Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3588, A New Neighbour


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Devouring the entire Demon Realm was a long and gradual process. Besides the time needed to devour the continents, it also wasn’t easy to deal with the Demon Saints. Since Yang Kai wanted to swallow up their territories, it was expected that they would resist.


However, the transformation the Sealed World Bead had gone through allowed Yang Kai to dream big. Perhaps Gun-Gun would be able to gulp down a continent in one go in the future. When that happened, it wouldn’t matter anymore whether those Demon Saints would agree to Yang Kai’s plan, he would just have to bring Gun-Gun to their territories and release it, after which a continent would disappear in an instant. Then, he would just head to another continent and do the same.


After all of Bei Li Mo’s territories had been devoured, it was time to move on to Yu Ru Meng’s.


Starting from Cloud Shadow Continent, he then went on to swallow Blue Plains Continent, Phantom Continent, Flying Clouds Continent, and so on. Just like how he had done it in the past, the continents disappeared from the Demon Realm one by one as the territory inside the Small Sealed World expanded and its World Principles grew.


Inside the Small Sealed World, in a log house on the peak of a nameless mountain, Huo Lun was circulating his Secret Art as the Demon Qi around him fluctuated. A gurgling sound could be heard coming from his stomach as he had just swallowed a Myriad Demon Pill and was trying to refine it. The power that the pill contained was immense. He was just a Low-Rank Demon King, so it would take him a few months before he could refine it completely.


Initially, he wasn’t in the mood to cultivate. This world was strange as a crack would appear in the sky from time to time, and the broken pieces of continents would emerge from within, which initially made him feel nervous. Furthermore, there seemed to be an invisible pair of shackles in this world that restricted him in all kinds of ways, which caused him to feel frustrated. He also could no longer use his full power. The most he could use had to be within the limits of what the Principles this world could tolerate.


Hence, it was pointless to cultivate in such a world. Even if he managed to grow to become a Mid-Rank or even a High-Rank Demon King, he could only exert as much power as Demon General.


However, since he started witnessing the transformation that this world was going through, he had stopped feeling disconsolate and become cheerful again. Although the Principles in this world were still abysmal, they were continuously improving. Also, from what he overheard of the conversation between Yang Kai, Chang Tian, and Bei Li Mo previously, he learned about the future plans for this world, which reignited his passion for cultivation.


Even as a Low-Rank Demon King, his cultivation hadn’t reached the peak of his current realm; hence, he decided to keep cultivating until he felt the bottleneck. Then, after the World Principles became good enough to allow a Mid-Rank Demon King to rise here, he could immediately achieve a breakthrough.


All cultivators sought greater heights in the Martial Dao, whether they were Humans or Demons made no difference. Absolute power was the goal that every cultivator strived to achieve.


While Huo Lun was greedily trying to refine the Myriad Demon Pill’s medicinal efficacies, he suddenly frowned and put on a helpless expression. It couldn’t be helped, as he could sense that someone was approaching.


He could be considered the first resident of this expanded territory of the Small Sealed World. Initially, he was extremely lonely, but the world had become quite bustling since Yang Kai started devouring continents with living inhabitants. Although the territory expanded continuously, many Demons were curious about the new world they were in, so upon making sure that they were safe, they started moving around to explore.


Over the past few months, many people had visited this nameless mountain. Normally, they would only look around for a while and then leave. Of course, some of them were curious when they saw that Huo Lun resided here, so they would have a chat with him.


Initially, Huo Lun was hospitable to these people. Given the fact that he was the first resident of this world, he didn’t mind exchanging views with those visitors. However, as time passed, he became sick of it all. After he decided to continue cultivating to become a Mid-Rank Demon King, he set up a barrier around his log house so that no one could disturb him.


However, at this moment, someone was approaching and triggering the barrier, which was why he could sense it.


Nevertheless, he decided to ignore that person as a Myriad Demon Pill was extremely precious. Although he had obtained more than a thousand such pills, he did not want to waste any of them. If he stopped refining it at this point, the medicinal efficacies of the pill wouldn’t exactly go to waste, but the effect would be reduced.


Although he remained unfazed, this particular visitor seemed quite interested in his log house. After the person circled around the log house for a while, the barrier actually suddenly broke apart.


Huo Lun’s brow twitched as he became enraged and finally jumped to his feet. After pushing the door open, he snarled, “Who dares…”


All of a sudden though, he stopped speaking and stared fixedly at the front.


That was because there was a frail and helpless-looking woman with a pale face standing over there.


He suddenly did not have the heart to scold her because she was strikingly beautiful. When their eyes met, he felt his rage vanish in an instant. The woman’s expression was that of a child who had made a mistake, which made it difficult for him to curse at her. Although he’d decided not to scold her, he was still quite frustrated. He had arranged a barrier around his house, so anyone who had eyes to see should understand that the house owner did not welcome guests.


[What is wrong with this woman? Not only did she not leave, but she had also broken the barrier so quickly!]


Hence, it was apparent that the woman’s ability, cultivation, or both were much higher than his, but he wasn’t afraid of her.


He was someone who had met two Demon Saints, who treated him with a level of cordiality, so he wasn’t afraid of facing anyone in the Demon Realm anymore. Furthermore, in this strange world, there was a limit to everyone’s power because of the restriction from the World Principles. Basically, they were all brought down to the same level, so it was hard to tell who the winner would be if a fight broke out.


