Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3610, Floating Mountain


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The Great Emperors didn’t tell Yang Kai about it in advance because they wanted to find out whether he would tell the truth; after all, he had stayed in the Demon Realm for a few years, so anything could happen. If he was brainwashed by the Demons and came back to harm the Star Boundary, it would be a pain for the Great Emperors. Now that there were no discrepancies between the statements of Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng, the Great Emperors were finally at ease.


However, when they met up with the Demon Saints some time ago, they didn’t know that the Two Worlds’ Passage had been cut off. Yu Ru Meng wasn’t a fool. The Great Emperors hadn’t made their stance clear, so there was no way she would tell them such vital information. They had just learned about this incident from Yang Kai a moment ago.


“Yu Ru Meng has said that they would take control of the Demons in the Star Boundary, and they’ve promised that they will not act against us. What do you think?” Zhan Wu Hen took a seat and asked.


Yang Kai replied, “Just as this Junior has said, the three of them have followed me to the Star Boundary, and whether or not they’re doing this out of their own willingness, they have to listen to my commands. So, I think you can believe them.”


Zhan Wu Hen said, “The Two Worlds’ Great War has been ongoing for a few years, and the Demons have killed countless of our people. It’s the best chance to destroy all of them, but are you telling me that you want to save them?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “We can only save the Humans by making peace with the Demons. Although the Two Worlds’ Passage has been cut off, there are still many Demons in the Star Boundary. Despite the fact that we have a chance to annihilate all of them, we’ll have to pay a hefty price to do so; therefore, I think that it’ll be the best outcome if we take a step back at this point.”


Zhan Wu Hen lowered his gaze and fell silent while the other Great Emperors didn’t voice their opinions.


Yang Kai went on to speak, “There are two reasons behind the Demons’ invasion of the Star Boundary. First, they’re indeed an innately warlike Race, but secondly, they’re left with no other choice. The future for the Demon Realm is bleak. Over thousands of years, more and more territories and continents have been falling apart and disappearing, which is why they’ve targeted the neighbouring Star Boundary. This war occurred because they want to occupy the Star Boundary, but the clash of both worlds will only result in one of two outcomes. Either one side perishes, or both sides are devastated. Whatever the outcome, it’ll still be disastrous for the Star Boundary.”


Mo Huang said grimly, “In that case, we shouldn’t let off those Demons who still remain in the Star Boundary. Although you’ve sealed off the connection between the worlds, you can’t guarantee that it’ll last forever. Once the seal is broken one day, the Demon armies will strike again. Who can guarantee that the Demons you’ve let off today will not go against us tomorrow?”


“I’m not certain how powerful the Demon Saints are. Maybe it’ll take them months or even years to break through the seal,” Yang Kai explained, “However, since we’ve figured out the reasons behind their invasion, we’ll be able to come up with a solution.”


“What do you mean by that?” Hua Ling Long asked.


The discussion was heading in the direction Yang Kai had wanted. It was then he revealed his intention, “Since the Demons invaded the Star Boundary for their own survival, this Junior can simply give them a new place to live. It’s thanks to this reason that I’ve managed to persuade Chang Tian to side with me.”


“Do you mean your Sealed World Bead?” Hua Ling Long arched her delicate brow.


“Indeed!” Yang Kai nodded, “The Sealed World Bead has devoured more than a hundred complete continents, which have been integrated seamlessly. If we can let the Sealed World Bead devour the entire Demon Realm, it will be able to produce a new one. By then, the Demons will have a new place to live, and they’ll stop thinking about battling against us.”


“Is your Sealed World Bead really so amazing?” Mo Huang was shocked.


Yang Kai grinned, “If Senior wants, you can have a look inside.”


After giving it a thought, Mo Huang nodded his head, “Alright.”


As he spoke, he rose from the chair. He was still in his seat when he moved, but when he stood up completely, he was already standing in front of Yang Kai.


Besides him, Zhan Wu Hen, Yao Jun, and Hua Ling Long also suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai.


As Great Emperors, they had seen countless rare treasures, so other than a few legendary ones, hardly any artifact or item in the world could catch their attention. Nevertheless, they were very interested in the Sealed World Bead, which could devour and integrate worlds.


Before learning about it from Yang Kai, they had never expected that such an amazing item existed.


“Please do not resist,” Upon finishing his words, Yang Kai activated his Demon Qi and engulfed all four of them in it. As a thought flashed across his mind, he sent them inside the Small Sealed World.


Just when he was about to enter it as well, he felt a tap on his shoulder. Li Wu Yi said with a grin, “Don’t ignore me. I’m still around! I want to have a look as well.”


“Sorry, sorry!” Yang Kai smirked and sent him inside the Small Sealed World as well.


When Yang Kai appeared, Mo Huang and the others looked amazed as they scanned their surroundings. With a frown, Zhan Wu Hen asked, “Where’s Flower Shadow?”


He didn’t understand why Hua Ling Long wasn’t around, and he wondered what Yang Kai was up to.


“I’ve sent Senior Hua to another place.” Yang Kai waved his hand. As a ripple spread around, space seemed to have turned into a mirror as it showed the image of a far-off place. In that image, the alluring Hua Ling Long was seen standing outside a small cabin. There was a young woman who had knelt in front of Hua Ling Long with her head pressed against the ground. When she lifted her head, her eyes were seen to be drenched in tears.


