Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3582, I Have a Secret


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Ten days later, the noises in the room slowly died down. Just like a kitten, Yu Ru Meng snuggled up to Yang Kai’s chest. As their skin came into close contact, they keenly felt each other’s heartbeats.


Yang Kai gently lifted some strands of her hair and sniffed them. Demon Saints generally exuded a pleasant scent that was neither too sweet nor tangy, which was quite relaxing for those who took a whiff of them.


Just then, he felt a soft sensation on his chest. Yu Ru Meng had awakened from her sleep as her eyelashes fluttered against him.


As expected, she opened her eyes a moment later and lifted her head to look at Yang Kai with a languid smile.


“How was the rest? Enough?” Yang Kai’s lips curved into a wicked smile.


Seeing this look, Yu Ru Meng shuddered and looked somewhat fearfully at him. Whenever he put on this kind of smile in the past ten days, it meant that she would have to suffer another several rounds of ‘torment’. If it weren’t because she was a Demon Saint, she wouldn’t have been able to bear the exertion. She had heard that male Dragons were all licentious, but it wasn’t until she had personally experienced it that she realised it wasn’t just a rumour.


Yang Kai guffawed and stroked her blemish-free back, “Don’t worry. I won’t eat you.”


It was then Yu Ru Meng heaved a sigh of relief and shot him a glare. Then, she lowered herself and leaned her head against her man’s chest to listen more closely to his heartbeat.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai straightened up and made her face him. Her long hair hung loose on her chest, just barely blocking the view of her twin peaks. As their eyes met, she realised that his gaze appeared solemn, as though he had made a very important decision. 


Feeling doubtful, she gazed at him with her head tilted.


“There’s something I need to tell you,” Yang Kai uttered with a serious expression, “It’s a secret.”


“A secret?” Yu Ru Meng arched her brow and put on a smile, “Everyone has their own secrets that they don’t want others to know. It’ll no longer be a secret if you tell anyone about it. If you don’t want to expose the secret to me, you can just keep it to yourself.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “You’re my woman now, so I don’t want to hide anything from you.”


Yu Ru Meng pressed her lips together, “Now? Do you mean I wasn’t your woman in the past?”


An embarrassed Yang Kai scratched his head and replied, “You’ve always been my woman, but it is different now.”


Certainly, Yu Ru Meng understood what he meant. The relationship between a man and woman became different after they united as one. Although they had bedded each other one year ago, she had chased him away in anger right after. It wasn’t until today that they truly made up with each other.


With a faint smile, she straightened up and nodded lightly, “Alright, Husband. I’ll listen to what secret it is that you’ve been hiding from me.”


Yang Kai felt somewhat awkward, as it was the first time she called him Husband. The main reason was that the person before his eyes wasn’t just his woman, but also a Demon Saint. Despite the awkward feeling in his heart, he also felt that he had achieved something astonishing.


Pulling himself together, he said, “Enter my Knowledge Sea.”


Upon hearing that, Yu Ru Meng did not hesitate to reach out and point her finger at his forehead. The next moment, they closed their eyes together, and as she activated her Divine Sense, her Soul Avatar had left her body.


In the sky above the Knowledge Sea, a curvy figure gradually appeared. It was none other than Yu Ru Meng’s Soul Avatar.


If someone wanted to enter another’s Knowledge Sea, they would either have to forcefully break through their defences using overwhelming power, or the owner had to open up their Knowledge Sea in advance.


The latter was a show of wholehearted trust to the person entering their Knowledge Sea.


Yang Kai needed Yu Ru Meng’s help, so after they reached this new stage in their relationship, he gave it a thought and decided to open up to her so that they could have a completely honest conversation.


Upon entering his Knowledge Sea, Yu Ru Meng exclaimed as it was much broader than she had expected. The sea of black demonic flames that represented the power of his Soul was extremely deep, a sign that he had gone through complete demonification.


Although his Knowledge Sea still wasn’t comparable to hers, it was much vaster than that of ordinary Half-Saints.


Yang Kai appeared beside her a moment later and took her hand. As she turned to look at him, he pointed in a direction and asked, “Do you recognise that?”


Yu Ru Meng turned her head to look in the same direction and was surprised by what she saw.


In the middle of the black sea, there was a treasure island that was gleaming with seven coloured light. No matter how violent the flames were, the seven-coloured island remained unmoving. She could clearly feel that there was a special power radiating from the island.


As she narrowed her eyes, she finally made out what the island was.


“Soul Warming Lotus?” Yu Ru Meng exclaimed. As her feelings undulated, even her Soul Avatar trembled, “Is that really the Soul Warming Lotus?”


“Milady has sharp eyes.” Yang Kai gripped her hand tighter, “It is indeed the Soul Warming Lotus.”


Demon Saints all had acute vision. Xuan Bing and Bei Li Mo could recognise it at first glance in the past, so there was no way Yu Ru Meng couldn’t make out what it was.


