Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3595, Ambush


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Of the Twelve Demon Saints, Xue Li was the fastest. Although Chang Tian was swift, Xue Li was still able to follow him closely.


During the pursuit, the two top cultivators, one Demon Saint and the other a Master on par with a Demon Saint, got into an intense battle. As Demon Qi undulated, rumbling sounds could be heard as violent forces swept out.


Just then, Yang Kai, who was behind Chang Tian, felt a sense of crisis envelop him. Without even thinking, he lifted his hand and released both Yu Ru Meng and Bei Li Mo.


Ice Principles flared as a thick ice shell took shape and surrounded Yang Kai to protect him. Bei Li Mo’s reaction was incredibly swift. Although she had no idea what was going on, they had come to an agreement beforehand. If Yang Kai summoned her suddenly, he must be facing a formidable enemy.


Hence, as soon as she realised that she was no longer in the Small Sealed World, she immediately used a defensive Divine Ability. After the ice shell was formed, she vigilantly looked around and observed what was going on.


While she was making a move, Yu Ru Meng did not just stand idly by. Her eyes seemed to be blooming like two lotuses, which made her look extremely enchanting. The next moment, she exclaimed, “Wu Hua!”


Besides them, only Xue Li could be seen in the vicinity; however, with her Eye Technique, Yu Ru Meng was able to catch a glimpse of an almost invisible shadow sticking close to them. It was the leader of the Shadow Demon Clan, Wu Hua!


At this moment, an almost imperceptible darkness was quickly approaching Yang Kai, and with just one strike, the ice shell around him collapsed.


It wasn’t that Bei Li Mo was outmatched by Wu Hua, it was just that Wu Hua had exerted a great deal of force with his attack while Bei Li Mo had only hastily set up her shield. Earlier, she hadn’t even made out who her enemy was, so her Divine Ability wasn’t able to fend off the strike from the leader of Shadow Demons.


With a loud crash, the ice shell shattered into dust; however, the darkness didn’t stop as it reached for Yang Kai’s chest.


When a Shadow Demon made a move, they would always aim for a swift kill, it was the defining characteristic of this Clan. Even an ordinary Shadow Demon would do the same in a battle, to say nothing of the fact that Wu Hua was a Demon Saint.


Yu Ru Meng’s expression changed drastically. Although Yang Kai was fairly strong, he was still just a High-Rank Demon King, how could he fend off Wu Hua’s attack? She immediately lifted her hand, which became boneless like a snake as it coiled around the darkness. At the same time, she pushed out her other palm as her Demon Qi surged.


Nevertheless, she was shocked to realise that she couldn’t repel Wu Hua, which caused her face to turn ashen in an instant. At that moment, she could only watch as the darkness broke free of her restraint and struck for Yang Kai’s chest.


Right then, a high-pitched Dragon Roar was heard as a giant Golden Dragon head appeared behind Yang Kai and then disappeared into his back. Following that, his skin was immediately covered in a layer of thick Dragon Scales.


After he activated his Dragon Transformation, his defence increased significantly; however, he didn’t just wait for death. While he was using his Dragon Transformation Secret Art, he had also cast his Nihility Secret Art and exiled himself to the Void.


Nevertheless, Wu Hua was a Demon Saint, and he had already locked onto Yang Kai’s aura. Even though Yang Kai had hidden himself in the Void, he still couldn’t escape from Wu Hua’s attack. The fatal strike broke through space and struck its target in the next moment.


As a loud and unpleasant clang was heard, Yang Kai, who had just used Nihility, reappeared. After a grunt, his body shook as blood streamed out from the corner of his mouth. His face had turned even paler than that of Yu Ru Meng’s.


It wasn’t until this moment that what happened to Yang Kai’s chest could be seen clearly. A dagger had been stuck a palm’s length into his chest, breaking past his outer Dragon Scales with ease.


The dagger was almost transparent, so it was hardly noticeable if one wasn’t paying attention. It was the same case for Wu Hua, who was holding the dagger. His figure distorted and looked like he was made of water, so only his general shape could be seen. The darkness earlier was condensed from his murderous intent.


An enraged Yu Ru Meng screamed as her Spiritual Energy turned into a fatal strike that pierced towards Wu Hua.


