Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3579, Changes


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“I am not sneaking around!” Yang Kai sounded a little upset.


“Then, why don’t you show yourself!?” Bei Li Mo coldly snorted. She couldn’t help feeling like he was plotting against her if he did not show himself, which forced her to remain vigilant.


“It’s inconvenient!” His reply was incredibly blunt. He could use his special connection with the Sealed World Bead to send Bei Li Mo inside; unfortunately, there would be nobody keeping watch on the outside if he entered too. What would they do if a mishap occurred?


Bei Li Mo was livid, but even so, she couldn’t do anything to him, so her expression became as cold as thousand-year-old ice.


Chang Tian, who was standing by the side, showed a look of interest at their conversation. This would be understandable if Bei Li Mo had been Yu Ru Meng instead; after all, everybody in the Demon Realm knew that Yu Ru Meng held Yang Kai in special regard. The key was that this was Bei Li Mo!


[I can’t believe Bei Li Mo is letting it slide when Yang Kai is taking such a terrible attitude with her. Also, just what means did Yang Kai use to bring Bei Li Mo into this place? Is Bei Li Mo not wary of Yang Kai at all? What is the relationship between them?] Chang Tian suddenly found that he couldn’t understand Yang Kai anymore. He originally thought of the latter as a simple High-Rank Demon King with the Dragon Clan’s bloodline. He also hoped that Yang Kai would be his successor and protect Hundred Spirits Continent in the future. Who could have expected Yang Kai to be shrouded in such a layer of mystery…


While Chang Tian was deep in thought, Bei Li Mo had already discovered the strangeness of this world. There were enormous Void Cracks everywhere; moreover, continent fragments were continuously being swallowed into the world through those Void Cracks and melting away into nothing. Occasionally, a city or two would fall out of the sky and firmly root themselves into the ground. There were also countless members of the Demon Race flying about in the air in a panic.


Without even thinking about it, she immediately understood that these were the people living on Heavenly Martial Continent while the fragments that were being devoured were the fragments of Heavenly Martial Continent itself. Recalling everything she had seen so far, her expression became grim, “Just what is this place?”


She had felt an invisible force restraining her like a chain ever since she entered this place and it made her very upset and uncomfortable. In addition, this place gave her the feeling of being the Demon Realm, but at the same time not the Demon Realm


“This is a Great World!” Yang Kai’s voice sounded from the sky.


She immediately let out a mocking laugh, “Bullshit! What kind of crappy Great World is this!?”


The Demon Realm was a Great World, and so was the Star Boundary. Although she had never been to the Star Boundary, she knew that the World Principles in the Star Boundary were not inferior to those of the Demon Realm since it could produce existences like the Great Emperors. Both worlds were on the same level. On the contrary, the world she was in right now could not be compared to either the Demon Realm or Star Boundary. The World Principles were weak, and the World Energy was sparse. If this place could also be called a Great World, then what were the Demon Realm and Star Boundary in comparison? Super Great Worlds?


“This world is yet to become complete, but it will be perfected one day.”


She frowned at those words, “One day? When will that be?”


“Don’t be so impatient. Just wait and see!”


After saying that, Yang Kai stopped responding no matter how Bei Li Mo shouted at him. It angered her so much that her lungs felt like they were going to explode. Meanwhile, Chang Tian’s expression became more and more intrigued. If he had not seen it for himself, he would never have believed that Yang Kai dared to treat a Demon Saint in such a manner.


Bei Li Mo cursed for a while, but seeing that Yang Kai was adamantly ignoring her, she ground her teeth and turned to Chang Tian. She wanted to get some information from him, but the hateful thing was that he had turned away from her as he stood there with his hands crossed behind his back. His carefree and nonchalant appearance nearly made her gnash all her teeth to bits.


Close behind the two towering figures of the Demon Realm, Huo Lun shivered like a quail in the cold winter…


Time slowly passed, and the abnormality in the sky never stopped for a moment. It wasn’t until a certain moment that Chang Tian’s expression, which had been as tranquil as an ancient well, suddenly changed. Even Bei Li Mo, who was sulking, let out a cry of surprise. Chang Tian looked back and glanced at her, and when their eyes met, they both saw the shock in each other’s eyes.


At this point, Bei Li Mo no longer had time to continue being mad at Chang Tian and Yang Kai. Taking two steps forward and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Chang Tian, Bei Li Mo let the mountain breeze blow through her silver hair reminiscent of white snow and carefully observed the world before her.


“Did you feel that?” Chang Tian asked solemnly.


She gently nodded, “It looks like I didn’t feel it wrongly.”


His expression was one of disbelief as he slowly shook his head and said, “I would never have believed that this world was capable of such a thing if I had not seen it for myself. From the looks of it, Yang Boy’s plan might actually work.”


“What the Hell is he planning!? Why does he have to destroy my continent for no reason!?” Bei Li Mo went with the flow of the conversation and asked once more.


Chang Tian asked with some surprise, “The continent that is being devoured right now is one of the continents in your territory?”


Bei Li Mo gritted her teeth and nodded, “Of course. Why else would I come here looking for him if not for that? That little bastard ruined one of my continents without even saying a word! I’m going to make him pay for this one day…”


Chang Tian smiled slightly in response and fell deep in thought for some time before saying, “He didn’t do this without reason. He is simply verifying a future direction.”


