Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3598, Plans


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Upon making sure that Yang Kai had really returned to the Star Boundary, Mu Zhu put on a milder expression while an elated Mu Lu cheered. Yang Kai extended his hand and stroked Mu Lu’s head, “Thank you for all your hard work.”


In an instant, Mu Lu narrowed her eyes as she seemed to be enjoying his touch. On the side, Mu Zhu heaved a sigh, “Although you’re our Master, we’re actually much older than you are. So, stop treating us like children… What are you doing?”


Yang Kai stroked her head with his other hand, “Thanks for your help too.”


At that instant, Mu Zhu fell silent. With his legs crossed, Yang Kai adjusted his breathing for a while before leaving the Small Sealed World. 


When he appeared, three people could be seen turning to look at him. They were Yu Ru Meng, Bei Li Mo, and Chang Tian. Seeing him, Yu Ru Meng quickly asked, “Are you alright?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “I’m fine.”


A worried Yu Ru Meng directly took his hand and infused some of her Demon Qi into his body to check on his condition. Upon making sure that he was indeed alright, she finally relaxed. To the side, Bei Li Mo sneered, “It seems that it’s really hard to get you killed, but you will not always be this lucky. Be careful next time.”


In a good mood, Yang Kai nodded and took a deep breath. He was finally back in the Star Boundary. It had been five years since he ‘betrayed’ the Star Boundary and followed Yu Ru Meng to the Demon Realm. The war between the two worlds had been ongoing for five years as well, and countless people had lost their lives on both sides; however, judging from the current state of affairs, the war was just getting started.


Whatever the case, he felt joyful to be back in the Star Boundary. Although he had gone through demonification, he was fundamentally still a Human. Hence, he wasn’t fond of a place like the Demon Realm as the Star Boundary was still his home. Over here, there were his family, friends, and his Sect. This kind of connection could never be broken off.


The place that Chang Tian and the others had been staying was covered in rocks and all the trees had withered. Basically, there was no greenery at all. Some traces of battle could still be seen, but it must have happened a long time ago. Judging from the remains, the war seemed to be a large-scale one.


The wind made the sand rise into the air, which blocked their vision. The scorching Sun made the air feel sultry. This place was supposed to be somewhere in the Western Territory, and it wasn’t far away from the Demon Realm’s base. After arriving in the Star Boundary, Chang Tian and the others didn’t go far. They just left the base and decided to stay in this place.


“What’s your plan?” Chang Tian stared at Yang Kai and asked.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai replied, “I’ll settle the problem in the Small Sealed World first. Then, I’ll gather all the forces of the Star Boundary and come up with a comprehensive plan before we continue devouring the Demon Realm.”


Chang Tian didn’t respond to him.


“However, I need all of you to assist me.”


It was then Chang Tian said, “Things have come to a point that there’s no turning back. We’ll certainly lend a hand.”


A grateful Yang Kai replied, “Many thanks. Please follow me to meet the Great Emperors, then we’ll have a proper discussion.”


A smiling Chang Tian shook his head, “I’m afraid we can’t do that.”


Yang Kai frowned and asked doubtfully, “Why?”


“We’re from the Demon Race, after all. Now, both Great Worlds are at war with each other. If we follow you to meet the Great Emperors, no one can be sure what will happen.” Seeing as Yang Kai was about to speak, Chang Tian lifted his hand to stop him, “I trust you, but it doesn’t mean that I can trust the Great Emperors. Why don’t you ask Holy Venerable Ru Meng and Holy Venerable Li Mo what they think?”


Yang Kai turned to look at them and saw Bei Li Mo nodding with a solemn expression. Although Yu Ru Meng didn’t utter a word, her expression suggested that she was worried as well.


“Bright Moon was trapped in Eternal Sky Continent and lost his life in the end. We don’t want to end up like him.”


With a frown, Yang Kai fell into his thoughts. It was totally understandable that Chang Tian and the others had such a worry. He had never thought about this issue, and he just felt that there was nothing wrong with his plan. Upon hearing what Chang Tian had said, however, he realised that he had been overly confident.


What if the Great Emperors wanted to kill these three upon seeing them? What if things would not turn out like what he had expected? Although the Great Emperors were all rational and sensible people, they still hadn’t gotten over the fact that Bright Moon was killed. Yu Ru Meng and Bei Li Mo had joined the battle on Eternal Sky Continent, so even though they didn’t directly harm Bright Moon, they had supported the Twelve Pinnacles Grand Demon Array. Hence, they had something to do with the death of Bright Moon.


“Senior, how do you think we can solve this issue?” Yang Kai asked.


Chang Tian replied, “While you were recuperating, we had a discussion and came up with a temporary solution. Why don’t you listen to it and see whether it’ll work?”


“Please.” Yang Kai cupped his fist.


“Your plan will not change, so you can go about it with a free hand.” Chang Tian then drew a circle, which included Yu Ru Meng and Bei Li Mo in it, “The three of us will stay here. Apart from that, some of the Demons in your Small Sealed World have to stay here as well.”


“How many do you need?”


“All those above the Demon King realm at least,” Chang Tian replied.


Yang Kai nodded. Over the past six months, the Small Sealed World had devoured more than a hundred continents of the Demon Realm, and billions were living on these continents; however, if only Demon Kings and above were counted, there were only several thousand of them.


