Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3583, Coming Clean


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Since the Heart Seal Secret Technique was transferred to the Soul Warming Lotus, it had lost almost all of its effect on Yang Kai, but it was still able to restrict Yu Ru Meng. There was no doubt that the Secret Technique was extremely powerful as it was able to tie a man and a woman together when they first met. The bond was so strong that even if they didn’t even know each other’s name, if one of them passed away, it would leave an unhealable wound on the other’s heart.


No matter how powerful it was though, it was just a Secret Technique, not a real bond. In the past, Yang Kai didn’t care about it, and he had even taken advantage of it to deceive Yu Ru Meng; however, things were different now, and this unfair Secret Technique didn’t need to exist anymore.


Yu Ru Meng gazed at him with her alluring eyes, “Husband, aren’t you worried that after the Secret Technique is unsealed, my heart will change, and I might even harm you?”


It wouldn’t have mattered if she hadn’t seen the Soul Warming Lotus, but now she knew that there was a treasure in Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea that all Demon Saints would covet. Once the Heart Seal Secret Technique was unsealed, he wouldn’t be able to resist if she had any ill intentions toward him.


They were now on Enchantment Continent, which was Yu Ru Meng’s territory. Even though he was proficient in the Dao of Space, Yang Kai couldn’t possibly escape her here, much less retaliate.


Upon hearing this though, Yang Kai put on a faint smile, “I’ve said that you’re my woman, and this fact will never change, even if you unseal the Secret Technique. If your heart really changes, I won’t blame you.”


Yu Ru Meng pressed her lips together, “Do you want me to unseal it?”


“It’s up to you,” Yang Kai replied with a smile.


Yu Ru Meng beamed and stared fixedly at him, “It’s up to me, right?”


Yang Kai bowed his head, “En.”


“I won’t unseal it, then.” Yu Ru Meng let out a long breath. Before he could say anything, she went on to explain, “Although I’m able to lift the Heart Seal Secret Technique, there’s a certain price I will need to pay. Furthermore, I can only use this Secret Technique once in my life. Since I’ve used it on you, I’ll stay loyal to you forever.”


Yang Kai asked, “Aren’t you worried that your feelings for me are due to the Secret Technique, not because you really love me?”


Yu Ru Meng replied with a smile, “I can tell the difference between the effects of a Secret Technique and my own feelings.”


Initially, she had indeed developed sudden and profound feelings for him due to the Secret Technique; however, now, she was certain that she loved him not because of the Heart Seal, so it was meaningless to unseal it anymore. If it weren’t because of that, she wouldn’t have given in to him one year ago. If she wasn’t willing, he would never have been able to possess her.


“Good, you have the final say,” Yang Kai nodded. After he finished speaking, he suddenly started laughing as he felt relieved.


Since the Heart Seal Secret Technique had been transferred, he had been acting carefully in front of Yu Ru Meng so that she wouldn’t realise that something was off. Now that they had come clean with each other, he did not have to keep putting on an act anymore. At that moment, he felt as if a mountain had been lifted off his chest.


Following that, he said in a relaxed tone, “Dear, there’s something I need you to help me with.”


Yu Ru Meng asked, “What is it?”


After pondering on how he should put it, Yang Kai said, “Since you’re a Demon Saint, I’m sure you can feel that something is wrong with the Demon Realm. The entire realm is breaking apart, and the continents are slowly disappearing. It won’t be long before the Demon Realm will be completely destroyed. I’m sure that’s the reason all of you decided to wage a war against the Star Boundary.”


Yu Ru Meng lowered her head, “That’s right. Before the Demon Realm completely disintegrates, we must seek a way out. The Star Boundary is the only Great World that is connected to the Demon Realm. The plan has been in conception for a long time. Even before I became a Demon Saint, the plans were already in preparation. We were just waiting for the passage between the two worlds to open.”


Yang Kai nodded. He had experienced the last war between Humans and Demons when he was in the Thousand Illusions Dreamworld, which was why he understood what was going on.