On the other hand, Bei Li Mo pushed her Ice Principles as she thrust a finger at the watery figure. Her move didn’t seem as ferocious as Yu Ru Meng’s, and her attack looked somewhat nonchalant; however, no one would believe that the power of her finger was inferior to Yu Ru Meng’s Divine Ability.


How could Wu Hua dare take attacks from two Demon Saints at once? While they charged forward, Wu Hua also began retreating.


“Seal!” Yang Kai suddenly shouted, pushing his Space Principles as hard as he could to solidify the space around Wu Hua.


Unfortunately, he was unable to stop the Demon Saint from escaping as the restriction around Wu Hua was instantly broken through by the latter. Yu Ru Meng’s Soul Attack and Bei Li Mo’s finger both missed their target, and even Yang Kai’s Moon Blade which had been released at point blank range hit nothing but air.


Wu Hua was nowhere to be seen. A Shadow Demon would attempt to kill their enemy in one strike, and if they failed, they would immediately retreat.


A pleasantly surprised Yu Ru Meng turned around as her eyes were filled with tears.


Earlier, she thought that Yang Kai was doomed; after all, he was just a High-Rank Demon King. In a fit of rage and grief, she had expended a great deal of her Spiritual Energy in her last strike.


Nonetheless, she had never expected that Yang Kai was still alive!


Although Bei Li Mo’s ice shield failed to stop Wu Hua’s attack, it had offset some of the enemy’s force. On the other hand, Yu Ru Meng’s palm might have failed to hit Wu Hua, but it did force him to dodge, which further offset some of his force.


Then, Yang Kai’s combination of Dragon Scales, Nihility Secret Technique, and intrepid physique came into play. With five layers of protection in place, even Wu Hua wasn’t able to kill Yang Kai in one strike.


The invisible dagger was just a finger’s width away from Yang Kai’s heart, and although his life wasn’t at risk, the residual force from the blade had penetrated his body and damaged his meridians, causing him excruciating pain.


It could be said that he had been severely injured, and would need a good deal of time to recuperate. The incident earlier went to show how mighty a Demon Saint truly was.


Yang Kai had come into contact with some Demon Saints before, and had been pursued by a group of Demon Saints after the battle on Eternal Sky Continent. He had even planted a Soul Imprint inside Bei Li Mo’s Knowledge Sea. Nonetheless, it was the first time he experienced how formidable a Demon Saint’s strength was.


At this moment, he was still reeling from the impact, and he wasn’t even sure whether Wu Hua had used his full strength just now. If Wu Hua had increased his force by just a few percent, the consequences would have been dreadful.


However, Yang Kai didn’t have the time to fall into wild thoughts. Although Wu Hua had retreated, they were still in danger.


They were confronted by two Demon Saints right after they were finished devouring a continent. Apparently, the Demon Saints must have realised what they were up to and made some preparations. They were just waiting for Yang Kai to fall into their trap.


Xue Li’s attack was a diversion, with Wu Hua’s ambush being the main attack. Since two Demon Saints had shown up, what about the other six?


Bei Li Mo took a look at Yang Kai, and her gaze seemed to suggest that she thought it was such a shame that he was still alive after such an ambush. It seemed that it was really difficult to kill this man.


If Yang Kai lost his life, she wouldn’t have to be controlled by him anymore. Although she would be injured slightly and her continents would be lost, it wasn’t unacceptable.


Since Yang Kai was still alive though, she had no choice but to keep guard to the side. Suddenly, with a solemn expression, she said, “Someone is coming.”


The person must be a Demon Saint to make her feel so anxious.


It seemed that three Demon Saints had arrived. Xue Li and Wu Hua were just two of them. Although it wasn’t sure who the third one was, that person must have been waiting somewhere else, and it would take them some time to arrive.


At this moment, the other five Demon Saints, who were not in this continent, must have gotten word of what had transpired. If Xue Li could hold Chang Tian up, the other five Demon Saints would have ample time to rush over. When all eight Demon Saints arrived, even if they couldn’t kill Yu Ru Meng and the others, who were also Demon Saints, it wouldn’t be hard for them to end Yang Kai’s life.


