Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3589, You’re Only Allowed to Enter but Not Leave


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The nameless mountain had become livelier with a new resident. When Huo Lun paused his cultivation, he could see Li Shi Qing bustling about the peak to his left. Since she settled down, she had to build a house there. Fortunately, there were trees on the peak, so it wasn’t hard for her to build a house.


In just a few days, a cabin had taken shape. The distance between the two peaks was only several dozen kilometres, so given Huo Lun’s sharp vision, he could clearly see what was going on over there.


Compared to the exquisite cabin, his crude log house looked somewhat shabby, which gave him the urge to demolish his house and build a new one. However, that remained a thought as he didn’t mind living in an ugly house as long as there was a roof over his head.


Since her new house had been built, he intended to go over and congratulate her; however, after giving it a thought, he realised that it was inappropriate for him to visit a woman’s house all of a sudden. If he really did that, it might cause some misunderstandings. Since they were now neighbours, they would definitely come into contact with each other in the future, so he decided against going over now.


On the other hand, Li Shi Qing seemed to have sensed his gaze as she turned around and nodded at him.


Since his beautiful neighbour had moved in to live on the adjacent peak, the nameless mountain seemed to become different every few days.


When Huo Lun left his house for the second time since Li Shi Qing moved in, he subconsciously took a look at the adjacent peak, then he rubbed his eyes as he almost couldn’t recognise it. The peak over there was now covered in lush trees and flowers with numerous birds chirping happily. The view was simply stunning.


A few days later, the valley, which was in the middle of the three peaks, became different as well. In the valley, there were many new plants that Huo Lun didn’t even know the names of. Standing in front of his log house, he could even catch a whiff of the fragrance coming from the flowers.


[She’s a woman who loves flowers!] Huo Lun thought. However, since this was her interest, he wasn’t in any position to say anything. Furthermore, after the makeover by this neighbour, the nameless mountain had indeed become more beautiful and liveable.


Several days later, Huo Lun was stunned once again after he left the house. That was because he realised that there were new flowers on his own peak, which made the place look brighter and more pleasant.


Lifting his head, he realised that there was an alluring woman who was busying herself on the peak that no one resided on. Seeing this, he put on a helpless smile.


Half a month later, when he was cultivating in his own house, he was shocked to hear the sounds of a scuffle. The noises came from a place that was near his house, so he could tell that it had to be in the mountain valley. Also, the voice of a woman shouting sounded familiar to him.


It was none other than his new neighbour, Li Shi Qing!


Upon that realisation, Huo Lun stood up straight and opened the door before gazing at the valley, only to see two figures flying around the valley as they were locked in an intense battle. At this moment, the originally beautiful valley had turned into a mess, and all the flowers, which he had no idea the names of, had been smashed.


Just like what he had expected, his new neighbour had gotten into a fight with someone. The person she was battling against was a burly, muscular, and ferocious-looking man. He seemed to be a Strength Demon.


It was apparent that both his new neighbour and the Strength Demon had incredible cultivation. At the very least, they were more powerful than he was; however, due to the restriction of the World Principles, they could not use their full strength. The force they had showcased was that of Origin Kings at best.


However, although their powers had been brought down to the same level, Li Shi Qing was still not a match for the Strength Demon. This couldn’t be helped, as Strength Demons possessed extremely physical strength. Since they were both brought down to the level of Origin Kings, the Strength Demon could gain the upper hand thanks to his superior physique.


Soon enough, Huo Lun realised that his neighbour was in a disadvantageous position. Although she was dexterously dodging the Strength Demon’s attacks with her Movement Skill, it was apparent that she was in a perilous situation. On the other hand, the Strength Demon’s gaze appeared lustful as he snickered. Although his attacks seemed to be clumsy and simple, every strike contained a horrifying amount of power.


The corners of Huo Lun’s eyes twitched as he wasn’t sure whether he should stay clear of it or rush over to help his neighbour.


In fact, aside from their first meeting, he had barely spoken a word to her, so they couldn’t even be considered friends. Even if he decided not to help her, no one had the right to blame him; however, judging from the lewd smile on the Strength Demon’s face, he knew that if his neighbour lost this battle, she would end up in a miserable state. She would go through an ordeal that was worse than death.


Right then, he caught a glimpse of something red from the corner of his eye. Turning his head, he realised that the flowers that Li Shi Qing had planted some time ago on his peak had bloomed into bright red blossoms as they swayed in the wind, exuding an energising fragrance.


“Damn it!” Huo Lun grumbled through gritted teeth, he hesitated no more, pushed his Demon Qi, and leapt into the valley.


Right after he made a move, he saw a blood cloud shooting towards the battlefield from the opposite side. The blood cloud looked ferocious, and flames could be seen burning around it.


[He’s got a helper?] Huo Lun was flabbergasted as he pushed his Demon Qi harder to increase his speed. At the same time, he summoned out a pair of axes and shouted, “Watch out!”


He was giving Li Shi Qing a warning.


In the valley, Li Shi Qing, who was in an intense battle against the Strength Demon, was clearly on the backfoot, so upon noticing the approaching blood cloud, she couldn’t help but look despondent. She was planting flowers in the valley just now, but a Strength Demon suddenly descended from the sky and harassed her before they got into a fight, so it was apparent what his motive was.


