Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3611, Monster


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Without any further delay, Li Wu Yi pointed at Yang Kai. As Space Principles undulated, Yang Kai felt the world around him spinning as his figure turned upside down, after which he appeared atop a mountain.


Just then, a tiger was heard roaring. Upon catching a whiff of a strange aura, a white tiger came pouncing on Yang Kai.


Yang Kai lifted his hand and gently placed a palm on the tiger’s head, after which the white tiger no longer appeared to be ferocious. With a terrified look, the tiger took a few steps back and whimpered before whirling around to run away.


This white tiger wasn’t a Monster Beast, just a wild animal. Nevertheless, it instinctively realised that Yang Kai wasn’t to be messed with, which was why it stopped being aggressive and ran for its life.


Yang Kai looked around and realised that he was surrounded by very tall trees. Colourful vipers could be seen crawling on the rocks, the flow of water could be heard coming from a nearby mountain spring, and the air was just as refreshing as a spring day.


Looking up, he realised that some gigantic figures that looked like deities were staring at him. They were Mo Huang, Yao Jung, Zhan Wu Hen, and the others. Li Wu Yi’s face had covered half of the sky as he looked smilingly at Yang Kai.


It wasn’t that they had grown bigger, but rather that Yang Kai’s figure had shrunk.


The two kilometres high and three thousand kilometres long Floating Mountain had been turned into a palm-sized artifact by Li Wu Yi. When Yang Kai was sent in, he was affected by the Space Principles of this space and appeared smaller to outside observers, though his actual size had not really changed. At this moment, he must be as tiny as a speck of dust in Li Wu Yi’s eyes.


The Floating Mountain and his Sealed World Bead worked in the same way, to the point that it could even be said to be identical. Both of them were Sealed Worlds, but the Sealed World Bead had been completely sealed off, so no one could see what was going on in the world from outside while people in that world couldn’t see what was happening outside unless Yang Kai allowed it.


On the other hand, even though Floating Mountain was a Sealed World as well, it was closely connected to the Star Boundary; therefore, it wasn’t as independent as the Small Sealed World.


After Yang Kai reached the Second-Order Emperor Realm in the past, he realised that, given his mastery of Space Principles, he was also able to create a storage artifact that resembled the Sealed World Bead; however, he didn’t have the time to run an experiment as he had been held up by many different affairs.


However, he had never expected that Li Wu Yi had the same idea, and the latter had actually carried it out. This Floating Mountain was the manifestation and result of his mastery of Space Principles. At that instant, Yang Kai could confirm that his idea was feasible.


He could barely contain his excitement as he had the urge to create something like the Sealed World Bead or the Floating Mountain. After he was done with having a look at the mountain, he waved his hand at Li Wu Yi, who got his hint and pointed at him again. The next moment, Yang Kai appeared in the Small Sealed World again.


Before Yang Kai could compliment him, Li Wu Yi appeared to be puzzled as he asked, “How did you come up with the idea of consuming the continents in the Demon Realm using your Sealed World Bead? How do you achieve it?”


He didn’t understand it exactly because he had created Floating Mountain. Theoretically, Floating Mountain and the Sealed World Bead were similar treasures. Whatever the Sealed World Bead could do, Floating Mountain should be able to achieve as well. Likewise, whatever Floating Mountain couldn’t do, the Sealed World Bead was supposedly unable to also.


However, the truth was that Sealed World Bead had achieved something that Floating Mountain couldn’t, which was devouring and integrating outside continents. The idea had never even crossed Li Wu Yi’s mind before.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “In the past, I got into a conflict with someone in a Lower Star Field. That guy wanted to annex my Star Field, so I wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine. As for how I did it…” He fell silent for a moment, then put on a serious expression, “It’s because of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law!”


The three Great Emperors turned to look at him in unison.


Mo Huang said grimly, “Brat, are you telling me that you’ve really cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law?”


A few years ago, Iron Blood Great Emperor crusaded against Yang Kai in Tiger Roar City using the excuse of him cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. He put on a show to force Yang Kai to go through ‘demonification’ and flee from the Star Boundary; however, at that time, the Embodiment was the one accused by Zhan Wu Hen for cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. It would be a very different case if Yang Kai had actually cultivated the Secret Art.


Yang Kai shook his head and explained, “The Heaven Devouring Battle Law is able to devour Heaven and Earth, and its power is inscrutable. This Junior would never have the courage to cultivate such a wicked Secret Art. The one who has cultivated this Secret Art is my Embodiment. His physique is unique as he’s a Stone Spirit, so this Secret Art is compatible with him. Since he’s mastered the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, it means that I’ve also grasped it. With the Sealed World Bead as the medium, I used the Heaven Devouring Battle Law and then it became able to devour and integrate external pieces of land.”


Yang Kai had explained himself, and everyone understood him. However, no one could really grasp the crux of the matter besides himself.


Why was the Heaven Devouring Battle Law compatible with Sealed World Bead? Perhaps even Wu Kuang, who had created the Secret Art, couldn’t give an explanation.


Li Wu Yi shook his head and broke into laughter, “In that case, my Floating Mountain will never be able to do that.”


He had wanted to recreate the Floating Mountain if the idea was feasible; however, since the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was the reason behind the Sealed World Bead’s devouring ability, he could only give up that idea. No matter how bold he was, he would never dare to cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was staring at the Floating Mountain with gleaming eyes. His behaviour was that of a gourmand who had come across rare delicacies, or a lecher who had bumped into a beautiful woman.


