Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3612, Distrustful of Him Like He Is a Thief


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The look on the faces of Zhan Wu Hen and Mo Huang shocked Flower Shadow and Serene Soul Great Emperor. As Great Emperors themselves, they knew that Zhan Wu Hen and Mo Huang must have seen something inconceivable; otherwise, they wouldn’t have sported this kind of expression.


Furthermore, Hua Ling Long and Yao Jun had detected the fluctuations of Divine Sense from the other two Great Emperors, so they realised that something must be wrong with Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea. However, what was so strange that it was enough to shock the two Great Emperors?


Although Hua Ling Long was curious, she didn’t ask about it. On the other hand, Yao Jun directly questioned, “What did you see?”


His title was Serene Soul, so just like Yu Ru Meng, he was an expert regarding Soul cultivation. Since something was wrong with Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, naturally, he was concerned.


Zhan Wu Hen and Mo Huang didn’t reply to him. It was fine that they had seen the Soul Warming Lotus; however, if Yao Jun found out about it, he would want to conduct a more thorough examination. Given the fact that he was a Great Emperor, he wouldn’t try to snatch it from Yang Kai. Nevertheless, if he wanted to borrow it for some time, Yang Kai would be put in a tight spot.


Hence, Zhan Wu Hen and Mo Huang tacitly kept it a secret. Mo Huang had even spoken to Yang Kai sneakily via Divine Sense, “Don’t let Yao Jun see what you possess. Otherwise, you’ll be in trouble.”


Yang Kai nodded repeatedly and decided that he would never spend time with Yao Jun alone.


At this point, Yang Kai had explained everything about the Demon Realm, and he had also brought back a glimmer of hope to end the Two Worlds’ Great War, which helped subside the sorrow of Bright Moon’s death slightly.


Zhan Wu Hen said, “Since the connection between the two worlds has been cut off, and the Demon Saints will take the remaining Demons in the Star Boundary under their wings, it seems that we’ll finally have some peace. However, when the seal is broken, the final battle between the two worlds will undoubtedly commence. Yang Kai, you’ll be the one who will devour and integrate the continents in the Demon Realm, so during this period of time, you have to take a proper rest. It would be best if you can achieve a breakthrough in your cultivation, but even if you can’t, you still have to increase your strength as much as possible so that you can protect yourself!”


“Junior understands.” Yang Kai nodded, “I happen to have some matters to attend to.”


Upon finishing his words, he fished out a Space Beacon and placed it on both palms, “Please keep this.”


Zhan Wu Hen shot him a look before taking the Space Beacon without saying a word.


All of a sudden, two gentle claps were heard. It was Hua Ling Long who did it. After that, a person entered the hall from outside.


Yang Kai turned around and realised that the person was the Great Elder from Star Soul Palace, Lei Hong. It wasn’t certain how long he had been waiting outside as he only came in after he was summoned.


As their eyes met, Lei Hong nodded at Yang Kai and walked up to him. Then, he saluted the Great Emperors before turning to look at Yang Kai.


Everyone in the hall fell silent. Despite that, Yang Kai understood the reason Lei Hong was here.


After a gentle sigh, lifted both hands and made his palms face up. As a thought flashed across his mind, Bright Moon Great Emperor’s corpse appeared in his arms.


After Bright Moon’s death, Yang Kai had placed his body inside the medicine garden. Yang Kai had concealed the injury on Bright Moon’s chest and helped him change into new clothes. With the nourishment from the precious flowers in the medicine garden, Bright Moon still appeared serene, as though he had only fallen asleep.


The Great Emperors turned to look at the corpse with sorrowful expressions. With his eyes turning bloodshot, Lei Hong trembled uncontrollably and said in a shaking voice, “Welcome back, Great Emperor!”


As he spoke, he fell to his knees, lowered his head, and extended his arms.


