Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3604, Seven Mists Sea


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“Are all of Ice Heart Valley’s disciples assigned to the Thirty-Fifth Army?” Yang Kai asked.


“That’s right,” Fan Xin said gently and nodded, then she put on a smile, “Senior Sister Ji Yao is now the Division Chief of the Third Division.”


Yang Kai smiled in embarrassment, “En, very good.”


Fan Xin went on to say, “She’s a Third-Order Emperor now as well.”


Ji Yao’s situation was similar to that of Bing Yun. In the past, after Bing Yun inexplicably went missing, Ji Yao went out to look for her and accidentally intruded into the Ancient Wild Lands in the Eastern Territory. There, she absorbed too much Wild Force and became delirious. She went on to stay in the Ancient Wild Lands for a long time. If it weren’t because Yang Kai chanced upon her and brought her out of that place, she would still have been stuck in a mentally confused state.


She had lost her mind in the Ancient Wild Lands, which also meant she stopped cultivating consciously, causing her realm to stagnate. However, the ancient aura there had continuously tempered her foundation, so after she left the Ancient Lands and regained clarity of mind, she had basically achieved a type of re-birth in both body and Soul, which was why she was able to achieve a breakthrough after some intense battles.


Bing Yun and Ji Yao were not the only people whose cultivation had improved significantly.


Battle was the fastest and most direct method of stimulating one’s potential. Countless people had broken through their bottlenecks and ascended to new realms during life-or-death moments. The war between the two worlds had caused an innumerable number of cultivators in the Star Boundary to be injured and lose their lives. Nevertheless, the war stimulated the long-dormant sense of crisis in many, and in a world where the reality of survival of the fittest had become far more apparent, those with incredible aptitude and fortune had all gained greatly. In fact, the Martial Dao of the Star Boundary had not regressed as a result of the war, and instead had actually prospered.


Yang Kai was a prime example as he did not achieve much of his cultivation through quiet meditation. Since he began his journey on the Martial Dao, he had fallen into countless perilous situations and was forced to overcome them one by one. Every time he struggled on the edge of life or death, it was akin to being baptised by fire and reborn. Had he simply cultivated in peace and seclusion, he wouldn’t even have reached the Emperor Realm by now.


“How were the armies in the Star Boundary organized? Tell me about it.” Since they had nothing else to do while heading for their destination, Yang Kai thought that he should find out more about what had been going on in the Star Boundary.


Certainly, Fan Xin wouldn’t hide anything from him and began explaining everything she knew. The others were wary of Yang Kai because he had gone through demonification and betrayed the Star Boundary before; however, no disciple from Ice Heart Valley would be distrustful of him.


In the past, the Seeking Passion Sect from the Northern Territory had tried to destroy Ice Heart Valley, and if not for Yang Kai arriving at the critical moment and saving them, their home would have been devastated and they themselves would have suffered death, or fates worse than it.


The formation of the armies in the Star Boundary was basically copied from the Demon Realm, so the structure was roughly the same. There were fifty-four armies in total, and each one was made up of a million or more cultivators. The largest army even had five million cultivators.


Each army had an Army Commander who commanded several Divisions, with every Division having a hundred thousand people. Each Division had a Division Chief, who was usually a Third-Order or Second-Order Emperor Realm Master. Under Divisions were Brigades, which comprised ten thousand people. After a Brigade, it was a Battalion.


Almost all command positions at the Brigade level were Emperors.


That was the case for Han Zheng Qing. The team led by him belonged to the Thirty-Fifth Army’s Ninth Division, Third Brigade. Han Zheng Qing was the Left Defender of the Third Brigade. Since he was a First-Order Emperor Realm Master, he was qualified to be one.


On the other hand, Fan Xin was only in the Third-Order Dao Source Realm, so could at most qualify as the Right Defender, which was equivalent to Han Zheng Qing’s assistant. Her position in the Thirty-Fifth Army was equivalent to that of Right Defender Liu’s.


