Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3585, She Cursed Me


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Moments later, as Yu Ru Meng gradually returned to normal, the room was filled with a pleasant scent, which was able to incite arousal of anyone who took a whiff of it. Yang Kai wasn’t sure about the other Charm Demons, but during his recent contact with Yu Ru Meng, he realised that every time she was aroused, a pleasant scent would exude from her body. The scent was harmless, but it did stimulate a certain sense of euphoria, especially when being intimate.


A while later, Yu Ru Meng opened her eyes and looked lovingly at her man. With her eyes turning watery, any man in the world would be more than willing to give her everything when they saw her in such a state. Even Yang Kai couldn’t help but gulp at the sight.


However, since he had an important task at hand, he had to suppress his excitement and pull himself together, “Please come with me to Hundred Spirits Continent. If you don’t make your stance clear to Senior Chang Tian, he won’t have peace of mind.”


Yu Ru Meng nodded, “En.”


She then put on a smile, “However, you should stop calling him Senior, because that will make me a Junior to him.”


“Good!” Yang Kai guffawed and got to his feet. After he pulled her up, they left the room together.


After giving some instructions to the leader of the guards in the palace, they leapt into the air and shot into the clouds.


Seeing that they were pretty far from the palace right now, Yang Kai pushed his Demon Qi and wrapped Yu Ru Meng in it; then, through Divine Sense, he told her, “Don’t resist.”


Yu Ru Meng relaxed her body and let him do whatever he wanted to her.


The next moment, as Space Principles undulated, the pair traversed the entire length of the continent and appeared quite a distance away. Yu Ru Meng looked around and saw a Territory Gate just a hundred kilometres away. Shocked, she stated, “Husband, your mastery of the Dao of Space has increased tremendously.”


The palace was over a million kilometres away from where they were, but Yang Kai was able to traverse such a distance with a single Instantaneous Movement, which was simply an inconceivable idea. If he could freely travel such vast distances in an instant, as long as he had a moment to use his Space Principles, no one in this world would be able to capture him. Even if he was confronted by a Demon Saint, he would still be able to escape unscathed.


Upon hearing this, Yang Kai started laughing, “No, no, no. You’ve got it wrong. I’ve managed to come to this place instantly with the help of this thing.”


After he finished speaking, he fished out a Space Beacon.


Yu Ru Meng took it to study while allowing him lead her towards the Territory Gate. As she fiddled with the Space Beacon, she asked, “What is this for?”


Yang Kai explained, “I learned this trick from Li Wu Yi.”


As he explained the uses to her, Yu Ru Meng nodded repeatedly and even kept the Space Beacon in the end. Then, she fished out a silk thread from her Space Ring and tied it to the Space Beacon before putting it on her wrist.


After moving past the Territory Gate, Yang Kai activated another Space Beacon and led her to traverse to the other end of the continent. With this, the time they needed to travel across each continent was cut dramatically as it would only take them two to three Instantaneous Movements, which was much faster than simply flying.


On their way to their destination. Yang Kai asked Yu Ru Meng about the war between the two Great Worlds. It was only then that he learned that after the battle on Eternal Sky Continent, Iron Blood Great Emperor Zhan Wu Hen made a move and single-handedly killed more than a billion Demons. He also managed to push the armies of the Demon Realm back to the Two Worlds’ Passage. At that time, three Half-Saints were killed by him.


During that period of time, all other Half-Saints of the Demon Race had been summoned back to the Demon Realm to take part in the fight for the opportunity to become a Demon Saint. The unfortunate three Half-Saints left to oversee the situation in the Star Boundary were slaughtered by Iron Blood Great Emperor.


Zhan Wu Hen’s move had undoubtedly broken the agreement between the Great Emperors and the Demon Saints; however, the Demon Saints did not pursue the matter because there was nothing they could really do about it.


Everyone of importance knew why Zhan Wu Hen acted the way he did, and that if this matter was disputed, it would prematurely ignite the final battle between the Great Emperors and Demon Saints. Although the Demon Realm currently had the upper hand, the Demon Saints did not want the war to escalate to that level so soon, so they kept quiet.


On the other hand, it was thanks to Zhan Wu Hen who had killed so many Demons in a fit of rage that those from the Star Boundary managed to retrieve a great deal of territory formerly occupied by the Demons. Now, they seemed to have returned to the initial stage of the war between the two Great Worlds.


Upon learning all this, Yang Kai was able to set his mind at ease. He was most worried that the Star Boundary could not persevere any longer. He had a plan, what he lacked was time.


If Yu Ru Meng were to travel from Enchantment Continent to Hundred Spirits Continent on her own at full speed, it would still take her a few days to do so; after all, she had to travel across multiple different continents and through several Territory Gates.


However, with the help his Space Beacons, Yang Kai managed to bring her to Hundred Spirits Continent in just half a day.


Already familiar with the route, the pair passed through the only Territory Gate and soon reached the place where Chang Tian cultivated.


Then, they landed on a spot in front of the palace, but before Yang Kai could request to meet the owner of the place, Yu Ru Meng suddenly grunted and looked in a different direction.


“What’s wrong?” A doubtful Yang Kai followed her gaze and saw a beam of light in the sky that was coming toward them. Realising who the person was, he smiled, “Things will be easier since she’s also here.”


The person was moving at full speed, and not long after Yang Kai finished speaking, a beam of light landed on the ground before them, after which Bei Li Mo’s figure was revealed.


Apparently, she had arrived here earlier, but she wasn’t waiting in front of this palace. She must have detected Yu Ru Meng’s aura just now, which was why she hurriedly came over.


The two women, who were both Demon Saints, had always held grudges against each other, so it could be expected that there was bound to be a fight whenever they met up.


One of them was as passionate as fire, and the other was as cold as ice. As their eyes met, there seemed to be sparks flying between them.


