Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3593, A Dangerous Place


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All Twelve Demon Saints in the Demon Realm had cultivated for more than ten thousand years, so they were all iron-willed individuals who wouldn’t even frown at the sight of a continent disintegrating; however, the leader of the Flame Demon Clan, Chi Yan, had just said ‘not good’ twice in just a short period of time.


The first time he said it, was because he was mistaken, but the second time he said it meant that things were truly going from bad to worse.


When he gazed at the Territory Gate in the distance, he recalled the sight of Yang Kai fleeing after the battle on Eternal Sky Continent.


At that time, Yang Kai had obtained the Great Emperor’s Opportunity and quickly escaped, after which all the Demon Saints chased after him. If it weren’t because the Territory Gate suddenly disappeared, given Yang Kai’s cultivation as a Second-Order Emperor at that time, he wouldn’t have been able to escape from their pursuit. 


There was no way that the Territory Gate would disappear for no reason though. Even if it did, the process would be long and gradual. Since Yang Kai was able to repair Territory Gates, it was reasonable to assume he had come up with a way to seal them as well. That was the consensus the Demon Saints reached after they saw the Territory Gate vanish on that day.


This continent had collapsed into the Void, so if the Territory Gate was also sealed, this would become an extremely dangerous place to remain.


That realisation not only dawned upon Chi Yan, but also Zu Liao. Their expressions grim, the pair rushed over to the Territory Gate as they prayed that things were not like what they had imagined.


Unfortunately, their worst predictions soon became reality. As the two Demon Saints flew alongside each other, staring at the Territory Gate from afar, they realised that Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian were nowhere to be found. Only Yu Ru Meng was standing in front of the Territory Gate and looking smilingly at them with a derisive expression. Then, she parted her lips and sent her message across to the two Demon Saints, “Have fun!”


The expressions of Chi Yan and Zu Liao cramped as light burst from their bodies and their speed increased dramatically. They rushed with all haste over to the Territory Gate in utter fluster.


Upon finishing her words, Yu Ru Meng turned around and disappeared into the Territory Gate.


Zu Liao and Chi Yan were rapidly drawing closer as they could barely contain their anxiety. In just three breaths’ time, they would be able to pass through the gate and leave this place.


Three breaths later though, they indeed reached the Territory Gate, but right before they passed through it, it disappeared from their sight. They continued charging forward for more than several thousand kilometres before they were able to stabilise themselves.


Turning around, they realised that the entire world seemed to have turned into a chaotic nothingness. With dark expressions on their faces, they realised that they had fallen into the enemy’s trap. Yang Kai must have devised this plot a long time ago; otherwise, his plan wouldn’t have been so comprehensive if he didn’t have enough time to get prepared.


Both Demon Saints had come to this place together, and they had gotten trapped in the Void at the same time. It would take them some effort before they could leave this place and return to the Demon Realm.


Anyone else would be despondent in this kind of situation. Nevertheless, Chi Yan and Zu Liao were no ordinary people. As Demon Saints, they were confident they could escape from this mess.


Things had come to a point where it was pointless to complain about anything. The most important task for them was to return to the Demon Realm as quickly as possible. After trading glances, they didn’t need to say a word as they turned around and flew into the distance.


There was more than one Territory Gate connected to this continent. Since one of them had been sealed, they just had to look for other ways out; however, three days later, they returned to the same place and stopped.


After three days of searching, they were certain that all the Territory Gates in this continent had been sealed and there was no way out. They were not sure about the exact locations of the other gates, however, which was why they returned to this place.


After a moment of observation, Chi Yan pointed forward, “Is it here?”


Zu Liao shook his head, “It should be three hundred metres to the left.”


“Are you certain?” Chi Yan turned to look at him.


Zu Liao fell silent for a moment and replied honestly, “No…”


At that, Chi Yan was lost for words. After giving it a thought though, he simply said, “Let’s do it together.”


“Good.” Zu Liao nodded.


They then moved three hundred metres apart and stared solemnly at the Void in front of them, as though their arch nemesis was there.


As Chi Yan’s Demon Qi undulated, he was engulfed in a scorching aura. Following that, he pushed out his fist towards the Void. White flame could be seen swirling around his fist, as though it could even melt space.


On the other hand, Zu Liao’s move was undoubtedly much more subtle. He could be seen flicking all ten fingers as visible thin threads shot forward. What was eerie was that the Void seemed to have turned into a lake as the threads disappeared into it. After that, he surged his Demon Qi, and then nothing happened.


He retracted his hands and stood beside Chi Yan before saying, “You’re right.”


Without responding to him, Chi Yan kept punching at the void. His attacks were so forceful that even a continent would have broken apart. The Void in front of him could be seen disintegrating as cracks started appearing.


After ten or so punches, the Void really fell apart and revealed a giant swirling vortex. The aura of nihility coming from this vortex was even more turbid and violent than the place they stood. If they rushed into it, they might be lost in the Void Crack forever and unable to find their way back.


Things had come to a point that they had no other choice but to dive in though, regardless of how dangerous it might be. Nevertheless, they were not without any hope to find their way back, they simply had to take a big risk to do so.


After taking a deep breath, Chi Yan said, “Let’s go.”


Upon finishing his words, he took a step forward.


