Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 358, Merciless

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor: Richard

Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


This was the first battle Yang Kai had after acquiring his Devil Transformation. Although he had long been aware that in this form his strength was greatly enhanced, the extent to which his combat efficiency had been enhanced even surprised him.


Without using the power of the Unyielding Golden Skeleton, with his current cultivation, at best Yang Kai felt he was able to evenly match an Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage expert.


But after using his Devil Transformation, he was able to completely suppress these two Elders without even using his full strength.


Feeling the power coursing through his body was very enjoyable, but Yang Kai knew not to allow himself to drown in it either


*Xiu xiu xiu…*


A series of cracks appeared on the ground beneath the Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court’s Elders as a hidden attack tunneled towards them.


Immediately frightened, the two old men’s faces paled as they instinctively leapt up to dodge.


Yang Kai sneered to himself as he waved his arms, controlling the dark Demonic Qi and sending it flying into the sky at a shocking speed, striking the two Immortal Ascension experts, further embarrassing them.


With the recent lesson still fresh in their memories, the two old men no longer dared to flee indiscriminately and stopped from time to time to jointly repel these attacks so as to avoid Yang Kai’s ferocious killing intent being directed towards their helpless disciples.


However, these attacks were too numerous and both of them had been influenced by Yang Kai’s Demonic Qi before, so right now they couldn’t exert their full strength nor control their bodies freely; therefore, moments later they found themselves suppressed by these black serpents.


At the same time, a black potent Devil Qi suddenly emerged from Yang Kai.


Sending out a deafening roar like the advent of a dragon.


Everyone’s attention was drawn towards this phenomenon, and all of them were immediately struck dumb.


A huge phantom had emerged above Yang Kai, appearing akin to a living entity, atop its head were two dragon horns and it exuded a chilly aura, and its basin sized eyes mercilessly stared down towards the two Immortal Ascension Boundary from the sky.


When this pair of eyes fell upon them, the Elders from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court immediately smelled the breath of death.




The phantom bellowed and drew out a large amount of Demonic Qi from Yang Kai and shaped it into a physical body.


What ultimately appeared before everyone’s eyes was a towering black dragon, its hundred meter long body condensed completely of vicious Evil Qi, exerting a kind of inexplicable pressure on everything in its surroundings.


This dragon was born from the combination of the dragon tattoo on Yang Kai’s back merging with the Demonic Qi stored inside the Golden Skeleton.


Yang Kai possessed this dragon tattoo while Su Yan bore an Ice Phoenix tattoo.


This tattoo that should have been a symbol of the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art had now, for some unknown reason, manifested itself in reality. Even Yang Kai had only felt that his back was a bit itchy and casually tried responding to this sensation, never having anticipated such a dramatic result.


Wherever the dragons passed, black snakes formed from Devil Qi followed closely, like the stars surrounding the moon.


The Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court’s masters were trapped mid-air and were still struggling to break free, but before they could get extricate themselves, the huge dragon’s mouth was already upon them.


With a bone chilling crunch, the Immortal Ascension Boundary of the Thunder Light Sect was bitten in two, and his blood splashed out across the ground below.


The black dragon then soared a thousand meters into the air before turning around and dove back down. Its eyes were fixed on the Soaring Rainbow Court Elder.


Having just witnessed his companion die in front of him in such a gruesome manner, being torn in half and eaten, the Immortal Ascension expert from Soaring Rainbow Court was scared stiff, and under such tremendous pressure, his body had lost any ability to resist.


All of a sudden, this old man’s eyes flashed, like he had spotted a chance for survival, opening his mouth and yelling off into the distance, “Fang Lao, Xu Lao. Save me!”

(Silavin: Do note that the original translation of Fang Lao and Xu Lao is actually Old Fang and Old Xu. However, since the author uses them as names, PewPew and I will continue using the Fang Lao and Xu Lao.)


Yang Kai’s expression became cold as he turned his gaze in the same direction and noticed as two mysterious lights quickly approached this place.


It was Xiang Chu’s two guards!


Both of them had cultivations at the Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage and were far stronger than these two Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court Elders.


As these two flew over, they both sent out strikes towards the black dragon, Fang Lao angrily roaring, “Demon! You dare to hurt our people?!”


Yang Kai coldly snorted, kicked off the ground, and flew in front of the Soaring Rainbow Court’s Elder in a single bound, while summoning the Asura Sword to his hand.




Numerous sword cries sounded, and with a slash of the Asura Sword, an overwhelming sword wave greeted the attacks of Fang Lao and Xu Lao.




A series of violent turbulence erupted midair, which pushed Yang Kai back a few steps before he managed to steady himself, and eventually stopped the other side’s attack.


The black dragon descended once more, and just when Fang Lao and Xu Lao managed to close to within two hundred meters, it bit off the head of the Soaring Rainbow Court Elder.




The master from Soaring Rainbow Court immediately became a headless body as blood spewed from where his neck once was like a spectacular fountain.


Fang Lao and Xu Lao saw everything but were helpless to do anything. The two of them immediately erupted in rage and mercilessly attacked. One of them sent out a fierce piercing wind, the other a golden light, using various Martial Skills to assault Yang Kai.


Yang Kai’s expression remained as calm and indifferent as before, even when facing these two Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh Stage masters, almost like he was fighting two pieces of trash instead.


No longer holding anything back, a thousand blood-red petals suddenly fluttered, accompanied by a rich floral fragrance, every petal akin to an incomparably sharp blade.


Sword Qi flew about as the White Tiger and Divine Ox Seals shot forward.


The three quickly exchanged ten blows but Yang Kai had already fallen into a disadvantage. Even if he had summoned two Heaven Grade artifacts he was still unable to compete with these two masters.


