Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3600, Tiger Returns To The Mountain


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Previously, the reason Li Shi Qing wanted to kill Yang Kai on Cloud Shadow Continent was because she had seen Bright Moon Great Emperor die by his hand. Witnessing such a sight had pushed her to seek revenge for the Great Emperor’s death. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have made a move on Yang Kai.


Later on, she figured out that with or without Yang Kai, Bright Moon was destined to lose his life in that kind of situation. Perhaps he had even intentionally asked for death to save the Great Emperor’s Opportunity. Whatever the case, it was an irrefutable fact that he was killed by Yang Kai.


Therefore, whenever she saw him, she would recall the sight where Bright Moon lost his life. That was why after Cloud Shadow Continent was devoured, she left the palace and came to this place on her own to stay away from Yang Kai.


She thought that by not seeing Yang Kai forever, she wouldn’t have to be put in a tight spot. However, she wasn’t aware that she had always been under his surveillance.


If she was able to return to the Star Boundary and see her Honoured Master, there was no way she would hide what she had seen on that day. She would definitely tell her Master everything. It was an unforgivable crime to have killed a Great Emperor. She wondered how those from the Star Boundary would punish Yang Kai upon learning what he had done.


Since the Great Emperor War that took place twenty thousand years ago, no Great Emperor had lost their life. Bright Moon was the first one since that war, and he was the only Great Emperor that had ever been killed by an Emperor Realm Master.


As if he didn’t hear what she just said, Yang Kai simply said, “I’ll release you when I meet Senior Flower Shadow so that both of you can reunite.”


Li Shi Qing said through clenched teeth, “When I meet my Honoured Master, I’ll tell her everything I saw on that day.”


Yang Kai nodded as he had never intended to conceal what had happened during the battle on Eternal Sky Continent. Even if Li Shi Qing didn’t expose it, he would personally tell the Great Emperors what had happened. As his figure became blurred, he went on to say, “By the way, be careful of Mo Sheng. I have a feeling that there’s something off about him.”


He wasn’t trying to scare her or sow discord between them as it was just a feeling. Theoretically, in this Small Sealed World, Yang Kai could even find out what was on Mo Sheng’s mind if he wanted; however, based on his observation and Bo Ya’s report, it was certain that there was nothing wrong with Mo Sheng’s background.


However, he just had this feeling that could be said to be unfounded. In that case, he thought he should warn Li Shi Qing about it. It was fine even if he was wrong, he just wanted her to be more vigilant.


Upon hearing that, Li Shi Qing was startled. Just when she was about to ask him about it, his figure became transparent and then disappeared.


Staring at the spot where Yang Kai once sat, Li Shi Qing gritted her teeth and cursed.


The crescent moon hung high above the sky as countless stars could be seen twinkling. Under the night sky, Yang Kai flew forward like a falling star.


At this moment, he felt completely at ease. He had been in the Star Boundary for many years as his cultivation rose from the Origin King Realm to the Emperor Realm here. He had also made many new friends here. Besides that, he had even founded High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory and fetched all his relatives and friends over from the Lower Star Field. It could be said that the Star Boundary was his home.


However, he had never felt more relaxed than he was on this day.


It was a feeling he immediately got after he exited the Small Sealed World. Returning to the Star Boundary was like returning to his homeland and his mother’s embrace. The view, air, and world principles in this place… everything felt so amiable to him.


It wasn’t simply a feeling one would get when he returned to his home after venturing into the outside world for a long time. This homecoming might be one of the reasons he felt as such, but the Great Emperor’s Opportunity was the primary cause.


Yang Kai had obtained the acknowledgement of the Star Boundary itself! The entire world seemed to have opened up to him and embraced him. It was like a tiger that had returned to the mountain or a Dragon that had plunged into the ocean.


This made him feel extremely at ease, and he couldn’t help but start humming a song. As his figure shot forward across the sky, his humming seemingly reverberated in his surroundings.


He didn’t just feel relaxed. When he tried to sit down with his legs crossed to restore his energy some time ago, he realised that something had become different. As soon as he circulated his Secret Art, the World Energy seemed to penetrate his body like swallows returning to their nests. His efficiency at cultivation had increased manifold.


The acknowledgement from the Star Boundary allowed him to significantly increase the speed of absorbing World Energy. It went to show how amazing the Great Emperor’s Opportunity was, and perhaps there were more benefits that had yet to be discovered.


Since he was back in the Star Boundary, he could use his Space Beacon and meet those dearest to him in an instant. The reason he decided to fly back home was to experience this kind of feeling as well as to examine the current situation in the Star Boundary.


However, when he thought about the fact that the reason he had obtained these benefits was that he had killed a Great Emperor, he felt crestfallen. In the end, he failed in his attempt to bring Bright Moon Great Emperor back from the Demon Realm. Recalling Lan Xun’s gaze, which seemed to be pleading with him, when he left the Star Boundary, he felt utterly helpless.


[How am I supposed to face her now?]


While he was in a dazed state, he suddenly stopped flying and turned around, only to hear some sounds of a scuffle and feel the fallout of battle that was coming from a place not far away. In an instant, he realised that Demons and Humans were fighting nearby.


Without hesitation, he immediately flew over to that place.


