Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3601, Divine Weapon Falling From The Heavens


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However, there were not many disciples from Ice Heart Valley, and the battlefields in the Star Boundary were pretty scattered. Hence, the Sand Demon had never met anyone from Ice Heart Valley since then.


Therefore, he was surprised to come across them this time, and there were more than ten of them! He could clearly see that there were a dozen or so others around the beautiful woman he had his eyes on who were clad in the same robes and used the same Secret Techniques.


Although Ji Yao was not among them, he figured he could capture some of the disciples from her Sect first to collect a little interest. At the thought of this, he put on a gleeful smile.


Just then, a whoosh was abruptly heard, which was followed by a descent of bitingly cold aura. Engulfed in murderous intent, the Sand Demon had goosebumps all over his body as he subconsciously shot downward in an attempt to dive into the ground.


Even though he wasn’t certain what had happened, he knew that they had been ambushed. While he was diving, he turned his head to look at the source of the sound to see what was going on, and his expression was transformed by shock.


His colleague, who had been standing beside him and having a chat just now, had been cut into two halves. He still appeared puzzled, as though he hadn’t realised what had happened.


At that instant, the Sand Demon thought that he was lucky to have reacted quickly; otherwise, he would have lost his life as well. However, while he was still immersed in celebration, his pupils contracted. That was because he could feel a pain coming from his chest, and he could not circulate his Demon Qi.


Upon falling to the ground, he didn’t manage to sink into it like he had planned. Looking down, he saw that blood was oozing out of his chest, and following that, his wounds burst and he felt himself flying through the air.


[Was I also injured?] While his upper body was lifted, his lower body was still firmly on the ground. As he felt his vision turning upside down, he saw a figure charging towards the battlefield. 


[A High-Rank Demon King?]


The person who had just joined the battle seemed to be a High-Rank Demon King. His Demon Qi was extremely pure, and he appeared to be quite young. His brows were as straight as swords, and his eyes shone like stars. He was holding a sword that seemed to be overly long for his frame as he circled the perimeter of the battlefield.


Wherever he passed, all the Demons would fall to the ground. Surprisingly, the hundreds of Demons appeared to be as frail as paper. Wherever his sword slashed out, Demons would burst into blood mist, leaving not even a single bone behind. The constant popping sounds were similar to that of beans being stir-fried.


With such powerful support, the Human cultivators were pleasantly surprised and roared with renewed enthusiasm as they continued killing their enemies. Their artifacts and Secret Techniques shone brighter because of that.


The Demons were unable to counterattack! In just ten breaths’ time, all the Demons in the outer circle lost their lives.


It wasn’t until this moment that the figure, who was as swift as lightning, stopped in his tracks as he stood in front of the Sand Demon. With the Myriads Sword on his shoulder, he looked down at him.


The Sand Demon wasn’t dead yet. It wasn’t a joke that as long as the Demon Heart remained, a Demon would never die. As a Demon King, the Sand Demon must have cultivated more than one Demon Heart, so even if he was cut into two pieces, he would still be able to survive. Given enough time, he would even be able to restore himself.


Besides him, the Demon King earlier also wasn’t dead. It was just that their foundations had been severely damaged. As their eyes met, the Sand Demon asked in puzzlement, “Why?”


He didn’t understand why this High-Rank Demon King killed his own people without uttering a word. Throughout history, traitors would only emerge from the Humans’ side, never from the Demon’s. What was more inconceivable was that the traitor was a High-Rank Demon King.


Yang Kai grinned at him and slashed his Myriads Sword at him until the latter’s corpse vanished. Following that, he moved on to the other Demon King, who was already on his last breath. The Demon King soon followed his colleague to the Yellow Springs.


After Yang Kai was done with them, he turned around and flashed a smile at the hundreds of Humans, “Are you alright?”


Surprisingly, they didn’t cheer for him or even thank him. Instead, the hundreds of people were looking at him in puzzlement. The Emperor Realm Master leading them appeared vigilant as he silently circulated his Emperor Qi. Sword Intent could be seen undulating around his sword and it seemed that he was preparing for a desperate fight.


Seeing as Yang Kai turned around, the Emperor Realm Master nervously gulped and then muttered, “Demon Heavenly Dao?”


Yang Kai arched his brow and looked past him before staring at the beautiful woman beside him and asking, “Fan Xin?”


They hadn’t met for years, but he could still easily recognize her as she hadn’t changed much.


In the past, Bing Yun had been trapped in the Solitary Void Sealed World for three thousand years. During that period of time, she founded Ice Heart Pavilion. Fan Xin was taken in as the Deacon by Bing Yun at the time, and after escaping from that place, Bing Yun invited Fan Xin and Liu Xian Yun to join Ice Heart Valley.


At that time, Fan Xin was a Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, and even now her cultivation remained the same. Although she hadn’t achieved a breakthrough though, her Source Qi was considerably denser than it was in the past. Yang Kai’s vision was acute, so he could see that she was just one step away from the Emperor Realm. However, she would have to cultivate in seclusion for a time to ascend to the Emperor Realm. Now that the two Great Worlds were at war, she didn’t have the luxury to cultivate in seclusion.


In fact, if Yang Kai hadn’t swooped down like a divine weapon falling from the Heavens to rescue them on this day, she would have lost her life here.


