Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3592, Not Good


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All of a sudden, Chi Yan started laughing as loudly as thunder, and the flame around his body weltered. A moment later, he abruptly stopped laughing and shot a glare at Yang Kai, “Your courage isn’t small.”


Yang Kai heaved a sigh, “It seems that Holy Venerable is not going to agree to it. What a shame.”


Chi Yan rebuked, “If the matter is just like what you’ve said, I can still achieve the same goal after I capture you.”


“So Holy Venerable is going to make a move against me?” Yang Kai stared calmly at him.


Feeling that something was off, Chi Yan looked around.


Yang Kai said, “Holy Venerable Ru Meng really isn’t around.”


Right after Yang Kai finished speaking, Chi Yan lifted his hand and summoned a flame rope that shot toward Yang Kai.


Right then, a curvy figure suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai. The expression on her alluring face changed when she felt the power of the approaching flame. Then, she pushed her Demon Qi as a glacial aura expanded and turned into an ice mirror, which was placed in front of them. As fire and ice clashed, they offset one another as explosions echoed around the Void.


“Bastard!” Two people were heard growling at the same time. They were Bei Li Mo and Chi Yan.


At this moment, Bei Li Mo was completely incensed. She was inside the Small Sealed World when she felt an irresistible tug, which brought her to this place. Before she even recovered from her shock, she was faced with Chi Yan’s attack.


Ice and Fire had always been incompatible, so while Bei Li Mo loathed Yu Ru Meng, that was simply because they lived close to each other and had numerous disagreements built up over thousands of years. However, of all the Demon Saints, she hated Chi Yan the most.


Both Demon Saints were experts in opposing Principles, so they were each other’s nemeses. In other Demon Saints’ territories, Demons from different Clans could be seen mingling with one another. However, there wouldn’t be a single Flame Demon in Bei Li Mo’s territories, and there were no Snow Demons in Chi Yan’s territories.


Yang Kai summoning her to deal with Chi Yan at this point was basically pairing an equal match for his enemy.


Chi Yan cursed because he felt that he had been deceived by Yang Kai and became angry out of shame. Earlier, he had checked the surroundings and was certain there was no one else other than Yang Kai in this place. Therefore, he had never expected that Bei Li Mo would appear out of thin air.


Yang Kai shrugged, “Holy Venerable Ru Meng really isn’t here.”


Yu Ru Meng was still inside the Small Sealed World, so what he said was true.


“Bei Li Mo!” Chi Yan growled. At this moment, he wasn’t in the mood to get mad at Yang Kai anymore. Compared to Yang Kai, he didn’t understand why Bei Li Mo would side with their enemies, thus he spoke in a voice that was filled with disbelief, “Are you out of your mind?”


Without responding to him, Bei Li Mo flicked her arm as countless icicles appeared behind her. The icicles gleamed with a cold glare, and every one of them was several tens of meters long. Without the slightest pause, she pointed forward and shouted, “Go!”


Sounds of the air being broken through were heard as the icicles launched themselves at Chi Yan like a hailstorm.


Chi Yan pushed out both palms as countless fireballs shot forward. Every fireball dealt with one icicle respectively.


A moment later, the fireballs and icicles clashed with each other as mist could be seen billowing and sounds of explosions were continuously heard.


Before the attack was over, Bei Li Mo made another move. After performing a set of hand seals, she clasped her palms together while at the same time shouting, “Seal!”


A huge ice rock abruptly appeared in the Void, engulfing Chi Yan inside it. A large region was instantly frozen over, with Chi Yan as its centre.


However, the next moment, flames could be seen surging around his body. As the power of fire undulated, the mass of ice could be seen melting rapidly and in just a few breaths’ time, he managed to escape.


Bei Li Mo’s relentless moves had infuriated him. As he parted his lips and growled, a radius of eight hundred kilometres around them was engulfed in flames.


Yang Kai had already disappeared from his spot. When he reappeared, he was standing atop Gun-Gun’s back as he watched the battle attentively.


The continent in front of his eyes hadn’t been fully devoured yet, so despite the fact that he was confronted by a formidable enemy, he couldn’t give up at this point. He was determined to let Gun-Gun finish here.


Just like what he had expected, Chi Yan and another Demon Saint had arrived, but what about the last one?


Yang Kai wasn’t sure whether the last neighbouring Demon Saint had arrived, but whatever the case, he had to protect Gun-Gun. While he was standing on Gun-Gun’s back, he communicated with Yu Ru Meng, who was in the Small Sealed World, and they had agreed that she could be summoned at any moment to surprise their enemy.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai wasn’t worried, for he still had Yu Ru Meng with him. Even if one to two more Demon Saints came over, she would be able to deal with them for some time.


Unless three more Demon Saints showed up, no one could stop Gun-Gun from gobbling up this continent. With that said, two Demon Saints had already appeared, so it was impossible that three more would be coming.


Most of the Demon Saints were busy healing their wounds, so they wouldn’t gather up for no reason. Only these Demon Saints, who were in neighbouring territories, would come over after sensing that something was off.


In different parts of the Void, which were separated by a great distance, lights could be seen flickering continuously and violent energy waves spread around from time to time. Naturally, this was the fallout of the battles between these Demon Saints on both sides.


After a long time of waiting, Yang Kai still didn’t see the last Demon Saint coming. It seemed that only Chi Yan and the other one, who was battling against Chang Tian, had come over to look into the matter.


