Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3607, Do You Know Your Crime?


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In the blink of an eye, more than ten thousand Demons disappeared. The cliffs had closed up and the ground that had rolled up formed a sealed space, trapping all the Demons inside it.


By just listening to the sounds that came from that sealed space, the Humans could imagine what the Demons were going through. Perhaps they had been pressed into mashed meat.


It was indeed a violent yet awe-inspiring method!


The Demons must have given it serious consideration before choosing this place to ambush the Humans. After passing the mountain pass, there was only one path ahead. If they appeared out of thin air, they would be able to catch the Humans off guard. With ten thousand Demons facing two thousand Humans, and with an advantageous position in this valley, the Demons thought that they could easily kill all these Humans.


However, they had never expected that this place would turn out to be their grave. They were indeed in a relatively advantageous position, but when the other party was so powerful that they could only look up to him, the advantage turned into disadvantage.


With a loud bang, a bloodied figure broke through the barriers and shot out of the sealed space. In an instant, he turned into a black light and decidedly fled into the distance.


“A High-Rank Demon King!” Han Zheng Qing exclaimed as his pupils contracted as he remained rooted to the spot. He had never expected that there would be a High-Rank Demon King leading the ten thousand Demon army stationed here. That Demon alone was too powerful for them to deal with. It could be expected that if not for Yang Kai, all two thousand of them would have lost their lives today.


It was already extremely difficult to kill the average Demon, not to mention a High-Rank Demon King. After he was compressed by the cliffs and the ground, this Demon King was severely injured, but he still managed to survive somehow. Then, he immediately escaped from the trap with some difficulty.


He must also be aware that, given the power Yang Kai had displayed, he would still die if he hadn’t fled in time. Certainly, his judgement was right, but there was no way he could flee.


Yang Kai extended his hand towards the Demon King and grabbed at the air. When he retracted his hand, he managed to pull out a figure that was covered in Black Qi. As the Demon King’s neck was being clenched, he was unable to struggle out of Yang Kai’s iron grip and a choking sound was heard coming from his throat.


Han Zheng Qing didn’t see how Yang Kai captured the Demon King; from his perspective, Yang Kai simply reached out his hand, his arm seemed to blur, and then the Demon King, who had been a kilometre or so away, appeared in his grip.


[Space Divine Ability! It must be a Space Divine Ability!] Though Han Zheng Qing understood what had happened, he couldn’t comprehend how it did.


It wasn’t until the Demon King was caught that Han Zheng Qing came to the realisation that the other party was a Shadow Demon. It was no wonder that he wasn’t aware of this Master’s existence. Shadow Demons were experts of assassination, so they were also good at concealing their auras.


Yang Kai clenched the Demon’s neck and lifted him off his feet. The Shadow Demon tried his hardest to struggle out of Yang Kai’s grip, but his attempts proved futile.


As Demon Qi undulated, the Shadow Demon’s figure started expanding. In the blink of an eye, he had become as round as a balloon.


With a loud pop, he directly exploded as his flesh splattered around the place. The unsuspecting Han Zheng Qing and the others had the blood splashed at them. On the other hand, Yang Kai had expected this to happen and protected himself with Demon Qi, so he remained spotless.


Just then, a cracking sound was heard as the compressed cliffs began separating and the ground receded.


Following that, the Humans immediately caught a whiff of a repulsive metallic tang, and then a sight that resembled that of Hell itself came into view.


No Demons could be seen in front of them. Besides the Shadow Demon that had fled from the sealed space and then been captured and killed by Yang Kai, all ten thousand or so Demons had been pressed into piles of mashed meat. Most of them already didn’t look like their original figures as all their flesh had been mangled together. The ground was practically dyed red as the disfigured Demons lay on it.


Some weak moaning was still heard as some of the Demon Kings were not dead yet.


All two thousand Humans looked dazedly at the front as they fell silent. Some of them had opened their mouths so wide that eggs would fit inside. As they darted their eyes between Yang Kai and the horrible sight, they still found it to be unbelievable.


Han Zheng Qing appeared embarrassed because all of them had basically done nothing to contribute to the deaths of all ten thousand Demons. From start to finish, Yang Kai was the only one who made any move.


After wiping the blood off his face, Han Zheng Qing walked over and wielded his sword to put a still-breathing Demon out of his misery.


His move prompted the others to come to their senses as they quickly marched forward to purge any Demons feigning death. At the same time, they also started looting stuff from the Demons.


In just an incense stick’s worth of time, the battlefield had been cleaned, after which they continued with their journey.


The valley was about three hundred kilometres long. It was already nighttime when they left the valley. When they finally saw the view outside, they were clearly energised. That was because the base of the Thirty-Fifth Army was just three thousand kilometres in front of them.


This distance of three thousand kilometres was relatively safe because rarely would any Demons wander around this region, unless they were unlucky enough to come across Demon Kings that were able to conceal themselves.


Stopping in his tracks, Yang Kai stared at Han Zheng Qing and said, “This is where we part ways. There are no more Demons in front of you, so you should be able to reach your destination safely.”


Han Zheng Qing bowed and replied, “Many thanks, Palace Master Yang.”


After waving his hand, Yang Kai turned to look at Fan Xin and the others, “Be careful and protect yourselves.”


