Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 36, The Beauty Beneath The Moon

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Translator – Erza

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Although his current training was not enough for him to develop his Divine Sense, Yang Kai could still distinctly feel that drop of Yang Liquid within his Dantian. With a single thought, the drop of Yang Liquid begins to move.

This Yang Liquid could be used in battle, but Yang Kai had yet to test it out. In the end, the black book’s explanation was not enough, so he needed test it out first hand to gauge its true potential.

Although he had suffered many days of hardships to reach this point, with the creation of this singular drop of Yang Liquid, Yang Kai felt contented. With a heart filled with excitement, he settled down and cultivated most of the night away.

During the latter part of the night, Yang Kai opened his eyes and stopped cultivating.

For these past few days, he had constantly skipped his meals and gone without sleep. Although this had brought about great results in regards to his cultivation, it had placed a great strain on his body. In order to cultivate well, you must do all things in moderation in order to avoid long-term dangers.

Standing up, he patted his bottom clean of dirt and walked lightly back to his wooden hut.

When he arrived, the door to his wooden hut was ajar, alerting Yang Kai. When he had left, he distinctly remembered that he had closed the door.

Cautiously he walked over and softly pushed open the door. Peering inside, the scene that awaited him momentarily stunned Yang Kai. It was like it had been taken directly out of a painting, something from a dream or fantasy. It was that otherworldly.

Inside his wooden hut, there was supposed to be only his bed inside. But now, on his bed slept a person; more specifically a woman.

With the moonlight pouring into the room via the hole in the roof it fell onto the female asleep on the bed. With the moonlight illuminating the room, Yang Kai saw that both her hands were folded neatly and were placed on her stomach and her well-rounded chest moved up and down rhythmically in tune with her breaths. Under the moonlight, the neck and skin of the lady was as white as sparkling ice, it was accompanied by silky, onyx black hair that spread out around her head. Her shoulders made her seem delicate and fragile, while her earlobes excluded a kind of temptation.

(Erza: This author’s tastes are weird. First [hairy] legs, now earlobes. :\)

(Silavin: can we not judge a person’s fetishes? I’m pretty sure there’s some hidden value in it that we just can’t appreciate. I shall do more research on this topic of fetishes and hope to see some good reports.)


Because she was laying down, her slim legs, her slender waist, and her beautiful body were fully displayed to Yang Kai. He couldn’t see her face due to the cicada thin veil she wore, but on her sleek forehead, there rested a blue gem. This was the only piece of jewelry she wore and although it was not that expensive, he thought it perfectly complimented and highlighted her frosty and pure aura.

The hazy moonlight illuminating the room seemed to enhance her beauty as well.

She looked as if she was an immortal from the Moon Palace, for from head to toe, there was not a single flaw to be seen and not a single part of her didn’t emit a divine aura. She lay there comfortably as if she would never wake. Unable to make sense of the situation, Yang Kai’s heart rate soared to the high heavens.

Usually, Yang Kai wasn’t an emotional person, but this picturesque scene moved him greatly. Even if tens of years passed, he would never forget this scene.

Curious, Yang Kai cautiously walked over, forcibly suppressing his breathing and heart rate, afraid that they might wake her.

Drawing closer to the bedside, the distance between them was now very short, Yang Kai hurriedly observed the situation. He discovered that it was the same as his guess; this female was the same female Disciple that had nearly bumped into him outside the Contribution Hall the other day.

(Erza: YAY! It was Xia Ning Chang! Isn’t everybody happy? 😀)


It was just that her aura that day was completely different to the one she was exuding here and now, currently, she exuded a divine and untouchable aura. That day, she appeared shy and timid, with a fresh and adorable feel. Raising his head, Yang Kai took a look towards the hole in the roof and chuckled softly. These past few days the holes that he had never gotten a chance to fix had unexpectedly become very handy.

This series of small laughs alarmed Xia Ning Chang who was currently lying on the bed. By the time Yang Kai lowered his head; the sleeping senior sister had long since woken and was staring at him with wide eyes.

