Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3605, Demon Heavenly Dao


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It wasn’t difficult to craft a Space Beacon as long as there were enough high-quality pieces of Space Spirit Jades. Both Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi were able to mass-produce them. Previously, Yang Kai had refined many Space Beacons in the Demon Realm and scattered them around the different continents, which was how he was able to save time when he fled from the Demon Realm and returned to the Star Boundary.


Even though it was convenient to use Space Beacons, there were some inevitable downsides. One of them was that Space Beacons were one-to-one, so a single Space Beacon was useless as it had to be connected to a corresponding one. Hence, there were several hundred people in the headquarters in Seven Mists Sea to collect information from all around the Star Boundary. Many Space Beacons were placed in front of every one of them.


Han Zheng Qing had two Space Beacons with him. One of them was to contact Seven Mists Sea, and the other was connected to the Martial Beast Guards.


The second downside was even more conspicuous, anyone could use them. The user didn’t have to be an expert in the Dao of Space. In fact, he didn’t even have to cultivate Space Principles at all as the beacon could be activated by infusing one’s Qi into it.


Hence, more problems arose. If the Demons happened to obtain these Space Beacons, they were able to use them to transcend the barriers of space and arrive at the headquarters in Seven Mists Sea in an instant. Even if they didn’t do that, they could make use of the beacons to transfer some false information to divert the forces in the Star Boundary. They could also reach any Martial Beast Guard and ambush him instantly.


Over the past few years, quite a number of Space Beacons had been lost. Initially, the Demons had indeed made use of the beacons for sabotage and ambushes and caused the Star Boundary to suffer losses.


However, Li Wu Yi was a Master of the Dao of Space after all. As soon as he realised the downside, he quickly made some changes to the Space Beacons. All the Space Beacons that had been distributed since then were specially made. For example, Han Zheng Qing currently had two Space Beacons with him. The one that was connected to Seven Mists Sea could only be used to transfer jade slips, not Humans. On the other hand, the one that was connected to the Martial Beast Guards couldn’t be used to transfer anything from his side. It was basically a moving beacon for Martial Beast Guards to locate Han Zheng Qing and unilaterally send something over.


Furthermore, with the spread of new encryption and decoding methods, the upheavals that were caused by the Space Beacons slowly subsided.


In recent years, the existence of Space Beacons had become one of the Star Boundary’s sharpest weapons against the Demons as all the information could be transmitted back to Seven Mists Sea in real-time. Martial Beast Guards could also make a move at any moment by going out to rescue stranded or surrounded soldiers, which significantly reduced the losses they would suffer.


Ordinarily, Han Zheng Qing’s team would require a Martial Beast Guard to save them; however, since Yang Kai was around, and Li Wu Yi was unable to send anyone over, the matter was left to Yang Kai to deal with.


Just like what Li Wu Yi had said, ten thousand Demons would not pose a challenge to Yang Kai.


As they headed south and talked to each other, Yang Kai finally gained some understanding of the current affairs in the Star Boundary. He felt somewhat dejected at the number of losses suffered, but at the same time, the war had caused everyone in this Great World to grow.


There were fifty-four armies in total, and each army had a million people at the very least. Every army was led by a Pseudo-Great Emperor or powerful Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, and dozens of Emperor Realm Masters worked under the Army Commander. Yang Kai had never expected that the Star Boundary could have such power.


He had been in the Star Boundary for a long time, and he had been to every part of this world and encountered many forces and people. However, at this moment, he came to the realization that the Star Boundary he knew was just the tip of the iceberg. This kind of heritage was what a Great World like the Star Boundary should have.


It wasn’t difficult to figure out that many of those Emperor Realm Masters must be reclusive cultivators who were less well-known. The tides of war had swept over the entire Star Boundary, so these reclusive cultivators had no choice but to join the Human armies. As more people gathered together, a great force was thus formed.


Yang Kai suddenly recalled something and asked, “What’s the Demon Heavenly Dao?”


Fan Xin’s face fell when she heard that, then she put on a disdainful expression, “A group of trash and traitors!”


When Yang Kai appeared before them earlier, Han Zheng Qing stared at him and yelled ‘Demon Heavenly Dao’. At that time, Yang Kai didn’t manage to inquire about it as his identity was somewhat sensitive, so it was pointless for him to ask anything. Now that he recalled it, he had to find out what it was.


Although he had no idea what this Demon Heavenly Dao was, he could guess that it had something to do with the Demons. Judging from Fan Xin’s reaction, he knew that his speculation was right. Fan Xin was a kind-hearted woman, but when he mentioned Demon Heavenly Dao, she immediately called them ‘a group of trash and traitors’ without even thinking, which went to show that the Demon Heavenly Dao must be something despicable.


In fact, the Demon Heavenly Dao was a group of people that had emerged in the Star Boundary in recent years. They were a force that was based around Shadow Killer Palace in the Western Territory.


Before the Two Worlds’ Great War erupted, Shadow Killer Palace had long been preparing to assist the Demons to invade the Star Boundary. They had recruited many people who had hidden in different parts of the Star Boundary. Some of them were even Pseudo-Great Emperors.


In the past, Yao Lin and Li Shi Qing were captured by Masters from the group now called the Demon Heavenly Dao.


After the war erupted, the Demons invaded the Star Boundary, and in just three years, the entire Western Territory had fallen. The Star Boundary had lost a large area of territory, and many people had lost their lives. The Western Territory had practically become the Demons’ paradise.