Upon hearing the strange figure call out to her, Fan Xin was startled for a moment. Since he could recognise her, it meant that they should be familiar with one another. Moreover, she found the outline of his figure and voice to be familiar. At that instant, a name sprang into her mind, but she was still somewhat doubtful. In a tentative manner, she said, “You are…”


It was then that Yang Kai recalled that he was currently engulfed in a cloud of Demon Qi, so his form appeared blurred to others. People with weak cultivation were unable to see his true appearance; hence, he immediately dispersed the Demon Qi and revealed his face. With a smile, he said, “It’s me.”


“Senior Brother Yang!” Fan Xin exclaimed as her gaze brightened. Some of the cultivators from Ice Heart Valley also called out in surprise. Apparently, they too recognised Yang Kai.


There was no way they couldn’t recognise him because when he was based in the Northern Territory in the past and would visit Ice Heart Valley from time to time, which was why many of them had seen him before. They also knew that he was married to Su Yan, who was the closed-door disciple of the Ancestral Founder.


Just when the pleasantly surprised Fan Xin wanted to step forward to speak to him, the Emperor Realm Master suddenly lifted his sword to block her way as he bellowed, “Wait!”


Yang Kai took a look at the Emperor Realm Master, but he wasn’t angry with him. Yang Kai understood why the other party was wary of him. Just now, he was surrounded by very ferocious Demon Qi, so he looked just like any other Demon.


It was expected that the other party would put his guard up. If Yang Kai were him, he would have done the same. As their eyes met, Yang Kai flashed a harmless smile at him.


Although the person was only a First-Order Emperor, they could be considered allies since they had fought against the Demons just now. Also, this man didn’t beg for the enemies’ mercy and put his all into protecting his companions. Hence, it was apparent that he was an unyielding man who deserved respect.


“Who is he? Right Defender Fan, do you recognise him?” The Emperor Realm Master stared at Yang Kai while speaking to Fan Xin via Divine Sense.


Just when Fan Xin wanted to tell him the truth, she suddenly recalled that Yang Kai’s identity was somewhat sensitive in the Star Boundary now, so she was lost for words. After all, Yang Kai was hunted down by Iron Blood Great Emperor and Li Wu Yi a few years ago after he betrayed the Star Boundary. It was sensational news at that time, so basically everyone in the Star Boundary was aware of it.


It was because of this, High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory had sealed its gates and did not send any disciples to join the Two Worlds’ Great War.


While she was lost in a dilemma, she suddenly heard Yang Kai speaking to her, “It’s fine. Just tell him what he wants to know. I’ll be going to meet the Great Emperors soon.”


It was only then that Fan Xin heaved a sigh of relief. Since Yang Kai had the courage to meet the Great Emperors, there must be more to his story than the public knew. When word got out that Yang Kai had betrayed the Star Boundary, whatever the opinions of other Sects, all of the disciples from Ice Heart Valley believed that there must be a reason for his actions, and it seemed that was indeed the case; otherwise, he wouldn’t have the gall to come back and meet with the Great Emperors.


Upon getting Yang Kai’s permission, Fan Xin went on to reveal his identity.


The Emperor Realm Master gasped as he stared at Yang Kai with widened eyes. Recalling the power Yang Kai had showcased just now, he thought that the rumours surrounding this man weren’t unfounded. A few years ago, he had heard that this famous Palace Master of High Heaven Palace had gone through demonification, and it seemed to be true. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been engulfed in Demon Qi.


Hence, it was difficult to deal with this issue now. The Emperor Realm Master couldn’t deny that Yang Kai had saved them, but the latter was also a Demon. So, he wasn’t even sure how he should treat him. Nevertheless, he soon reached a conclusion.


Since Yang Kai was able to kill those Demons with ease, if he wanted to harm them, there was no way they could resist, so it was pointless to be wary of him. Since he only killed the Demons without harming the Humans, it went to show that he still had the Star Boundary in his heart.


Understanding this, the Emperor Realm Master cupped his fists and said, “Greetings, Palace Master Yang. This one is Mountain Lord of Hundred Lotus Mountain, Han Zheng Qing. I offer thanks for saving us on all of our behalf.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “A minor matter, there is no need to thank me.”


Han Zheng Qing nodded slightly, “We still have duties to perform, so we cannot stay here any longer. Farewell.”


Upon finishing what he had to say, he wanted to bring the remaining Humans to leave this place. It was an irrefutable fact that Yang Kai had betrayed the Star Boundary and High Heaven Palace had sealed off its entrance because of this. Even though Yang Kai had saved them today, Han Zheng Qing still didn’t want to have anything to do with him, he simply made plans to repay this favour when they came across each other on the battlefield in the future.


Seeing what was happening, Fan Xin parted her lips in an attempt to say something, but Han Zheng Qing immediately shot her a glare. Left with no other choice, she could only keep her mouth shut and look apologetically at Yang Kai. In normal times, she could still stand up for Yang Kai, but they were now on the battlefield, and she had to obey her commander’s order. Han Zheng Qing was the leader of their unit, so no one could disobey him or they would be punished according to military law.


Yang Kai put on a smile and said, “Mountain Lord Han, I’m afraid you can’t leave.”


Han Zheng Qing stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at him, “What’s wrong, Palace Master Yang? Do you have something you need from us? Please don’t beat around the bush. This Han will do whatever he can to assist you as long as it does not harm the Star Boundary’s interests or our fellow cultivators.”


Although Yang Kai had saved them, Han Zheng Qing was determined to uphold the integrity of the Star Boundary. Despite the fact that he was only a First-Order Emperor, he knew what he should and shouldn’t do.




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