Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3594, The Changes in the Small Sealed World


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Time flew by and soon another month had passed. All of Yu Ru Meng’s continents had been devoured.


Without taking a break, Yang Kai headed to Chi Yan’s territory. Chi Yan and Zu Liao were still trapped inside the Void, so he wouldn’t let this chance of devouring Chi Yan’s continents slip through his fingers.


Besides, he had already set out to swallow up the entire Demon Realm.


After gulping down all of Yu Ru Meng’s territories, Gun-Gun had grown to over ten thousand kilometres wide, so it was literally a humongous object now. Once it was released, it would only take one day to devour a continent.


At the same time, transformative changes were happening in the Small Sealed World as the territory continuously expanded. The World Principles and World Energy became more abundant. The Principles were still not strong enough to allow a Dao Source Realm Master to be born in the Small Sealed World, but it wasn’t far off.


Yang Kai could feel that the condition would be met after he swallowed all of Chi Yan’s territories.


As time passed, Gun-Gun was able to consistently consume one continent a day. Although there were still some Half-Saints in Chi Yan’s continents, they were unable to derail Yang Kai’s plan as he had powerful allies now. Every time he arrived at a new continent, he would seal off all the Territory Gates first to cut off the connection between the continent and the outside world before he released Gun-Gun.


If any Half-Saints had the guts to stop him, Yu Ru Meng, Bei Li Mo, or Chang Tian would deal with them. Normally, they would be taken down in one strike and then tossed into the Small Sealed World.


There were more than ten Half-Saints that worked for Chi Yan. Excluding those that had been killed by Bright Moon Great Emperor and those that had been deployed to the Star Boundary, there were still six Half-Saints in Chi Yan’s territories. Without fail, they all stayed in their respective continents, and they were all defeated by Yang Kai.


While Chi Yan was still trapped in the Void, not only had he lost all his continents, but half of his Half-Saints had also been defeated and imprisoned. If he was able to get out of the Void and find out about it, his expression would truly be worth looking at.


Yang Kai understood that the more fuss he was making here, the more pressure would be lifted off the Star Boundary, which was why he spared no pains to do so.


However, he also knew that he would face a hurdle soon. It had been half a year since his plan to consume the entire Demon Realm commenced. Although the Demon Saints were still recuperating, they should have realised what was going on now. In the Demon Realm, besides Yu Ru Meng, Bei Li Mo, and the two that had been trapped in the Void, there were still eight Demon Saints. They didn’t have to go all out, just half of them would be able to halt Yang Kai’s steps.


In any case, Yang Kai didn’t intend to achieve his goal in one go. Swallowing the entire Demon Realm was a long and gradual process, and he was only getting started.


One month later, all of Chi Yan’s continents had been devoured.


Without stopping, Yang Kai and Chang Tian headed to Zu Liao’s territories and started kicking up Hell again.


Nevertheless, just like what Yang Kai had expected, it wasn’t possible for the commotion that he created and the disappearance of so many continents to go unnoticed. The Demon Saints finally started doing something. Half a month ago, Chang Tian could feel a Demon Saint’s aura from afar, but he had no idea who the person was as they were just observing from a faraway location without the intention of approaching.


Unfortunately, by the time Yang Kai sealed off all the Territory Gates to the continent, the Demon Saint had already disappeared. Hence, he couldn’t set the person up using the same trick as last time.


On the other hand, a continent was devoured in a day again. Yang Kai and Chang Tian were standing on Gun-Gun’s back. Compared to Gun-Gun’s humongous size, they were like two millets on the ocean, hardly noticeable at all.


Just when they were about to head to the next continent, Yang Kai’s expression changed suddenly. After dismissing Gun-Gun, he said with a frown, “Senior, wait here a moment.”


Chang Tian stopped in his tracks and turned to look at him. Surprisingly, Yang Kai directly tossed the Sealed World Bead at him. After Chang Tian took it, Yang Kai moved and disappeared from the spot.


Chang Tian was startled for a moment, but he soon realised that Yang Kai must have entered the Small Sealed World. At that instant, he was shocked as he wondered what had happened that caused the young man to enter the Small Sealed World in such a hurry. Apparently, it had something to do with what was going on in the Small Sealed World.


With the Sealed World Bead in his hand, Chang Tian appeared interested as he fiddled with it. Although he knew that Gun-Gun was transformed from this thing and that the bead was a truly amazing Artifact, it was the first time he came into close contact with it, so naturally he had to study it.


However, even though his cultivation was profound, he had not the slightest bit of knowledge of the Dao of Space. Hence, he was unable to grasp the wonders of the Sealed World Bead.


Meanwhile inside the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai appeared in the medicine garden and stared at the Embodiment. “What happened?”


He had heard the Embodiment calling out to him, which was why he came to this place.


Since Cloud Shadow Continent was devoured, the Embodiment had been staying in the medicine garden. At this moment, the two Wood Spirits were sitting on the Embodiment’s shoulders. Seeing Yang Kai, Mu Lu said anxiously, “Master, something serious is going on. The world is about to be assimilated!”


