Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3580, Conditions


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“The bow has already been drawn, it must be shot now.” Yang Kai’s voice was resolute and decisive, “Since ancient times, those who wish to achieve great things are generally helpless without support. That is why I hope that the two of you will help me!”


Bei Li Mo immediately retorted with a frosty expression, “I refuse!”


“That’s not up to you.” He snorted coldly.


Although Chang Tian still required some persuading, Yang Kai had already decided to proceed with his plans when it came to Bei Li Mo. Heavenly Martial Continent was just the beginning. It was useless even if she refused to cooperate as he was perfectly capable of cleanly devouring the continents under her jurisdiction, piece by piece. When she was left with nothing, she would be forced to get on board with his plans regardless; therefore, she had no choice whatsoever in this matter.


Seeing how domineering Yang Kai was acting, Bei Li Mo’s expression turned even uglier.


Chang Tian gave her a smile and said, “Why are you so upset, Sister Bei? What Yang Boy mentioned earlier is the truth. The Demon Realm will not last for much longer. If we can exchange a broken Demon Realm for a perfect Demon Realm, then this is a good deal for everybody involved.”


She turned to look at him with a sneer, “Aren’t you afraid that he might cut us off and burn all the bridges later?”


Chang Tian simply smiled in response, “This King’s lifespan is nearing its end. I simply wish to find a way out for Hundred Spirits Continent before my time is up. I do not wish for more.”


Bei Li Mo was taken aback by those words for a moment before she burst out laughing, “Isn’t that great then? If you allow him to devour Hundred Spirits Continent first, then this Saint will agree. What do you say?”


Chang Tian might be a Master comparable to that of a Demon Saint, but he was different from the rest of the Demon Saints. He only had Hundred Spirits Continent under him. Losing one Heavenly Martial Continent would not harm Bei Li Mo much, but Chang Tian would lose all paths of retreat once Hundred Spirits Continent was devoured. Besides, Yang Kai had already made it clear that she had no way to refuse him. Nevertheless, her worries would be reduced considerably if she could drag Chang Tian down with her in advance; after all, she couldn’t be the only one suffering all the bad luck in the world.


Chang Tian smiled bitterly and shook his head, “Sister Bei is really quite devious.”


Bei Li Mo coldly snorted, “What? Don’t tell me you don’t even have this level of resolve?”


He nodded lightly, “What you’ve said is reasonable. Very well then, let’s start with Hundred Spirits Continent.”


Yang Kai was overjoyed upon hearing this, “Senior, does that mean you agree?”


“If you can promise me a few conditions…”


“Senior, please speak,” he said solemnly.


“Please treat all the living creatures of Hundred Spirits Continent kindly. Don’t let harm befall them for any reason or cause.”


Yang Kai laughed, “That’s not a problem. Even without you saying that, I won’t do anything like that, Senior.”


“Secondly, I want a territory ten times the size of Hundred Spirits Continent!” Chang Tian continued.


“Done.” Yang Kai agreed without even thinking about it. Hundred Spirits Continent was just one continent, so ten times the territory simply meant ten continents. Bei Li Mo controlled several dozen continents under her, and with the lost continents Gun-Gun had already devoured, allocating a bit of extra space to Hundred Spirits Continent was really not a problem. As such, this wasn’t much of a condition to Yang Kai as it was something he could solve easily.


“Third…” Chang Tian paused before continuing with a smile, “The third doesn’t really count as a condition, I guess. It’s just that your plan is on such a large scale that I’m afraid just relying on me and Sister Bei alone would not be of much help. You will need to gain more supporters to have a chance of succeeding!”


Yang Kai replied, “Ru Meng should not be a problem.”


Chang Tian had clearly thought of this too and nodded lightly in response, “If you add in Yu Ru Meng… Good, this King agrees.”


“Many thanks, Senior!” Yang Kai was ecstatic. It felt like a stone had finally lifted from his heart. He secretly made plans to go and devour Hundred Spirits Continent as soon as possible. By then, there would be no turning back anymore, and it would be too late for Chang Tian to regret.


“I have conditions too!” Bei Li Mo exclaimed.


Since he was in a good mood, Yang Kai didn’t bother getting into an argument with her and asked, “What conditions do you have? Let’s hear them.”


She said through gritted teeth, “You should know what my conditions are!”


Yang Kai fell silent for a moment before he replied, “Good. I will grant you your wish after we succeed in this matter!”


Although she had not mentioned what she wanted clearly, the most important thing to her at this moment was to regain her freedom, so obviously she wanted him to remove the Soul Imprint he had planted in her Knowledge Sea.


Bei Li Mo’s eyelashes trembled in response, and she didn’t say anything more.


Now that everything had been agreed upon, a crack appeared in front of Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo and Yang Kai’s voice sounded again, “Please proceed forward!”


Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo looked at each other before rushing into the crack with a flicker, vanishing out of sight in the blink of an eye, leaving Huo Lun alone on the top of the mountain. A cold wind blew past, and his body felt icy. It wasn’t until the crack in front of him disappeared that he fell to the ground, panting for breath. His fright did not come from meeting the two figures on the level of Demon Saints, but rather because of the topics that those two had been discussing with the voice from the sky…


[I heard something I shouldn’t have! The only outcome is to be silenced permanently!] In that short period of time just now, he felt as though he had been pacing back and forth in front of the gates of death. Fortunately, the final result was not too bad. Those people had not shown any interest in him whatsoever, which in turn saved his life.