Just as Yang Kai was thinking about whether or not to withdraw directly, two figures rapidly approached.


Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er!


The two beautiful sisters’ faces were both filled with anxiety, but after seeing that Yang Kai was unscathed, they couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief. In the next instant when they saw Fang Lao and Xu Lao attack, anger quickly welled up inside them.


Without any discussion or hesitation, the two joined forces and joined the battle.


Their Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art shined at this moment; both sisters’ cultivations were just True Element Boundary Fourth Stage, but using this mystical Secret Art, the force of their True Qi shot up exponentially, and each of them showed combat abilities not inferior to peak True Element elites, and when the two of them synchronized their swordplay, attacking in concert, they had enough strength to compete with an average Immortal Ascension First Stage master.


Either Fang Lao or Xu Lao could easily defeat them regardless of how heaven defying the increase in their combat strength was; however, these two flowers were Xiang Chu’s favored women, so neither of them dared injure them, which left the two old men feeling somewhat helpless.


Instead, with the Hu Sisters’ assistance, Yang Kai and his black dragon were finally able to defend themselves.


“Two Young Ladies!” Fang Lao’s expression became grim as he shouted, “This man is a demon!”


Hu Jiao Er simply snorted, “I don’t know whether he’s a demon or not, I only know that he is my friend!”


“Young Ladies, please stand back! You do not recognise this man!” Xu Lao also advised.


“If you want to kill him, you’ll have to kill us first!” Hu Mei Er appeared more innocent and naive than her elder sister, but at this moment she firmly made her resolve.


“He’s already killed so many of our comrades from Soaring Rainbow Court and Thunder Light Sect. He’s already fallen onto the Devil’s Path! He’s no longer the person you knew! Now he has no consciousness and won’t recognize the two young ladies at all! Quickly separate yourselves from him!” Fang Lao argued anxiously.


Listening to these overtures, Yang Kai simply grinned, silently sending out an order, launching the black dragon towards him with a demonic roar.


“Presumptuous!” Fang Lao angrily shouted and sent out a palm strike towards the black dragon, striking its head dead centre, knocking it backwards before it had a chance to bite him. But Fang Lao was also shaken back a step, causing him to stare blankly at the hundred meter long dragon, and an uncomfortable feeling welled up in his heart.


“Stop!” An angry voice rang out through the air from somewhere in the distance.


After hearing this voice, Fang Lao and Xu Lao hesitated for a moment before glaring furiously at Yang Kai and then falling back.


Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er also hurriedly arrived at Yang Kai’s side and asked with concern, “Are you alright?”


Yang Kai shook his head slowly, his eyes gazing forward.


After slaughtering so many cultivators from Thunder Light Sect and the Soaring Rainbow Court he had already achieved his purpose. At this moment, with his black dragon floating nearby, if Yang Kai wanted to leave, even Fang Lao and Xu Lao couldn’t restrain him.


Right now, Yang Kai was truly fearless.


Along his line of sight, Yang Kai carefully observed Xiang Chu as he approached the camp. Even with such a chaotic situation before him, this Young Master Xiang displayed a calm demeanor befitting the son of a great noble family.


However, while looking at the bloodied and broken bodies scattered across the ground, Xiang Chu’s eyes showed clear traces of surprise and discomfort.


*Shua Shua Shua…*


A large group of people emerged behind Xiang Chu soon after, the disciples from Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall all anxiously looking around before their eyes quickly landed on Yang Kai.


Guan Chi Le’s old eyes narrowed as his heart shuddered. After seeing the two dead bodies of the Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court Elders, he couldn’t stop himself from trembling lightly.


Right now, clear lines had been drawn.


Except for the members of Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall who sided with Yang Kai, everyone else was clearly stood with Xiang Chu.


Fang Lao and Xu Lao even quietly circulated their True Qi, guarding against any actions Yang Kai might take.


As Xiang Chu swept his eyes across Yang Kai and felt the dense Evil Qi radiating from his body, he couldn’t help but wrinkle his brow, and when he saw the black demonic dragon that floated nearby, his expression became even sterner.


He could feel the frightening power this dragon resonated, and a coveting and greedy impulse flashed across his thoughts.


But as he examined further and discovered that this dragon was condensed purely from Evil Qi, Xiang Chu quickly dispelled these thoughts.


After looking around for a moment longer, Xiang Chu solemnly asked, “What happened here?”


Fang Lao hurriedly replied, “Young Master, when I and Xu Lao arrived, we discovered that this little brat had fallen to the Devil’s Path and was attempting to kill Cheng Ming of Soaring Rainbow Court. Unfortunately these two old masters were incompetent and couldn’t rescue Cheng Ming before…”


“Cheng Ming is dead?” Xiang Chu’s expression revealed a look of surprise.


“Yes,” Fang Lao nodded, pointing to a body not far away, “That is all that remains of his broken corpse!”


“What about the Immortal Ascension Elder from Thunder Light Sect?” Xiang Chu asked.


“Dead before we arrived.”


Xiang Chu involuntarily trembled.


He thought he had overestimated Yang Kai’s combat ability as much as possible, but he never expected that his ‘overestimation’ still far, far underestimated Yang Kai’s strength.


Two Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage Elders had actually been killed by him. Just how strong was he in the end?


“Young Master, that young man has already stepped into the Devil’s Practices, unable to recognize his friends of family any longer. This old master asks the Young Master’s permission to seek justice for our fallen comrades by executing him!” Fang Lao grunted.


Xiang Chu frowned, seeming to hesitate.


Hearing this request, Hu Jiao Er hurriedly interrupted, “Old bastard, who exactly has fallen to the Devil’s Practices?”


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