Still, Li Shi Qing was the Disciple of Flower Shadow Great Emperor, so although her personality appeared delicate and even a bit weak, she wouldn’t wait for death once the other party had made a move. There was no doubt that this Strength Demon was a High-Rank Demon King, but he too was restricted by the ambient World Principles and couldn’t use his full power, so he could only showcase the strength of a Demon General. Nevertheless, with his vast combat experience and superior physique, he was able to gain the upper hand against Li Shi Qing not long after they began fighting.


Hence, it was understandable how frustrated Li Shi Qing felt when a Blood Demon appeared out of nowhere. She decided that if there was really no way out for her, she would use the Flower Burying Secret Technique to kill herself so that she wouldn’t stain her Sect’s honour.


At the most critical moment, the blood cloud had already reached the battlefield while Huo Lun was still ten kilometres away. His Demon Qi could be seen swirling around the axes in his hands as he yelled and hastened his pace, wishing he could grow a pair of wings to propel him forward faster.


The beautiful woman was a good neighbour who had planted a lot of flowers in front of his house. No one had ever treated him so well before. When he saw the budding flowers a few days ago, he was truly touched. Certainly, he wouldn’t have the heart to see his neighbour suffer.


While he was grinding his teeth in frustration though, the blood cloud had already joined the battle.


“Huh?” Huo Lun exclaimed as he widened his eyes to stare forward in shock. That was because the blood cloud did not harm his neighbour and instead directly pounced on the Strength Demon.


Certainly, the Strength Demon had been alerted when he saw the blood cloud approaching; however, the blood cloud moved too swiftly for him to react. Blood Demons were the fastest in the entire Demon Realm, so before the Strength Demon could respond, he was hit by the blood cloud.


Following that, he was engulfed in the cloud, and then the noises of an intense battle could be heard.


The next moment, the blood cloud disappeared as a brave and heroic figure landed on a spot in front of Li Shi Qing. The towering figure seemed like a mountain, capable of weathering wind and rain for her. On the other hand, the Strength Demon was forced to step backwards as he looked coldly at the front.


Standing behind the Blood Demon, Li Shi Qing was startled as she found the figure was reminiscent of another she knew. In fact, if it weren’t because she was certain that he was a Blood Demon, she would have thought that Yang Kai had arrived.


However, only Blood Demons were able to use such Blood Secret Techniques, so the person in front of her was definitely not Yang Kai. Furthermore, Yang Kai was supposed to be busy devouring the continents in the Demon Realm, so he wouldn’t have the time to come here.


“Are you alright?” The man asked in a low, masculine voice.


Knowing that he was talking to her, Li Shi Qing nodded and replied gently, “I’m fine.”


At this moment, Huo Lun finally arrived. He appeared imposing with two axes that were half as tall as an ordinary Human. After landing on the ground, he took a look at the Blood Demon before shifting his attention to Li Shi Qing. Then, he asked, “Are you alright?”


Li Shi Qing shook her head and replied in a soft voice, “I’m fine.”


Huo Lun bowed his head, “That’s good.”


He then took a glance at the Blood Demon. Although he didn’t know who the Blood Demon was, he still nodded at him in a friendly manner to greet him.


There were rarely any righteous people in the Demon Race; nevertheless, beautiful women were born with some advantages. Huo Lun believed that it was her beauty that prompted this Blood Demon to save her. Whatever the case, the Blood Demon could at least be temporarily counted as an ally.


With three people going against one, there was no doubt about who would lose the battle since all of them could only use power equivalent to that of a Demon General. If the Strength Demon persisted, he would only embarrass himself. Hence, after darting his gaze between Huo Lun and the Blood Demon, he snorted and moved floated backwards.


“You want to leave just like this?” The Blood Demon sneered, “Where do you think this place is?”


After he finished speaking, a Blood Sea expanded and shot forward. In an instant, the lively and colourful valley seemed to have been dyed red.


Huo Lun could not have expected this to happen and now thought that there was some kind of blood feud between the Blood Demon and the Strength Demon. Otherwise, why would the Blood Demon stop him from leaving? It was apparent that the Strength Demon wasn’t easy to deal with, so it was good enough that they were able to force him to retreat. It would cross the line if the Blood Demon wanted to kill him.


While he was in his thoughts, the Blood Demon suddenly turned to look at him and asked, “Actually, where are we?”


Huo Lun had no idea about where they were now as this place had no name, but before he could collect himself and respond, a meek voice could be heard saying, “Myriad Flowers Valley.”


[This place is called Myriad Flowers Valley? Why didn’t I know?] Huo Lun was dumbfounded as he had never expected that his neighbour had actually named the trio of mountains. Regardless, he was fine with the name as it sounded pleasant enough.


So after a nod, he said, “That’s right. This is Myriad Flowers Valley!”


The Blood Demon then put on a sneer as his Demon Qi felt horrifying, “You’re only allowed to enter Myriad Flowers Valley, but not leave. Stay behind!”


[Why didn’t I know that there’s such a rule here when I’m the first resident of this place!?] Huo Lun’s brow twitched.




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