Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3590, Mo Sheng


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One hour later, the Blood Sea that had engulfed the entire Myriad Flowers Valley disappeared and revealed three figures. They were Li Shi Qing, Huo Lun, and the Blood Demon whom they had just met.


As for the burly Strength Demon, he had vanished completely. The outcome had already been predetermined when it became three against one. When traversing the Martial Dao, bloody battles were inevitable, and life or death could be determined in the blink of an eye.


It had to be said that the Strength Demon was truly powerful with extraordinary methods. If any of them were to have a one-on-one fight, none of these three were a match for him. After the battle, the Blood Demon and Huo Lun had some new wounds on their bodies. Li Shi Qing was fine, but her face had turned quite pale. Apparently, she had expended a lot of energy.


After the life-or-death battle, an invisible bond had been formed between the trio. Li Shi Qing thanked them because she was the reason behind this battle. Huo Lun and the Blood Demon had come to her rescue, so she had to properly thank them.


Upon hearing that she called him ‘Big Brother Huo’, Huo Lun felt somewhat awkward, but he was still happy and gladly accepted it.


The Blood Demon was a forthright person as he waved his hands and said, “You don’t have to thank me. I just cannot bear to see a man bullying a woman. If you really want to thank me, just give me some wine. Do you have any?”


“I do!” Li Shi Qing quickly nodded. Although she didn’t really drink, she had some self-made wine in her Space Ring that was brewed from flowers. The wine was aromatic and mellow. Since they had saved her life, she decided to invite them to her peak to express her gratitude.


While Huo Lun appeared hesitant, the Blood Demon agreed to it without having the intention to reject her.


Seeing as the other man was so forthright, Huo Lun thought he appeared a little petty; hence, he decided to go with them as well.


Atop the peak, a table and some chairs had been placed in front of the cabin. Li Shi Qing personally made some dishes and fished out a few jars of flower wine to serve her saviours.


There was no meat as the food was all made from various plants. Moreover, the dishes seemed to be made from strange flowers. Nevertheless, Li Shi Qing was skilful at cooking, so these flower dishes were able to get the Blood Demon and Huo Lun hooked. Huo Lun even kept complimenting her cooking skills.


After drinking for a while, Huo Lun and the Blood Demon had become tipsy. Li Shi Qing had drunk a few sips of the wine as well, so her blemish-free face had slightly reddened, which made her look even more attractive.


After the battle earlier, they could be considered friends, and with the help of the wine, they gradually became familiar with each other. Li Shi Qing and Huo Lun told the Blood Demon their names, then they stared at him.


The Blood Demon gulped down a mouthful of wine and said straightforwardly, “Mo Sheng!”


A shocked Huo Lun stood up straight and widened his eyes in disbelief, “Are you a Demon Saint?”


The Blood Demon guffawed as he seemed to have expected it. Then, he told Huo Lun it was just his name, after which the latter heaved a sigh of relief and sat down with a helpless smile. Nevertheless, he was still reeling from the shock.


Mo Sheng came from a continent that was under Bei Li Mo. Yang Kai had devoured all of Bei Li Mo’s territories, which was why those Demons had entered the Small Sealed World.


The name Mo Sheng sounded similar to that of one of the Demon Saints, so he was often mistaken for him when he introduced himself. Huo Lun wondered how this man had survived until this day. If he had such a name, he would have been killed by now.


“Sister Li, you’re not a Demon, right?” Mo Sheng took a sip of the wine and suddenly asked.


Huo Lun was about to drink some wine from his cup when he heard this, so he halted and turned to look at her. Previously, he didn’t notice what was special about his beautiful neighbour despite feeling that her name sounded somewhat exotic. However, during the battle earlier, he realised that she didn’t exude any Demon Qi, nor did she use Demon Qi to attack. The power she had showcased seemed to be that of those from the Star Boundary.


However, he had never been to Star Boundary, nor had he joined the Two Worlds’ Great War, so he couldn’t be certain.


On the other hand, Mo Sheng asked the question in his usual straightforward manner.


Li Shi Qing pressed her lips together and took a look at him. She realised that he seemed to have just randomly asked the question, and he appeared frank. Since he didn’t mean to pry, and it wasn’t a secret anyway, she nodded and replied, “I’m Human.”


“You’re Human?” Huo Lun was stunned as this beautiful neighbour was really from the Star Boundary, which was the only place where Humans existed.


Mo Sheng seemed to have expected it, so he didn’t appear surprised, “I’ve heard that Holy Venerable Yu Ru Meng has a Human subordinate called Yang Kai. He’s favoured by the Holy Venerable quite heavily. Do you know him?”


Li Shi Qing replied dispassionately, “I do.”


Mo Sheng seemed to be interested in finding more about Yang Kai, so he became energised and asked, “I’ve heard that he joined the battle on Eternal Sky Continent and seized the Great World’s Will from a Great Emperor. Is that true?”


“What battle on Eternal Sky Continent?” Huo Lun was puzzled. After the battle on Eternal Sky Continent, Yang Kai fled to Cloud Shadow Continent. On his way there, he captured Huo Lun and made use of him to pass through the Territory Gates, so the latter wasn’t aware of the incident.


“Brother Huo, do you not know about that great battle?” Mo Sheng looked at him with a stunned expression.


Huo Lun shook his head.


Mo Sheng then went on to tell him the details of the battle on Eternal Sky Continent. In fact, everything he knew was hearsay as he wasn’t there personally; however, the war had been a hot topic in the Demon Realm, so it was hard to believe that anyone wasn’t aware of it.