At that time, the armies of the Star Boundary were still being organized, and the use of Space Beacons was not widespread. With the Great Emperors refraining from making a move, the Demon armies were essentially unstoppable.


However, while external enemies were troubling, traitors from within were even more worrying. The Demon Heavenly Dao rose with the times and snowballed into a great force.


Not everyone was determined to sacrifice themselves for the Star Boundary. During peaceful times, Shadow Killer Palace was already able to recruit many to their side, and as the Demons occupied more and more places, those who were afraid of death quickly sided with the Demon Heavenly Dao and became lackeys for the Demons.


The leader of the Demon Heavenly Dao was none other than the Palace Master of Shadow Killer Palace, Night Shadow Great Emperor!


He had countless top cultivators that worked under him, and there were four Pseudo-Great Emperors who were under his wings. They were collectively called the Four Great Emperor’s Emissaries, whose names were Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain. All of them had incredible cultivation.


“Those from Demon Heavenly Dao have been empowered by Demon Qi. While their temperament has changed, their power has also increased. What’s despicable about them is that they usually remain hidden, and they look just like any ordinary person. They also won’t expose themselves during battle. Unless we infuse our Qi into their bodies to investigate, or they proactively expose their Demon Qi, it’s difficult to tell whether they’re from the Demon Heavenly Dao or not.” Fan Xin heaved a sigh, “The war has been ongoing for five years. The people from the Star Boundary have grown in power, but the same is true of the Demons. We’ve suffered immense losses because of the Demon Heavenly Dao.”


It was because of the existence of the Demon Heavenly Dao that Han Zheng Qing and Right Defender Liu shook hands to probe each other when they met up. They had to make sure that neither of them had gone through demonification.


Compared to the Demon invaders, the people from the Star Boundary were actually more resentful of those from the Demon Heavenly Dao. That was because they were well hidden, so they were able to gather information and do things that the Demons were not able to achieve.


Fan Xin couldn’t understand why such people existed in this world, as though they were more than happy to see the world descending into chaos. The situation in the Star Boundary was already terrible; however, instead of defending their own world, these people had sided with the Demons.


It was also because of the Demon Heavenly Dao that Han Zheng Qing became vigilant when Yang Kai showed up with Demon Qi swirling around his body. To him, those from the Demon Heavenly Dao were deplorable, and a traitor couldn’t clear his name by just killing some Demons.


While they were having a chat, Yang Kai lifted his head and took a look in a particular direction before he put on a faint smile. His move wasn’t conspicuous, which was why Fan Xin, who was telling him about the current affairs in the Star Boundary, didn’t notice it.


However, a moment later, she also lifted her head and gazed at the front because Han Zheng Qing suddenly left his team and flew over. When he arrived, he landed on the ground and looked solemnly at Yang Kai.


With a clear gaze, Yang Kai stared frankly at him and put on a faint smile.


Feeling that the atmosphere was awkward, Fan Xin parted her lips in an attempt to say something, but she was stopped by Han Zheng Qing.


“Palace Master Yang, I only have one question for you,” Han Zheng Qing said in a hoarse voice, “Are you friend or foe?”


He had informed the headquarters in Seven Mists Sea that he had come across the traitor Yang Kai. He also reported to them what had happened earlier. However, even after such a long time, he still didn’t get any reply from Seven Mists Sea. Unable to wait any longer, he decided to confront Yang Kai.


Without answering his question, Yang Kai fished out a Space Beacon and said, “This is connected to the one held by Senior Li Wu Yi.”


Yang Kai then took out another one, “This one can contact Army Commander, Yang Yan.”


Through his conversation with Fan Xin, he had learned that Yang Yan was now Army Commander of the Thirteenth Army, making her a famous figure in the Star Boundary. Supposedly, Han Zheng Qing would be familiar with her.


A glint flashed across Han Zheng Qing’s eyes when he heard this; then he extended his hand, “May I have a look?”


Yang Kai tossed the two Space Beacons at him. After taking them, Han Zheng Qing activated both his Divine Sense and Emperor Qi to probe them. Supposedly, given his cultivation, he was unable to find out anything; however, he already had two Space Beacons with him, so he wasn’t unfamiliar with them, and he believed he could discern a thing or two.


Indeed, the Space Beacon that was connected to Li Wu Yi had some aura fluctuations left behind by him. This kind of fluctuation was similar to that of the two Space Beacons Han Zheng Qing had, so he would never be mistaken.


A moment later, he passed the two Space Beacons back to Yang Kai and put on a milder expression. Then, he cupped his fists and said, “This Han has detected some Demon scouts who tried to spy on us just now, so I’m afraid that our whereabouts have been exposed. Soon, Demon armies will come over and besiege us. I hope Palace Master Yang can assist us when the time comes.”


Since Yang Kai had a Space Beacon that was connected to Li Wu Yi, it was clear that there was nothing wrong with his identity. Otherwise, Li Wu Yi would have come over and captured him.


There was no doubt that Li Wu Yi was swamped with work, but he wouldn’t be complacent when the matter had something to do with Yang Kai. Since he had not appeared in this place, it proved that Yang Kai was credible.


Seeing as Li Wu Yi also believed Yang Kai, there was nothing else that Han Zheng Qing could say.




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  1. I keep remembering that group of 4 assassins who had their elements distributed like the PGEs under Night Shadow. They attacked YK and Hua Qing Si only to get pwned.

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