“If there’s a new Demon Realm, does that mean that the war can end?”


“A new Demon Realm?” Yu Ru Meng frowned before she gazed at him in amazement, “Are you saying that you have found a new Great World?”


Yang Kai put on a smile, “I haven’t found a new Great World, but I can create one.”


“Create one?” Yu Ru Meng was astounded upon hearing that. If it weren’t because they had become intimate and revealed all their hidden secrets to one another earlier, she wouldn’t have believed him. It was inconceivable that anyone could create a new Great World. Even as a Demon Saint, she was unable to do that.


“I’m sure you remember that I have a storage artifact that allows living creatures to live inside of it.”


Yu Ru Meng nodded her head as she was aware of the Sealed World Bead’s existence. Yang Kai had summoned the Embodiment a few times before, and she was often beside him when he did. However, she didn’t know what Sealed World Bead truly was as no one told her about it when she was in the Star Boundary.


“That artifact can not only allow living creatures to live inside, it is also an independent world unto itself.”


“You mean it’s a Small World?” Yu Ru Meng’s gaze brightened.


In fact, there were plenty of Small Worlds out there, but it was inconceivable that one could be made into a storage artifact and carried around casually.


“I guess you can say that, but my Sealed World Bead is different from an ordinary Small World as it can devour all the continents in the Demon Realm and absorb them to strengthen itself. Furthermore, it can also assimilate the World Principles and energy of those continents…”


Before he could finish his words, Yu Ru Meng was amazed as she interrupted him by saying, “You mean your Small World can integrate all the separate continents of the Demon Realm?”


As a Demon Saint, she was naturally intelligent, so before he even finished explaining, she had already figured out what he was trying to say. 


“That’s right. Moreover, the more continents that are integrated, the more solid the Principles inside it become.”


With a solemn expression, Yu Ru Meng said, “You want to amalgamate all the continents in the Demon Realm into one whole?”


“Yes.” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “When I was repairing the Territory Gates in the different continents of the Demon Realm, I found many of the continents that had disappeared already and had my artifact devour them. I’ve also had it swallow a place called Heavenly Martial Continent in Bei Li Mo’s territory. From those experiments, my theory has been proven to work.”


Yu Ru Meng gasped when she heard that he had found those lost continents and devoured them. Nevertheless, upon learning that he had even gobbled up Heavenly Martial Continent, she gazed at him with a strange expression, “You’ve swallowed Heavenly Martial Continent? When did that happen?”


Yang Kai grinned at her, “Just before I came back here.”


“Bei Li Mo didn’t try to kill you?” Yu Ru Meng was shocked.


As far as she was concerned, Bei Li Mo wasn’t a magnanimous person. It was a miracle that Yang Kai managed to come back alive after making a scene in her territory. In fact, if she were in Bei Li Mo’s shoes, she would have ripped the man who destroyed one of her continents into a million pieces.


“Ha ha!” Yang Kai guffawed, “I’ll tell you what happened to her later. Now, please allow me to tell you my plan…”


Yu Ru Meng put on a bitter smile, “I know what you’re up to, but your plan is not going to work.”


“Why?” Yang Kai was startled.


“There’s no doubt that I’ll assist you, but the other Demon Saints will not readily believe you and let you occupy all their territories.” Yu Ru Meng stared at him, “Moreover, you’re the owner of that Sealed World Bead. After the bead gobbles up all the continents and becomes the new Demon Realm, it will mean that the life or death of all the Demon Saints, and even the entire Demon Race will lie in your hands. How could they be willing to entrust their future to you?”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Of course, I understand this point of yours, which is why I don’t expect them to easily agree to it. It’s good enough that you’re willing to assist me. As for the other Demon Saints, we can slowly persuade them.”


Yu Ru Meng still shook her head, “I’m only one person, so I’m unable to protect you. If news about your plan is exposed… Damn!” Her expression changed all of a sudden, “You made a scene in Bei Li Mo’s territory, so I’m afraid that your plan has already been exposed!”


