Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3597, Returning to Star Boundary


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Hovering in mid-air, the Half-Saint cupped his fists and said, “Greetings, Holy Venerable Bei Li Mo, Sir.”


Although Chang Tian was as powerful as any Demon Saint, he wasn’t a Demon Saint in the end; hence, the Half-Saints would only refer to him as ‘Sir’. Nevertheless, they normally wouldn’t see Chang Tian as the latter hadn’t stepped out of Hundred Spirits Continent for the past several thousand years. It wasn’t until the battle on Eternal Sky Continent that he showed up again.


After greeting them, the Half-Saint put on a doubtful expression, “Holy Venerable, why are you here?”


Without responding to him, Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo traded glances. All of a sudden, Chang Tian reached out his hand towards the Half-Saint, whose expression changed drastically as he hurriedly pushed his Demon Qi and tried to move backwards. However, he wasn’t able to retreat, and he realised that he couldn’t use his Demon Qi anymore.


In the blink of an eye, Chang Tian had managed to clench the Half-Saint’s neck and lift him a little, like he had grabbed a helpless chicken.


“Sir, what are you doing?” The Half-Saint asked with shock as he widened his eyes.


He wasn’t aware of what had happened in the Demon Realm, so he hadn’t expected that Chang Tian would make a move on him all of a sudden. Although Hundred Spirits Continent had always seemed out of place in the Demon Realm, and Chang Tian and the other Demon Saints were on bad terms, they had still coexisted peacefully.


The fact that Chang Tian was making a move here suggested that he was about to wage war against the other Demon Saints, but why was Bei Li Mo here as well then?


Ignoring the Half-Saint, Chang Tian sealed off his cultivation and passed him to Yang Kai.


Understanding his intention, Yang Kai put the Half-Saint inside the Small Sealed World. There were many Half-Saints in the Small Sealed World anyway, and he had previously captured some Half-Saints that worked under Chi Yan and Zu Liao; hence, it wouldn’t matter if one more was added.


Just then, two figures could be seen approaching them from below. They were the other Half-Saints that had been stationed here to coordinate the armies, but upon witnessing what just happened from afar, they were both flabbergasted. Then, they stopped, turned around, and disappeared into the crowd.


Although they didn’t know what had happened, they were certain that their colleague was captured by Chang Tian and had then mysteriously vanished. It would be akin to courting death if they still stepped forward. Looking up, they realised that Yang Kai had extended his hand and spread his palm at the Territory Gate.


Visible ripples could be seen spreading around as the Territory Gate became vaguer by the breath until it turned completely transparent.


If Yang Kai was still in peak condition, he would be able to seal off a Territory Gate in just one breath. Now that he had been injured, he had to spend more effort than usual. As Space Principles undulated, the Territory Gate slowly disappeared. Half a cup of tea’s time later, the Territory Gate vanished completely.


Without stopping, they headed to the next Territory Gate. It took the same amount of time for Yang Kai to seal off the second Territory Gate, though the colour had drained from his face and his past half-a-month recuperation had been completely negated. In fact, his injuries had become worse than before.


However, he had no choice but to keep going despite it being increasingly difficult to achieve his goal. There were thirteen Territory Gates on this continent, and if just one was left unsealed, it would render all his previous efforts worthless.


Fortunately, they had managed to gain quite a lead on their enemies, which should allow them time to seal off all the Territory Gates before the Demon Saints reached them. As time passed, more and more Territory Gates disappeared.


One hour later, ten out of thirteen Territory Gates had vanished. The Demons down below were now all looking up at what was going on in shock; after all, apart from a small number of Demon Kings and Half-Saints, most ordinary Demons had never imagined that someone was able to make Territory Gates disappear.


Just then, Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo suddenly turned around and looked in a particular direction. It was the Void where the two worlds’ passage was located.


Yang Kai had noticed it as well. Without the need to ask any question, he knew what was going on.


The two worlds’ passage was extremely important, so Night Shadow Great Emperor had always kept watch over this place. After such a serious incident happened, there was no way the two Half-Saints, who had retreated earlier, wouldn’t inform Can Ye.


Upon learning the news, Can Ye immediately rushed over.


As Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian stared at the huge black tunnel, a figure suddenly appeared in front of it. The person was engulfed in black Qi, and it was difficult to make out his face or even body shape. It was impossible to tell his gender by just looking at his figure.


Night Shadow Great Emperor Can Ye was the most mysterious among the ten Great Emperors of the Star Boundary. The other Great Emperors didn’t even know whether Can Ye was a man or a woman.


In the past, they just thought that it was Night Shadow’s temperament and Secret Art that caused him to remain mysterious; after all, most people who cultivated assassination skills always tried to remain anonymous and inconspicuous.


However, they then learned that Night Shadow had bloodline relations to the Demon Race, which was why he wouldn’t come into contact with other Great Emperors so that his secret wouldn’t be exposed.


After so many years, Night Shadow was still constantly surrounded by black Qi that obscured his figure and face. Nevertheless, both Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo were able to clearly sense the sharp gaze behind that black Qi.


Chang Tian just flashed a smile at Night Shadow Great Emperor without uttering a word.


Supposedly, Can Ye still wasn’t aware of what had happened in the Demon Realm; otherwise, he would’ve been prepared ahead of time. However, what Yang Kai and the others were doing was now suspicious, which was why Can Ye was able to tell that they were enemies.


As Can Ye watched Yang Kai sealing off the eleventh Territory Gate, he didn’t make a move. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to stop him, but he was unable to do so.


Can Ye was only one person, so he was unable to confront Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian. Furthermore, Yang Kai had also released Yu Ru Meng. Previously, she had expended most of her Spiritual Energy, which was why she had become somewhat weak. After recuperating for half a month though, even though she hadn’t restored all of her strength yet, she was in a better state than Yang Kai.


