Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3596, Sealing off the Territory Gates


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Xue Li couldn’t believe that Yang Kai had fled; however, he soon understood that it was because the latter was a Master of the Dao of Space. Although the technique Yu Ru Meng had just used wasn’t harmful in any way, it was able to cut off Wu Hua’s lock on Yang Kai. After that, Yang Kai was able to break through the Void.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai was too naive to think that he could flee by just leaping across space. After a sneer, Xue Li activated his Divine Sense, but he soon appeared shocked. That was because he couldn’t feel Yang Kai’s aura anywhere. With a cold expression, he asked, “How far have they gone?”


“Very far,” Wu Hua replied briefly. After a pause, he knitted his brows together, “He’s no longer on this continent.”


“Impossible!” A flabbergasted Xue Li almost suspected that Wu Hua was messing with him. Anyone who wished to leave this continent would have to pass through a Territory Gate, and the nearest gate was more than a hundred thousand kilometres away from here.


In other words, Yang Kai had moved over a hundred thousand kilometres in an instant, which was inconceivable. If he was so proficient in the Dao of Space, no one in this world would be able to kill him.


However, he had to believe Wu Hua, who was the leader of the Shadow Demons. When Wu Hua targeted someone, he could feel the other party’s aura no matter how far the latter had gone. Since he said that Yang Kai was no longer on this continent, it must be the case.


[That rotten brat!] Xue Li was so exasperated that his face twisted in anger. He had never expected that even two Demon Saints working together would be unable to capture a mere boy. If he knew this would be the outcome, he would’ve taken him down when the latter was still walking around the Demon Realm in the past.


Just then, a swirl appeared on the ground as a figure slowly emerged. As dust rose in the air, the figure swiftly solidified. He was the leader of the Sand Demons, You Qiu!


After taking a look at both Xue Li and Wu Hua, he asked with a frown, “Where are they?”


“They fled,” Xue Li replied.


You Qiu was stunned, as Xue Li and Wu Hua had joined forces, and even Huang Wu Ji would have a headache if confronted by them; however, Yang Kai had managed to escape from them. After a moment of silence, he asked, “Did you see Zu Liao or Chi Yan?”


In response, Xue Li shook his head.


Both of them were also Demon Saints, but they had gone missing for about a month. Chi Yan’s continents had all disappeared while only half of Zu Liao’s continents were left. No one knew what had happened to them.


“However, we’re certain that Chang Tian, Yu Ru Meng, and Bei Li Mo have betrayed the Demon Realm!” Xue Li said through clenched teeth.


You Qiu’s pupils contracted when he heard that.


It wasn’t surprising that Chang Tian would betray them as he had always been on bad terms with the Demon Saints; however, it was truly shocking that Yu Ru Meng and Bei Li Mo had also turned against the Demon Realm. Hence, it was no wonder that Xue Li and Wu Hua were unable to capture Yang Kai as the three of them would surely have been difficult to deal with.


“Have Zu Liao and Chi Yan also…” You Qiu frowned.


“Who knows?” Xue Li spread his palms. He didn’t understand the reason behind Yu Ru Meng and Bei Li Mo’s betrayal, as there were no signs of it before this incident.


“We should pursue them,” Wu Hua suddenly said.


It was pointless to say anything else. As long as they could catch the traitors, the truth would be revealed.




In the sky, Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo were supporting Yang Kai’s weight on both sides as they flew forward.


Wu Hua’s strike had caused Yang Kai to be severely injured. All his organs seemed to have been shifted, and his meridians felt excruciatingly painful. The murderous intent of the Shadow Demon Saint seemed to have turned into countless needles that continuously tortured him. He had spent his last bit of his energy communicating with the Space Beacon just now, so he had no more energy left to use his Space Secret Techniques. Therefore, he could only let Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo lug him along.


“Where are we going?” Chang Tian asked.


Although they were safe for now, they were being chased by the Demon Saints. Wherever they went, they would never be able to get rid of them.


“Two worlds’ passage!” Yang Kai already had a plan in his mind, so he immediately replied to Chang Tian after the latter asked him the question.


Upon hearing that, Chang Tian knitted his eyebrows together, “Are you going back to the Star Boundary?”


Yang Kai nodded his head. Just when he was about to explain his intentions, he realised that he didn’t have any strength to speak anymore. Left with no choice, he closed his eyes and started adjusting his breathing.


He didn’t dare to enter the Sealed World Bead. As long as he remained outside, he would still be able to activate a Space Beacon to flee at the most critical moment once he regained some energy. If he wasn’t around, Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo would be doomed should they be confronted by a superior number of enemies.


Bei Li Mo turned to look at Chang Tian, who also happened to stare at her. A tinge of hesitation could be seen flashing across their eyes. Yang Kai was originally from the Star Boundary, so it was totally fine for him to go back. However, one of them was a Demon Dragon, while the other was a Demon Saint, so it was inappropriate for them to follow Yang Kai to the Star Boundary. After all, the two Great Worlds were currently at war. They might be willing to believe Yang Kai, but they were worried that the Great Emperors from the Star Boundary would use this opportunity to deal with them.


With that said, they really had nowhere else to go apart from two worlds’ passage. Their own territories had been devoured by the Small Sealed World, and it wasn’t possible for them to go to the territories of other Demon Saints. Basically, they had no other choice.


They went on to charge forward at the speed of lightning. Naturally, Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo were swift, and other than Demon Saints, no one barred their path.


After passing through countless Territory Gates and continents for half a month, they arrived at a strangely tiny continent.


