Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3615, Yang Kai! You bastard!


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Unlike how uncertain Zhu Qing was, Su Yan and Yang Kai had their hearts connected by the Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art, so as long as they were in close proximity, they could sense one another.


“He’s really back?” A dazed Zhu Qing turned to look at the location of the Space Array. Then, she moved a little in an attempt to rush over, but she suppressed her urge and turned to look at Su Yan, “How do I look?”


Su Yan replied with a smile, “You look lovely.”


Zhu Qing wouldn’t have believed it if the person who said it was Shan Qing Luo; however, since it was Su Yan who told her this, then everything should be fine. After years of getting along with one another, she was now familiar with Su Yan’s temperament. Su Yan was cold on the outside, but passionate on the inside. She was also kind-hearted and trustworthy.


On the other hand, that imp Shan Qing Luo always found fault with Zhu Qing. She still hadn’t learned her lesson after being put in her place several times.


The ladies were on bad terms not because they wanted to fight for the same man. It was just that Shan Qing Luo instinctively felt angered by Zhu Qing. Besides Zhu Qing, she was also displeased with all the other members of the Dragon Clan. It couldn’t be helped as she was the Beguiling Demon Queen, who possessed a Heavenly Moon Demon Spider Source. The Heavenly Moon Demon Spider was also a member of the Ancient Divine Spirits, but since the Dragon Clan claimed to be the leaders of all Divine Spirits, it felt like they were basically trying to lord over her.


That was why Shan Qing Luo couldn’t bring herself to be friendly with Zhu Qing. However, there was a huge gap between their strength, so Shan Qing Luo suffered from several setbacks.


Upon getting an affirmative answer from Su Yan, Zhu Qing let out a breath.


Just then, Xue Yue shot out from another Spirit Peak and approached them. Just when she was about to ask, Su Yan gently nodded at her. Xue Yue covered her lips with her hand as her eyes trembled.


Medicine Pill Peak was a Spirit Peak that was the base of the Alchemists in High Heaven Palace, as well as the territory of Ji Ying, Fifth Disciple of Wondrous Pill Great Emperor. Now, all the brightest Alchemists in the Star Boundary had gathered in this place, so it could be said to be the paradise for all Alchemists.


On Medicine Pill Peak, there were more than a thousand Pill Rooms of different sizes. Every single day, countless pills were produced in this place. Presently, the entire peak had been engulfed in the unique aromas of pills. Anyone who went near a radius of ten kilometres around the peak would be able to take a whiff of the scents of the pills.


There was a huge Pill Room at the bottom of Medicine Pill Peak. At this moment, beside a bubbling Alchemy Furnace, the veiled Xia Ning Chang, whose forehead was drenched in sweat, was constantly forming new hand seals. On the other side of the furnace that was ten metres in front of her, Ji Ying sported a solemn expression as he continuously formed hand seals as well. His movements were in sync with those of Xia Ning Chang.


More than a dozen people of different ages and genders were watching from afar. All of them were clad in white clothes with the patterns of flowers and leaves embroidered on the chest area of their clothes. Most of them were Dao Source Grade Alchemists, while there were two Emperor Alchemists.


They were all famous Alchemists who were currently watching as Xia Ning Chang and Ji Ying practised Alchemy. Sometimes they would fall into their own thoughts, and sometimes they would nod gently as though they suddenly realised something. It seemed that they all had learned something from this session.


All of these Alchemists were outstanding and revered in their respective Sects; however, at this moment, the people who were practising Alchemy were the Disciples of Wondrous Pill Great Emperor. It was a well-known fact that Ji Ying was the Fifth Disciple of Wondrous Pill Great Emperor, so he was like a legendary being in the eyes of other Alchemists.


