Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3613, Eating Meat, Drinking Soup


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Although Yang Kai’s Soul was powerful, he was still no match for the Great Emperors. Given Zhan Wu Hen’s capability, it was a piece of cake for him to watch over Yang Kai without letting the latter know; however, he intentionally released a bit of his aura for Yang Kai to detect it. His message was clear, ‘Boy, I’m watching you!’


He wasn’t willing to restrict what his treasured Disciple did, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t give Yang Kai a warning.


While Yang Kai was being dragged forward by Lin Yun’er, he felt as though a sharp object was hovering behind his back.


On the way to their destination, they came across many people who were in a hurry. Apparently, they were the cultivators that had been stationed in Seven Mists Sea. Whoever they were, they would always salute Lin Yun’er with a smile. It seemed that they all knew who she was.


It wasn’t until they reached a hall that Lin Yun’er released him, and then she pointed at the hall with a smile.


It seemed that they had reached their destination. Yang Kai wasn’t sure why she had brought him to this place, but before he got in, he could already catch a whiff of the aroma of meat. The scent was inexplicably pleasant. He was already an Emperor Realm Master, so he didn’t need to eat anything, but he still drooled over the aroma that was coming from that place.


The aroma spread around the area as the people around the place looked curiously at the hall. They licked their lips as they appeared to be hungry.


Then, Lin Yun’er pushed the door open and pulled Yang Kai into it.


It was basically empty inside the hall as there wasn’t much decoration. In the middle of the hall, a huge black wok-shaped pot had been set up. It wasn’t certain what was inside the pot, but bubbles kept forming on it as vapour could be seen billowing out. The firewood beneath the pot was burning and crackling.


Beside the black pot, an alluring woman, who was clad in all red clothes, was scooping some soup out of the pot with a spoon before slurping it up. The soup appeared to be scalding hot, but the beautiful woman didn’t mind as she took a few sips before putting down the spoon. Then, she flashed a smile at Yang Kai, who had followed Lin Yun’er into the hall, and she parted her lips that looked like rubies, “You’re in for a treat! You Little Brat!”


Yang Kai walked up to her and saluted her, “Greetings, Senior Jiu Feng!”


The person sitting beside the black pot was none other than Jiu Feng of Spirit Beast Island. She was much older than Yang Kai, and she was from the same generation as Li Wu Yi, so Mo Xiao Qi had to call her ‘Aunty Feng’. Moreover, Liu Yan had received her guidance, so she could be considered her Disciple in a way. That was why Yang Kai had always treated her like his own Senior.


Jiu Feng was an extremely charming lady, but at this moment, she stopped caring whether she’d look elegant as she sat down with her legs crossed beside a black pot. It wasn’t certain what kind of meat was being boiled. As soon as Yang Kai entered the hall, he saw the stark contrast between a beautiful woman in red clothes and a black pot.


The firewood and the fire itself were ordinary, but the pot was extraordinary. The name of the pot was Unlimited Return, which was a treasure that Iron Blood Great Emperor had obtained in the past. It was famous across the Star Boundary. Although it wasn’t as ancient as the Mountains and Rivers Bell, its power was comparable to that of the latter. Both treasures had their own merits.


Lin Yun’er was Zhan Wu Hen’s only Disciple, so he would share all his treasures with her. Unlimited Return was given to her by Zhan Wu Hen to protect herself, but the young girl had always treated it as a pot for cooking rice or meat. Yang Kai already had a taste of its raft more than twenty years ago.


Lin Yun’er’s status was extraordinary as she was a Great Emperor’s Disciple. There were only a small number of such Disciples in the entire the Star Boundary. With Zhan Wu Hen behind her, it could be said that she could walk sideways around the entire Star Boundary, and no one would dare to offend her.


The young girl was very hardworking though, and her Tyrant Strength Body was compatible with the Great Emperor’s Iron Blood Record, which was why she was able to reach the Third-Order Emperor Realm in just several dozen years, even quicker than Yang Kai.


It was because of this Secret Art that her appetite had become truly astounding as well. Fortunately, Lin Yun’er could just throw anything she could find into the pot, and without any seasonings, she was able to cook a pot of delicacies.


At this moment, some kind of meat was being boiled in Unlimited Return as bubbles were constantly formed. The soup appeared to be thick, and the aroma of meat permeated the place.


While Yang Kai politely saluted Jiu Feng, Lin Yun’er had already rushed over to the pot and looked into it. As she smacked her lips, she said, “Is it ready?”


As she spoke, she even sucked her saliva back in. Instead of behaving like a Great Emperor’s Disciple, she looked more like someone who hadn’t eaten anything for several dozen years.


“I’ll check,” Jiu Feng replied as she took out a big piece of meat with her hand and then devoured it in a short moment.


Lin Yun’er stared at her as expectation was written all over her face. Jiu Feng went on to take out more pieces of meat from the pot while Lin Yun’er kept gulping.


After a sigh, Yang Kai said, “Yun’er, if you don’t dig in, all the meat will be gone soon.”


Lin Yun’er’s expression changed when she heard that. Hesitating no more, she directly snuck her hands into the pot and fished out a huge thigh before taking a bite. Then, she suddenly stopped what she was doing, and suppressing her hunger, she passed the thigh to Yang Kai.


Waving his hand, Yang Kai walked over and rolled up his sleeves, “I can serve myself.”


Following that, the trio sat around the black pot, devouring their food.


More than twenty years ago, Yang Kai had already had a taste of the food that was cooked using Unlimited Return. He felt that the food was supposed to belong to the Heavens, and nothing else in the world was comparable to it. After having a taste again on this day, he still felt the same way.


