Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3608, Shocking


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“Since you know what crime you’ve committed, how did you still have the nerve to return to the Star Boundary?” Zhan Wu Hen appeared overbearing, and he had no qualms about embarrassing the young man.


Yang Kai hung his head low and replied, “This Junior obtained the Great Emperor’s Opportunity, and had to return in order to fulfil the last will of Senior Bright Moon.”


“You had to return?” Zhan Wu Hen snorted, “Do you think we won’t punish you?”


Yang Kai replied respectfully, “Junior is willingly to accept any punishment.”


“What if we demand your life as punishment?” Zhan Wu Hen’s gaze was as sharp as a blade, and he was engulfed in murderous intent.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai looked him into Iron Blood’s eyes and said firmly, “Whatever the circumstances, it is an irrefutable fact that I killed Senior Bright Moon. That sin will never disappear. If Senior wishes to take back the Great Emperor’s Opportunity, I am willing to return it; however, if you demand my life, I will resist despite the fact that I am no match for you!”


To the side, Li Wu Yi turned to look at Yang Kai in astonishment. He thought that if he were Yang Kai, he wouldn’t have the guts to speak like him in this kind of situation.


Zhan Wu Hen scoffed, “You will resist? Do you think you’ll be able to do that?”


Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “I will try my best. I’m not willing to simply offer up my life. I cannot die.”


Many of his friends and family were waiting for him in High Heaven Palace, so he was determined to stay alive.


Just when Zhan Wu Hen wanted to say something, he was cut off by Hua Ling Long. Flower Shadow Great Emperor had a pleasant voice, and spoke in a very different tone than the ferocious Zhan Wu Hen, “Tell us about your experiences in the Demon Realm, especially what happened to Bright Moon.”


Yang Kai composed himself and replied, “At the time when Yu Ru Meng and I were being hunted down by Senior Li, we agreed to flee to the Demon Realm and safely reached it soon after…”


It had only been a few years since he ventured into the Demon Realm, so it wasn’t difficult for Yang Kai to recall his experiences.


The Great Emperors were aware that there were many continents and Territory Gates in the Demon Realm; after all, some of the Great Emperors had ventured into the Demon Realm before. Even though they didn’t know the full extent of the situation, they knew a thing or two. As for other things about the Demon Realm, they were essentially clueless.


What Yang Kai knew was exactly the information they needed.


When the four Great Emperors heard that there were a few hundred continents and twelve Demon Saints, their expressions turned solemn. Even if they ignored the fact that there were probably an innumerable number of people living on those continents, twelve Demon Saints alone was indeed an unbelievable number.


There were only ten Great Emperors in the Star Boundary. Excluding the missing Bustling World Great Emperor, the deceased Bright Moon Great Emperor, and the traitor Night Shadow Great Emperor, there were currently only seven of them left.


When it came to the most powerful Masters in both Great Worlds, there were far fewer on the Star Boundary’s side, almost half. If the Great Emperors fought an all-out war with the Demon Saints, they were bound to suffer a loss.


Then, when they were told that Yu Ru Meng was one of the twelve Demon Saints, they were shocked.


In the past, Yu Ru Meng had always followed Yang Kai around. When she appeared in front of the Great Emperors, she had even pretended to be Li Shi Qing and spoke with Flower Shadow Great Emperor. However, whether it was Zhan Wu Hen or Hua Ling Long, neither realized she was a Demon, nor could they detect any Demon Qi from her.


Looking back, they found it to be inconceivable. However, upon learning that Yu Ru Meng was a Charm Demon, they finally realised the reason behind it.


Charm Demons had exceptionally strong Souls, and they were adept at enchanting people and illusions, so it was no wonder that Yu Ru Meng was able to deceive them. When it came to Soul cultivation, even Serene Soul Great Emperor was no match for her.


Upon learning about the existence of Myriad Demon Caves and Myriad Demon Pills, the Great Emperors scowled. The war had been ongoing for several years, and they had realised that there were far more Demon Kings than should be possible. In the past, they didn’t understand the reason behind it, but now they got the answer.


There were many Demon Kings because there was a large number of Demons in the first place. With a few hundred continents, they were naturally able to produce at least a hundred thousand Demon Kings, which was a horrifying number.


Secondly, it must have something to do with the Myriad Demon Pills, which were unique to the Demon Realm. Although Myriad Demon Caves were formed by absorbing the life force of all Demons living on a continent, the benefits far outweighed the costs.


When the Great Emperors also learned that Yang Kai had swallowed up many continents in the Demon Realm, they were dumbstruck. They were able to shatter continents, but they could never devour them. Yang Kai’s strength was much weaker compared to a Great Emperor’s, but his abilities and methods were enough to shock even them.


Then, Yang Kai narrated the story of the battle on Eternal Sky Continent. He spoke about the Twelve Pinnacles Grand Demon Array and about how at the time, Bright Moon was unable to escape from the enemy siege. Left with no other choice, Bright Moon used a powerful Illusion Technique on Yang Kai and fooled the latter into killing him.


At that instant, everyone in the hall fell silent as the atmosphere became solemn.


The Great Emperors had been friends for tens of thousand years, so they were more than just used to each other’s company, yet all of a sudden, one of them had perished. Even though the Great Emperors were always calm and collected, they still felt dejected at this moment. Through Yang Kai’s vivid narration, they seemed able to experience how Bright Moon valiantly fought against the Twelve Demon Saints. It was as though they were able to personally see how intense the battle was and how Bright Moon fought against so many powerful enemies despite grievous injuries.


They were all inspired, and they hated the fact that they hadn’t had a chance to fight alongside him.


Eventually, Yang Kai took a deep breath and said, “That is what happened.”


Hua Ling Long nodded, “You’ve endured much hardship.”


