Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3591, The Demon Saints Come


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Just when Yang Kai was about to put Bo Ya into the Small Sealed World and send her to a location near Myriad Flowers Valley, she suddenly said, “By the way, Mo Sheng has a figure similar to yours.”


Yang Kai was startled for a moment, but he didn’t reply to her. As Space Principles undulated, she disappeared from the spot.


“Trouble is coming,” Chang Tian, to the side, suddenly said. As he stared into the Void, he seemed able to see across space and observe what happened ten thousand kilometres away.


“Many thanks for the warning, Senior.” Yang Kai nodded. Trouble should have come earlier, so he wasn’t surprised.


It had taken him three months to devour Bei Li Mo’s territories, and he spent one more month doing the same to Yu Ru Meng’s continents. A long time had passed, and huge changes had happened to the Demon Realm, so it was impossible that the Demon Saints had failed to notice it.


Since they had noticed, they would definitely look into the matter. Hence, Yang Kai knew that after he started making a move, it wouldn’t take long before he would go into conflict with other Demon Saints.


Nevertheless, he was satisfied with the fact that he had had four months as a buffer. He had devoured half of Yu Ru Meng’s continents so far, so it would take him one more month to complete the task. By then, he could shift his attention to the territories of the other Demon Saints.


As for how much he could devour, it would depend on how the Demon Saints reacted.


“Be careful, and don’t get killed.” After Chang Tian finished speaking, he stepped forward. When he appeared again, he was already a hundred kilometres away. Then, he took another step and moved another hundred kilometres again. Step by step, he disappeared from Yang Kai’s sight.


After he was gone, Yang Kai circulated his Demon Qi to protect himself. At the same time, he activated his Demon Eye of Annihilation to check the surroundings.


He wasn’t sure how many Demon Saints were coming, but he was certain that there were only a small number of them. Perhaps there was only one. After all, Demon Saints valued their time, and many had been injured during the battle on Eternal Sky Continent. Most of them were supposed to be recuperating, so they wouldn’t move around without a specific purpose.


The Demon Saints who could sense something was wrong would be those whose territories were close to those of Bei Li Mo and Yu Ru Meng, and there were only a small number of them. They must be the ones who would be the first to notice the changes to these continents.


Amidst the Void, Chang Tian suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked ahead dispassionately. A long time later, he said, “Brother Zu, although your Stealth Technique is excellent, you can’t hide your aura in this chaotic place. I can even sense it from ten thousand kilometres away, so what’s the point of hiding?”


Right then, a figure suddenly appeared several dozen kilometres away from Chang Tian. The figure was so withered that it looked like a corpse, and he didn’t exude any vitality. Besides his skin that was as pale as a piece of white sheet, his face was hideous, and his teeth were sharp and jagged. He was none other than one of the Twelve Demon Saints of the Demon Realm, the leader of Corpse Demons, Zu Liao.


“Chang Tian…” Zu Liao, whose eyes looked like those of a dead fish, stared fixedly at the Demon Dragon. His eyes were mostly white, and his pupils looked like two needles, which gave off an eerie feeling. His voice was extremely hoarse, as though he hadn’t uttered a word for a long time and he asked, “Why are you here?”


Without answering his question, Chang Tian simply replied, “Why can’t this King be here?”


Zu Liao didn’t want to harp on the issue, so he looked around and asked, “What’s going on? What happened to Yu Ru Meng’s territory? Does it have something to do with that Human?”


Demon Saints weren’t fools. The person who was able to make so many continents disappear must possess very specific and incredible abilities. However, no one was able to do such a thing in the entire Demon Realm. As Zu Liao looked into the matter, he realised that there were signs which suggested that those continents had been devoured, with obvious traces of disruptions in the local space. It wasn’t until he came to this place and saw Gun-Gun that he understood the full truth behind the disappearance of those continents.


Intense Space Principle fluctuations were radiating around Gun-Gun and it was surrounded by many Void Cracks. Hence, Zu Liao could easily deduce that it had something to do with Yang Kai.


Faced with Chang Tian’s silence, Zu Liao attempted to curve his lips into a grin, but he couldn’t do it in the end. Anyone who saw him in such a state would feel anxious for him. His hoarse voice could be heard speaking once again, “It seems that you’ve joined forces with that Human. Chang Tian, I suggest that you stop going down the wrong path. Do you understand the consequences of going against this Saint?”


Chang Tian replied coldly, “I had a taste of it several tens of thousands of years ago.”


Zu Liao’s pupils expanded a little as he pointed ahead, “I have to deal with that boy. Stand aside.”


Without saying a word, Chang Tian extended his hand and summoned out a long black sword. Dragon Tooth Sword, a blade forged from Chang Tian’s own fang. It was extremely sharp and could cut through everything in the world, even Principles.


At this point, Chang Tian had made his stance clear.


Without the need to say anything else, Zu Liao howled as the Corpse Qi around him undulated. After he lifted his hand, three black coffins appeared in front of him. Following that, thudding sounds could be heard coming from the coffins as they were surrounded by a malevolent aura. It was as though some kind of evil creatures were about to break out of them in the next moment.


Before Zu Liao could make a move though, Chang Tian had pounced on him and slashed out with his sword. As his blade sliced through the air, his Demon Qi undulated and turned into a three-hundred-metre-long Black Dragon, one that seemed to leap across space as it struck.


Chang Tian decided to make the first move to gain the upper hand.


An unperturbed Zu Liao performed a hand seal as Demon Qi exuded from the coffins. Following three thudding sounds, the ferocious creatures broke free of their confines.