As for the leaders of the Battalions, they were mostly Dao Source Realm Masters.


“What about Senior Li Wu Yi?” Yang Kai suddenly thought of a familiar figure. He recalled that when he left the Star Boundary in the past, Li Wu Yi had been in charge of the war against the Demons. As the acknowledged strongest Master beneath the Great Emperors and a famous figure from Spirit Beast Island, Li Wu Yi had the strength and prestige to command others.


Fan Xin replied with a smile, “Senior Li is the Army Commander of the First Army, but he also serves as Supreme Commander.”


Yang Kai nodded in acknowledgement as Li Wu Yi’s position essentially remained the same. He was still in charge of the war affairs in the Star Boundary.


Just then, Yang Kai arched his brow and reached out to grab something. When he spread his palm, there was already a jade slip on it. After he sent his Divine Sense into the item to investigate it, he grinned at Fan Xin and muttered, “Speaking of the devil.”


A jade slip wouldn’t appear in front of him out of thin air. In fact, before it appeared, the Space Beacon, which was on Yang Kai’s wrist, had already shown a reaction. It was Li Wu Yi who passed the jade slip to him through the void.


There was only one sentence in the jade slip, ‘Come see me’.


Li Wu Yi didn’t specify where they should meet up because it was unnecessary. Both of them had exchanged Space Beacons, so as long as both of them were in the Star Boundary, they could reach each other’s sides with just a thought.


However, Li Wu Yi was swamped with work, so he couldn’t leave his post, which was why he told Yang Kai to go see him. 


It had only been a short time since Yang Kai returned to the Star Boundary, but Li Wu Yi had already found out about it. Yang Kai gazed at Han Zheng Qing at the front and made some conjectures.


Fan Xin seemed able to read his mind, so she explained, “Every Left Defender has a Space Beacon given to them by Senior Li that can be used to contact Seven Mists Sea. En, Seven Mists Sea is a special place that is the headquarters for the Star Boundary’s armies.”


Yang Kai nodded to show that he understood.


Since Han Zheng Qing had a Space Beacon, he must have contacted Li Wu Yi and told him about Yang Kai. Otherwise, Li Wu Yi wouldn’t have sent a jade slip over with such timing.


“What did Senior Li say?” Fan Xin asked apprehensively. Although all the disciples from Ice Heart Valley believed that Yang Kai was a righteous person, the incident in the past was too sensational. Judging from the way Han Zheng Qing and the others treated Yang Kai, they were apparently still wary of him even though he had saved them. Even Han Zheng Qing wouldn’t put his guard down when facing Yang Kai, let alone other people.


Furthermore, Li Wu Yi had hunted Yang Kai down at that time, which was why Fan Xin was worried that Li Wu Yi intended to capture him even now. However, she wasn’t aware that the incident in the past was all such a show in which Yang Kai willingly destroyed his own reputation to deceive Yu Ru Meng and the other Demons.


“Senior Li told me to meet him in Seven Mists Sea,” Yang Kai replied with a smile, appearing completely relaxed.


Seeing his attitude, Fan Xin was able to set her mind at ease. After giving it a thought, she realised that if Li Wu Yi really wanted to capture Yang Kai, he could have arrived at this place in an instant. Since the advent of Space Beacons, people realized just how easily it was to move across vast distances with their assistance.


Since Li Wu Yi had only sent a jade slip over without coming here in person, he had made his stance clear.


As Yang Kai spoke to Fan Xin, he fished out an empty jade slip and pushed his Divine Sense to infuse a message into it. After that, he flicked it into the Void.


Meanwhile, in a hall that was several million kilometres away, a few hundred men and women, whose cultivation was at best average, were seated on the ground. Before each of these people was a hundred or so Space Beacons. From time to time, weak space fluctuations could be felt, and following that, jade slips would pass through the Void and arrive at this place.