On the other side, Mu Zhu nodded repeatedly with a worried expression.


In fact, Mu Lu didn’t even need to mention it because after Yang Kai finished asking his question, he could already feel it.


Presently, the Small Sealed World was divided into three regions. Naturally, the first region was the Small Sealed World’s own territory.


The second region was the expanded territory after he devoured several Cultivation Stars in the Lower Star Field in the past. While he was in Grand Desolation Star Field, an idea had sprung into his mind as he activated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law through the Sealed World Bead, which was how Gun-Gun was born.


The third region was formed after the continents in the Demon Realm were consumed.


Yang Kai had always made sure that the three regions were separated, so they were not connected in any way.


In terms of World Principles and World Energy, the first region was the undisputed leader, especially where the medicine garden sat. The World Principles here were one par with those of the Star Boundary.


The World Principles in the second region were about the same as those of a Lower Star Field.


Initially, the third region had been the weakest in this regard; however, as time passed and with more continents devoured, it was now only second to the region where the medicine garden sat, much stronger than the second region.


In the third region, the World Principles had broken through the chains of the Dao Source Realm, which meant Demon Great Generals could now be born in it.


When Mu Lu talked about the assimilation of the world, she wasn’t talking about the first region, where the medicine garden was located. She was talking about the second region.


In terms of size, the second region was much smaller than the third region, and the World Principles were much weaker as well. In the past, Yang Kai had set up a barrier to separate the two regions, so things were still alright; however, after the most recent continent was devoured, the World Principles of the third region had achieved a breakthrough, which was why things began to turn south.


It was still fine in the first region, where the medicine garden was located. Although its size was the smallest, it was the steadiest because its World Principles were the strongest; however, the barrier between the second and third regions had been hugely impacted.


Yang Kai probed with his Divine Sense and realised that the barrier he had set up had become somewhat unstable, and once it collapsed, the third region would devour the second region.


He was the owner of the Sealed World Bead, so theoretically, he had total control over everything inside of it; however, the second and the third regions were formed after the Sealed World Bead was originally created and were not considered innate pieces of territory, which significantly reduced his control over them. Furthermore, both regions had their own World Principles. Unless one region could devour the other, there would never be peace.


If that really happened though, the people from those Cultivation Stars who lived in the second region would swiftly be contaminated by Demon Qi and undergo demonification. There were only a small number of Origin King Realm Masters in the second region, so how would they resist the World Principles from the Demon Realm?


Countless lives were at stake, and the Embodiment had noticed it, which was why he called out to Yang Kai to tell him to come have a look.


The third region was showing signs of consuming the second region. If Gun-Gun was allowed to go on devouring more continents and strengthen the Principles of the third region further, the second region would be assimilated into the third sooner or later.


Yang Kai had never expected that such a thing would happen, and upon understanding what was going in, he felt a headache coming on.


According to his plan, he would swallow up all of Zu Liao’s territories first. If there was a chance, he would go on to devour other Demon Saints’ continents. In short, he would devour as many as he could before anyone could stop him.


However, since such a thing had happened, he had to halt his plan. Before he settled the issue within the Small Sealed World, he couldn’t let the third region expand; otherwise, the second region would not be able to persevere.


Collecting himself, Yang Kai used the authority in the Small Sealed World to first strengthen the barrier between the regions before he said with a frown, “I understand now, and I’ll look for a solution. Keep watch on the situation and immediately inform me should anything happen.”


The Embodiment nodded solemnly before asking, “How are you going to solve it?”


Yang Kai replied honestly, “I don’t know yet, but there’s definitely a way.”


A moment later, he reappeared in the Void, after which Chang Tian returned the Sealed World Bead to him. Seeing the young man’s dark expression, he asked, “What happened?”


Yang Kai replied, “I’m afraid we have to stop devouring continents for now. Something has happened in the Small Sealed World.”


“Is it serious?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “Not really, but before the issue is resolved, we can’t go on consuming more continents.”


Chang Tian gave a nod. He and Yang Kai were basically on the same boat now, so they would share fortune or misfortune together; therefore, the problems facing the young man were his problems too, “Alright, I’ll let you handle it.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Don’t worry. I believe I have a solution.”


In just a short moment, he already had an idea of how to solve the problem.


“That’s good.”


“Let’s go!” Yang Kai said and then shot towards the nearest Territory Gate.


Soon, they dove into the gate and headed to the next continent.


As soon as Yang Kai managed to stabilise himself after arriving though, his expression changed dramatically. At the same time, Chang Tian took the young man’s arm and pulled him behind his back. Following that, he parted his lips and released a resounding Dragon Roar.


Blood lights could be seen coming at them, but they soon collapsed after coming into contact with the Dragon Roar.


A red figure rushed over as Xue Li’s red hair flapped in the air. As he grinned, an endless Blood Sea expanded as though it was going to engulf Chang Tian and Yang Kai inside it.


Seeing that, Chang Tian immediately retreated. Without moving a muscle, he shot backwards at a speed that was as fast as lightning, crossing a thousand kilometres in an instant.




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