Atop a desert expanse that was five hundred kilometres away, more than a thousand people were locked in battle. Thirty percent of them were Humans while seventy percent of them were Demons. In a radius of ten kilometres around the battlefield, the lights of artifacts and Secret Techniques could be seen flashing, illuminating the darkness. As Demon Qi undulated and swirled around, the Demons fought fiercely, fully intent on annihilating all of their enemies.


The Humans had been besieged as the Demons had gained the upper hand because of differences in numbers. There were also two Demon Kings that were in charge of their side, which was why everything was well under their control. On the other hand, there was only one injured Emperor Realm Master on the Humans’ side. Although the Humans were united, their defence circle was still shrinking slowly.


Nevertheless, all the Humans appeared determined and unafraid of death.


That was because they knew that if they fell into the Demons’ hands, they would end up in a more miserable state than death. Since they had been besieged, they had no other choice but to fight until the end.


Many corpses, both Humans and Demons, were seen strewn across the ground. A quick comparison showed that more Humans had lost their lives. The ground had been dyed red because of the blood.


These Humans came from multiple different Sects. Years of war had made them all become ferocious and they took up practised formations with their backs pressed against one another, obstinately resistant.


On the other hand, the Demons that had surrounded the Humans kept circling around as though they had turned into a grinder, while the Humans were like soybeans that were being crushed. If they were not careful, they would be ground into dust at any moment.


More and more Humans lost their lives, and new wounds could be seen forming on the only Emperor Realm Master’s body. He was horrendously drenched in blood, and his aura was clearly unsteady.


Meanwhile, the two Demon Kings appeared to be calm and collected. Instead of getting involved in the war, they were hovering in mid-air as they playfully watched this fight where there was a huge gap in power between the two sides. A Sand Demon was even licentiously sweeping a glance over a few beautiful and curvy women as he licked his lips from time to time.


He was especially fond of one Human woman, whose power was equivalent to that of a High-Rank Demon Great General. That was because she had a mature air and a particularly outstanding figure, just to his liking.


It had been many years since the invasion of the Star Boundary began, and the Demons had captured many Humans during this time. The salacious Demons had had a taste of many Human beauties, and this Demon King was one of them. His biggest hobby was collecting all sorts of beautiful Human women for him to have fun with. Unlike the forward, almost aggressive Demon women, Human girls were generally reserved and sheepish. Whenever he saw these girls, who were trapped under his shadow, screaming but unable to resist him, he would be completely aroused.


Certainly, those Human girls that had been violated would end up in a horrible state. Their corpses would mostly be dismembered. Whenever the Demon King bedded them, he loved to slowly bite off their flesh, chew it and gulp it down. He could never forget the delicious taste in his mouth.


As he watched the mature and beautiful woman, who was already drenched in sweat, wielding her sword, he felt his blood boiling and concentrate towards his nether region.


Knowing what his colleague was like, the Demon King beside him shot him a look and then followed his gaze. When he saw the mature and beautiful woman, he snorted, “She’s from Ice Heart Valley.”


Upon hearing that, the Sand Demon was startled, “She’s from Ice Heart Valley?”


Ice Heart Valley was one of the top Sects in the Northern Territory, and they had made significant contributions in the Two Worlds’ Great War. Women from that Sect could be seen in essentially every large-scale battle. Many Demons had suffered grievously because of them, which was why many Demon Kings were aware of Ice Heart Valley.


Besides Ice Heart Valley, they also knew a thing or two about most of the top Sects in the Star Boundary; after all, the war had been ongoing for many years, so there was no way they had no idea about their enemies’ backgrounds at all.


“She’s using Ice Principles, and she’s a woman. Also, judging from her clothes, I’m sure she’s from Ice Heart Valley,” the Demon King replied. It seemed that he knew more about the great forces in the Star Boundary than his Sand Demon compatriot.


Upon hearing that, the Sand Demon was startled for a moment before he started chuckling hoarsely. It seemed that he was in an even better mood now. A long time later, he stopped laughing and nodded slowly. At the same time, he stroked his face and said, “Good, good, very good!”


There was a hideous scar that looked like a huge centipede crawling across his face. It wasn’t certain how long the scar had been there, but it still hadn’t fully healed. From time to time, a cold aura would pulse from that scar. At that instant, the image of a woman, whose expression was like unmelting ice, sprang into his mind.


In one of the large-scale battles he previously fought in, that woman had descended from the sky and slashed at him with her sword. In an instant, three of the four Demon Kings in his group lost their lives on the spot. He was the lucky one as he immediately pretended to be dead, thus allowing him to escape from death’s door.


After that, he asked around and heard from the other Demon Kings that the woman, who had killed three Demon Kings with one strike, was called Ji Yao, and she was from Ice Heart Valley. She was also the Third Disciple of the Ancestral Founder of Ice Heart Valley, Bing Yun.


Initially, he had been considered quite the handsome Demon King, but since he got this scar, all he was left with was a hideous face.


He had never forgotten about what had been done to him as he was determined to get even with that woman one day. He would definitely capture Ji Yao and pin her down before making her beg for his mercy. While she was going through excruciating pain, he would bite off her flesh until she became nothing but bone.




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    1. Not an Emperor from Ice Heart Valley. A Dao Source Realm:

      He was especially fond of one Human woman, whose power was equivalent to that of a High-Rank Demon Great General

    2. Hearing this story I think even tho high heaven was closed, more than likely people from there still participated in the war, especially yang kai’s wives. They’re still warriors that would want to battle and improve their cultivation and protect their home

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