On the other hand, Xia Ning Chang hadn’t been taken in as a Disciple officially, but that was because when Wondrous Pill Great Emperor accepted Ji Ying, he had said that the latter was his last closed-door disciple. The Great Emperor was a man of his word, so he couldn’t simply go back on a declaration he had made. That was why when Ji Ying brought Xia Ning Chang to Medicine Pill Valley in the past, the Great Emperor didn’t take her in as a Disciple even though he treasured a talented person like her. Nevertheless, it was difficult to find such a precious hidden gem, so despite the fact that he didn’t accept her, it didn’t mean he wouldn’t teach her.


Although Xia Ning Chang and Wondrous Pill Great Emperor were not Master and Disciple in name, that was exactly their relationship in reality.


Furthermore, Xia Ning Chang had a Special Constitution. Her Sacred Spirit Medicine Body was basically born for Alchemy. Wondrous Pill Great Emperor had even regarded her as more important than his other Disciples. Over the years, he had hidden nothing from her as he taught her everything he knew.


The Alchemists, who came from different Sects and even different Territories, were eager to observe and emulate the way these two performed Alchemy. They were so enthralled they had the urge to throw their own eyes into the furnace to have a proper look. While they were focused on what was going on in front of them though, they suddenly heard someone’s voice in their ears.


The expressions of these fascinated Alchemists changed as they became displeased. It was the biggest taboo to bother an Alchemist when he was performing Alchemy. A Pill Room was important, so it was normally protected by a strong barrier, which also ensured that no unnecessary noises would reach this place unless someone used a Divine Ability to bypass the barrier. The person who could do such a thing was clearly very powerful.


However, someone with such power must be able to see the big picture, so why would he make such a loud noise and bother the Alchemists on Medicine Pill Peak?


Moreover, they had never heard that voice before. Whoever it was, he would be punished later. It would be fine if he had only bothered the ordinary Alchemists; however, the ones who were practising Alchemy here today were the Great Emperor’s Disciples.


Upon hearing this familiar voice, however, Xia Ning Chang’s expression changed as she appeared pleasantly surprised. The emotions in her heart undulated, and the hand seals she performed were no longer as smooth as before. With the lag in her movements, cracking sounds could be heard coming from inside the originally steady Alchemy Furnace.


On the other hand, Ji Ying’s expression changed drastically. In an instant, he lifted his head to look at Xia Ning Chang, and he seemed to be pleading with her with his expression. The pills they were making on this day were no ordinary pills. He had spent the past month getting the ingredients prepared. Furthermore, he had even asked Xia Ning Chang to help him with the refinement. It would take just another hour before the pills were finished, but he had never expected that he would hear ‘that’ person’s voice at this point.


At that instant, he had a premonition in his heart. Xia Ning Chang lifted her eyes and stared at Ji Ying, appearing apologetic.


Ji Ying immediately shouted, “We’ve reached the most critical moment! Little Junior Sister, you mustn’t get distracted. Pull yourself together!”


His yell shocked the more than ten Alchemists around him. It wasn’t the first time they observed Ji Ying perform Alchemy, but whatever pills he made, he would always remain calm and collected no matter what. They had never seen him so anxious before.


The cracking sounds became more intense as the energy fluctuated inside the originally quiet Alchemy Furnace. With each impact, the huge furnace shrunk and expanded repeatedly.


Things were looking terrible as the Alchemists around them gasped. They had practised Alchemy for years, so they had developed keen visions. Certainly, they knew that the furnace was on the verge of exploding.


Only novice Alchemists would cause their furnace to blow up. Any Alchemist who had practised Alchemy for a long time wouldn’t make this kind of basic mistake. It could be said that making the furnace explode was a sign of inexperience.


*Hong long long!*


The Alchemy Furnace shrunk and expanded more and more violently. Ji Ying’s hands flew about the air like butterflies as he was trying to stabilize the furnace. At the same time, he yelled, “Little Junior Sister, calm down! Since he’s back, you’ll see him sooner or later, there’s no need to rush! Love is a marathon, not a sprint!”