Bei Li Mo looked at him but didn’t ask any more questions. Seeing as Chang Tian had brought up the subject, he probably planned to explain things to her now.


“Yang Boy has a treasure in his possession called the Sealed World Bead. It contains an independent world of its own inside it, which is none other than this space where we are right now. This space has the ability to devour other spaces and thereby strengthen itself in the process. What you see before your eyes are the broken continents that disappeared from the Demon Realm over the past few thousand years. According to Yang Boy, the lost continents have long since shattered. The World Principles withered, and all living creatures perished; however, this prototype world in front of us is the result formed after that giant black creature devoured those broken continents.”


“How can that be!?” Bei Li Mo exclaimed. Although she had not known about the fate that would eventually befall those lost continents, what Chang Tian was saying was simply too inconceivable.


“I didn’t believe it to be possible either.” Chang Tian slowly shook his head and continued with a chuckle, “But, I have no choice but to believe after witnessing this for myself.”


Stunned, Bei Li Mo turned to look at the crack in the sky with a slightly dazed gaze. 


It was just as Chang Tian had told Yang Kai before, ‘Seeing is believing’.


Before Bei Li Mo entered this place, she had personally witnessed the enormous creature devouring the Heavenly Martial Continent. Approximately a fifth of the continent had been devoured by the time she arrived, and since entering this place, she had watched as the continental fragments that were devoured were dissolved into this world while the cities caught up in the process landed in an orderly manner. Even those members of the Demon Race living in those cities had been swallowed up into this place.


It would have been nothing special if that were all. The key was that this world was also undergoing various changes while the devouring process was taking place. These changes were so subtle that they were difficult for ordinary people to detect; however, they could not escape Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian’s senses. It was precisely because they could detect these changes that they blurted out the words that began their current conversation.


The World Principles had become stronger, and the World Energy had become a bit denser; furthermore, the changes were becoming more and more obvious with the passage of time.


“Why is he doing this?” Bei Li Mo asked with a frown.


“He said he wants to quell the war between the two worlds and provide the Demon Race with another place to live,” Chang Tian replied lightly, “But, in my opinion, he is probably doing this to save the Star Boundary!”


“He is already part of the Demon Race!” Her expression darkened. Yang Kai was Human when they first met. Nevertheless, his identity had undergone a tremendous change after he was demonified. His body was filled with Demon Qi now, so what was he if not a member of the Demon Race?


“But, his heart lies with the Star Boundary!” Chang Tian smiled slightly.


“Hmph!” She sneered, “How can the war between the two worlds be so easy to quell? Who will be willing to stop the fight unless one party dies now that the war has already started?”


“You are right, but it may not be impossible if he has enough capital to intervene in the war.” Chang Tian stretched out his hand and pointed, “And this world is his basis for intervening.”


“If you play with fire, you will burn yourself!” Bei Li Mo looked upset. Her words were clearly meant for Yang Kai to hear because she knew that he was definitely paying attention to the situation here, even if he did not say anything.


Chang Tian stopped talking and quietly watched the changes taking place before him. Since he refused to speak, Bei Li Mo had no conversation partner and could only suppress the words she wanted to say in her heart.


Around five days after Bei Li Mo entered the Small Sealed World, the cracks in the sky closed again. When the last crack disappeared, no more continent fragments appeared. By this time, both Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian could clearly perceive that the world had changed a lot from before. It might still be vastly inferior to the Demon Realm, but it was at least stronger than it had been when they first arrived.


Then, Yang Kai’s voice resounded in the sky again, “Senior, this is the result after devouring just one continent. What do you think?”


If Yang Kai had to be honest, he himself was a little surprised by the results. The benefits gained from the Small Sealed World devouring Heavenly Martial Continent were far beyond his expectations. If he compared the Small Sealed World to a person’s stomach, then the shattered continents it had devoured in the past were nothing more than weeds with poor nutritional value. In contrast, Heavenly Martial Continent was a delicious plate of braised pork. The benefits they each brought to the Small Sealed World were a stark contrast to each other. Devouring just one Heavenly Martial Continent was far better than devouring more than ten shattered continents combined. The reason behind this could only come down to the fact that the World Principles of those shattered continents had withered while the World Principles of Heavenly Martial Continent were in perfect condition.


“It was very unexpected, but there’s still a long way to go!” Chang Tian replied calmly.


Yang Kai laughed, “At least this is a good start. I believe that as long as enough continents are devoured, this world will become a perfect Great World one day. It won’t be any worse than the Demon Realm.”


Bei Li Mo was horrified and shouted, “Don’t tell me you plan on causing more damage for me!? I’m warning you! One Heavenly Martial Continent is bad enough, but if you dare…”


All of a sudden, she gave a grunt in the middle of her sentence and her complexion paled slightly as the rest of her sentence trailed off. All that was left was the fury on her face.


Chang Tian glanced at her in surprise. Frowning deeply, he seemed to realize something and promptly revealed a shocked expression. He mulled over something for a bit before saying to the sky, “Your actions will be condemned by the entire world. The Demon Saints won’t just stand by and do nothing either. If you really intend to do this, you will make the entire Demon Realm your enemy. Who knows how many Demon Saints will be after your life at that time? Are you certain you want to go down this path?”




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