“Well…” Yang Kai coughed into his fist, “There’s one more secret that I have to tell you.”


Yu Ru Meng was startled for a moment before she shot him a glare, “Just one more secret? Spill it.”


“It’s about Bei Li Mo…”


Before he could finish his words, Yu Ru Meng said through clenched teeth, “I heard that after you left my place a year ago, you headed to Soaring Snow Continent and borrowed five hundred thousand Soaring Snow Ice Guards from Bei Li Mo. She had even sent Bai Ya to follow you and protect you, right?”


“Wife, I’m impressed by your ability to gather information!” Yang Kai quickly flattered her up.


The sound of Yu Ru Meng grinding her teeth became louder, “Are you going to tell me that you’ve hooked up with that rotten bitch?”


“We indeed have something to do with each other now, but it’s not what you think,” Yang Kai quickly explained, “Do you remember that after the battle on Eternal Sky Continent, I had to flee for my life? In the end, I was found by Bei Li Mo on Cloud Shadow Continent. I actually had a confrontation with her before you arrived.”


“Of course, I remember. Why? What really happened?” Yu Ru Meng’s expression remained cold.


“Well, before you arrived…” Yang Kai knew that if this misunderstanding wasn’t solved, he would be in deep trouble, which was why he hurriedly explained to her what had happened at that time.


“The story actually started back when I first went to Soaring Snow Continent. When I met with Bei Li Mo in her palace… certain things happened and I accidentally offended her, so she threw me into the 18th level of the Frozen Nether Ice Prison. There, I met a woman called Young Lady Bing. She was sly and lied to me by telling me that she was Bei Li Mo’s Disciple and the reason she had been imprisoned was that she had made a mistake and angered Bei Li Mo.”


Yang Kai took a breath before continuing, “She passed me something called the Profound Darkness Needle, which contained a Secret Technique she had created. She told me that after I activated the Secret Technique inside the needle, I could stall Bei Li Mo for three to ten breaths of time. After the battle on the Eternal Sky Continent, I fled to Cloud Shadow Continent, but when I was breaking through to my current realm, the commotion alerted Bei Li Mo. While I was in an intense battle against her, I used the Profound Darkness Needle.”


Yang Kai’s expression changed as his words became heavier, “However, I had never expected that apart from the Secret Technique inside, Young Lady Bing’s Soul had also been sealed in the needle. Therefore, her Soul and mine were sucked into Bei Li Mo’s Knowledge Sea together. Right after the two women met, they started arguing with each other. Through their conversation, I found out that her name was Xuan Bin and she was actually Bei Li Mo’s Honoured Master rather than her Disciple. It wasn’t certain whether Bei Li Mo had gone mad or Xuan Bing had done something unforgivable that led the Master and Disciple to fall out with each other…”




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  1. Sure dude, we’ll just let your magic bean eat our entire world and us, then we’ll pretend we’re free while living in your pocket as you go from one perilous adventure to the next.

    1. That’s understandable but they were going to leave that world anyway so all he’s doing is making the world perfect that they were going to leave. I’m sure nobody wants him keeping them in his pocket though but who knows who’s keeping which great world in their pockets

      1. I guess the major difference here is it’s still a sealed world. Maybe larger than your average small sealed world, yet you’re never going to ever see one of your people gain star master status, nor explore or conquer another world. It’s basically relegating your entire race to zoo captivity. Not something you would expect the demon race to eagerly embrace, or anyone else for that matter.

        Of course, this still doesn’t explain what they were hoping to gain, besides territory, from conquering the Star Boundary, considering its world principles aren’t condusive to demon cultivation. What would that mean for their future growth? At the very least this angle should have been persued in explaining their willingness to acquiesce to YK’s solution.

  2. Why does the author have to realy recount every single little miniscule detail, usually they sum it up with “”…” and yk recounted what happened” or whatever other version of it

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