“How big is this territory?” Zhan Wu Hen asked.


“As large as the continents that have been devoured,” Yang Kai replied respectfully.


Zhan Wu Hen fell silent for a moment before asking, “If all the Demons migrate to this place, will you be able to restrict them?”


Yang Kai grinned, “I’m the ruler of this place, and I can determine everyone’s life or death…”


He paused for a moment, “En, those who aren’t Demon Saints,” he added.


Judging from the World Principles in this expanded territory in the Small Sealed World, that was indeed the case; however, after he gobbled up the entire Demon Realm and perfected its Principles, the circumstances might change.




One hour later, all of them left the Small Sealed World. Yang Kai had also released Flower Shadow Great Emperor and Li Shi Qing together. What was worth mentioning was that Li Shi Qing had thanked Yang Kai, but her expression looked somewhat conflicted.


At that time, she tried to assassinate Yang Kai when she had no idea what had really transpired. Although she eventually found out the truth, it was an undeniable fact that Yang Kai had killed Bright Moon; hence, she didn’t know how she should face him. On one hand, they were the only Humans in the Demon Realm at that time, so they had to rely on each other. On the other hand, she was a Human from the Star Boundary, so she couldn’t forgive Yang Kai for killing Bright Moon.


Just now, she had a long chat with her Honoured Master and was able to untie the knot in her heart somehow. It wasn’t until now she realised that after Bright Moon Great Emperor was trapped in the Demon Realm, the Great Emperors had already expected that he would lose his life. The reason Yang Kai headed to the Demon Realm was to make a last attempt to rescue Bright Moon. Even if he couldn’t achieve it, he had to at least meet up with him. Bright Moon would certainly understand the plan of his fellow Great Emperors, and in the end, the worst really happened. Before Bright Moon passed away though, he transferred the Star Boundary’s Will to Yang Kai, thus giving him the Great Emperor’s Opportunity.


As for what situation Yang Kai would fall into after obtaining the opportunity, Bright Moon was no longer able to worry about it. It could be said that before his death, he felt guilty for what Yang Kai would have to go through.


Despite knowing that Yang Kai might get killed alongside him, Bright Moon had no other choice but to act so. At that time, there was no one else apart from Yang Kai to whom he could entrust the opportunity to.


“Seniors, that’s how things are currently. Have you made a decision?” Yang Kai stared at the Great Emperors and asked.


Zhan Wu Hen replied, “You don’t have to worry about Yu Ru Meng, Bei Li Mo, and Chang Tian. We’ll personally have a discussion with them.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai was elated, “Many thanks, Senior.”


Zhan Wu Hen didn’t make himself clear, but since there was going to be a discussion, it meant that they had basically agreed to the Demon Saints’ proposal. The Demon Saints would try their best to subdue the remaining Demons in the Star Boundary, and they would not oppose the Humans. After all the problems in the Star Boundary were settled, they would launch an attack on the Demon Realm, and these Demons might even become a force they could make use of.


That realization didn’t only dawn upon Yang Kai, but also the Great Emperors. The fates of the Demon Saints had been intertwined with that of Yang Kai. As all their continents had been devoured, there was no turning back for them. Besides cooperating with Yang Kai, they had no other choice.


Mo Huang said, “You have to sort out your own issues first.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai nodded, “Junior is willing to accept his punishment.”


Mo Huang shook his head, “I haven’t even explained what I mean yet. Why do you assume you will be punished?”


Yang Kai asked, “Are you not talking about what happened to Senior Bright Moon?”


Mo Huang shook his head and extended his hand, after which Yang Kai immediately felt an irresistible force that dragged him towards Mo Huang. The Demon Qi in his body instinctively undulated, but he soon put his guard down. That was because when confronted by a Great Emperor, it was pointless for him to resist; moreover, he believed that Mo Huang wouldn’t harm him.


The next moment, Mo Huang clapped his hand on Yang Kai’s shoulder. At the same time, Zhan Wu Hen clenched Yang Kai’s other shoulder. The two Great Emperors traded glances, after which they pushed their Emperor Qi.


Yang Kai immediately felt that two majestic, yet gentle forces penetrate his body from both sides. The two forces wandered around his body for a short moment before withdrawing.


Zhan Wu Hen and Mo Huang frowned as they were puzzled.


It was then Yang Kai realised what they intended. It was about the fact that he had gone through demonification. Apparently, the two Great Emperors had used their Emperor Qi to thoroughly inspect his body.


Upon that realization, he quickly said, “Seniors, please allow me to explain…”


He never intended to hide the fact from the Great Emperors; otherwise, he wouldn’t have activated his Demon Qi in front of them previously.


“Stop talking!” Zhan Wu Hen shot him a glare.


In response, Yang Kai obediently kept his mouth shut.


At the same time, Mo Huang suddenly shouted. Upon hearing that, Yang Kai felt as though countless beasts had roared at him, which caused him to feel dizzy. While he was in a dazed state, two streams of Divine Sense penetrated his Knowledge Sea together.


In just a short moment, they left Yang Kai’s mind.


When Yang Kai managed to pull himself together, Mo Huang and Zhan Wu Hen had retracted their Divine Senses as they gaped at Yang Kai as though he was a monster.


Yang Kai put on a hollow laugh, “Seniors, just like what you’ve seen, even though I have Demon Qi, and that I seem to have become a Demon, I’m actually fine.”


Certainly, Mo Huang and Zhan Wu Hen had seen that Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar was protected by the Soul Warming Lotus.




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