He didn’t kneel to Yang Kai but to Bright Moon’s corpse, so Yang Kai couldn’t salute him back. After solemnly placing Bright Moon into Lei Hong’s arms, Yang Kai said in a hoarse voice, “I’m sorry!”


Lei Hong shook his head and got to his feet with the Great Emperor in his arms.


Yang Kai went on to speak, “I’ve not touched the Great Emperor’s belongings. Elder Lei, after you go back, please carefully go through them with the other Elders.”


After a nod, Lei Hong replied, “Many thanks, Palace Master Yang.”


An embarrassed Yang Kai shook his head with a helpless smile, then he asked, “How is… her Royal Highness?”


“She’s in a terrible state,” Lei Hong put on a bitter smile. After the fall of the Great Emperor, a phenomenon had manifested across the Star Boundary’s sky, as if the entire world had been engulfed in sorrow. As the Great Emperor’s daughter, Lan Xun immediately realised what had happened, after which she passed out on the spot.


Emperor Realm Masters would normally never fall sick, but after the incident, Lan Xun became ill. Despite the fact that there were countless elixirs in Star Soul Palace, she still couldn’t recover even after consuming them. At this moment, she was still recuperating in her palace.


However, Lei Hong wasn’t in any place to reveal too much information to Yang Kai, so he only said, “Palace Master Yang, please visit Star Soul Palace when you’re free. Maybe you’ll be able to cheer her up.”


Certainly, Yang Kai was too embarrassed to face Lan Xun. When they were in Heaven’s Spying Valley in the past, even though he didn’t promise her anything, he was her only hope. Now that he had failed in his attempt to save Bright Moon, he felt extremely guilty.


Regardless of how embarrassed or how guilty he felt though, he still had to visit Star Soul Palace. Even if Lei Hong never told him to do so, he would still go over; thus, he nodded, “En. I’ll visit her sometime later.”


“I’ll take my leave now,” Lei Hong appeared grateful. After saluting the Great Emperors, he left the place with Bright Moon’s corpse.


After he was left, Zhan Wu Hen waved his hand. There was a tired look on his face, “You can leave as well.”


Yang Kai lifted his head to look at him, “Are you not going to punish this Junior anymore?”


Zhan Wu Hen said impassively, “If you’re so eager to get punished, I can grant your wish.”


After a moment of silence, Yang Kai shook his head and cupped his fists at the Great Emperors. Then, he attempted to leave.


To his surprise though, he couldn’t immediately withdraw as a barrier around the hall seemed to have sealed off this space, rendering his Space Secret Technique useless.


Looking up, he realised that Hua Ling Long was grinning at him. Since he couldn’t use Instantaneous Movement, he had no other choice but to leave the normal way, by walking. Fine with this, he turned around, only to hear someone calling out to him, “Senior Brother Yang…”


Yang Kai whirled around and flashed a smile at Li Shi Qing, “What’s wrong, Junior Sister?”


It was the first time Li Shi Qing called him ‘Senior Brother’. In a small voice, she said, “Please do not make things difficult for those living on the peaks…”


Without knowing any context, the Great Emperors couldn’t understand her. Nevertheless, Yang Kai certainly knew what she was talking about. She didn’t want him to make things difficult for Huo Lun and Mo Sheng, who were still living on the peaks that were arrayed like a triangle. During this period of time, she had been in frequent contact with those Demon Kings, and she had been on good terms with them. Now that she was released from the Small Sealed World by Yang Kai, only Huo Lun and Mo Sheng were left inside, and their life or death was determined by Yang Kai. Certainly, she wanted them to be safe.


Since it was no big deal, Yang Kai gave a nod, “Junior Sister need not worry.”


Then, he turned around and shuffled out of the hall, after which the door behind him slowly closed. It seemed that the Great Emperors still had other issues to discuss. Yang Kai let out a breath and looked up at the sky, only to see that the sky was filled with seven coloured light. It was a natural phenomenon rather than the result of any artificial array. There seemed to be something else behind the seven-coloured lights.