Outside the Small Sealed World, Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo appeared together and their gazes landed on the bead that Yang Kai was playing with. They both knew that it was probably the Sealed World Bead that contained a world inside.


Bai Ya cupped his fist, “Greetings, Holy Venerable! Greetings, Senior Chang Tian!”


Bei Li Mo nodded lightly. Meanwhile, Chang Tian smiled at Yang Kai slightly, “Don’t forget what you promised me. I will await you and Holy Venerable Ru Meng on Hundred Spirits Continent!”


Yang Kai cupped his fist and said, “Senior, please have a safe journey. I will not be seeing you off.”


Chang Tian nodded and vanished from the spot.


After Chang Tian left, Bei Li Mo finally turned to look at Yang Kai while gritting her teeth and gave a cold laugh, “Are you satisfied now?”


Yang Kai gave a dry laugh, “Holy Venerable, please don’t be so bitter and hostile. If this succeeds, it will benefit all of us.”


She looked like she wanted to say something else, but he didn’t give her the opportunity, quickly taking his leave through the Territory Gate.


Bai Ya looked in the direction Yang Kai was leaving and asked, “Holy Venerable, Heavenly Martial Continent has been destroyed… Are we just going to let this matter go?”


“What else do you want to do!?” Bei Li Mo glanced sideways at him.


Bai Ya said, “Should I gather some people to…” While speaking, he reached up his hand and made a swiping gesture at his neck.


“Do what!?” She was absolutely livid. Unable to lose her temper with Yang Kai, she vented all her rage on Bai Ya instead, “Can you kill him!? Can you even catch him!? Stop humiliating this Saint! Notify all the Half-Saints who are still within the territory to gather at Soaring Snow Ice Palace! This Saint has an announcement to make!”


She then ignored Bai Ya, turned her back to him, and headed towards the Territory Gate.


In response, Bai Ya touched his nose with a helpless expression upon receiving her contempt. He did not dare to remain in this place for long and hurriedly left. Heavenly Martial Continent had been devoured, and the space where the continent used to be was now nothing but a land of nihility. With the Void Turbulence running wild inside, even the Territory Gate had become unstable. This Territory Gate would most likely disappear soon, and he would never be able to leave again once it collapsed.




The place where the Holy City was located on Enchantment Continent was the centre of Yu Ru Meng’s territory. The Holy City did not seem to have been affected by the war between the two worlds and was still as lively as ever, with an endless stream of people coming and going. Moreover, Demon Great Generals and Demon Kings could be found everywhere.


Approximately ten kilometres away from the Holy City sat Yu Ru Meng’s palace.


At this moment, Yu Ru Meng was sitting cross-legged in a secret room under the palace grounds. She was slowly forming different seals with one of her hands while holding a purple fruit under her nose with the other. Following her breathing, a purple aura wafted out of that fruit like a propitious omen and was absorbed into her body.


Almost all of the Demon Saints had been injured during the battle on Eternal Sky Continent, and Yu Ru Meng was no exception. Her Soul Manifestation had been destroyed, and her Divine Sense had been injured as a result. An injury of that level could not be healed in a matter of days.


She had been recuperating from her injuries for the past year or so. The other Demon Saints who had their Soul Manifestations destroyed were obviously doing the same. Still, it would be some time before she fully healed.


All of a sudden, she seemed to feel something and opened her eyes abruptly. Her beautiful eyes sparkled like stars twinkling in the night sky, but she quickly bit her lip lightly and gave a cold snort. After that, she closed her eyes again and continued breathing in the aura of the small purple fruit. Even so, she couldn’t bring herself to calm down and focus anymore. The purple aura wafted under her nose like a lost lamb, no longer pouring into her body. Instead, it disappeared after wafting about her body for a while.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai strode forward confidently inside the palace. He ran about aimlessly, shouting out Yu Ru Meng’s name loudly wherever he went. A group of guards were left knocked over and unconscious when they tried to stop him.


A charming maid followed behind him and ran forward to block his path, anxiously saying, “Great King, this is the Holy Venerable’s palace. Please do not make such a commotion. Holy Venerable will get angry if she learns about this.”


Yang Kai continued forward while glaring around at his surroundings though, shouting as he strode, “Make way! Make way! Do not block this King’s path!”


While speaking, he reached out and pushed the maid out of the way. He nearly knocked her to the ground as a result. Despite searching high and low, he could not find Yu Ru Meng anywhere. On the contrary, the commotion he caused had attracted many of the palace’s guards who surrounded him and glared at him in a hostile manner.


Yang Kai stood on the spot and scratched his head. Turning his head to look at the maid who had just spoken, he asked, “Where is Holy Venerable now? Why don’t I see her anywhere?”


The maid shook her head, “This little one does not know either.”


He then asked the guards the same question, “Do you know where Holy Venerable is right now?”


Not only did the guards ignore him, but they also glared at him in a solemn manner, as though staring at a great enemy.


Yang Kai chuckled slightly at this sight, closed his eyes, and silently spread out his senses.


Although he had transferred the Heart Seal Secret Technique to the Soul Warming Lotus, it had not made the Secret Technique lose its effects entirely. He should be able to determine Yu Ru Meng whereabouts if he focused his perception on the Secret Technique. Naturally, that was only under the prerequisite that they were not too far apart; otherwise, this wouldn’t work either.


A short while later, his expression changed. He turned his head to look in a certain direction and laughed. Following the fluctuations of Space Principles, he vanished from the spot.




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