Huo Lun’s jaw almost dropped to the floor as he listened to this narration, and he kept gulping hard.


[The Great World’s Will… it is indeed incredible. I can’t believe that the person who created this world is so fortunate! It’s no wonder that I managed to pick up some stuff from a Half-Saint. It seems that the continent that was devoured back then was Eternal Sky Continent. The Half-Saint must have been killed by that Bright Moon Great Emperor. In other words, I’ve actually gotten some benefits from one of the Star Boundary’s Great Emperors.]


Upon finishing his story, Mo Sheng turned to look at Li Shi Qing and asked, “Both of you are Human. Does that mean that you’re close to him?”


Li Shi Qing fell silent for a moment before tucking her hair behind her ear. Then, she picked up a jar of wine to fill their cups and shook her head, “Not really.”


Seeing that she didn’t want to talk about this topic, Mo Sheng and Huo Lun didn’t dwell on it.


After the meal, Mo Sheng got to his feet and pointed at a peak, “Does that peak have an owner?”


Huo Lun shook his head, “No.”


Mo Sheng guffawed, “It has an owner from now on then.”


After he finished speaking, he picked up a jar of unfinished wine from the table before moving towards the previously ownerless peak.


Huo Lun burst into laughter, “Brother Mo is such a forthright man.”


Now, all three peaks of Myriad Flowers Valley had been occupied, which was a good thing. It would have been terrible news if Mo Sheng was a stranger, but a bond had been formed between the three of them after their recent battle. If they came across any danger in the future, they could help each other out. They were living in a dangerous world now after all. The new world had just been created, and people tended to be restless as all sorts of evil individuals had surfaced. It was a Strength Demon today, but it could be Corpse Demon or a Bone Demon tomorrow.


After Mo Sheng left, it wasn’t appropriate for Huo Lun to linger, so he thanked Li Shi Qing for her hospitality then turned around and left.




Inside the turbid Void, Yang Kai and Chang Tian were standing alongside each other. In the distance, Gun-Gun’s gigantic figure seemed to have blocked out the Sun as it continuously devoured a continent.


Behind them, Bo Ya looked dazedly at Gun-Gun as she felt shaken to the core. It was the first time she was seeing Gun-Gun and witnessed how a continent was being gnawed at like a biscuit, which was why she was astonished.


“Go on!” Yang Kai could be heard saying. Bo Ya came to her senses and gave it a thought on how she should put it before she continued speaking, “After the battle, Li Shi Qing, Huo Lun, and that newcomer Mo Sheng stayed on the three peaks of Myriad Flowers Valley. They seem to be on good terms. They also seem to interact with each other frequently.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Have you found out where that Strength Demon came from?”


He still had a headache regarding Li Shi Qing’s matter. After she saw him killing Bright Moon Great Emperor on Eternal Sky Continent, her attitude towards him had changed completely, as though an irreconcilable feud had been formed between them. Previously, in the palace located in Cloud Shadow Continent, she had even attempted to kill him.


One month ago, he returned to Cloud Shadow Continent, and although she didn’t do anything foolish, she was constantly glaring at him with murderous intent.


Since Cloud Shadow Continent had been devoured, Li Shi Qing had to stay in the Small Sealed World. One day, Yang Kai learned that she had left where he had dropped her, but did not know where she went.


It would be difficult for any ordinary person to look for a particular individual in this vast Small Sealed World. Perhaps they could never find the person they were looking for even if they tried. Nevertheless, the Small Sealed World belonged to Yang Kai, so he was able to locate Li Shi Qing after scanning it with his Divine Sense.


Then, he sent Bo Ya to a location that was near Li Shi Qing and told her to protect the latter in secret. She had to report to him at any time should anything happen.


For this reason, he had given Bo Ya a Space Spirit Bead that contained his Space Principles. If she was in danger, she just had to break the bead and he would sense it.


When the incident in Myriad Flowers Valley happened, Bo Ya had seen everything clearly. Even without the help of Mo Sheng and Huo Lun, Bo Ya would certainly lend Li Shi Qing a hand in secret to deal with her attacker; therefore, she didn’t need to inform Yang Kai about it.


However, Huo Lun made a move, and Mo Sheng appeared out of nowhere, so it wasn’t necessary for Bo Ya to expose herself.


On this day, Yang Kai summoned her out of the Small Sealed World and asked her about Li Shi Qing’s recent activity. Naturally, Bo Ya had to tell him what had happened that day.


Upon hearing Yang Kai’s question, she replied, “Yes, but countless Demons from different continents have gathered in the Small Sealed World now, and they all come from very different backgrounds, so I haven’t found any solid leads.”


“What about that Blood Demon? That guy called Mo Sheng,” Yang Kai asked.


“He is indeed a Demon King from a continent under Bei Li Mo. He didn’t lie about that.” Bo Ya couldn’t find out the Strength Demon’s background because there were no leads; however, Mo Sheng had talked about his background, so it was easy to investigate him.


“Mo Sheng…” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, “Do you think this is a coincidence or some kind of secret plot?”


Bo Ya fell silent for a moment before she replied, “I think this should be a coincidence. He looks like a nice guy with a forthright demeanour. I don’t think he’s a scheming person.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I hope so. Keep watch on them, especially that guy called Mo Sheng. Report to me should anything happen.”


Although Li Shi Qing was resentful of him now, Yang Kai couldn’t just ignore her. If anything happened to her in the Small Sealed World, he would have a hard time explaining himself to Flower Shadow Great Emperor.


“Yes,” Bo Ya replied with a serious expression.




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