He even suspected that this treasure was actually created to cook meat; otherwise, why would everything that came out of this pot be so delicious when no seasonings or technique were used at all in its preparation? The person who made this pot must be an excellent foodie like Lin Yun’er.


“Boy, delicious food is to be savoured, not stuffed down, and you should show some respect for your Elders.” Jiu Feng shot him a look and lectured him while her lips were covered in grease from all the eating.


Without lifting his head, Yang Kai spoke in a muffled voice as he was still chewing his food, “Although I call you Senior, you’re not old at all. Instead, you’re still in your prime. Senior, please don’t belittle yourself by saying such things.”


The food that came out of Unlimited Return was truly remarkable. The meat was tender while not being greasy. It seemed to melt in his mouth as soon as it came into contact with his tongue. More importantly, all the essence in the meat was released upon chewing. Rather than just being meat, it was a very nourishing tonic that was useful for the eater’s cultivation.


“You’re as smooth-talking as ever,” Jiu Feng snorted and waved her hand, after which a jar of wine suddenly appeared and shot towards Yang Kai.


After taking it, Yang Kai opened the lid with his thumb. Upon taking a whiff of the wine, he became energised as he knew that it must be very valuable, and difficult to find.


Then, he took a gulp of it and went on to eat some meat, feeling content.


An envious Lin Yun’er could be seen with her eyes gleaming, then she said to Jiu Feng, “Aunty Feng, I want to drink as well!”


Without lifting her head, Jiu Feng waved her hand, “A child shouldn’t drink wine. Get some soup instead!”


Lin Yun’er pouted with an aggrieved expression.


Just then, a burly Dao Source Realm Master entered the place without invitation. His aura was ferocious, his figure towering, and his face scar ridden. It was apparent that he must have gone through countless life-or-death battles.


However, at this moment, this towering man bowed and appeared obsequious. With a bowl in his hands, he walked up to them and licked his lips, “Seniors, we happened to notice you were eating meat, so we were hoping you would bless us with a little soup.”


Lin Yun’er and Jiu Feng seemed to have gotten used to this kind of display, so while Lin Yun’er didn’t even bother to lift her hand as she was focused on devouring the meat in the pot, Jiu Feng waved her hand and said, “Help yourself.”


“Many thanks, Senior Jiu Feng! May your life be long and your cultivation soar to untold heights!” He awkwardly flattered Jiu Feng before he turned around.


“Come in boys! Senior Jiu Feng has allowed us to drink some soup!” He yelled.


Right then, more than a hundred people shuffled into the hall with big bowls in their hands. Upon entering the place, they all appeared subservient as they fawned over the ladies, which caused Yang Kai to be dumbfounded.


Although there were many people, they were well organised into a single-file line. After every one of them filled up their bowl with some soup, they would compliment the ladies and then joyfully walk out of the hall to enjoy their meal.


The Unlimited Return in front of them appeared just slightly larger than an ordinary pot. Theoretically, it couldn’t possibly contain so much soup. However, the reality was that the three of them had actually devoured more than fifty ordinary people’s worth of food. After one hundred people filled up the bowls with the soup, it barely looked like anything had even been taken out.


Hence, it was apparent that the space inside the pot was far larger than it appeared.


Both the meat and the soup contained immense power, so those without high enough cultivation couldn’t possibly enjoy such the richest of delicacies, which was why those cultivators only asked for the soup, not the meat. It wasn’t that Jiu Feng and Lin Yun’er were stingy, but rather that these people weren’t strong enough to stomach it. 


They went on to spend half a day eating the food. Lin Yun’er was the first one who couldn’t take it anymore as she suddenly rolled her eyes and fell backwards.


Just when the shocked Yang Kai wanted to check on her, Jiu Feng said, “Ignore her. This little girl really doesn’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth, always eating beyond her limits, which is why she ends up like this. She never learns her lesson.”


“Will she be alright?” Yang Kai was worried as he could see that Lin Yun’er’s belly was bulging, and sounds that resembled thunder could be heard coming from her stomach. It wasn’t that she was suffering from food poison; rather, it seemed her Secret Art was circulating on its own and refining the food.


“You think anything can happen to her here?” Jiu Feng pressed her lips together.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai realised that she was right. Zhan Wu Hen was in the Seven Mists Sea now. Although he had stopped locking his Divine Sense onto Yang Kai, he must still be paying attention to what was going on in this place. Given how much he treasured Lin Yun’er, if anything really happened to her, he would have immediately appeared.


Since Zhan Wu Hen didn’t show up, it meant that she must be safe. After setting his mind at ease, Yang Kai continued devouring the food.


One day later, Lin Yun’er regained consciousness and immediately began to gobble up more food.


On the other hand, an amazed Jiu Feng sized Yang Kai up. Both Lin Yun’er and Yang Kai were Third-Order Emperors, with Lin Yun’er having a Special Constitution. Comparatively, Yang Kai had just reached this realm, but he still seemed fine after a long, non-stop feast. Nevertheless, Lin Yun’er had to take a break earlier.


Hence, it was apparent that even though Lin Yun’er’s cultivation increased quicker than that of Yang Kai, she was still no match for him when it came to background.


However, Jiu Feng soon understood the reason behind it was that Yang Kai had cultivated the Dragon Transformation Secret Art. With this Secret Art, he was able to transform into a three-hundred-metre-long Dragon, so he was able to eat a lot more than a little girl. Although Yang Kai hadn’t used the Secret Art, he was fundamentally a Half-Dragon.




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