On the battlefield, life or death could be determined in the blink of an eye. There were precedents of Pseudo-Great Emperor and Half-Saints being killed, to say nothing of the fact that Fan Xin and her Sister were just ordinary cultivators. The Two Worlds’ Great War had devastated countless lies and forced many families to be separated. Only by taking good care of themselves could they stand a chance of surviving.


Fan Xin and the other female disciples from Ice Heart Valley nodded repeatedly to his words.


Yang Kai turned around and took a step forward. All of a sudden, his figure turned blurred and then disappeared.


After he was gone, Han Zheng Qing gave the order for all two thousand of them to head towards the base. Since Yang Kai had said that there were no more Demons in front of them, the journey ahead must be safe. In that case, they shouldn’t waste any time taking a rest and should instead immediately return.




Yang Kai communicated with the Space Beacon held by Li Wu Yi, after which he appeared by the latter’s side.


As his figure abruptly appeared inside a spacious hall, he saw Li Wu Yi, who was just beside him. Just when he smiled and wanted to greet him, he suddenly felt something as he lifted his head with a solemn expression.


Four people, one woman and three men, were seated on both sides. Their auras were all profound and powerful. Just like four mountains, their horrifying auras pressed against Yang Kai, causing him to have difficulty in breathing. Besides the discomfort in his chest, he could also feel his bones cracking.


Apart from that, he also felt that the aura in his body was somewhat resonating with those of the four people, which made him realise that they were truly powerful and that he was no match for them.


Not daring to appear disrespectful, Yang Kai immediately bowed and cupped his fists, “Junior Yang Kai greets the Great Emperors.”


On his left, there was the burly Iron Blood Great Emperor, Zhan Wu Hen, and the elusive Flower Shadow Great Emperor, Hua Ling Long. On his right, there was the inscrutable Serene Soul Great Emperor, Yao Jun, and the bold Martial Beast Great Emperor, Mo Huang.


Besides the missing Bustling World Great Emperor, the deceased Bright Moon Great Emperor, and the traitor Night Shadow Great Emperor, four of the seven Great Emperors in the Star Boundary had gathered together here.


Judging from their expressions, they seemed to be waiting for Yang Kai. At that instant, Yang Kai felt his blood boiling not because of the pressure, but because he finally felt at home after years of staying in a foreign land. He was so agitated that even his voice trembled slightly.


In the past, he didn’t have any special feelings when meeting these Great Emperors; however, upon reunion, he found them to be extremely amiable, as though they were his family members.


Then, recalling that his own aura resonated with those of the other Great Emperors, he immediately knew that it was because of the Great Emperor’s Opportunity. In order to become a Great Emperor, one had to obtain acknowledgement from the Star Boundary. Bright Moon’s acknowledgement had been transferred to Yang Kai, which was why he found the other Great Emperors to be affable.


He thought that the other Great Emperors would feel the same way too, but he hadn’t expected that after he finished speaking, he didn’t get any reply from them. A long time later, Yang Kai began to feel somewhat doubtful. He wanted to have a look at them, but he knew that it would be inappropriate to do so. Nevertheless, he could clearly feel that the Great Emperors’ gazes appeared sharp when they were staring at him.


Then, he stole a glance at Li Wu Yi, only to see that the latter had folded his arms lightly and remained on the same spot with a calm expression. With his eyes half-closed, he seemed to be in need of some sleep.


[What’s going on?] Yang Kai was puzzled.


Right then, someone was heard yelling, “Yang Kai, do you know what crime you’ve committed?”


It was Iron Blood Great Emperor who yelled at him, which caused him to feel dizzy and his ears to start buzzing, almost dropping him to the ground. He was able to kill Demon Kings like they were ants, and he had the power to fight with Half-Saints; however, when he was confronted by a Great Emperor, he was as frail as a child.


Fortunately, his cultivation was good enough to allow him to support his own weight. Just when he stared at Iron Blood and wanted to refute him, he gulped down what he was about to say and hung his head low, “I do.”


Hua Ling Long batted her eyes while Yao Jun grinned in silence. On the other hand, Mo Huang rolled his eyes and scratched his face.


Zhan Wu Hen was startled as well because he didn’t expect that Yang Kai would react in this way. He thought that Yang Kai would try to refute him, so it hadn’t crossed his mind that the young man would admit his guilt straight away. Hence, he was unable to go on with the speech he had prepared.


After a moment of silence, Iron Blood said, “What is your crime?”


Yang Kai replied in a hushed voice, “Senior Bright Moon died by my hand.”


Despite his small voice, everyone could hear that he was utterly sorrowful when he spoke and could see his balled-up fists turning pale from the strain.


“It seems you are not unaware.” Zhan Wu Hen snorted and then shouted again, “Bright Moon was one of the Great Emperors of the Star Boundary. In the past, in order to save many of us here, he remained behind in the Demon Realm and was captured. Do you remember why we sent you to infiltrate the Demon Realm?”


“To save Senior Bright Moon!”


“What did you promise us?”


“That I would definitely bring Senior Bright Moon back to the Star Boundary!”


“What happened, then?”


Yang Kai was lost for words. His mission was to rescue Bright Moon; however, instead of saving him, he had actually killed him. Even though it wasn’t his intention to do so, after such a long time, he still felt extremely heartbroken whenever he thought about that scene in the past.




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