Yang Kai immediately realised that he was in Seven Mists Sea, which Fan Xin had mentioned before. This was the headquarters of all fifty-four army groups that comprised the forces from all four territories of the Star Boundary.


He wasn’t really surprised by this realization, but he was intrigued by the seven-coloured lights.


Just when he was examining the sky, he suddenly felt something as he turned his head to the side, only to see a young figure flashing a sweet smile at him in the corner. She had tied her hair into more than ten ponytails, so she looked rather quirky.


When their eyes met, she even waved her hand at him.


Yang Kai put on a gentle smile and shuffled towards the young girl. Pleasantly surprised, he asked, “Did you come here with your Master?”


The person standing in front of him was none other than Lin Yun’er, whom he hadn’t met for a long time. Some years ago, the two had reunited in the Western Territory after separating on Shadowed Star. At that time, Yang Kai had wanted to send her to High Heaven Palace, but during the transfer process, she mysteriously went missing. After looking into the matter, Yang Kai realised that a top Master must have destroyed the Space Array in the Western Territory that he had spent a lot of effort building, which stopped Lin Yun’er from being transferred.


He speculated that it was Iron Blood Great Emperor’s doing, and he was proven right later. As a Great Emperor, he was indeed a little shameless for doing such a thing in secret.


Twenty years had passed since then. The young girl still looked as lively as she was back then. However, the speed at which her cultivation had grown shocked Yang Kai.


Lin Yun’er was already in the Third-Order Emperor Realm! Furthermore, it appeared that she had reached this realm some time ago as cultivation was completely consolidated.


At that instant, Yang Kai was astounded as he thought that it was truly a blessing to have a good Honoured Master. When Yang Yan brought Lin Yun’er away from Heng Luo Star Field in the past, the young girl’s cultivation was still quite weak. Now, the speed at which she improved was quicker than that of Yang Kai.


While he was lost in his thoughts, Lin Yun’er leaned close to him and took a sniff of him.


Yang Kai burst into laughter and knocked on her forehead, “Are you a puppy? Why are you sniffing me?”


Covering her head with her hands, Lin Yun’er pouted, “Uncle, your body smells of another woman’s fragrance.”


The way she addressed him was amiable, but what she had said was pretty embarrassing for Yang Kai. He had parted with Yu Ru Meng for a few days, so her fragrance should have faded. How was Lin Yun’er able to catch a whiff of it?


With a gentle smile, he said, “What nonsense are you talking about?”


“It’s not nonsense.” Lin Yun’er snorted, “My Master always says that I have the nose of a dog, so I can detect even the faintest scent.”


Upon finishing her words, she inched closer and sniffed him again with her eyes closed.


Not daring to let her keep doing this, Yang Kai poked her forehead with one finger to push her away, then he said after a sigh, “Did you look for me just to take a whiff of the scent on my body?”


Lin Yun’er was startled for a moment before she recalled something. Then, she chuckled and wrapped her arms around Yang Kai’s before dragging him in a particular direction.


An embarrassed Yang Kai warned, “Use your words Yun’er, what you’re doing right now is highly improper.”


The young girl had already grown into a young woman, so the peaks and valleys of her figure were all well defined. With her clinging so close, Yang Kai could feel an amazing elasticity on his arm.


That would be fine if that was all it was; however, he could clearly feel that a murderous Divine Sense had locked onto him.


Without even the need to think about it, he knew that it must be Zhan Wu Hen’s. What he didn’t understand was that, as a Great Emperor, why would Zhan Wu Hen be so distrustful of him as though he was a thief? In the past, he had even destroyed the Space Array so that Lin Yun’er couldn’t follow Yang Kai back to High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory. Now that he was having a discussion with the other Great Emperors, he still made sure that Yang Kai knew he was keeping a close eye on him.


Silavin: With your record with women, if I am a father, I would probably keep my eyes glued on you.




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