That pair of bright eyes first held some confusion before becoming flustered and embarrassed. In the blink of an eye, Xia Ning Chang’s earlobes had become bright red.

Luckily it was night, and although there was moonlight illuminating the hut, Yang Kai still couldn’t see too clearly thus allowing Xia Ning Chang escape embarrassment.

The two people eyed each other, one on the bed and the other beside it.

Yang Kai’s belly was full of suspicions; meanwhile, Xia Ning Chang wished that she could slap herself unconscious and escape an awkward situation. Her heart was a mess; she did not think that she would be so careless and fall asleep here.

“Ke, Ke……” Yang Kai coughed lightly, and tried very hard to make himself appear somewhat good natured as he asked, “Senior Sister, how should I address you by?”

It was unclear whether it was it due to the current mood or situation, but when Yang Kai asked that question, it didn’t seem quite right. Especially, when a young male and female were together on the same bed, in a room at night.

The question asked was like him asking, “How should I call this prostitute/concubine.”

A hundred percent tasteless.

Xia Ning Chang’s face was as red as blood, but she calmly rose up from a lying position sat upright on the bed. Reaching out her hand, she went to tidy her hair before saying, “My surname is Xia……”

Xia Ning Chang did not have the nerve to give her full name, for today she felt that she had lost too much face.

“So it’s actually Senior Sister Xia. What can I do for  you, Senior Sister Xia?”

If there was nothing she needs from him then why would this deity like female come to his hut to look for him?

Under Yang Kai’s questioning, Xia Ning Chang remembered her original purpose and hurriedly took out a package from her side. With her emotions calmed, she explained. “This afternoon, there was a hunter from Black Wind Mountains who came to find you. He waited until sundown, but you had yet to appear. I saw that he was in a hurry to return home, so I went to talk to him. That hunter said that he was very grateful to you for saving his life and asked me to pass on this package to you, and he also said that in the future he would come to personally thank you.”

Hearing her say this, Yang Kai was left at a loss for words for he knew who that person was.

The hunter from the mountains! Last time when he had entered Black Wind Mountains, he had saved both the father and son’s lives.

Reaching out, Yang Kai accepted the package. Nodding his head, he exclaimed, “Oh so it was like this.”

Secretly, Xia Ning Chang raised her eyes and glanced over at him and asked. “I was entrusted with something of yours, and had waited nearly the whole day for you to come back, yet you……..”

And as she waited she fell asleep…..she didn’t have the guts to say that out loud. This was too frustrating for her and she had also unexpectedly fallen asleep in another’s bed.

Yang Kai, now fully understood today’s affair. He laughed out loud. “I have troubled you, Senior Sister, so next time I will make sure to come back earlier.”

Xia Ning Chang didn’t know if it was her own misconception or if the other party had purposely phrased it like that. No matter what, it sounded weird, like a husband promising his wife something.

Nibbling her lip, Xia Ning Chang replied with some dissatisfaction. “It doesn’t matter if you come late or early, the package has already been handed over to you. I shall take my leave now.”

Finishing her sentence, with the swaying of her hips and the stomping of her foot, her figure soon disappeared, leaving only a sweet fragrance behind in the room and around a particular person’s nose.

This Senior Sister Xia really was too shy.

Thinking about that scene, Yang Kai felt a warm feeling. Turning around, Yang Kai went to open the package left behind by the hunter. Opening it, Yang Kai found that it contained two cyan coloured long gowns.

These gowns were hand made stitch by stitch, thread by thread and the needlework was dense and clustered; the handiwork was very meticulous. Yang Kai concluded that it was the hunter’s wife who had made these gowns.

[The hunter has such a kind heart!] Last time when he was battling the Flower Patterned Spider, his clothes had been shredded to pieces. And it was because of that, the hunter had come today to deliver two sets of clothes for him to wear.

With a smile on his face, Yang Kai put the clothes away and lay on to the bed. The night was calm and with it, he entered a soothing deep slumber.


Erza: in response to some the questions and comments, Ben said that Yun Che is not a good “love” role model. With one girl here, one girl there, someone there and another over there. He has a good point though.


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