Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3609, Unable to Guarantee His Daughter’s Position


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Although Yang Kai’s Soul cultivation was astounding, he was still no match for the Demon Saints and the Great Emperors. Nevertheless, it was good enough to control Bei Li Mo. Given enough time, perhaps she would still be able to break free from the Soul Imprint; however, Yang Kai wasn’t dead, so why would he give her the chance to do so?


That was the reason he said Bei Li Mo didn’t have a chance.


A puzzled Hua Ling Long asked, “Why do you have such a powerful Soul?”


In fact, it wasn’t difficult to find people whose Soul was stronger than their peers in their own realm in the Star Boundary. The most typical example was those from Azure Sun Temple. Thanks to the Divine Ascension Mirror, the top cultivators from the temple normally had stronger Soul cultivation than average; however, there was still a limit to it, and no one could be like Yang Kai, whose Soul cultivation was horrendously more powerful than his realm would suggest.


It was just beyond anyone’s imagination. Unless he had come across any opportunity to increase the power of his Soul, he wouldn’t have been able to achieve such a thing.


Hua Ling Long wasn’t supposed to ask this question. Whatever opportunity Yang Kai had obtained, it had nothing to do with her; however, she was curious about the reason behind it, and she wanted to find out whether it had something to do with the deceased Bright Moon.


Unexpectedly, Yang Kai appeared embarrassed upon hearing that question.


The considerate Flower Shadow Great Emperor put on a smile, “You don’t have to answer if it’s not convenient for you.”


“There’s nothing inconvenient…” Yang Kai scratched his nose, “Yu Ru Meng and I… have become true partners, so I obtained her several ten thousand years’ worth of Primordial Yin. She’s a Charm Demon, so she’s a Master in Soul cultivation. That’s how my Soul cultivation surged.”


“What!?” A shocked Hua Ling Long looked dazedly at Yang Kai, “Yu Ru Meng… She…”


She wanted to ask why Yu Ru Meng, as one of the twelve Demon Saints, was willing to lose her innocence to Yang Kai. Besides the stark differences between their powers, they were from different Races as one of them was a Human while the other was a Demon. Moreover, the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm were currently at war.


However, she was too embarrassed to ask this question, and her face was now blushing bright red.


While Hua Ling Long was too bashful to ask, Yao Jun wasn’t so reserved. All of them had lived for countless years, so he didn’t find it embarrassing to talk about the basic biological directives of Human nature. Therefore, he directly asked, “Is it because of the Heart Seal Secret Technique?”


Previously, Yang Kai had told them that Yu Ru Meng had used a Heart Seal Secret Technique on him, which was why Yao Jun had this speculation.


“That’s part of the reason,” Yang Kai nodded, “However, when I told her to unseal the Secret Technique, she chose not to.”


Upon hearing that, Yao Jun gave a nod. Since Yu Ru Meng chose not to do so, it proved that her feelings for Yang Kai were genuine. Otherwise, a Demon Saint wouldn’t have acted in such a way.


On the side, Li Wu Yi was no longer able to keep a calm expression on his face. As he turned his head to stare at Yang Kai, his eyes almost popped out.


Not only had Yang Kai planted a Soul Imprint in a Demon Saint’s Knowledge Sea, but he had also bedded another Demon Saint! As a result, his Soul cultivation increased significantly.


Over the years, Li Wu Yi had always worried that Yang Kai might come across danger in the Demon Realm. Now, it seemed that there was no doubt he had fallen into perilous situations before, but he had also enjoyed a very exciting life in the process.


Yang Kai had basically achieved many miracles. Anyone would be considered extremely lucky if they could pull off any of those feats.


“So, that means you have two Demon Saints on your side now?” Mo Huang gazed at Yang Kai with an excited expression.


Just now, they were still worried about the fact that there were twelve Demon Saints, which were a lot more than the number of Great Emperors in the Star Boundary. However, he hadn’t expected that they would see a silver lining so soon. One of the Demon Saints had been planted with a Soul Imprint, while the other was now Yang Kai’s woman. So, the two Demon Saints were on the same boat with Yang Kai, which essentially meant that they had weakened the power in the Demon Realm.


“Not two, but three!” Yang Kai looked seriously at him.


Zhan Wu Hen arched his brow, “Besides Bei Li Mo and Yu Ru Meng, who is the other Demon Saint?”


With an awkward expression, Mo Huang asked, “Is it that Feather Demon Fu Yu?”


Based on what he had heard from Yang Kai, he knew that of the twelve Demon Saints, only three of them were female. Bei Li Mo had been controlled while Yu Ru Meng had fallen in love with Yang Kai, so it wouldn’t be surprising even if Fu Yu had also sided with him. Yang Kai seemed to have a way with women. Recalling that his own precious daughter was also fond of Yang Kai, Mo Huang immediately had a headache.


Previously, although Yang Kai had many women, most of them didn’t have a prestigious background. Only Zhu Qing from the Dragon Race could be considered of significant status. She was a Ninth-Order Dragon, so she was at least on par with a Great Emperor’s Daughter. With Mo Huang behind his daughter, he wasn’t worried that she would be put at a disadvantage even if things developed in the direction he most wanted them not to. Now that Yang Kai had even got together with a Demon Saint though, who was equivalent to a Great Emperor, Mo Huang was unable to guarantee his daughter’s position anymore.


If he knew this would be the outcome, he wouldn’t have allowed Yang Kai to go to the Demon Realm.


“It’s not Fu Yu.” Yang Kai shook his head, “He isn’t even one of the twelve Demon Saints, but he’s as powerful as any of them.”


A perplexed Hua Ling Long asked, “Who?”


“His name is Chang Tian. He’s a member of the Dragon Clan of the Demon Realm!” Yang Kai explained, “To put things into perspective, his status in the Demon Realm is like that of the Great Elder and Second Elder of Dragon Island.”