“We need to leave, now!” Chang Tian shouted. As he spoke, he wielded his Dragon Tooth Sword as gigantic and powerful shock waves spread out.


In front of him was the Blood Sea where Xue Li had hidden. The endless Blood Sea separated and raced after Yang Kai and the others, as though it was determined to engulf them. Every sword wave was able to slash the Blood Sea into half, but the sea would soon recover.


Yang Kai took a deep breath and endured the pain in his chest, which felt like countless ants were gnawing at him, and shouted, “Wu Hua is still locked onto my aura, so I’m unable to break through the Void!”


Wu Hua was nowhere to be seen, but everyone knew that he was still hiding nearby. That was the reason it was difficult to deal with a Shadow Demon. Although they were powerful, they would never fight with their enemy head-on. They were despicable as they would always launch sneak attacks.


“Allow me!” Yu Ru Meng shouted as she parted her lips and puffed out a breath, which looked like pink mist.


The pink mist surrounded them and seemed unaffected by the wind. As the pink mist thickened, they seemed to have been engulfed in a pink world, unable to see anything else.


A moment later, Yu Ru Meng shut her mouth and staggered.


Earlier, she had used a Soul Divine Ability which contained a great deal of her Spiritual Energy. She had exerted most of her force with that strike alone, so she had become somewhat weak. After forcefully puffing out the pink breath, she was unable to support her weight anymore and fell into Yang Kai’s embrace.


Yang Kai immediately kept her inside the Small Sealed World and placed her in the medicine garden. Then, he communicated with the Embodiment and told him and the two Wood Spirits to help her recuperate.


After the pink mist took shape, the lock on Yang Kai’s aura was cut off, making Wu Hua lose track of him.


Each Demon Saint had their own unique abilities, so none of them was stronger or weaker than the others. Wu Hua was able to lock Yang Kai down, preventing him from escaping, but Yu Ru Meng also had a solution to cut off the connection. She was just countering the enemy’s move accordingly.


After the lock was broken, Yang Kai immediately extended his hand to place it on Chang Tian’s shoulder and took Bei Li Mo’s wrist with his other hand. The next moment, he communicated with a Space Beacon he had pre-placed, after which, all of them disappeared from the spot.


The pink mist was weltering in mid-air as Xue Li’s Blood Sea turned into blood waves and crashed into it. The pink mist could be seen diminishing rapidly. As Xue Li attacked the mist, he sneered, “Senior Brother Huang and the others will be here soon. Yu Ru Meng, Bei Li Mo, if you don’t want to die, get out now!”


As soon as he finished speaking, Wu Hua suddenly appeared beside him.


Xue Li immediately stopped attacking the pink mist and leapt away. Staring at Wu Hua with vigilance, he questioned, “What are you doing?”


Without saying a word, Wu Hua pointed in the particular direction where Yang Kai had fled to.




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    1. Not really. We’ve seen GEs and pseudo GE mess up shallow layers of the void. If Nihility allowed Yang boy dive into sand and avoid attacks of mortals, but left him open to stomping by proper experts – would you complain? Same with Void. Someone with enough soul sense to trawl through shallow Void and enough strength to rip space apart with attack can cause enough damage to someone seeking to avoid the attack by momentarily displacing themselves into the Void.

    1. I feel this way alot too. The number of ppl who can just brute force break his control is ridiculous. Meanwhile, the number of abilities that can mimic his space control are also numerous. What’s the point of an ability that seemingly every powerful individual can break and everyone can do something similar? Even moonblades let me down when someone just straight broke the shit mid flight. Before at least ppl had to dodge it, because there was no way to stop a literal sliver of the void coming at you. Makes you stop to wonder if the real reason nobody cultivates space isn’t because it’s so “esoteric” but because it’s so fucking useless 90% of the time.

    2. “Space Principles are trash because literal gods with the World Force at their fingertips are capable of dealing with them somewhat if those are properly prepared, or even pseudogods, if they find another pseudogod who’s the best at Space Principles in the known universe and beg him to refine an appropriate artifact and teach them how to use it”
      Right… Absolutely pointless principles. You should cultivate the Dao of Literary Critique instead.

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