Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3586, Let’s Start


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Two Demon Saints and one man who held the same status as a Demon Saint had entered the hall, and it wasn’t certain how long their discussion would last. With nothing else to do, Yang Kai decided to ask Hei Lian and Bai Lian about the situation on Hundred Spirits Continent.


Although he had been to this place before, and had even stayed here for some time, he still wasn’t familiar with the current affairs of the continent.


If Chang Tian really agreed to let Yang Kai devour the entire Hundred Spirits Continent, all the forces in the continent would become the latter’s power. With such a huge responsibility to take up, Yang Kai had to learn more about the continent.


It wasn’t a secret anyway, and Hei Lian and Bai Lian knew that Chang Tian was fond of Yang Kai, so they did not hide anything from him.


In Hundred Spirits Continent, apart from Chang Tian, who was undoubtedly the strongest, there were nine Half-Saints. They included Hei Lian and Bai Lian, whom Yang Kai was familiar with, Xiong Shi, Zhui Feng, and Du Yu, whom Yang Kai had met once. However, these Half-Saints had their own territories in the continent, and they rarely showed up. That was why Yang Kai hadn’t met all of them even though he had spent a few months here. Hei Lian, Bai Lian, and Xiong Shi worked closely with Chang Tian, so Yang Kai had seen them pretty frequently.


Besides these Half-Saints, there were more than a thousand Demon Kings in Hundred Spirits Continent. Upon learning the number, Yang Kai was shocked as the number was indeed inconceivable. There were only a few more than a hundred Demon Kings in Cloud Shadow Continent. Of course, many Demon Kings had been ordered to join the war between the two Great Worlds; however, even at the peak of its power, there were still fewer than three hundred Demon Kings in Cloud Shadow Continent.


With more than a thousand Demon Kings, Hundred Spirits Continent probably had the highest number of Demon Kings of any continent in the entire Demon Realm.


All in all, the collective power of Chang Tian’s subordinates was weaker than that of other Demon Saints. Nevertheless, since he only had Hundred Spirits Continent, his forces were far more centralised.


As they chatted, Hei Lian suddenly asked, “Is something major going to happen?”


“Why do you ask?” Yang Kai questioned.


Hei Lian took a look at the hall, “Two Holy Venerables have arrived at this place at the same time, which is unprecedented.”


Normally, Demon Saints wouldn’t come to Hundred Spirits Continent. Hei Lian and Bai Lian were already shocked when Yu Ru Meng came over previously. They had never expected that Bei Li Mo would also arrive at this place this time. As Half-Saints, they were not fools, so they understood that something major must be going on.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “You’re right, but if you want to know the details, you can ask Senior Chang Tian later. It’s inappropriate for me to tell you.” It wasn’t certain what the outcome of the discussion would be. If they didn’t come to an agreement, Yang Kai would be embarrassing himself if he told the sisters about his plan.


Upon hearing that, Bai Lian shot him a glare as she hated people who were deliberately trying to act mysterious. Her gaze was so sharp that it was as though it could pierce through Yang Kai’s body.


On the other hand, Yang Kai flat-out ignored her.


Right then, the heavy door opened again in a slow manner. All three of them turned around, only to see Bei Li Mo stepping out of the palace with an emotionless face as her clothes flapped in the wind.


Following that, Yu Ru Meng walked out as well, then she gave Yang Kai an almost imperceptible nod.


Yang Kai was elated upon seeing that as he knew that they must have come to an agreement.


Lastly, Chang Tian appeared, but he was standing behind the gap at the moment. Then, he extended his hands and slowly opened the door further. It wasn’t certain what the door was made of, but it was obviously extremely weighty. As the door opened, a creaking sound could be heard.


However, though he was just pushing a door, Hei Lian and Bai Lian felt as if Chang Tian was pushing on their hearts. As the door was pushed open, the eyes of the sisters increasingly widened, as though they were witnessing something unbelievable.


Eventually, the doors opened fully. The sisters covered their mouths as their eyes trembled.


Yang Kai turned to look at them with a curious expression as he had no idea why they were so agitated when Chang Tian had just opened a door.


Right then, Yu Ru Meng explained in a small voice, “In the past, Chang Tian fought many great battles against the Demon Saints all across the Demon Realm, acting in an extremely bold and arrogant manner. In the end, he was defeated by the Demon Saints, who had joined forces to suppress him. Left with no choice, he returned to Hundred Spirits Continent. Since then, these doors have never been completely opened. To him, this half-open door is both a motivation to overcome and a reminder of his humiliation. He once said that he would only open this door once he was able to again crusade out of Hundred Spirits Continent. That’s the reason they’re so shocked.”


Upon hearing this, Yang Kai finally understood what was happening. Chang Tian’s move signalled that Hundred Spirits Continent would be stepping into the limelight again. It was no wonder that Hei Lian and Bai Lian were so excited.


With a whoosh, the sisters approached Chang Tian and fell on one knee as they hung their heads low. In a shaking voice, Hei Lian uttered, “Sir! As soon as you give the order, the billions of soldiers of Hundred Spirits Continent will follow you without fear of difficulties or death!”


“Please give the order, Sir!” Bai Lian also lifted her head and spoke, her gaze beaming with excitement.


Chang Tian put on a smile, “Tell them to come. I have something to tell them.” He did not specify who he wanted to meet, but it was understood that only Half-Saints had the right to see him.


“Yes,” the sisters replied and turned around before swiftly departing.