With displeasure written all over his face, he said, “What’s wrong with you? Why did you break this King’s barrier?”


The woman’s pale face started reddening as she quickly apologised to him, “I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to. I just wanted to find out what this barrier was all about, but I accidentally shattered it.”


The veins on Huo Lun’s forehead throbbed when he heard that she had done it ‘accidentally’. If it weren’t because the woman appeared sincere, he would have thought that she was provoking him and mocking him for arranging such a sloppy array.


As he stared fixedly at her and made sure that she really didn’t intend to mock him, Huo Lun’s expression became somewhat milder and he said in a softer voice, “Are you new here?”


“What?” The woman tilted her head with a puzzled expression.


Huo Lun said impatiently, “I’m asking whether you’ve just come in from the outside world!”


He felt exhausted by just talking to her. If it wasn’t for her being so beautiful, he would have outright ignored her. He would rather spend the time refining the medicinal efficacies of Myriad Demon Pill.


Upon understanding what he meant, the woman replied, “I’ve been here for half a month now.”


“Heh…” Huo Lun quickly put on an expression which suggested that he was more experienced than she was, “This world is different from the outside world that you lived in. I’m sure you haven’t gotten used to it since you’ve only been here for half a month, but let me tell you this; it took me half a year to get used to this place after I first arrived…”


As he jabbered on and on, the woman did not show any signs of impatience; instead, she appeared intrigued and even asked him some questions.


Huo Lun slowly became fond of her and thought that apart from the fact that she was a little muddle-headed, everything about this beautiful woman was quite good.


Perhaps he had realised that he was being long-winded, so after wrapping up his story about his experience of living in this world, he changed the topic by asking, “Which continent are you from?”


The beautiful woman remained silent for a moment before replying in a hushed voice, “I’m from Cloud Shadow Continent.”


“Cloud Shadow Continent? Oh, I know of it. It’s one of the continents that belongs to Holy Venerable Yu Ru Meng.” Huo Lun nodded repeatedly as he wanted to show her that he was knowledgeable. In fact, he had just met Yu Ru Meng some time ago, so he immediately recalled it when the beautiful woman mentioned Cloud Shadow Continent. Then, he asked, “What Clan are you from?”


However, the woman shook her head without replying to him.


Huo Lun didn’t mind it as this wasn’t important, and he didn’t want to force her since she wasn’t willing to talk about it.


“By the way, is this mountain yours?” She suddenly asked.


Huo Lun guffawed upon hearing that, “There’s an owner of this place, but it’s not me. I’m just a tenant. The real owner of this place is…”


The woman suddenly pointed in a particular direction and interrupted him, “Can I stay over there?”


He was slightly displeased as he was cut off, but after he looked in the direction she pointed, his gaze brightened, “You want to be neighbours?”


Initially, this nameless mountain where he resided was but a small hill, but as the Small Sealed World consumed more continents, this place had become a much taller and grander. Presently, there were three peaks within a radius of a hundred kilometres around this area, and the three peaks were arrayed in the form of a triangle. In the middle of the peaks was a valley where some wildflowers had grown, and there was even a clean lake. However, the scenery was still somewhat lacklustre.


The peak the beautiful woman pointed at was one of the three peaks.


Upon seeing Huo Lun’s reaction, she hung her head low and said, “Forget it if it’s inconvenient for you. I’ll just look for a different place.”


Although the territory in the Small Sealed World was large, the different lands were still being remoulded and integrated, so there were not many places that were suitable for living at this point. She had wandered around for half a month and finally found a place that seemed suitable to settle down. If not, she wouldn’t have destroyed Huo Lun’s barrier.


Huo Lun guffawed, “It’s not an inconvenience for me. I’m more than willing to have a beautiful woman like you be my neighbour. Do as you please. There are two peaks over there, so you can choose whichever you want. You can even take them both if you’d like.”


The woman put on a bashful smile, “I’ll just take one. Sorry for disturbing you.”


Upon finishing her words, she turned around and left.


Huo Lun shouted from behind her, “This King is Huo Lun. What’s your name?”


The woman stopped in her tracks and said lightly, “Li Shi Qing.”


As he watched her leave, he stroked his chin and frowned, “Li Shi Qing…”


There was no doubt that it was a beautiful name, but there was something off about it as it sounded somewhat foreign and exotic. After shaking his head, Huo Lun returned to his own room and took a seat with his legs crossed, resuming his refinement of the medicinal efficacies of the Myriad Demon Pill.


He was in a good mood because he had an alluring neighbour all of a sudden, so he no longer minded the fact that he was disrupted earlier. He had more than a thousand Myriad Demon Pills anyway, so it wouldn’t matter if he wasted a bit of the medicinal efficacies of one of them.





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  1. Frail, why is she frail? Maybe she’s run out of the pills yang kai gave her. Wonder if he remembers she’s there? He can easily send her to the other side so she doesn’t have to be in the demon realm and constantly have to protect herself.
    Shouldn’t have attacked the mc

    1. i was wondering why YK sent her to the demon side aswell, cause now that yu ru meng knows that he was lying to her about what side he was on i dont really see a reason as to why he sen li shi qing to the demon area and not to the one thats similar to the star boundary

    2. Well, she was in a very frail state of mind, and in environment this hostile that would reflect poorly on body. Not to mention that by demon standards humans tend to count on the frail side from the get go.

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