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Martial Peak – Chapter 3584, I Have a Condition


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“Xuan Bing wanted to take control of Bei Li Mo’s body, but she failed in her attempt to do so. Instead, her Soul had been consumed by Bei Li Mo. However, before that happened, Xuan Bing allowed me to leave a Soul Imprint on her Soul, which was then transferred to Bei Li Mo.”


“Wait…” Yu Ru Meng suddenly lifted her hand to stop him and gazed at him with a stunned expression, “You mean your Soul Imprint is in Bei Li Mo’s Knowledge Sea now?”


“En,” Yang Kai nodded.


After batting her eyes, Yu Ru Meng covered her mouth and started convulsing with laughter.


She knew full well what a Soul Imprint on one’s Knowledge Sea meant. As a Demon Saint from the Charm Demon Clan, she had the strongest Soul of all cultivators in the Demon Realm. Any successful cultivator was able to use this method to control others, but she had grown bored of it a long time ago. Now, she wouldn’t even bother to use this kind of method to control others. 


However, it would be a different story if the one getting controlled was a Demon Saint.


Upon hearing what Yang Kai had said, Yu Ru Meng knew that it was a result of both luck and coincidence. If Xuan Bing hadn’t allowed him to leave a Soul Imprint on her, he would never have been able to achieve such a thing. It was thanks to Xuan Bing’s initiative that Bei Li Mo, who had devoured her Soul, had suffered such a catastrophe. As a Demon Saint, she was now controlled by a High-Rank Demon King.


At that instant, Yu Ru Meng realised that Yang Kai must be referring to this incident when he talked about Bei Li Mo.


“That bitch deserves it,” After she was done laughing, she snorted. The territories of the two Demon Saints neighboured each other, which was why they had always been on bad terms. Before the war between the two Great Worlds, the Half-Saints and Demon Kings that served them had been in a constant state of confrontation and war with one another. Suddenly learning such a piece of exciting news, Yu Ru Meng could barely contain her glee, “I can’t wait to see how she will react when she sees me.”


At the thought of meeting Bei Li Mo one day soon, Yu Ru Meng could barely conceal the smile on her face. This was indeed an incredible feat as no one was able to control a Demon Saint in the past.


All of a sudden, she stopped smiling and said, “However, there’s a huge gap between your strength and hers, so she might have a way of breaking the Soul Imprint of yours. You must pay close attention to it.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I know. That’s why when I left this place one year ago, I headed to Soaring Snow Continent to strengthen the Soul Imprint. Furthermore, I also received a Soul Brand from her. With both measures in place, I have full control over her now.”


One year ago, the power of Yang Kai’s Soul increased significantly, and although he was still no match for a Demon Saint in this regard, the power of his Soul was far above an average Half-Saint’s. Since the Soul Imprint had been strengthened, Yu Ru Meng knew that Bei Li Mo would have to work around the clock for a few years before she could break it.


“So, that bitch is also on your side now,” Yu Ru Meng suddenly realised this.


“There’s no way she can reject me,” Yang Kai put on a smile, “After a discussion, Senior Chang Tian has also agreed to join forces with me.”


“Chang Tian…” Yu Ru Meng nodded slightly. She wasn’t surprised that Chang Tian had agreed to it. He had always been fond of Yang Kai and had even intended to make this young man his successor. Furthermore, once Yang Kai’s plan succeeded, it would break the status quo in the Demon Realm, which was hugely beneficial to Chang Tian. At the thought of this, Yu Ru Meng turned solemn. In that case, including herself, pretty much, three Demon Saints had agreed to join forces with Yang Kai. Although there were more Demon Saints in opposition, their side had obtained the right to initiate this plan. Furthermore, Yang Kai had the support of the entire Star Boundary and its Great Emperors.


With a helpless gaze, she looked at Yang Kai and said, “Since things have come to this point, I’ll just join you and follow you around.”


She did not just agree to his request because of their relationship, but also because the future for the Demon Realm was indeed gloomy. Even if the Demon Race could win against the Star Boundary, they would definitely suffer immense losses. Furthermore, the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm were two different entities, so it still wouldn’t be a happy ending even if they won the war. With different World Principles in place, the Demons would have a hard time living in another world. In that case, they would be better off living in a new Demon Realm.


With a joyful expression, Yang Kai asked, “Does that mean that you’ve agreed to it?”


Yu Ru Meng uttered, “But I have a condition.”


[A condition? Not again! Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo had also told me the same thing.] However, Yu Ru Meng was different from them, which was why Yang Kai nodded without hesitation, “Just tell me right away. I’ll agree even if you have a thousand conditions.”


“Don’t give promises so easily.” Yu Ru Meng shot him a glare, “There’s no Pill in this world for regret.”


Yang Kai grinned at her, “I don’t think you’ll come up with a condition that will make things difficult for me anyway.”


“It wouldn’t be considered a condition if it didn’t make things difficult for you.” Yu Ru Meng snorted and then declared loudly, “I want to be the First Wife of the Yang Family!”


At that instant, Yang Kai widened his mouth in disbelief. Even though he considered himself intelligent and insightful, he could not have expected that she would come up with such a condition.