Nevertheless, he didn’t lower his guard down.


One day later, Gun-Gun finished devouring the continent, after which, Yang Kai put it away. As Space Principles undulated, he flickered and disappeared from where he stood.


When Yang Kai reappeared, he saw a Territory Gate nearby. Then, he waved his hand and released Yu Ru Meng. As their eyes met, he nodded and said, “Just do as wish.”


“How many of them have arrived?” Yu Ru Meng asked.


“Two. One of them is Chi Yan, and I’m not sure who the other is.”


Yu Ru Meng put on a smile, “It’s either Zu Liao or Mo Kan. Go, and be careful.”


“I know. You be careful as well.” Yang Kai gently squeezed her hand before he turned around and disappeared into the Territory Gate.


Yu Ru Meng turned around and gazed into the Void. As she darted her alluring eyes around and narrowed them, she soon took in the battlefields on both sides. Although the battle between Chang Tian and Zu Liao was intense, they were not at risk of losing their lives. Both of them held back; they knew they could not overpower each other in a one-on-one fight, so they didn’t even bother trying.


On the other hand, the icy Bei Li Mo and the fiery Chi Yan clashed with each other like salt thrown into a hot pan of oil. Their battle was extremely intense, and it seemed that both of them had already been slightly injured.


Watching the good show from afar, Yu Ru Meng seemed to be enjoying herself as she even started humming a song. Then, she counted to one hundred in her heart before she parted her lips and mouthed a word in silence. The word broke through space and directly reached Bei Li Mo’s ears.


Upon hearing her voice, Bei Li Mo pushed her Demon Qi madly. As her silver hair swayed with the wind, she said in a cold voice, “Grand Frost Domain!”


Right then, fine particles of frost manifested all around her. In an instant, a radius of ten thousand kilometres around where Bei Li Mo stood was frozen over, living up to the Secret Technique’s name.


With a grim expression, Chi Yan intensified the flames around his body to resist the chill as he remained unperturbed; however, what surprised him was that after Bei Li Mo used this Divine Ability, she simply snorted and turned around before quickly leaving this place. 


Ten breaths later, Chi Yan broke the Divine Ability that had frozen a radius of ten thousand kilometres around him and stared off into the distance as Bei Li Mo fled, a frown on his face as his heart was filled with a sense of unease.


Then, he turned around and looked into the distance, only to see that the gigantic black object was nowhere to be found. Not just the monster though, the continent itself had disappeared.


“Not good!” Thinking of something, Chi Yan immediately forced out more of his Demon Qi and turned into a beam of light to chase after Bei Li Mo.


At the same time, Chang Tian, who was dealing with Zu Liao, guffawed and stopped attacking after a last move, “Zu Liao, you’ll never overpower me.”


Zu Liao snorted as the three ferocious creatures in front of him bared its fangs, as though they were trying to show support for their master.


“You also can’t overpower me.”


Chang Tian responded, “That’s right. We’re evenly matched, so it may take months or even years to decide a winner in this battle. So, why don’t we stop here?”


Zu Liao appeared vigilant. Although he didn’t know what Chang Tian’s intentions were, the latter’s move was very strange.


While he was in doubt, his expression suddenly changed as he turned to look in a different direction. The next moment, he bellowed, “Bei Li Mo!”


There was a beam of white light, which exuded Bei Li Mo’s aura, approaching from the distance. Naturally, he was familiar with the aura.


However, he didn’t understand why Bei Li Mo was here. According to his investigation, all of Bei Li Mo’s continents had disappeared, supposedly devoured by that gigantic black object. So, it was hard to tell whether she was a friend or foe at this moment.


With that doubt in mind, Zu Liao moved back a hundred kilometres to widen the gap between him and Chang Tian.


Soon, Bei Li Mo reached Chang Tian and stood beside him before nodding gently.


There was no room for Zu Liao’s pupils to contract anymore. There were injuries on Bei Li Mo’s body, which were apparently caused by Chi Yan. It seemed that while he was locked in battle with Chang Tian, Bei Li Mo and Chi Yan had gotten into a scuffle as well.


Hence, it was obvious which side Bei Li Mo was on.


While he was still lost in his own thoughts, Chang Tian suddenly bellowed, “Attack together!”


A flabbergasted Zu Liao subconsciously moved backwards at full speed. Even if he had to deal with two enemies at once, he would not be at risk of losing his life; however, he would definitely suffer. He wasn’t a fool, so he wouldn’t give them a chance to join forces and fight against him.


After he moved away for more than a thousand kilometres away though, he was shocked to see that after Chang Tian’s threatening roar, the latter didn’t make a move against him. Instead, Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo had turned around and flown off at full speed.


[A feint?! Shameless!] Zu Liao ground his teeth in resentment, but he didn’t dare to chase after them as he wasn’t sure what they were plotting.


Soon after, a beam of red light approached, after which Chi Yan appeared.


As their eyes met, Chi Yan asked, “Didn’t they deal with you?”


When he saw Bei Li Mo retreating just now, he thought that she was going to join forces with Chang Tian to suppress Zu Liao, which was why he hurriedly came over to assist his ally; however, he was surprised to see that they didn’t even seem to have fought. Instead, it appeared Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo had fled.


Zu Liao shook his head, “Something is off.”


Chi Yan scowled and fell silent for a moment. Suddenly thinking of something, however, he looked in the direction Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo had left as he exclaimed, “Not good!”




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