her and she immediately noticed the endless stretch of Void and the chaotic aura of nothingness that emanated from it. Her expression changed drastically as a result. Then, she looked into the distance and vaguely saw an enormous ball-like creature wandering about the edge of Heavenly Martial Continent. The area covered by Heavenly Martial Continent steadily shrank as that creature passed by. It was easy to imagine that it would not take long before this behemoth devoured the entire Heavenly Martial Continent and all that would be left was emptiness.


“Yang Kai, you court death!” Bei Li Mo gritted her teeth and turned her head to glare at Yang Kai furiously, the murderous intent radiating from her body so strong that it was practically tangible.


Yang Kai just smiled slightly in response, “Why so angry, Holy Venerable?”


Seeing his calm and relaxed appearance made her so furious that she burst into laughter, “This Saint did everything you asked of her, even transferring five hundred thousand Soaring Snow Ice Guards and assigning Bai Ya to follow and protect you! How can you repay my sincerity by doing this!?”


While Bei Li Mo was shouting, Bai Ya secretly gathered his Demon Qi, preparing to attack Yang Kai the moment she gave the order. Yang Kai had made his bed, now he had to lie in it. Now that Bei Li Mo herself had come forward, there was no way he could create waves no matter how powerful he was. Bai Ya could almost see a golden world spreading out before his eyes, the prospect of which made him rather excited… 


Yang Kai, however, just gently nodded, “This King is well aware of how accommodating you have been to me, Holy Venerable. That’s exactly why I’m showing you the right way forward.”


He simultaneously and secretly sent her a Divine Sense transmission, “Don’t cause too much trouble now; otherwise, don’t blame me if you embarrass yourself.”


Bei Li Mo’s aura froze for a moment before she gnashed her teeth so loudly that it was audible and sneered, “Destroying my continent is showing me the right way? Should I thank you then?”


“You can decide if you want to thank me after you meet a certain somebody.” He gave her a sideways look.


“Who?” She frowned slightly.


“Don’t resist!” Then, he reached out a hand towards her.


She hesitated for a moment, before lowering her guard. The main reason was that she couldn’t remain hostile even if she wanted to. She was currently being controlled by him, so it was meaningless to resist. Moreover, Bai Ya might notice something if things continued. What would happen to her pride as a Demon Saint if that happened?


A large hand lightly touched her on the shoulder, and she instantly disappeared.


Shocked, Bai Ya immediately shouted, “Yang Kai, what did you do to Holy Venerable!?”


In his rage, he didn’t address Yang Kai as ‘Brother Yang’ but directly by name instead.


Yang Kai glanced at Bai Ya, “Don’t worry, Brother Bai Ya. With my strength, what can I do to Holy Venerable if she was truly unwilling?”


Bai Ya considered those words for a moment and conceded. The situation just now clearly showed that Bei Li Mo had no intention of resisting. She had probably communicated with Yang Kai about something beforehand. Even so, his heart was filled with doubts. [Look at what became of Heavenly Martial Continent! Why isn’t Holy Venerable killing Yang Kai first and then asking questions later? Why does she still trust him so much?]




Inside the Small Sealed World, Chang Tian was watching the changes occurring in the world when he abruptly furrowed his brow. He turned to look back as though he had sensed something and saw a graceful figure suddenly appear behind him.


“Bei Li Mo?” He raised his brow in surprise.


“Chang Tian!?” Bei Li Mo looked in his direction and her expression immediately sank. How could she not know who Yang Kai wanted her to meet at this point? She had long heard that the relationship between Yang Kai and Hundred Spirits Continent was good. Besides, Chang Tian even sent out his prized mount to assist Yang Kai, but looking at the current situation, it would seem that those rumours did not do the truth justice.


“B-B-Bei…” Huo Lun had gone stupid from the shock. Despite stuttering for a long time, he still couldn’t utter a complete sentence. He would not have thought too deeply into the name ‘Bei Li Mo’ by itself. The key point was that the silver-haired woman in front of him looked exactly like how she was described in the rumours. Furthermore, she dared to address the Master of Hundred Spirits Continent directly by name. There was only one person who fit this description in the entire Demon Realm, one of the Twelve Demon Saints, the Master of the Snow Demon Clan!


Huo Lun felt faint and dizzy. It was rare for a Demon King like him to meet a Half-Saint, much less a Demon Saint. Be that as it may, the Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent suddenly appeared in front of him a few days ago, and now the Master of the Snow Demon Clan had appeared here. [Just what the Hell is this accursed place!? Why does it attract so many influential figures!?]


In his panic, he hurriedly bowed and greeted Bei Li Mo, “This lowly one greets Holy Venerable!”


Bei Li Mo glanced at Huo Lun lightly and couldn’t help wondering why there was a Low-Rank Demon King next to Chang Tian. Even so, she didn’t pay much attention to Huo Lun and instead coldly asked Chang Tian, “Why are you here too? Where is this place?”


All Yang Kai had told her just now was to relax and not resist. Then, her vision blurred for a moment before she appeared in this place without any warning. She did not expect to see Chang Tian in front of her; after all, the relationship between the Demon Saints and Chang Tian was not the most amicable. She couldn’t help instantly putting her guard up in response. [That rotten brat couldn’t have borrowed Chang Tian’s power to cause me harm, right? He has already planted his Soul Imprint in my Knowledge Sea, so there’s no need to do this.]


“Sister, I am here for the same reason that you are.” Chang Tian laughed. If he had to be honest, he was a little surprised to see Bei Li Mo appear in this place, “As for what this place is… Did Yang Boy not tell you?”


Bei Li Mo coldly snorted, “That rotten brat didn’t tell me anything!” Turning her head, she took a look around and didn’t see Yang Kai anywhere, so she asked suspiciously, “Where is that little bastard?”


“Hey! Talking ill of others behind their backs is unbecoming of a Demon Saint!” Yang Kai’s voice suddenly sounded from above her head.


“You think you’re this Saint’s mother or something!?” She snapped angrily, but despite releasing her Divine Sense, she couldn’t detect his whereabouts. Thus, she shouted through gritted teeth, “Show yourself! Why the Hell are you sneaking around!?”




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