“Wait!” Zu Liao lifted his hand to stop him and pointed at Chi Yan. Just then, a white thread appeared from his finger and stopped in front of Chi Yan. The thread kept squirming as though it was a living creature. Seeing that, Chi Yan put on a disdainful expression.


“Heh…” Zu Liao laughed, “We don’t know how dangerous it is inside the crack, but something is off about this thing’s aura. With this Soul Connecting Thread, we won’t be separated.”


Without responding to him, Chi Yan curbed his flame a little and revealed a gap. The thread immediately penetrated his body through the gap and disappeared, after which, the two Demon Saints entered the Void Crack together.


Chi Yan, who stepped into it first, was immediately faced with violent turbulence, which almost swept him away. Fortunately, he was incredibly powerful, so he was able to quickly free himself from the current. If it had been a Demon King in his place, he would have lost his life on the spot.


Inside the crack, it was pitch dark, and there was nothing but endless turbulence and invisible storms. With the Soul Connecting Thread, the two wouldn’t be separated; however, since they stepped into this crack, they had lost their ability to tell time. Apart from that, they also couldn’t identify what direction they were moving, so they could only slowly step forward.


A long time later, Chi Yan suddenly stopped in his tracks and asked, “Can you feel the Ancestral Land’s aura?”


There were more than a hundred Clans in the Demon Realm, but there was only one Ancestral Land. It was an intangible place, so no one knew where it was; however, it was the origins of all Demons. The average Demon wouldn’t know this, but the Demon Saints each received the Ancestral Land’s blessing when they assumed their position.


This was the reason Chi Yan and Zu Liao had the courage to enter the Void Crack. They were unable to identify their direction, nor could they find a way out on their own; however, as long as they could sense the Ancestral Land’s aura and move towards it, they would be able to find their way back home eventually.


After Chi Yan finished speaking, he realised that no one replied to him. Upon realising the reason, he activated his Demon Qi and spoke to Zu Liao through Divine Sense transmission.


Zu Liao replied, “I can’t. What about you?”


Chi Yan uttered, “No.”


“Keep going, then.”


They had no choice but to keep moving forward. The Void Crack wasn’t a sealed jar. Since they were able to come in, there must be a way out. Nevertheless, they had to look for the right path.


Although they couldn’t sense it here, it didn’t mean they couldn’t feel it somewhere else. After they detected the Ancestral Land’s aura, they just had to follow it to look for the exit. It might take them three years, five years, or maybe even a hundred years, but was impossible for them to be stuck here forever.


While Chi Yan and Zu Liao were trapped in the Void Crack, Yang Kai hastened his speed to swallow Yu Ru Meng’s remaining continents. He had expected Chi Yan and Zu Liao to arrive long ago, and since he couldn’t stop them, he just had to take advantage of the situation and trap them. That was the outcome of his discussion with Yu Ru Meng and the others.


Although the three of them could gain the upper hand when dealing with Zu Liao and Chi Yan, it was extremely difficult to kill a Demon Saint. In the past, many had gathered on Eternal Sky Continent just to kill Bright Moon Great Emperor. There was no way Yang Kai was able to call on so many people.


Since he wasn’t able to kill them, Yang Kai reckoned that he could at least isolate them. By doing so, he could gain a longer buffer time. At the very least, it was enough to let him devour all of Yu Ru Meng’s continents.


At this moment, Yu Ru Meng was just standing beside Yang Kai. When she was asked how long Zu Liao and Chi Yan would take to escape from the Void, she replied, “The Ancestral Land is elusive and untraceable, but its presence can be felt everywhere. As long as they can find a trace of the Ancestral Land’s aura, it won’t be difficult for them to escape. If I were them, this would be the only solution I have.”


“Ancestral Land?” Yang Kai frowned upon hearing that.


Chang Tian also took a look at her curiously. He obtained a power that was equivalent to that of a Demon Saint thanks to bloodline inheritance, so he didn’t feel this so-called ‘Ancestral Land’s’ aura when he ascended to his position; therefore, he became curious upon hearing what she had said.


Yu Ru Meng explained, “A person can only become a Demon Saint by obtaining the Ancestral Land’s blessing.”


Upon hearing her explanation, Yang Kai could somewhat grasp it, “It’s just like the acknowledgement from the Star Boundary’s Will.”


“More or less.”


Yang Kai thought that it was such a shame. The place where Zu Liao and Chi Yan were trapped was still within the Demon Realm, which allowed them to have a chance to feel the Ancestral Land’s aura. If they were stuck in the Void Crack around the Star Boundary, they would never be able to escape unless they were extremely lucky to find a natural exit.


With that said, he had made use of a unique feature of the Demon Realm that was impossible to replicate in the Star Boundary. That was because Star Boundary didn’t have separate continents and Territory Gates like those in the Demon Realm.


“How long do you think they’ll take to get out?” Yang Kai asked again.


Yu Ru Meng replied with a smile, “It depends. I’ve never ventured into the Void before, so I don’t know what it’s like inside. In short, it depends on their luck. If they’re extremely fortunate, they might escape in just a few days. If they’re unlucky though, they might get stuck inside for several dozen or even a hundred years.”


Displeased with her, Bei Li Mo snorted, “What’s the point of such a vague answer?”




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