Yu Ru Meng was the first one to break the silence with a smile, “Elder Sister, we haven’t met for one year, but you’ve become even more alluring. Has something wonderful happened to you? Why don’t you tell Junior Sister about it so that I can share your joy?”


Upon hearing those words, the cold-looking Bei Li Mo shot Yang Kai a glare. She knew that he had definitely told Yu Ru Meng about her plight; otherwise, Yu Ru Meng wouldn’t have mocked her in such an oblique way.


She was a Demon Saint, but she was now being controlled by someone else through his Soul Imprint. Moreover, the person who had control over her was a mere High-Rank Demon King, so there was no way this could be considered a wonderful incident.


After a snort, Bei Li Mo simply replied, “It has nothing to do with you. Just mind your own business.”


“Elder Sister, what do you mean?” Yu Ru Meng kept a smile on her face.


Bei Li Mo shot Yang Kai a look and sneered, “You should know what I mean. On the other hand, as a Demon Saint yourself, you should be careful when choosing a man. There are countless good men in the Demon Realm, but what you’re doing is embarrassing to all Demon Saints. You’ve made yourself a laughing stock.”


Upon hearing that, Yu Ru Meng put on a faint smile and leaned close to Yang Kai. She had even wrapped her arm around his and rested her head on his shoulder. Appearing to be deeply in love, she asked, “Are you envious?”


“Me? Envious of you?” Bei Li Mo rolled her eyes, “Stop making this kind of ridiculous remark when you’re just disparaging yourself.”


Yu Ru Meng shook her head lightly and said, “You should stop pretending. Although we are both Demon Saints, before that, we are women. Hence, we have to marry a man in the end. I’ve found the right man while you’re still single. We’ve been neighbours for so long, so I really don’t have the heart to see you wallow in loneliness.”


In response, Bei Li Mo put on a sneer.


“I know! Why don’t you join me? From now on, we’ll share the same man and enjoy the fun in bed together! I don’t mind at all,” as Yu Ru Meng spoke, she took a look at Yang Kai with a bashful expression, “He might not be that powerful yet, but his skills in bed are truly amazing. I can’t bear it on my own.”


Bei Li Mo widened her eyes and uttered in shock, “You have the gall to say such things out loud?”


“It’s only natural that a man and a woman who love one another become intimate, so why wouldn’t I have the gall to speak of it?” Yu Ru Meng batted her lashes and stared at her with a clear gaze.


After they stared at each other for a while, they started cursing at the same time.






Immediately after though, Yu Ru Meng stomped her foot on the ground and said, “Husband, she cursed me!”


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai lowered his gaze and nodded gently, “En, I heard.”


Upon finishing his words, he gazed at Bei Li Mo as a thought flashed across his mind.


In an instant, the colour drained from Bei Li Mo’s alluring face as she grunted and shivered; however, she was no ordinary woman, despite feeling excruciating pain, she gritted her teeth to made sure not to make another sound. As she glowered at Yang Kai, her gaze was filled with resentment and rage.


Yu Ru Meng clapped her hands joyfully, “You get what you deserve!”


At the same time, she gave Yang Kai a hint with her gaze to tell him to stop. Although she enjoyed seeing Bei Li Mo squirm with Yang Kai’s help, she knew not to cross the line. Bei Li Mo was a Demon Saint after all, so they couldn’t be too harsh on her.


Just then, the heavy door of the palace creaked open and revealed a gap as Chang Tian’s voice could be heard coming from inside, “It is my honour to have you here, Sister Ru Meng. Please come in and have a chat with me.”


Upon hearing that, Yu Ru Meng put on a smile and straightened up before casually strolling into the palace, looking every bit like she had just won a great victory.


After she stepped into the palace, the door slowly closed again.


Bei Li Mo had no time to vent out her anger on Yang Kai, so she glared at him and said, “Just you wait. I’ll settle accounts with you one day!”


Then, she quickly rushed towards the door and landed a slap on it, causing the door to stop closing as she bellowed, “How dare you shut me out? I’m coming in as well!”


The discussion had something to do with her future, so she had to take part in it. She was worried that Chang Tian and Yu Ru Meng would come to an agreement without her knowledge. Certainly, the door couldn’t take her strike, so as it paused for a moment, she snuck in.


Yang Kai cleared his throat and tried to enter the palace as well; however, before he even went near the door, he felt a gentle force blocking his way, causing him to be unable to move forward.


Seeing that, he was dumbfounded for a moment but he soon realised that Chang Tian didn’t want him to be involved in this discussion.


Left with no choice, he stepped back and waited silently outside the palace. After giving it a thought, he released Zhui Feng from the Small Sealed World.


There was no doubt that Zhui Feng was happy to have returned to Hundred Spirits Continent, so after running around Yang Kai for a while, he shot off in a particular direction and disappeared. Yang Kai knew that he must have left to look for his wives.


A moment later, Hei Lian and Bai Lian flew towards Yang Kai. Upon landing on the ground, Hei Lian asked, “Have you seen Holy Venerable Bei Li Mo? Has she come to this place?”


They had received Chang Tian’s order to accompany Bei Li Mo to tour around Hundred Spirits Continent. Just now, Bei Li Mo suddenly rushed back to the palace. Their speed was much slower than hers, which was why it wasn’t until now that they reached here.


Yang Kai motioned towards the palace before crossing his hands behind his back. Turning around, he swept his gaze over the scenery and said lightly, “This place sure is great.”


Hei Lian and Bai Lian traded glances as they had no idea why he made such a remark all of a sudden.




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    1. Think of it as sisters who have had a rivalry all their life… you can be 70 and still fight with them. Same diff. Those at the top are more like relatives vs. strangers… relatives that fight over territory. hah

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