Upon hearing that, the Great Emperors finally understood what he meant. Although Great Elder Zhu Yan and Second Elder Fu Zhun from Dragon Island were not Great Emperors, they were Tenth-Order Dragons, heads of the Divine Spirits. Their bloodlines were extremely pure, and they were just as powerful as the Great Emperors.


Since there were Divine Spirits in the Star Boundary, it only made sense there were some in the Demon Realm as well. There were Zhu Yan and Fu Zhun in the Star Boundary, while there was Chang Tian in the Demon Realm.


“How is Chang Tian related to you? Why would he side with you?” Zhan Wu Hen asked solemnly.


“Chang Tian is a Demon Dragon in the Demon Realm, but he has always been at odds with the Demon Saints. It’s said that he spent much of his life contending and fighting with the Demon Saints. He eventually secured Hundred Spirits Continent for himself and his followers and has been staying there ever since. However, his life essence is running out, so he’s worried that after he passes away, those on his continent will be enslaved by the Demon Saints. I happen to possess a Dragon bloodline, which is why he became fond of me at first glance. He put great trust in me and even wanted me to become his adopted son. That’s how our relationship formed.” Yang Kai paused for a moment, “I’ve used my Sealed World Bead to devour Hundred Spirits Continent, so there’s no turning back for him. Apart from that, I’ve also devoured all the territories under Yu Ru Meng and Bei Li Mo. Before I came back, I also sealed off the thirteen Territory Gates that connected the continent where the Two Worlds’ Passage is located to the rest of the Demon Realm, so the connection between the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm has been temporarily cut off.”


“You’ve cut off the connection between the Demon Realm and the Star Boundary?” Hua Ling Long widened her eyes.


“Yes.” Yang Kai nodded.


“Wonderful!” Mo Huang shouted with an excited expression.


On the other hand, a glint flashed across the gazes of Yao Jun and Zhan Wu Hen.


Recalling several recent reports he had received, Li Wu Yi nodded and added, “It’s no wonder that the Demon armies have been pulling back recently.” He had always been in the headquarters of Seven Mists Sea to manage the overall situation of the battlefield, so he was the most familiar individual when it came to the enemy’s movements.


He had noticed this strange trend a few days ago. The Demons were always aggressive and ferocious, but they suddenly started withdrawing. Initially, he didn’t understand what the Demons were up to, so he sent some people to gather some information to find out whether the Demons were preparing some kind of plot, but upon hearing what Yang Kai had said, he finally understood.


The war between the two Great Worlds had been ongoing for a few years, and both sides had suffered losses. Although there were more Demons that had lost their lives, the Humans were the ones at a disadvantage. The reason behind it was that the Demons seemed able to infinitely replenish their soldiers, as though there was no way to kill them all.


Now that the connection between the two Great Worlds had been cut off though, it meant that the Demon Realm couldn’t bring in reinforcements to replace the soldiers that had been killed. Given enough time, Li Wu Yi was confident of killing all the remaining Demons in the Star Boundary.


He had even started considering a grand mobilization of the Star Boundary’s armies to annihilate the Demons as this was the perfect chance for them to launch a decisive attack. If the Demons managed to re-group and put up proper defences, it would only mean more casualties on the Star Boundary’s side.


Zhan Wu Hen tapped the table and said calmly, “You’ve swallowed up the territories of the three Demon Saints and cut off the connection between the two Great Worlds, which essentially means that there’s no turning back for them. Does it mean that, whether or not they’re willing to do so, they’ll be loyal to you till the end?”


“I believe so.” Yang Kai nodded his head, “By the way, all three of them have arrived at the Star Boundary. If Seniors are fine with it, I’ll bring them to meet you.”


Upon hearing that, Mo Huang chuckled while Hua Ling Long picked up a cup of flower tea and took a sip, her eyes appearing to be smiling.


A doubtful Yang Kai thought that the Great Emperors reacted quite strangely to this news, but he suddenly had a thought and asked, “Have Seniors already met them?”


Zhan Wu Hen snorted, “Three Demon Saints suddenly arrived in the Star Boundary. If we weren’t able to sense that, we should probably quit being Great Emperors!”


When Yang Kai brought Yu Ru Meng and the others to the Star Boundary, the Great Emperors had already noticed it. Iron Blood Great Emperor, Serene Soul Great Emperor, and Martial Beast Great Emperor immediately went over to have a look.


At that time, Yang Kai was still recuperating in the Small Sealed World.


However, since Chang Tian and the others didn’t seem to be up to anything in particular, the Great Emperors decided not to show up as they observed them from afar.


The Great Emperors and the Demon Saints were equal when it came to their strength; however, in the Star Boundary, the Great Emperors, who had obtained the acknowledgement from it, had a more advantageous position. With assistance from the world itself, they were able to conceal their auras. Even the Master of the Soul, Yu Ru Meng, didn’t notice them.


Before they could understand what the Demon Saints were up to, Yang Kai suddenly appeared from Small Sealed World, which shocked the Great Emperors. After that, Yang Kai left behind a lot of strong Demon cultivators and bade the Demon Saints farewell. Once he was far enough away, the Great Emperors went over to confront the Demon Saints.


The atmosphere wasn’t intense per se, but it wasn’t peaceful either. At that time, only Yu Ru Meng spoke to them, so the Great Emperors were not aware that Chang Tian wasn’t one of the twelve Demon Saints.


Yu Ru Meng then told the Great Emperors why they had followed Yang Kai to the Star Boundary and also stated what their conditions for cooperation were. However, the Great Emperors didn’t readily believe her one-sided story.


That was why the Great Emperors decided to interrogate Yang Kai first.




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