The Great Emperors immediately recognised that the young woman was Hua Ling Long’s Legacy Disciple, Li Shi Qing.


“Shi Qing is here?” Mo Huang arched his brow.


Yang Kai nodded, “I found her not long after I arrived in the Demon Realm. In the past, Yu Ru Meng sent Li Shi Qing to her own territory and then pretended to be her to approach me.”


Mo Huang gave a nod, “I’m glad that she’s safe!”


Li Shi Qing had been missing for many years. Although Hua Ling Long was a Great Emperor, she had only taken in a single Disciple, Li Shi Qing; hence, she treated the latter like her own daughter. Since her Disciple had gone missing, she was definitely worried; however, as a Great Emperor, Hua Ling Long had to remain calm and collected, which was why others couldn’t tell how anxious she was.


Nonetheless, Mo Huang and the others knew that she was worried. Now that Yang Kai had finally brought Li Shi Qing back, Hua Ling Long could set her mind at ease.


Yang Kai waved his hand as the projection faded away. Now that there were no more doubts, he knew that they should give the ladies some privacy.


Just then, whooshing sounds were heard as Zhan Wu Hen thumped his fists against the air. With a frown, he said with displeasure, “Trash!”


He directly gave a rude remark. Then, he placed his hands behind his back and looked around, clearly disdainful of this place.


He was not referring to anyone when he said ‘trash’, he was talking about the world they were in. Right after the Great Emperors arrived, they realised that the World Principles in this world were weak. In fact, it was much weaker than that of the Star Boundary, which made them feel that they had been restricted by invisible chains. This kind of restriction made them feel uncomfortable.


The restriction in this world made sure that the Demon Kings couldn’t fully use their cultivation; however, it couldn’t really restrict the Great Emperors. If Zhan Wu Hen and the others decided to go all out, the shackles here would fall apart, and the entire Small Sealed World would break apart.


“Indeed, but it was far worse in the past.” Instead of getting annoyed, Yang Kai even agreed with Zhan Wu Hen’s remark.


Zhan Wu Hen turned to look at him, “You mean the World Principles here can be perfected?


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “If not for that being the case, this Junior wouldn’t have the guts to promise the Demons to give them a second Demon Realm. Both the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm are fairly similar. At the very least, the World Principles in both Great Worlds are about on par, which is why there are Great Emperors in the Star Boundary and Demon Saints in the Demon Realm. If I want the Demons to migrate to this place, I have to give them a proper Demon Realm.”


“How can this place be improved?” Zhan Wu Hen’s interest was piqued. In his eyes, the world in front of him was garbage; however, if it could grow enough, its future would be bright.


“It can be upgraded by devouring and integrating more continents,” Yang Kai explained briefly, “I’ve said that if I can swallow up the entire Demon Realm and integrate the Principles on all those continents, I will be able to make a second Demon Realm. Unfortunately, the Demon Saints rule over their own territories. If we don’t deal with the Demon Saints first, I’ll be unable to devour their territories.”


Zhan Wu Hen scoffed, “So we still have to fight with them at the end of the day.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “We do not need to fight with them necessarily, we just need to strike a deal with their leaders.”


Zhan Wu Hen fell silent as he knew that what Yang Kai had said was true. If there were no unexpected events, both sides would surely suffer greatly or even perish in this Great War. Whoever turned out to be the winner, they would have to pay a hefty price. If Yang Kai’s idea was feasible, both Humans and Demons could have an opportunity to survive.


Just like what Yang Kai had said, by letting the Demons off, they were also saving the Humans!


“What do you think?” Mo Huang turned to look at Li Wu Yi.


Here, besides Yang Kai, only Li Wu Yi was proficient in the Dao of Space, so it was apt to ask him about it.


“Unbelievable!” Appearing to be amazed, Li Wu Yi fished out something and held it in his palm.


Upon closer inspection, Yang Kai realised that it was a petite mountain that was just the size of a palm. It was shaped like a Dragon with a wavy outline. It was lush and verdant on the mountain as he caught a whiff of the aroma of flowers. He could even hear the chirping of birds and buzzing of insects.


Yang Kai straightened his face and looked carefully, after which his gaze brightened with a gleam.


It wasn’t a toy mountain that Li Wu Yi was holding, it was a real mountain! The trees and flowers had been significantly shrunk. Some beasts and birds were seen wandering around the forests. They all looked as small as dust. If Yang Kai hadn’t looked intently, he wouldn’t have been able to see it clearly.


“Senior, what is this?” Yang Kai licked his lips as he was excited to see this wonderful treasure.


Li Wu Yi replied with a smile, “Floating Mountain! It was originally situated in the northern part of the Eastern Territory. It’s about two kilometres high and three thousand kilometres long, with about three hundred peaks of different sizes. After ascending to be a Pseudo-Great Emperor, I then spent twenty years refining it until it became like this.” Then, he lifted his head to look at Yang Kai, “Do you want to go in to have a look?”


“Of course!” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly. Certainly, he had to explore this wonderful treasure.




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    1. I believe that Yang Kai will become the owner of this tiny mountain in the future, He has developed his Space ability much better and can soon create his own Space Beads.

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