Rather than being a continent, it was more like an island that was floating in the Void. Compared to other continents, this one was really too small as it only had a land area of a hundred thousand square kilometres or so. Hovering in mid-air, they were able to take in the entire continent.


No Demon Saint owned such a tiny continent; however, millions of Demons had been stationed in this small place. These Demons had come from all directions to gather on this continent, from each of the Demon Saints’ territories. The reason they were here was to prepare to pass through the dark corridor that led to the Star Boundary at any moment.


This was the hub in the Demon Realm where they gathered together before heading to the Star Boundary.


Although this continent was small, it actually had thirteen Territory Gates, each one connected to a different continent in the Demon Realm to allow these Demon soldiers to martial here as quickly as possible.


Yang Kai had been here before. At that time, Yu Ru Meng led him to pass through the two worlds’ passage and arrived at this place from the Star Boundary. His journey to learn more about the Demon Realm began here.


However, presently, the continent appeared different from the time when Yang Kai saw it for the first time. The entire continent had been fragmented. It was originally a complete piece of land, but at this moment, it had broken into many islands, as though it had been struck by some powerful Divine Ability.


Even though Yang Kai was injured, he hadn’t lost his senses, so he knew they had arrived soon after they had passed through the Territory Gate. When he opened his eyes and saw what had happened to the continent, he appeared doubtful.


Bei Li Mo seemed to have seen through his thoughts and explained, “It’s Iron Blood Great Emperor’s doing.”


It was then that Yang Kai understood the reason behind this scene.


After Bright Moon lost his life in the battle on Eternal Sky Continent, a strange natural phenomenon happened in the Star Boundary’s sky. The Great Emperors saw it and understood what had happened. Yang Kai heard from Yu Ru Meng that Iron Blood Great Emperor Zhan Wu Hen had become enraged and stormed into the Two Worlds’ passage on his own. He had managed to kill countless Demons, as well as a few Half-Saints.


He must be the one who had caused this continent to break into so many islands.


Given enough time, Zhan Wu Hen had the capability to break the continent apart and make it vanish; however, at that time, Night Shadow Great Emperor Can Ye had rushed back to this place, and Iron Blood had no choice but to retreat. It wasn’t that he was afraid of Can Ye, but it was pointless to destroy the continent because the Two Worlds’ passage wouldn’t be destroyed along with it. The Star Boundary and the Demon Realm would remain connected.


Since he was done with all the killing, Zhan Wu Hen simply retreated without a fight.


“That’s the Two Worlds’ passage.” Chang Tian pointed at the front.


Certainly, Yang Kai recognized the huge dark corridor. The Demons would go from this place and pass through it to enter the Western Territory in the Star Boundary, after which they would begin raising havoc.


“Are we going now?” Chang Tian asked.


Yang Kai shook his head and turned to look at the side.


Although he had recuperated for half a month by consuming a lot of Pills, his face was still ashen. It was no laughing matter to be injured by a Demon Saint. If he didn’t treat his injury properly, he would be left with some irreversible damage to his body.


Bei Li Mo followed his gaze as her eyes brightened. After a nod, she said, “Are you going to seal off the Territory Gates? That’s a good idea.”


The Demon Realm and the Star Boundary were connected by the two worlds’ passage, and the entrance on the Demon Realm’s side was on this continent. As long as they could seal off all the Territory Gates to this continent, they would cut off the support from the other Demons.


After half a month of fleeing, Bei Li Mo had come to the realisation that she and Yang Kai were now on the same ship, so she wanted nothing more than for him to succeed. By cutting off the connection between the two Great Worlds, the Demon Saints wouldn’t be able to chase after them for a while.


On the other hand, Chang Tian scowled with a worried expression.


Knowing what was on his mind, Yang Kai said with difficulty, “It’s only temporary. I have to settle the problem inside the Small Sealed World before I can devour the rest of the Demon Realm. Senior, don’t worry. I’ll not go back on my word.”


Chang Tian had mentioned to Yang Kai that he wanted a territory that was ten times larger than Hundred Spirits Continent. Now, he had secured the territory, but the World Principles inside it left much to be desired, so it was pointless to stop now. He wouldn’t let the people of Hundred Spirits Continent live in a place where the Principles at most, allowed Demon Great Generals to be born. It would be too uncomfortable for them.


If Yang Kai stopped right now, Chang Tian’s previous effort would all go to waste. Upon hearing Yang Kai’s promise though, Chang Tian had no choice but to nod his head. Presently, his Hundred Spirits Continent had vanished, so he had no other choice but to fully support Yang Kai.


Then, Yang Kai urged them by saying, “We have to be quick. They might reach us soon.”


Hesitating no more, Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo brought Yang Kai to the nearest Territory Gate.


Many Demons noticed them as soon as they arrived on the continent. After all, there were many Demon Kings around, and even some Half-Saints had been stationed here.


Right then, a Half-Saint quickly shot into the air and flew towards the Territory Gate. After taking a look at Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian, he appeared doubtful. As a Half-Saint, he certainly could recognise the leader of the Snow Demon Clan and the Lord of Hundred Spirits Continent.


However, he didn’t understand why the two of them had mingled with each other. As for the young man… If he wasn’t mistaken, he was the one who had obtained the Great Emperor’s Opportunity on Eternal Sky Continent.


The Half-Saint had joined the battle on Eternal Sky Continent as well, so he was familiar with Yang Kai. It could be said that all the Half-Saints in the Demon Realm knew who Yang Kai was.




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