With that said, it was still a horrifying number. A Demon King was equivalent to an Emperor Realm Master, so thousands of Demon Kings were a force to be reckoned with. Moreover, there were also some Half-Saints.


“Senior, why do you need them?” Yang Kai was puzzled.


After giving it a thought, Chang Tian replied with a smile, “I’ll be honest with you. We’re fairly powerful ourselves, so we’re not afraid of the Great Emperors one on one; however, there are only three of us. Now that we’ve lost support from the Demon Realm, we have to have some people with us should anything happen on your side.”


Upon hearing this, Yang Kai finally understood the reason behind it. Chang Tian wanted those Demon Kings and Half-Saints because he was wary of the Great Emperors.


“This is only one of the reasons,” Chang Tian went on to say, “As for the second reason…”


He pointed in a particular direction, “The Demons’ base is just over there. All of us are Demons, so we don’t intend to slaughter them; however, we can try to subdue them. Of course, it would be inappropriate for us to act personally, which is why we can let those Demon Kings and Half-Saints do it on our behalf.”


Yang Kai’s gaze brightened when he heard that. Before coming to this place, he had seen that tens of millions of Demons had gathered on that tiny continent. Including those that had invaded the Star Boundary, there were probably more than a hundred million Demons around here.


It would take those from the Star Boundary forever to kill so many Demons. However, if Chang Tian and the others were able to subdue those Demons, it meant that they could weaken the power of the Demon Realm around here.


These hundred million Demons didn’t have the support of any Demon Saint as only Night Shadow Great Emperor was keeping watch over them. It could be said that as long as Chang Tian and the others made a move, they could easily subdue the Demon soldiers without shedding any blood.


Since this was an amazing solution, there was no reason for Yang Kai to reject; hence, he hurriedly nodded in agreement.


Bei Li Mo and Yu Ru Meng seemed to agree with Chang Tian. Apparently, they had had a proper discussion while Yang Kai was recuperating. All three of them thought that this was the best plan at the moment.


“You will have a discussion with the Great Emperors and help us inform them that we and our subordinates will not make things difficult for the Star Boundary. We’ll even assist them when they advance against the Demon Realm. In return, we hope that we’ll have a place to stay after everything is settled.”


“I’ll remember to pass on your words,” Yang Kai nodded seriously.


With nothing else to say, Yang Kai communicated with the Small Sealed World and investigated all the land with his powerful Divine Sense. After that, he summoned all the Demons that met the requirement.


In just a short moment, the space in front of them was filled with Demon Kings.


Just like what he had estimated, there were a few thousand Demon Kings who were all the subordinates of Yu Ru Meng and Bei Li Mo, so they were all respectful of the two Holy Venerables upon seeing them.


He had also summoned the Demon Kings that worked under Chi Yan and Zu Liao. It was useless for them to stay in the Small Sealed World, so he believed that he could pass these people to Chang Tian and the others to be disciplined. With Chang Tian and the other Demon Saints around, these Demon Kings wouldn’t dare to play any tricks.


There were also the top Masters from Hundred Spirits Continent who had the bloodlines of Divine Spirits.


Apart from the Demon Kings, the rest were all Half-Saints. They were indeed a formidable force.


Eight Half-Saints worked under Yu Ru Meng and twelve Half-Saints that were under Bei Li Mo’s wing. Apart from that, Chang Tian had nine Half-Saints. Chi Yan and Zu Liao had six and two Half-Saints respectively. Including one more that had been captured at the two worlds’ passage more than ten days ago, there were thirty-eight Half-Saints here in total.


That was close to a quarter of the Half-Saints in the entire Demon Realm.


Although there were fewer of them compared to the Demon Kings, they were all top cultivators. Despite the fact that they were not powerful enough to conquer the entire Star Boundary, they had enough strength to protect themselves. That was the reason Chang Tian and the others wanted these Demons to stay.


If the Great Emperors decided to act against them, they would have the power to resist at the very least.


The eight Half-Saints that worked under Chi Yan and Zu Lian and the one who had been captured earlier were not considered their own people, so their cultivation had been sealed temporarily. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be difficult for Chang Tian and the others to make them submit.


After Yang Kai was done with this, he felt exhausted as he had expended a lot of Spiritual Energy. Hence, he went somewhere else on his own to adjust his breathing. When he opened his eyes a few hours later, he realised that Yu Ru Meng had been watching over him from the side. Seeing as he had awakened, she flashed a smile at him.


Ten kilometres away, Demon Qi could be seen filling the sky. It was a magnificent sight that a few thousand Demon Kings and thirty-eight Half-Saints had gathered together. Although there were many of them, they were extremely quiet as only Chang Tian’s voice reverberated.


After their initial confusion diminished, those Demon Kings and Half-Saints calmed themselves down. Upon hearing Chang Tian’s explanation, they understood what they should do for their future.


Yang Kai silently listened to him for a while before he said with a smile, “Please take care of this place.”


Yu Ru Meng gently shook her head, “Just leave it to us. It’s you who must be careful; after all, you’re a little different from others in this world now.”


Yang Kai understood what she was talking about. He had gone through demonification, so it was natural she would be worried that the Great Emperors would slay a Demon like him on sight.




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