Basically, it was three against one. Can Ye wasn’t a fool, so he wouldn’t embarrass himself.


Twelfth Territory Gate, thirteenth Territory Gate… Soon all the Territory Gates had been sealed off, yet Can Ye still hadn’t made a move.


Yang Kai let out a long breath as he finally managed to seal off all the Territory Gates before the Demon Saints reached them. Since that was the case, he had eliminated the biggest potential danger. With his mind at ease, he sprayed out a mouthful of blood and fell into Yu Ru Meng’s embrace before he said gently to her, “We need to head to the Star Boundary.”


Using his last bit of energy, he disappeared into the Small Sealed World and fell into the medicine garden before passing out. That was because he had expended most of his energy and had aggravated his previous injuries.


With the Sealed World Bead in hand, Yu Ru Meng slipped it into a pocket that was close to her chest before she turned to look at the two worlds’ passage, only to see that Can Ye had disappeared.


“He fled,” Chang Tian snorted. Before the last Territory Gate was sealed off, Can Ye had disappeared from the spot. Certainly, he knew that he would be confronted by the equivalent of three Saints if he didn’t flee. There was no way he would do such a foolish thing.


After taking a look at both Yu Ru Meng and Chang Tian, Bei Li Mo asked, “What should we do now? Are we really going to the Star Boundary?”


She was somewhat worried. The Star Boundary wasn’t like the Demon Realm. No one knew what would happen to them if they went over.


While Chang Tian fell silent, Yu Ru Meng replied in a steadfast manner, “I don’t care what both of you think. Since my husband has told me to go to the Star Boundary, I’m going to do just that.”


After she finished speaking, she directly charged towards the entrance of the passage, the huge Void Corridor.


“Husband…” The corners of Bei Li Mo’s brow twitched as she stared at Yu Ru Meng’s figure. It had never crossed her mind that a Demon Saint would call a man ‘Husband’. Was Yang Kai really such a fine man? Not only had Yu Ru Meng lost her innocence to him, but she had also fallen head over heels for him.


“Let’s go.” Chang Tian heaved a sigh. There was nowhere else they could stay in the Demon Realm. Apart from placing their hopes on Yang Kai, they had no other choice.


Soon, the three of them gathered together and rushed into the huge Void Corridor as they moved forward.


Although they were inside a Void Corridor, they were still positioned in a triangle as they were wary of Can Ye. Despite the fact that Can Ye had retreated, no one knew whether he would be hiding somewhere nearby. He had the blood of a Shadow Demon in him and was a Great Emperor of the Star Boundary, so it was naturally difficult to deal with him.


Fortunately, even after they saw the light at the end of the passage, Can Ye was nowhere to be found. The light became brighter as they got closer to the exit.


Soon, the trio stepped out of the Void Corridor and arrived at a desert in the Western Territory. In front of them was the base of the Demon Realm army, where powerful auras could be felt everywhere. Although there were no Demon Saints here, there were a lot of Half-Saints.


Sensing the three’s grand auras appear, more than ten figures shot out of the base, but when these Half-Saints arrived, they realised that no one could be seen. Hence, they traded glances in puzzlement.


Inside the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai was lying on the ground in the medicine garden. Mu Zhu was seated beside Yang Kai’s head, while Mu Lu was seated beside his feet. Both of them performed hand seals as Yang Kai was engulfed in green light.


In fact, it wasn’t the first time such an incident happened. Previously, Yang Kai did the same after his battle with Yin Si. It hadn’t even been two years since that fight, but he had to come to the medicine garden with a battered body again, requiring their treatment.


With a cold expression, Mu Zhu muttered in frustration. No one would be pleased with a man who didn’t even treasure his own life. Although the Embodiment had explained to them that it was an unexpected event and that Yang Kai was injured by the leader of the Shadow Demon Clan, Mu Zhu was still incensed.


Since Mu Zhu was blowing her top, the usually gentle Mu Lu had to play along with her.


Certainly, the Embodiment had to put in a good word for Yang Kai as he kept persuading the two Wood Spirits until they no longer appeared so grim.


More than ten days later, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes. In fact, he had awakened earlier as although he was injured by a Demon Saint, it wasn’t as severe as his previous battle with Yin Si where he had risked his life in an attempt to kill him. Despite the fact that he had awakened, he still had to heal his injuries, so he simply began cooperating with the Wood Spirits’ to increase his recovery rate.


When he sat up and saw Mu Zhu hovering in front of him, he flashed a smile at her, but before he managed to thank her, she snorted and turned away.


She had decided to ignore him, but she didn’t stop what she was doing as Yang Kai was still engulfed in the green light.


Yang Kai scratched his cheek before turning to look at Mu Lu. 


Mu Lu hesitated for a bit, but when she saw her big sister glaring at her, she quickly snorted and jerked her head to the side as well.


Appearing to be puzzled, Yang Kai batted his eyes. Then, he spoke to the Embodiment via Divine Sense and soon understood what happened. After that, he balled up his fist and coughed into it before saying, “There’s some good news. Do you want to hear them?”


Mu Lu immediately turned to look at him with widened eyes as she was curious.


“We’re back in the Star Boundary,” Yang Kai looked smilingly at her.


Mu Lu was startled for a moment before she became elated, “Are you serious? Are we really back in Star Boundary?”


No longer incensed, Mu Zhu gazed at Yang Kai and asked, “Have we really returned to Star Boundary?”


They had always stayed in the Small Sealed World, but since Yang Kai was in the Demon Realm, it meant that they were in the same place as well. Hence, upon learning that they were back in the Star Boundary, they could barely contain their excitement.




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