The three ferocious creatures looked up at the sky and howled as visible sound waves could be seen spreading from them. Then, they clashed with the approaching Black Dragon, causing the Heavens and Earth to seemingly shatter. The Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent and the leader of the Corpse Demon Clan had engaged in combat.


Besides the battle that was ignited because of the rise of Chang Tian several ten thousand years ago, the Demon Saints rarely had a chance to have a fight in the Demon Realm. The last time they got into a fight was during the battle on Eternal Sky Continent, but at that time, all the Demon Saints had joined forces to deal with Bright Moon Great Emperor, so it couldn’t be considered a true battle.


However, at this moment, Zu Liao and Chang Tian were having a one-on-one contest. In fact, it wasn’t the first time these two had battled against each other. They had done so several times all those years ago, and the end result was always a draw.


Several tens of thousands of years had passed, but the situation remained the same as neither side could overpower the other.


All of a sudden, Zu Liao sneered, “That boy is doomed either way.”


Chang Tian pushed out his sword and said impassively, “Is it Chi Yan, or perhaps Mo Kan? Maybe both of them have arrived.”


Zu Liao, Chi Yan, and Mo Kan were considered neighbours of Yu Ru Meng and Bei Li Mo. Hence, one of them would naturally be the first to notice what was going on with the continents. Since Zu Liao had shown up, it meant that one of the remaining two must be here as well; however, since the other person wasn’t around, he must have gone to deal with Yang Kai while Chang Tian was being held up.


Upon hearing that, Zu Liao was startled, “Aren’t you worried at all?”


Chang Tian replied, “Why should I be?”


Zu Liao’s pupils were as thin as needles, so they couldn’t constrict any more, thus he said through clenched teeth, “Impossible. We were certain Yu Ru Meng wasn’t beside him. Without the protection of a Demon Saint, he is doomed.”


Chang Tian retorted, “He won’t die.”


While they were locked in an intense battle, Yang Kai suddenly narrowed his eyes and stared fixedly at the space in front of him as he asked, “Which Holy Venerable has come? Why not show yourself?”


Space contorted and a violent flame appeared ten kilometres away, a figure standing within it. Although they were ten kilometres apart, the scorching heat still seemed able to vaporise the Demon Qi around Yang Kai’s body.


Flame Demon Clan’s Demon Saint, Chi Yan.


Yang Kai had seen all the Demon Saints during the battle on Eternal Sky Continent; moreover, Chi Yan had obvious characteristics, which was why he was able to recognise him immediately. Cupping his fist, he said, “Greetings, Holy Venerable Chi Yan.”


Chi Yan took a look at Yang Kai for a moment before shifting his attention to the humongous thing that was devouring the nearby continent. With his eyes burning with fury, he bellowed, “What are you doing!? Are you sick of living!?”


Yang Kai appeared puzzled, “Holy Venerable Chi Yan, what do you mean by that?”


Chi Yan sneered, “Are you going to tell me that this isn’t your doing?”


Yang Kai nodded and replied, “No. You’re right. I am responsible for this!”


“How dare you destroy the continents of the Demon Realm!” Chi Yan snarled as his voice seemed to contain the power to burn Souls, even causing some pain in Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea.


“Holy Venerable, please understand that I am left with no other choice, and am doing this for the future of the Demon Realm.” Yang Kai cupped his fist again in a polite manner.


The flame behind Chi Yan’s gaze flickered as he couldn’t conceal his shock. Although he hadn’t used all his power, a High-Rank Demon King wasn’t supposed to be able to bear his snarl. Yang Kai should have received a wound on his Soul just now, but the latter seemed totally fine, which was truly shocking.


How could a High-Rank Demon King have such incredible Soul cultivation? Could he possess an artifact that could protect his Soul?


Suppressing his doubt, Chi Yan snorted, “You’re doing this for the future of the Demon Realm? Shameless! Are you even a Demon? How dare you spout such nonsense!”


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai refuted, “It does not matter whether I am from the Demon Race or not.”


Chi Yan snorted, “It seems that Yu Ru Meng has wasted her time fighting for a chance for you to live.  Now that you’re here asking for death, her effort will be for nought.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “Holy Venerable, you’re wrong. Holy Venerable Ru Meng has treated very me well, so I’ll definitely repay her favour. I’m doing this to save the Demon Realm and build a brighter future for all.” Without giving Chi Yan a chance to say anything, he went on to speak, “The Demon Realm is disintegrating, the Territory Gates are becoming unstable, and the continents are disappearing. Sooner or later, the Demon Realm will be destroyed. Now that I’m able to gather together all the separated continents and repair their World Principles, I certainly won’t be so selfish as to refuse.”


“You’re able to remould the Demon Realm?” The flames around Chi Yan surged, so it was apparent that his emotions were undulating. Upon taking a look at Gun-Gun, he asked, “Is that how you’re doing it?”


“Precisely.” Yang Kai nodded, “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the power to make a scene in Holy Venerable Ru Meng’s territories. I’ve received her permission.”


“Where is Yu Ru Meng?” Chi Yan looked around.


“She isn’t here.” Yang Kai shook his head and then looked sincerely at Chi Yan, “Holy Venerable Chi Yan, I now ask you to lend me your assistance. This Junior swears that after he has completed his mission, he will give you twice what you have given as a reward.”


“Oh? How do you want me to assist you?” Chi Yan questioned grimly.


“By allowing me to devour all of your continents.”


Chi Yan fell silent and stared gloomily at him. Then, he leaned forward, and as his pressure swept over Yang Kai, he said dispassionately, “Say that again?”


With a sincere expression, Yang Kai repeated his words.




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