“You have the Soul Warming Lotus!” Yu Ru Meng was shaken to the core. As a Demon Saint, she wasn’t interested in the ordinary treasures, but the Soul Warming Lotus was different. She had only heard about such a Supreme Treasure, but had never seen it before. As she stared fixedly at the lotus, she murmured, “I’ve heard that Soul Warming Lotus is able to revitalise one’s Soul regardless of how damaged or drained it becomes. Even if the owner of the lotus passes away, their Soul can remain undiminished. It’s no wonder I always felt that your Spiritual Energy was more powerful than what it was supposed to be in your current realm. So this is the reason.”


Upon finishing her words, she forcefully pinched Yang Kai’s waist.


The sensations a Soul Avatar could feel were much more intense than those of a flesh and blood body, so as he was pinched, Yang Kai was gripped by excruciating pain. Grimacing, he questioned, “Why did you pinch me?”


Yu Ru Meng said through clenched teeth, “You knew that my Soul had been injured, but for the past year, you just let me suffer instead of using this treasure to treat me. Husband, you’re too mean!”


As she spoke, she looked resentfully and tearfully at him, appearing extremely aggrieved.


Yang Kai replied after a laugh, “I was chased away by you…”


Yu Ru Meng snorted, “If you were determined to stay, you wouldn’t have been chased away.”


She then swatted his hand away and turned around in exasperation.


A troubled Yang Kai went on to coax her for a long time before she stopped being mad at him.


“Why have you asked me to come here to see this? Do you want to treat my injury?” Yu Ru Meng shot him a glare, “If that’s your intention, I’ll forgive you. It’s better late than never.”


“I’ll certainly treat you, but before that, there’s something I need to confess to you,” Yang Kai coughed and scratched his face as he appeared embarrassed.


“What’s the matter?” Yu Ru Meng gave him a look.


Yang Kai hesitated for a long time but still couldn’t bring himself to say anything.


Yu Ru Meng said through gritted teeth, “Do you still want to hide things from me?”


Hanging his head low, Yang Kai replied in a small voice, “The Heart Seal Secret Technique you used on me has been transferred to the Soul Warming Lotus.”


Yu Ru Meng batted her eyes as she didn’t understand him, “What do you mean?”


Yang Kai explained, “I didn’t mean to do it, but this thing seemed to have that ability to do so. In the past, I just gave it a try, but I never expected that the Heart Seal Secret Technique would so easily move from my Knowledge Sea to… Over there.” He pointed at the seven-coloured island and observed her expression.


Yu Ru Meng was startled for a moment before she nodded lightly, “I see. It’s no wonder that you’re still able to deceive me despite the Heart Seal Secret Technique still being active.”


After she finished speaking, she started beating him again, “You bastard! You’ve been playing with me right from the start haven’t you!?”


Yang Kai gritted his teeth to bear her wrath as he grimaced in pain.


A moment later, Yu Ru Meng stopped and glowered at him.


An embarrassed Yang Kai asked, “Have you vented out all your anger?”


“What do you think?” Yu Ru Meng sneered.


Yang Kai seemed to steel himself and waved his hand widely, “If you’re still mad at me, just continue beating me up. I’ll not be resentful even if I have to lose my life!”


“Stop putting on a show!”


Yang Kai grinned, “Does that mean that you’re not angry with me anymore?”


Yu Ru Meng huffed in annoyance, ignored him, then a moment later, heaved a sigh and said, “In fact, I have a secret too.”


“You can undo the Heart Seal Secret Technique, right?” Yang Kai looked smilingly at her.


Yu Ru Meng lifted her head and looked at him with her lips parted, appearing to be slightly flustered as she asked, “H-How do you know?”


Yang Kai chuckled, “Bei Li Mo and Senior Bright Moon told me. However, Bei Li Mo was just trying to sow discord while Senior Bright Moon was well-meaning. One of them is a Great Emperor from the Star Boundary, and the other is a Demon Saint from the Demon Realm, but they both said the same thing, which is why my suspicions were aroused.”


“That bitch!” Yu Ru Meng said through clenched teeth. She was apparently scolding Bei Li Mo. Then, she appeared somewhat anxious, “They’re right to say that the Heart Seal Secret Technique can be broken. I lied to you when I said that once the Secret Technique was used, both of us would be tied together for life.”


Yang Kai replied, “If you didn’t admit it, I wouldn’t have found out. Why did you decide to tell me about it now?”


Yu Ru Meng said, “We’re together now, so there’s no point hiding it from you. If you found out about it from others and confirmed the information later, discord would’ve formed between us, which is why I’ve decided to tell you about it myself.”


Stepping forward, Yang Kai took her hands and said lovingly, “Thank you for telling me this.”


Yu Ru Meng lifted her head, “Are you not mad at me? If you are, you can beat me… That’s what I did to you just now…”


Yang Kai laughed, “How would I have the heart to lay a hand on you? We both kept secrets from each other, but we’re even now.”


Yu Ru Meng’s lashes fluttered as she appeared touched.


Draping his arm around her shoulder, he gazed at the Soul Warming Lotus with her and said, “Since you’re able to unseal the Heart Seal Secret Technique, you should do it now. This is an unfair situation to you.”


Upon hearing that, Yu Ru Meng shuddered and turned to look at him, “You want me to unseal it?”


“Of course. That’s the reason I’ve brought you here,” Yang Kai nodded as he appeared completely open and honest.




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