Then, these men and women would catch the jade slips, after which some people would come over with jade plates in their hands and take the jade slips. Following that, they would head to a secret room at the other end of the hall. Some people were already waiting in the secret room. After taking the jade slips, they would decode whatever was recorded inside and transcribe it onto a new jade slip. Subsequently, messages or orders would be sent off.


Just like this, the information that came from all directions would flow to Li Wu Yi’s side.


This hall was basically the command centre for the Star Boundary’s armies, as well as the place where all its intelligence was gathered and analysed from the battlefield. By just staying here, Li Wu Yi was able to find out what was going on in the battlefield between the two Great Worlds and make arrangements so that they could more easily deal with the Demon armies essentially in real-time.


There was a huge Mountains and Rivers Projection in the room that displayed the terrain on the battlefield, which included mountains, rivers, creeks, paths and so on and so forth. All of them had corresponding symbols on the projection.


In front of the projection stood a handsome man and an alluring woman. They were Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng, who were both waiting silently.


As a weak space fluctuation was felt and suddenly a jade slip appeared out of thin air. Before Li Wu Yi even managed to catch it, Jiu Feng already extended her hand and snatched the jade slip.


Li Wu Yi looked helplessly at her. A moment later, Jiu Feng said with a smile, “That brat…”


“What did he say?” Li Wu Yi asked.


“He’s with those from the Thirty-Fifth Army’s Ninth Division, and he’s escorting them back to the base.”


“Ninth Division…” Li Wu Yi gave it a thought and recalled who was responsible for the Ninth Division before he burst into laughter, “What a coincidence. He came across Bing Yun’s people right after he returned.”


Jiu Feng reached out to point at the sand table-like projection and said, “They’re supposed to be here by now.”


Li Wu Yi took a look at the projection and pointed at another spot, “A thousand kilometres in front of them is a force of ten thousand Demons lying in ambush.”


“I can go over to help him.” Jiu Feng offered excitedly.


“Not a chance!” Li Wu Yi snorted, “Just stay right where you are. You’re not allowed to go anywhere unless ordered.”


Jiu Feng asked curiously, “Aren’t you worried that he’ll fall into danger? If anything happens to him, how are you going to explain yourself to Little Princess? Or… do you want to utilize the Martial Beast Guards?”


Li Wu Yi pursed his lips and replied, “What do you think will happen to him? It’s extremely difficult to kill him. As for Martial Beast Guards… All those available have been deployed. In the previous battle, those from Thirty-Fifth Army were scattered quite widely and many required rescue. So, we don’t have anyone left now. Don’t worry. It’s just ten thousand Demons.”


Certainly, Jiu Feng knew that ten thousand Demons wouldn’t pose a threat to Yang Kai. She just felt extremely bored, which was why she wanted to have a walk outside. However, Li Wu Yi didn’t give her that chance.


After all, he had to go out to attend to some emergencies from time to time, so when he wasn’t around, someone had to keep watch on this place. This was the command centre of the Star Boundary. If this place was invaded and damaged, the entire chain of command would be thrown into chaos.




“Martial Beast Guards?” Yang Kai arched his brow. He had just heard from Fan Xin about the various Army Commanders. Besides the three Divine Venerables from the Ancient Wild Lands, Wen Zi Shan, Ma Qing, and Li Jiao had all become Army Commanders as well, but when he heard her mention the Martial Beast Guards, he became curious.


“They’re from Spirit Beast Island, and each one is at least a Second-Order Emperor. There are about thirty of them, and they’re responsible for rescue missions. For example, we’re in need of rescue now, so Senior Li would normally send a Martial Beast Guard to meet us, then he’ll help us fend off the enemy while returning to base.”


Upon hearing her explanation, Yang Kai gently nodded.


With Space Beacons, the so-called Martial Beast Guards could easily arrive anywhere on the battlefield. A Second or Third-Order Emperor Realm Master would be of great help to a team like this. With such a top Master leading the way, the chances of them getting back to base would increase significantly.




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