During the battle on Eternal Sky Continent, there were not only twelve Demon Saints, but also more than a hundred Half-Saints. Surrounded by so many top Masters, Yang Kai was still able to obtain the Great Emperor’s Opportunity from Bright Moon, a miraculous feat to pull off.


“What happened next?” Mo Huang questioned, “How did you escape from the Demons after you obtained Bright Moon’s Opportunity?”


Although Yang Kai hadn’t told them what had happened to him in the aftermath of Bright Moon’s death, anyone could imagine that he must be in a desperate state at that time. In fact, obtaining the Great Emperor’s Opportunity was just the beginning of a calamity for Yang Kai as there was no way the Demons would let him bring it away.


“It was thanks to Yu Ru Meng!” Yang Kai replied seriously, “She helped me hold up some of the Demon Saints, and with my proficiency in the Dao of Space, I somehow managed to escape.”


He didn’t elaborate on this issue because, compared to Bright Moon’s selfless sacrifice, him fleeing wasn’t even worth mentioning.


Yao Jun said, “If that’s the case, there’s no way the Demons would have simply let you off. How did you manage to return to the Star Boundary? Has something else happened?”


“Indeed.” Yang Kai nodded, “Junior was severely injured after escaping from Eternal Sky Continent; however, due to the Great Emperor’s Opportunity, my aura became unstable and was suddenly forced to undergo a breakthrough. I had intended to directly return to the Star Boundary, but Can Ye had returned to guard the Two Worlds’ Passage before I could arrive. If I had gone there, it would have been akin to stepping into the enemy’s trap. Considering the fact that I was about to achieve a breakthrough, I decided to take the risk and headed to Cloud Shadow Continent.”


With the help of the Embodiment, they were able to burrow deep underground and conceal his presence. It was during his breakthrough though that a strange phenomenon happened, which attracted Bei Li Mo over. He had intended to make use of Xuan Bing’s Profound Darkness Needle to stall Bei Li Mo so that he could flee once more, but he was taken advantage of by Xuan Bing instead, which then caused something unexpected to happen.


“Wait a moment!” When Mo Huang heard this, he looked at Yang Kai with an awkward expression, “You mean you’ve planted a Soul Imprint inside a Demon Saint’s Knowledge Sea?”


Besides him, the other Great Emperors had also widened their eyes and were staring at the young man before them in disbelief. They were well aware of what would happen after a Soul Imprint was planted, which was why they were thoroughly stunned.


Li Wu Yi was dumbfounded too as he made some comparisons in his mind. A Demon Saint was equivalent to a Great Emperor. Since Yang Kai had managed to plant a Soul Imprint in a Demon Saint’s Knowledge Sea, it was akin to doing the same thing to a Great Emperor. In other words, Yang Kai had full control over the Demon Saint’s life or death. He had basically taken a Demon Saint as his subordinate.


The young man here was only a Third-Order Emperor, not even a Pseudo-Great Emperor!


Even though Li Wu Yi was normally unphased by the world around him, at this moment, he had the urge to curse.


“En,” Yang Kai bowed his head. “In truth, this Junior wasn’t capable of such a feat. It was only thanks to the wicked plan Xuan Bing came up with that harmed both her enemy and herself that made such a thing possible. I simply played along with it and achieved such a result in the end.”


The four Great Emperors traded glances as they activated their Divine Sense. Apparently, they were having a discussion.


A moment later, Hua Ling Long said with a frown, “Although you’re fairly strong now, you’re still just a Third-Order Emperor. Even though you’ve planted a Soul Imprint inside a Demon Saint’s Knowledge Sea, you should still not be able to determine her life or death.”


Yang Kai nodded his head, “Senior Flower Shadow’s words make sense. I am still significantly less powerful than Bei Li Mo, so I’m unable to determine her life or death. It can be said that if she focuses on breaking the seal, Bei Li Mo can eventually purge the Soul Imprint’s chains and regain her freedom.”


He paused for a moment, “However, she won’t have that chance now.”


“What do you mean?” Zhan Wu Hen arched his brow.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai replied, “Please forgive my disrespect.”


Saying so, Yang Kai released his Spiritual Energy without limit for a moment before quickly retracting it.


Nevertheless, the short moment was enough to cause the Great Emperors’ gazes to brighten. On the side, Li Wu Yi was rooted to the spot.


Excluding Yang Kai, there were four Great Emperors and one Pseudo-Great Emperor at the scene, so they all had incredible perceptions. Even though Yang Kai had only released his Spiritual Energy for a short moment, the others were still able to feel how powerful it was.


The power of Yang Kai’s Soul was second only to that of the Great Emperors, and he was more powerful than any Pseudo-Great Emperor in this regard.


Normally, only a top Pseudo-Great Emperor would possess this kind of Divine Sense, and he would also have to be an expert in Soul cultivation. However, at this moment, the person who was able to use such powerful Divine Sense was just a Third-Order Emperor who had recently reached his current realm.


Li Wu Yi was shaken to the core. Compared to the fact that Yang Kai had planted a Soul Imprint in a Demon Saint’s Knowledge Sea, he was more astounded by the Divine Sense the young man had just showcased.


Even though Yang Kai had taken in a Demon Saint as his subordinate, that was still dependent on the Demon Saint being willing to submit to him. After all, while a powerful external helper, Bei Li Mo could change her heart at any moment, and given a chance, she might kill Yang Kai one day. However, Soul cultivation was a part of Yang Kai’s own strength, a power that he could make use of. If Li Wu Yi were given a choice, he would rather choose the latter.


All the Great Emperors understood what Yang Kai meant now. The strength of the Soul Imprint was correlated to the user’s Soul cultivation. The more powerful his Soul cultivation was, the more solidified the Soul Imprint became.




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