Before he could even say anything, she said through clenched teeth, “I know how many women you have. They all met you before me, and they’ve gone through countless hardships with you, so there’s no reason for me to ask you to chase them all away. Supposedly, we’re all Sisters, so seniority among us isn’t necessary; however, rules are important in everything we do, and there has to be someone who is in charge of managing the Yang Family. I don’t think any one of them is a match for me when it comes to power and experience. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry. I don’t need you to interfere in this matter. When we meet in the future, I have my own way of making them call me Big Sister willingly!”


What she had said sounded gentle and nonchalant, but Yang Kai was already drenched in a cold sweat even though he was just a Soul Avatar right now. His women back home had been getting along with each other quite well, and Su Yan was undoubtedly the leader among them; however, Su Yan had always had a gentle temperament, so it wouldn’t be difficult for Yu Ru Meng to make them acknowledge that she was the First Wife after they met up.


Nevertheless, the main issue was that he still had Zhu Qing, who lived on Dragon Island. More importantly, she was a Ninth-Order Fire Dragon. If she and Yu Ru Meng met up, a scuffle was almost inevitable.


Seeing that Yang Kai remained silent with his head hung low, Yu Ru Meng snorted, “Of course, if you think that you’ve been put in a tight situation, just take it as that I’ve never said anything. It seems that I’m still no match for the other Sisters in your heart because we’ve only known each other for a short time…”


All of a sudden, her eyes turned bloodshot as she looked away. It wasn’t certain how she managed to make her Soul Avatar’s eyes redden.


“That’s not it at all,” Yang Kai quickly waved his hands, “I’m just happy that you’d want to be in charge of the family as all of you would respect and treat each other well. I do think that this is an easy decision to make.”


“Husband, don’t force yourself to agree to it,” Yu Ru Meng pressed her lips together as she felt sorry for him.


“I’m not forced in any way.” Yang Kai stepped forward to take her hands and flashed a smile at her, “I’m extremely lucky to have your love and support. I can even worship you as an Ancestor, let alone make you my First Wife.”


He had intended to butter her up, but he had apparently said the wrong thing. With her face turning pale, Yu Ru Meng asked, “Husband, are you saying that I’m too old for you?”


Her eyes turned bloodshot again as she hung her head low, “You’re right. I’m indeed very old, which is why you’re unhappy with me!”


As she spoke, she attempted to withdraw her hands from the man’s grip.


[She’s getting unreasonable!] Yang Kai was both exasperated and flustered. Finding it unnecessary to explain anything, he directly pulled her into his embrace and spanked her firm backside.


Yu Ru Meng let out a yelp as her face started blushing.


They were now Soul Avatars, so every sensation was more intense than what could be felt with a physical body. Lifting her head, she saw that he was gazing at her with a wicked smile and in a small voice, he whispered, “Your Soul hasn’t healed yet, so stop reading too much into whatever I say. I’ll treat you now.”


Then, he lowered himself and locked his lips with hers.


A moment later, his Knowledge Sea surged. Their Soul Avatars entangled with each other and almost merged into one atop the seven-coloured treasure island. As their moaning could be heard coming from the island, the entire world seemed to be engulfed in a sense of intimacy.


Three days later, inside the secret room, Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked smilingly at Yu Ru Meng, who was seated across from him.


At this moment, she was flushed and panting heavily as her body twitched uncontrollably.


The blending of two Souls was a lot more intense than two bodies becoming one. It was an unforgettable experience for anyone who had tried it before, one they would want to drown in to feel forever.


Moreover, Yang Kai had cultivated the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art with Su Yan before, so he was quite familiar with such practices. In the past three days, he had used his vast experience and numerous methods on Yu Ru Meng. Although Yu Ru Meng was a Demon Saint, only a short time had passed since she lost her innocence, which was why she was unable to resist the man’s wanton advances. She had been muddle-headed and feeling on cloud nine the whole time, losing track of everything else around her. If it weren’t because Yang Kai took the initiative to withdraw, she would have drowned in that sensation for a long time before she awoke from her dream.


During the past three days, besides the integration of their Souls, Yang Kai had also made use of Soul Warming Lotus to heal the remaining injuries of her Soul. Previously, she had already recuperated for a year, but her Soul still hadn’t fully healed. She had estimated that it would take her three to five years before she could recover.


However, with the help of the Soul Warming Lotus, she was able to return to her peak in just three days. What’s more, the power of her Soul also seemed to have increased slightly.


Apart from her, Yang Kai could also feel that the power of his Soul had grown. Although it wasn’t comparable to the surge one year ago, it was still an improvement.


The integration of Yin and Yang was in accordance with the Heavenly Way. With the help of the Soul Warming Lotus, their time wasn’t wasted when they practised dual cultivation.


With his chin resting on his palm, Yang Kai put on a smile and quietly observed the Charm Demon in front of him.


When he first met her, he wasn’t even aware that she was a Demon Saint, and he could not have expected that she would become his woman one day.


At that instant, he thought that fate was truly unpredictable.


Silavin: Calling her Ancestor was a bad move. Though, it seems that her mood can always be fixed with a hanky panky.




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