So desperate was he to persuade her to keep calm, he almost wanted to fall on his knees and kowtow to her.


However, he only got two words in response. Appearing to be guilty, Xia Ning Chang said, “I’m sorry!”


As soon as she finished speaking, Ji Ying’s face turned ashen. Following that, the huge Alchemy Furnace exploded with a loud boom as the broken pieces and the pill liquid splattered everywhere. Smoke billowed and soon filled the entire Pill Room, turning the place into a smelly mess!


As energy waves fluctuated, all the Alchemists used their Secret Arts to protect themselves. After the crackling sounds and the commotion lasted for a moment, the room slowly fell silent.


A while later, the smoke dispersed as the dozen or so Alchemy Grandmasters looked rather embarrassed. That was because they were all covered in dust. Their originally white clothes had been dyed green by the pill liquid.


These people, who were observing from afar, already looked so terrible, so one could imagine what Ji Ying was like.


In fact, given his Emperor Realm cultivation, he could have protected himself; however, when the furnace blew up, he was so shocked that he fell into a dazed state. At this moment, he was probably the most embarrassed one on the scene. His entire figure had been dyed green as pill liquid streamed down from his face to his chin and then dripped onto the floor.


Ji Ying seemed oblivious to the situation he was in as he remained in a posture of his last hand seal. He was rooted to the spot as though someone had used a Binding Secret Technique on him. His eyes looked hollow, and the corners of his brow kept twitching.


Anyone would feel their chest tightening when they saw the sight. Ji Ying must be utterly devastated. Besides the fact that he had spent a lot of time and effort getting prepared for today’s refinement, it was extremely embarrassing for him to have caused the furnace to explode right in front of so many Alchemists.


No Alchemist would be able to accept it if such an incident happened to them. Moreover, Ji Ying represented Medicine Pill Valley, and he had embarrassed Wondrous Pill Great Emperor.


“Bastard!” An old man took out a broken piece of the furnace from his hair and hurled it to the ground. He appeared to be incensed and displeased, “Who was the one who had the guts to disturb Grandmaster Ji and Grandmaster Xia when they were performing Alchemy? The Impudence!”


He paused for a moment, then he coughed and spoke in a gentler voice, “Grandmaster Ji, you don’t have to mind it. It’s not the fault of the two of you. It’s the fault of the person who shout… Where’s Grandmaster Xia?”


It wasn’t until this moment that they realised that Xia Ning Chang had already disappeared from the place. Turning around, they saw that the door of the Pill Room had opened. It seemed that Xia Ning Chang had already run away from this place.


“Who is that impudent man? We have to find out who he is!”


“En. We’ve been diligently producing pills here to be sent to the frontline to save our fellow Humans; however, not only does that person not help us, but he’s also shouted to disturb us at the most critical moment, causing the Grandmasters to fail in their attempt to make the pills. He deserves death!”


The old man, who spoke earlier, asked, “I don’t recognise that person’s voice. Does anyone know who he is?”


All of them shook their heads.


Just then, Ji Ying said through clenched teeth, “Yang Kai! You bastard! I’ll never let you off!” Then, he roared as his fury seemed to have shot into the sky.


While Medicine Pill Peak was in a mess, Spirit Instrument Peak wasn’t in any better state.


Inside an artifact refining workshop, the Chief Artifact Refiner of High Heaven Palace, Hou Yu, was lying asleep on a couch, oblivious to the people who were moving around her. Even the loud clanging sounds were not able to wake her from her alcohol-induced stupor.


But when that voice entered her ears, she immediately opened her eyes and leapt off the couch before yelling, “Quickly now! No one may slack off! Anyone not working will face Great Aunt’s wrath!”


No one responded to her, as though they hadn’t even heard her. While they were busy with their work, a young man in green clothes came over and said with an anxious expression, “Great Aunt, could you go somewhere else if you want to drink? Please stop bothering us when we’re trying to refine artifacts here!”




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