It would take the Lotus Sisters some time to gather the people together, but since they were all top Masters, a little time meant nothing to them.


Having made up his mind, Chang Tian appeared completely at ease. Then, he waved his hand, after which a table appeared on the ground. He also fished out a teapot and a jar of spring water in order to personally boil some tea.


Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng stood closely to each other as they secretly talked to one another using their Divine Sense. Off to the side, Bei Li Mo watched them with a cold gaze as she parted her lips to curse them in silence. The main reason she had come all the way to this place was to find out whether Yang Kai was indeed going to devour Hundred Spirits Continent. If that was the case, it meant that all routs of escape for Chang Tian would be cut off, and it would be too late for her to go back on her word as well.


Soon, the aroma of the tea permeated the air. Chang Tian invited them to have a seat as they enjoyed some tea and waited for the others to arrive.


Half a day later, the first Half-Saint arrived. Upon seeing Yu Ru Meng and Bei Li Mo, he was startled for a moment, but he soon pulled himself together and saluted them.


Chang Tian spoke to him via Divine Sense and the Half-Saint appeared shocked, but he soon turned around and left without asking any questions.


More and more Half-Saints rushed over as time passed, and after meeting Chang Tian, they hurriedly left the place as well.


It was then Yang Kai realised Chang Tian’s intentions. It would be very turbulent once he began devouring Hundred Spirits Continent. If the Half-Saints were not informed earlier, there might be some unrest. After Chang Tian told them about it in advance, the Half-Saints could go back to make some preparations, and potential trouble could be prevented.


Two days later, the last Half-Saint finally reached the palace, and after receiving Chang Tian’s order, he quickly flew away.


They went on to wait for two days more before Chang Tian rose from the chair and gazed at Yang Kai, “Let’s start.”


Yang Kai nodded gently. He had been idling for a long time now and couldn’t wait to get started. He could only set his mind at ease after making sure that Chang Tian would be on the same boat as him. If it weren’t because Chang Tian had to inform the Half-Saints, Yang Kai would have begun a long time ago.


After that, he leapt into the sky and flipped his hand over to summon the Sealed World Bead. Pushing his Demon Qi, a thought flashed across his mind. Then, with a loud pop, the Sealed World Bead suddenly turned into a gigantic, rounded creature. At that instant, space in Hundred Spirits Continent fluctuated as many Void Cracks opened up in the sky.


Hei Lian and Bai Lian exclaimed as their faces had been transformed by shock. Although they were experienced and knowledgeable, they had no idea what this huge thing was and why it was able to shake the whole continent.


Yang Kai pointed his finger at Gun-Gun, after which it fell and opened its humongous mouth to take a bite out of Hundred Spirits Continent. As a rumbling sound was heard, the places which were bitten turned into nothingness wherever Gun-Gun passed. All things, both dead and alive, were devoured by it along the way.


The faces of Hei Lian and Bai Lian had turned ashen as they had never seen such a horrifying sight or even heard about anything like it before. They couldn’t help but turn their heads to shoot inquisitive gazes at Chang Tian.


At this moment, Chang Tian was astounded as well. Previously, when Yang Kai devoured Heavenly Martial Continent, Chang Tian witnessed the entire process from inside the Small Sealed World. However, the sight appeared even more shocking when he was observing it from the outside.


Besides him, Yu Ru Meng appeared solemn as well because it was the first time she saw such a thing.


On the other hand, Bei Li Mo, who had experienced it once, looked calm and collected. Nevertheless, she could barely conceal the astonishment behind her gaze.


In just a short moment, an enormous void had been formed in the continent. An area of millions of square kilometres had turned into nihility, and Void Turbulence could now be seen, giving off a dangerous feeling.


“Both of you, go inside now and calm them down. Tell them not to be anxious,” Chang Tian suddenly turned his head and spoke to Hei Lian and Bai Lian.


Upon hearing that, the Lotus Sisters nodded, and without any hesitation, they were about to rush over.


“There’s no need for so much trouble.” Yang Kai suddenly stopped them and extended his hands, “I’ll send both of you in.”


The sisters traded glances before tacitly placing their hands on the man’s palms.


“Don’t resist,” Yang Kai said, and with a thought, Hei Lian and Bai Lian disappeared from the spot.


“I’ll go in to have a look as well,” Yu Ru Meng said.


She had heard a lot about the Sealed World Bead from Yang Kai, including how it was able to devour the continents to strengthen its own Principles and create a new Demon Realm. However, she had yet to see it with her own eyes, which was why she was curious.


Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t reject his woman’s request, so he sent her in as well.


On the peak of a certain mountain inside the Small Sealed World, Huo Lun was standing in front of his log house. As he looked up at the crack in the sky, he slowly shook his head.


He had witnessed such a sight many times before, so he was no longer as astonished as the first time. Now, he was totally used to it as he knew that a continent was being devoured at the moment.


After the last continent was devoured, he had even gone over to have a chat with the newly arrived Demons and learned that they were from Heavenly Martial Continent. He wondered which continent it was that was being devoured now.


All of a sudden, a figure appeared before his eyes. Huo Lun, who was staring fixedly at the sky, was flabbergasted as he leapt backwards and bellowed, “Who goes there?”


Yu Ru Meng took a look at him and realised that he was just a Low-Rank Demon King, so she looked away and began scanning the surroundings. Seeing that Hei Lian and Bai Lian were not around, she knew that Yang Kai must have sent them somewhere else.


The Lotus Sisters had to calm their people down, but she had no such obligations.




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